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FRIDAY. OCT. 1, 1909
Hf a»il,l I*
By Mil, month*
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9rn»ll, month* .. I
By Mali, 1 month
Af onrrl«r p«t w«#k K»
J. F. BTA1L TroptMor,
A HTAHI,. Ba.in»«i *in»eer
Mitchell—The annual meeting
the South Dakota Antinaloon leagr,.'
will he held here this week
ing Wednesday afternoon, when an in
formal session will be held. Dilu
gates froiu many of the churches wii
be present. The committee expect*- tu
lay the plans for the coming year
campaing and will make a stiff ffclit
to make a winning next year on
lines it proposes to set forth.
Pierre—Doane Robinson isehapin:
up hia figures on crop estimates of h»
state for this year, and has completi 1
hia figures on wheat,bis estimate bemf
2,711,000, acres, with a total yield i i
89,r,12,000 bushels. This is an in
crease of over 73,000 acies o\er 1
year, and an increase of nearly
4.00C,000 bushels. This in tbe first
year for some time when the state has
•Down an increase in the wbe:st acrt
age, that crop having been allowed
drop behind. His figures on othr
crope will be out within a short tiun-
Elkton—The annual meet of tin
South Dakota Coursing association v- i
be held here on October 5, and 7
The enclosure for the meet has been
completed and a force of workmen now
are engaged in constructing a grand
stand. Some of the fastest dogs in the
United States have Iwen entered ami
will compete for the pnrses whicli have
been hung up. The ]urses aggregate
$1 ,500, and in aGdition a number of
trophies will be distributed among the
owners of tbe winning dogs. Among
the trophies now on exhibition here is
what is known as the Aberdeen cup.
which now is held by Samuel Handy,
of Aberdeen.
Fairfax—Figures which have just
been compiled in reference to tie bank
deposits of this (Gregory) county show
that the varioas banks doing business
within the boundaries of the county
have aggregate deposits of $1,510,
255.89. Of this amount, more than
two-thirds is in the bank in the newer
poition of the county, which formerly
was included in the Rosebud Indian
reservation, the land having hern
opened to settlement only a short time
ago, the legion being a comparatively
new one. The volume of the deposits
tells something of tbe prosperity lie
log enjoyed by the lesidents of the
ceded portions of the county. Of the
various banks, the Gregory National
has the largest deposit., the Bank of
Dallas iB second, the First National of
Gregory is third and the First National
of Fairfax is fourth.
Sioux Falls-Wednesday evening Dr.
W. O.Dunham and Mrs. Geoige Knapp
were arrested on tbe cnarge of adult
ery, on a complaint sworn to by tbe
husband of the accused woman. Dr.
Dunham and Mrs. Knapp were found
at tbe Dunham hospital, and wer
taken to the county jail where they
were locked up. Efforts to secure
bondsmen last nignt were without re
sults. This morning Dr. Dunham was
released on a #1,000 bond, furnished dv
tbe Western Surety company. This
afternoon Dr. Dunham and Mrs.
Knapp were given a preliminary heat
ing before Judge Wheelock. Tney
waived examination and were bound
over to the November term of cir
cuit oourt.
Pierre—The state capitol commis
sion at a session last evening formal
ly decided to adopt the "lake" plan of
improvement of the grounds, which
was outlined to the legislative mem
bera at the last session :r» a large
picture which was on exhibition.
While this plan has been adopted,
the amount available for improvement
this year is not sufficient to begin tbe
carrying oat of tbe whole plan, but
that which is available will be used to
begin the work on the western end of
the grounds, leaving the completion of
the work of covering tbe whole tract
for more available funds. The work to
be carried oat to be made harmonious
with the whole plan. This \vi 11 leave
the eastern end of the grounds to be
cared for later.
Vermillion—In view of the fact that
a misunderstanding has arisen on the
part of both wholesalers and retaileis
of groceries with regard to alum and
aluminum salts in pickles and other
foods, and the farther fact that many
grocers now have pickles and other
foods on their shelves that are not put
up in conformity with tbe pure food
laws. Commissioner Cook has set Feb
ruary 1, 1910, as tbe date when they
must be off of the shelves. Tnis ar
langement will give all dea lets ample
time to dispose of stock now on hand.
