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J. K. hTAHl, Proprietor.
II. A. UTAH I.. Mintfrr
HtateiiH-iit the Condi­
's. tioDB of the state trwaanry at clone of
i business Ao« 31, showed a total of
-V"'" f269,59fl in all funds. Of this $9,4411
was in the eeneral fond #140,4(5H in
tbe twine food |4,7:$Q in the capitol
building fnnd tbe r»»st being scatter**!
anions different fnnris.
Colton Aft«r eating »nongh rat
biscuit to kill fifty meu.IVrcy Aruuml
son and Eluier Berdahl, two youn^
boys of Colton, ar* aim- to tell th#'
atory of their experience. The only
thing that saved tb.ir lives waa that
they at» a sufficient quantity of the bin
CUis to make them nick before the poi
•OO took eflect. How they Hwnrcd tho
poisoned biscuits is a mystery, a« both
families bad never had them on the
place. Tbe narrow escape from death
of the two little boys will serve
Pieire— Friends of Royal C.Johnson,
tbe present state's attorney for Hyde
connty, are urging his candidacy for
Attorney general. Mr, Johnson is of
the progressive faction of tbe repuhli
can party. Hyde connty lays claim to
being tbe banner "insurgent'' county,
7t per cent of the votes cast in the
county at the laBt primary being given
to that faction, and over 75 per cent of
tike vote of the connty being repnbli-
Audover--R jbbers entered tbe post
office at Andover last night securing a
quantity of stamps and some cash.
Tbe exact amount is yet unkuown.
The rubbers are at large. V. o.
fiatie, tbe Aberdeen inspector, has goue
li Andover to investigate the robbery.
Fierre—Governor Ve&sey has ap
pointed three delegates to the Third In
ternational conference on state and lo
cal taxation to be held at Louisville,
tacky, Sept. 21 to '24- The dele
gfttM am Pra, H. K. Warren, Yank
ton oollege Dean Thos. .Sterling, state
Wivsnity. Vermillion, and John Han
tea, Watertown.
Miller—That prairie cbickena "come
Ugh" when tney are shot oat of season
baa iMMB discovered by Clyde Oo*,
fanner UviS* near this place. Be
p|li tm of f* to* killing two' prai
riaShMsaa. and in addition waa as
•MSad |Sft for shooting without first
ptsouilag a license. The county game
wardse sad his deputy are keeping a
elosa watch, as reports of others shoot
Jag flfelekaM ont Of season have beeu
Motived. Otter arrests axe expected
tn be made daring the next few
TM Ufa of Hiss Jessie Rut
(fti to pnwptnflss of ber
•M raacber
die tae girt
if Ljmaa ooaB^r. Wh
Fall Suit and Cloak Opening
On Thursday, September 2nd, we will be prepared
to show you large and complete a line of
Ladies' and Misses' Tailored
as you will find anywhere in the state.
We shall be pleased to show them to you
as they are beautiful styles well tailored
and our
Prices are Reasonable
walking across a bottom land near the
home of her father she ran upon a
monster rattlesnake. Before she could
make her escape from the vicinity of
the deadly reptile it bad twice onried
its fangs in one of her feet. Crazed
foi the time being by fright the girl
rushed to her father, who, without an
Instant's delay sucked the poison out of
the wounds ami tnen applied a so In
tion of soda and kerosene. This done
be hurried the girl to the sanitarium
at Chain her lain, where she is rapidly
warning to thorn setting out poUon
for dogs or rata not to leave it within
finch of children.
firidgewater—Fred Feske, a farmer
living •even miles northeast of here,
attempted to commit suicide lust night
ly shooting himself in tbe forehead
witn a revolver, inflicting injuries
which will, it is thought, prove fatal.
The man waa recently mairied to his
second wife, and domestic troubles are
given as tbe reason for the rash act.
Aberdeen— Biace his conviction,
Call Victor has grown peevish and
discontented. Be still maintainH hi«
stolid demeanor, but he object*
strongly to the denial of the privilege
Sheriff Anderson granted him before
hie trial, of mingling with tbe other
prisoners in the connty jail. Victor in
now confined by himself in a steel
cage,and he bitterly resents the change
In tbe sheriff's methods of caring for
Btick Hills Murderer Must Hang
for His Crime
Dead wood,Hept. 7.—With tbe affirm
ing of the judgment of the lower court
ny the supreme court in tbe case of the
state versus Bill Dunn, alias Charles
Hayneg, who was convicted of the mur
der of Frederick Hamuelaon,the history
of Dunn bids fair to soon come to a
tragic end.
The mnrder of which be was con
victed was that of a young workman
out near Hpearfish. of whom Dnnn was
said to 1*' jealous. They U)th loved
the same girl, and although Dunn, as
was known
was a man past
middle life, and Haniuelrton a young
man,nevertnelet8 Dunn bad not seemed
to fear bis rival until the night when,
angeied with jealousy, he shot 8am
ueison. who died instantly.
The most thrilliug incident in con
nection with the crime was the snc
ceattful manner iu which Duun for
the next three weeks eluded the offi
cers of the law. He remained in the
mountains near the vicinity of biB
crime for sometime, and even came
down at nights, more than once to bis
little cabin for food and supplies.
Unce he was bidden in a clump of
plnm trees, when the posse in search of
him parsed by and baited their horses
so near that the concealed criminal
could hear them discuss their plans for
his capture. For weeks the search
went on. One innoceut man. because
of his likeness to the hunted man,
nearly lost his life every one answer
ing to the description was suspected
Finally after a search of more than
twenty days Duun wan found down on
the hanks of the Cheyenne river, some
thirty^ miles from ibe seat of tbe
crimed, placidly catching grasshoppers
to use as tait. .. After being taken be
attempted suicide.
When tried last September he was
found gnilty and sentenced to he
The case appealed to the an
preme court, with the resalt above
noted. Since sentence was passed on
bim, Dunn baa proved a inodal pri
Of Father Who Finds His Son's
Jfedy Hanging i* I
lear Lake. Sept. 7. Summoned to
a point some mi lea away by the an
nouncement of tbe disappearance of
his son ander circumstances which
indicated that be had committed sui
cide, Charles Stouenberg, sr.. a proini
nent resident of Altamont, Duel
county, while himself and others were
taking a rest on tbe journey and per
mitting the engine of the automobile
in which they were traveling to cool
off. walked under a clamp of trees and,
much to his surprise and horror,discov
ered the body of his son hanging from
one of tbe trees.
CEarles Stontenberg,
for the purpose of paving them.
bud been
employed in the vicinity of where his
body was found. That he had for sev
eral days planned to commit saicide
is certain from facts which have been
laarned since the tragedy. An even
i ng or two before he disappeared he
went to several man whom
j? -ssnL
mail ditl not know the exact amount
due him and told Stontenberg not, to
he in hurry, as he could pay the
amount later. Stontenlierg replied
that be must not ba surprised if he
never received his pay.
On the morning of the day he was
last «een alive he kissed his wife and
cbildten good by and told his wife to
take gool care of the baby. Toward
evening of that dny he drove to a point
a few miles from the home of his
wife and tied his team to a fence.
Walking along the road to another
point about one and one half miles to
where the clnmn of trees grew, he
fastened a tie strap to a branch of a
tree and abjut his neck and hung
himself. As no trace of bim conld IH
found the father at Altamont was
notified, with the result that be dis
covered the body in the inoet unexpect
ed manner, as stated.
No reason is known why the young
man should have ended bin life. He
was a member of one of the oldest
families in Deuel county.
J. G- Walters Arrested for Ob
taining Money Under False
Sltm* Falls, Sept. 7.—J.(*. Walters,
who for a year or more made Sioux
Falls his borne, and who was at the
head of the Plymouth EL vator com
pany which had its headquarters in
this city with elevators at different
points in Minnesota and Iowa was ar
rested yesterday at Saskatoon, Sask.,
Northwestern Canada, and this morn
ing was brought back to Minneapolis
to stand trial on the charge of obtain
ing money under false pretenses.
Tbe arrest was made on complaint
of John C. Sweet of Minneapolis, who
is the legal representative of the H.
Polher Co., of Minneapolis. This
company through what they claim to
be false representations on the part of
Mi. Walters advanced some $US,0)t.
which they are now trying to re
When Walters left Sioax City it
was announced that he bad gone to
Minneapolis to enter a sanitarium.
Something like two weeks ago the
Walters family left Sioax Falls, and
they are supposed to be with relatives
at Minneapolis.
Mr. 'Savage, the attorney for Fl.
Polher & Co., who traced Walters and
procured his arrest is now in the city,
having Deen called here to attend a
meeting of the creditors of the Ply
month Elevator company which was
held here today.
^Mr. Savage when informed of the ar
rest of Walters was greatly pleased.
He announced that his clients were but
one of tbe creditors of Walters. He
annouuetsd that at the hearing today it
was shown that Walters liabilities
were practically |100,000, with noini
nal assets of $60,000 bat actoal assets
of |30,000.
Tne Sioax Falls Savings hank is also
after Mr. Walters, they having oeen
bancoed by his false statements to the
tone of r.,000.
Mr. Sweet has traced Walters over
several thousand miles.
La Grippe coughs are dangerous as
they frequently develop into pneumonia
Foley's Honey and Tar not only stops
the rough but heals and strengthens
the lungs so that no serious results need
be feared. The genuine Foley's Honey
and Tar oontaina no harmful drugs and
is in a yellow package. Refuse substi
tutes.—J. H. Anderoon.
People past middle life usually have
some kidney or bladder disorder that
saps the vitality, which is naturally
lower in old age. Foley's Kidney Rom
edy oorreots urinary troubles,stimulates
the kidneys, and restores strength and
vigor. It oured uric acid troubles by
strengthening the kidneys so tbey will
strain out the uric acid that settles in
the muimles and joints
attsm.W. H. Anderaoa.
So Declares Bishop Samuel Fal
lows of Chicago.
Prominent tSfvtne of Reformed Eplg
o a u S a y s e N e v e S a w a
Spirit, but Has Known People Who
Have 8een 6pirits~rNew gifawoa «f
"Telepathy is an established fact In
recent years great strides have been
made in tbe explanation of psycbi
phenomena, and hi the years to conit
tbe science of communication with tbt
dead will be made a part of the currk
uluiu of great educational institution
As its study becomes systematized ami
more widely spread greater advance
will be made, and some day we wiii
talk with the spirits as we now talk
with material persons."
This statement is made by Bishop
Samuel Fallows of tbe Reformed Epb
copal church. He Is well known in
Chicago, where he resides.
Future advancement in the science
of "immortalism," wbich is BfHritunl
ism with the "fakes" left out, wiil
some day briug it to the point where
it will be studied by the masses just
as they now delve into Latin, arlthuu
tic, geography or grammar, according
to Bishop Fallows, who spoke at St
Paul's Reformed Episcopal church on
"Why Am 1 an Immortalist and Not a
The bishop made startling statement s
to the writer. He frankly states that
he formerly fought shy of spiritualism
and that he is just beginning to learn
In the enlightened days to come, saj -j
Dr. Fallows, we shall be able to con
verse with spirits of departed friend
and relatives. Their state will be made
known to us through these communi
cations. They will be able to advise
us on knotty problems, he adds.
Hasn't Yet Seen a Spirit.
Bishop Fallows quotes a speech of
Dr. Adam Clarke, lu which that celt
brated commentator said:
"I believe that spirits may, accord
lng to the order of CJod, In the laws of
their place of residence, have inter
course with this world and become vis
ible to mortals."
"Did you ever see
a spirit Bishop
Fallows was asked.
"No, I never have," was the answer,
"but I know persons who claimed to
have seen and talked with spirits, in
telligent members of my own congre
gation, whose words I have no reason
to doubt
"I discouraged them in their belief. I
now feel that their experiences were
of great value and that I sustained an
incalculable loss by not going deeper
into the matter with them."
"You really believe, then, that spir
its may be visible to material persons
and that they may talk with and influ
ence a material mind?" he was asked.
"I do firmly believe that. There are
well authenticated cases on record
where important actions of noted men
had beeu influenced by some super
natural communication.
"Mysterious Agencies.""
"In many cases they were UBSWS to
Identify the mysterious agencies. They
had merely an intangible feeling that
they should change their course. But
in other cases they were able to re
member the spirit who talked to them,
to repeat its exact words and to de
scribe its appearance. These instances
cannot be doubted, as they come from
men high in their professions.
"There are great truths in spiritual
ism. Many spiritualistic phenomena
we cannot understand, but we have to
admit them. I have called the new
science 'immortalism' because it de
pends for its existence upon the im
mortality of the soul, in which we all
believe, and tbe preservation of iden
tity beyond the grave. Immortalism Is
simply spiritualism with all the frauds
and trickery eliminated. On account
of these frauds spiritualism has been
shunned by many right thinking peo
ple, but immortalism will claim their
most earnest attention."
In support of his belief Bishop Fal
lows quoted from many eminent men
who have expressed similar views.
Where Man Has Been Tamed.
ftaw comes the woman of many hus
bands, a suggestion that man is con
quered. Miss Charlotte Mansfield,
who has returned to London from a
trip through central Africa in which
she covered 2.000 miles In 150 days,
found two tribes in TImtall chieftalned
by women. The men are the slave
sex. If Miss Mansfield be not a humor
ist. Every woman chief has from
three to ten husbands. The men do
all the work, and the women enforce
the rude laws for government and
designate the officials.
Oliver Wendell Holmes.
Sweet singer, thou that swept the poet's
To strains of joy and humor blithe nnri
And jactured for ua In thy Rental lay
The sunny side of life and all Its things.
Pathos nr.d fun are In thy page twin
LauKhter to drive the spirit's cares
Tears to assuage the pains It cannot
fit u y.
From both a faith ennobled, strengthened.
Bard-of the soul's dim twilight fancies
Minstrel of grac« and hope and sympa
Though ui.'irihoo4'« years had wreathed in
gray liy brow.
To you:h s full cHanson yet Was tuned
thy lyre.
Thy locks were slivered, but Mill shorn
The rich hoed stow of boyhood s morn
Ins tire.
""i Ci
—-f,|T^|ni n-nii
English Editor Predicts Anglo-German
Winnipeg, Man., Sept. 8.—Lord
Northcliffe, owner of the London
Times, in an interview here, predict
ed war between Germany and Great
Britain. Me said in one German city
alone 100,000 men are working night
and day and on Sundays preparing
for war.
His ^conviction Is that war can only
be averted by the most complete and
thorough preparation on the part of
Great Prftain.
Wealthy Chicagoan Shoved Silver Dol
lars Under Doors at Night.
A novel method of philanthropic
work was recently employed in Al
buquerque. N. M.. by U. W. Gassnrd,
a wealthy Chicagoan. He devoted
most of bis time to making a list of
the deserving poor.
The next nigbt he engaged a guide
and. with his pockets bulging with
money, made a tour of the city, shov
ing silver dollars and currency under
the doors of poor people, who were
greatly surprised and delighted when
they found tbe money tbe next morn
Topeka Reports Eight Irtehae In
Twelve Hours.
Topeka. Kan., Sept. 8.—The heav
iest rainfall for twelve hours ever
recorded here has Just ended, the total
precipitation being a fraction more
than eight inches.
Several streets were flooded, street
car traffic was tied up and people
waded to their places of business
through-water varying in depth from
three Inches to a foot.
Deafness Cannot he Cured
by local applications, as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There is only one way to cure deafness
and that is by conntitutional remedies.
Deafness is caused by an inflamed con
dition of the mucous lining of the Eu
stachian Tube. When tbis tube is in
fbtmed you have a rumbling sound or
imperfect hearing, and when it is en
tirelv closed, deafnens is the result, and
unless the infiamation cc.n be taken out
and thin tube is restored to its normal
condition, hearing will be destroyed for
ever nine cases out of ten are caused by
catarrh, which is nothing but an
flamod condition ofthemucou? surfaoes.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for
any case of deafness (caused byoatarrh)
that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
Cure. Send for circulars, free
F. J. CH KNRY & CO Toledo, O.
So'd by Drusrgis^s, 75.
Take Hall's Family Pills for oonstipation
Mr. F. G. Fr'tts, Oneonta, N. Y.,
writes: "My little gi*l was greatly ben
efltted by taking Foley's Orino Laxa
tive, and I hiiik it is the Hest remedy
for constiprtion and liver trouble
Foley's Orino Laxative is best for women
and children, as it is mild, pleasant and
effective, and is a splendid spring medi
cine, as it cleanses the svstem and
clears the comclection. J. H. Anderson
Train Schedule.
Arrive—From the west, 9:20 a. m.:
north, 9:80 a. at east, 8:00 p. m.
south, 3:10 p. m.
Depart—For the sonth, 9:40 a. m.
east, 9:56 a.m. north, 3:20 p. m.
west, 3 30 p. m.
Night passenger-Arrive from the
eaet, 12:05 a.
"A 4
We wish to announce to the trade
in general that we are showing
the strongest line of
Ladies' and Misses' Suits and
Coats, Babies' Cloaks, Child
ren's Coats, Sweaters and
Ready-to-Wear Garments
we have ever shown. Our suits
are HEiLPRIN'S and are up to the
minute in style and new cloth, and
we know in many instances we
can save you Ten Dollars a suit
over the city stores and we most
respectfully invite your inspection.
We also wish to call your attention
to the fact that we do not duplicate
suits which is often done. Solicit
ing your patronage, we remain,
Yours truly,
If you hire backaohe and urinary
troubles you should take Foley's Kidney
Kennedy to strengthen and build up the
kidneys so thoy will sci properly, ass
H* An" 4w«j#vr
Madison Opera House
The 4-Act Comedy Drama
"Erick Erickson"
With Concert Band and Orchestra
Two Concerts Daily
4:00 and 7:30 P. M.
c?'"ftfllvrUi fcannrnt/
35c 50c
Seats Sale at Jones Drug Co. Wednesday morning.
^Thousands of millions
of cans of Royal Baking
Powder have been usfea
in making bread, biscuit
and cake in this country,
and every housekeeper
as rested in perfect confi
her food would be light,
sweet, and perfectly wholesome. Royal is a safe
guard against the cheap alum powders which are
uie greatest menacers to health of the present day.
Foley's Honey snd Tar is a fiafeRucrd ,"
against serious results from springoolds\
which inflame the lungs and develop
into pneumonia. Avoid coi nterfeitn by
insisting upon having the genuine Fol
ay's Honey and Tar, wbich cont
•Armful drum.—J U. Anderao.
.L .ft

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