After February 1 the law will strictly
i»enforced by the commission.
Veople past middle life usually have
some kidney or bladder disorder that
aaps the vitality, which is naturally
lower in old age. Foley's Kidney Rem
edy oorreots urinary troubles, stimulates
the kidneys, and restores strength and
•igor. It eured uric aoid troubles by
strengthening the kidneys so tbey will
•train out the uric acid that settles in
the muaoles and joints causing rheum
aMem.—J. H. Anderson.
La Grippe ooughs are dangerous as
they frequently develop into pneumonia
Folay'a 1
limey and Tar not only stops
the rough but heals and strengthens
the lungs so that no serious results need
he feared. The genuine Foley's Honey
aad Tar ooatains no harmful drugs and
ia in a yellow package. Refuse auhati
tatee.—J. EL Andaman.
I ,VV*
I Can if you buy me a Sted Range.
Oklahoma Guaranty Fund
Comes to Aid of Failed
Oklahoma City, Ok la., Sept. 80.—
With a supply of money received from
the state uuaranty fund, supplemented
by the cush on hand in the bank. State
l)ank Commissioner Young today paid
about 40O depositors of the Columbia
Hank and Trust company which su
spended yesterday. No excitement
prevailed. The people apparently
trusting ibe state's K^a-inty.
Commissioner Young refused to
make a statement as to the bank's con
dition tonight pending u thorough in
vestigation of its assets.
Securities to the amount of |250,000
have been offeiea the bank officials by
local capitalists, but these have been
refused on the advice of the bank com
missioner, wbo expresses confidence
that there will be no difficulty in pay
ing the depositors dollar for dollar.
Unthrie, Okla., Sept.30.—Oklahoma
bankers will not resist, fur the present,
the collection of the proposed assess
ment of three fourths of 1 per cent irn
posed on Oklahoma bttnks to recoup
tbe state bank guaranty fund made ne
cessary by toe failure of the Columbia
Rank and Trust company,of Oklahooi a
The matter will be held in abey
•ince, it was stated tonight, pending
the double liability assessment of
$200,000 against the stockholders of
the Columbia concern.
L. A Wilson, of El Reno, president
of the Oklahoma Bankers' association,
withdrew the official call issued earlier
in the day for a meeting of the execu
tive committee to be held at El Kent'
next Saturday to consider the matter.
Young Boy Run Over at Aber
deen and Badly In
Aberdeen, Sept. ().--Carl Carlson,
tbe 0 year-old son of UusCarlson of 515
North First street, was accidentally
run over and severely hurt by an auto
mobile driven by MijS Lorna Brown
this morning at 11 -.45 o'clock, as he
was returning home from school.
Just how the accident occurred is
not known, but it is presumed the lad
was crossing the street and failed to
notice the approach of the vehicle,
and tbe diiver also failed to notice
bin* in time to turn aside. The acci
dent happened on North Main street
and Secoud avenue north One wneel
of tbe automobile passed over the boy's
head as he was thrown to the ground
by the force of the collision, and the
scalp was torn from his head behind
one ear.
At first it was not thought his in
juries were serious, but at 3 o'clock
this afternoon it
stated that
hemorrhage had set in, and physi
cians teared his hurts might prove
more severe than was at first thought.
Former Dakot&n Under Ar
rest at Omaha for
Sept. 30.—Admitting that
he i* tbe husband of threo wives, Fred
Hicks, formerly of Buffalo, and later
of Philadelphia, is in jail, charged
with bigamy.
Hicks has oeen a stationary engineer
in Omaha for six months. He came
here from Elk Point, 8. D., bringing
with him a biide, who was formerly
Miss Belle Moreland.
Today a small woman of middle age
ariived and got the services of a detec
tive. She took him to a neat cottage
A young woman appealed, and was
asked if Hicks was in. Hicks an
swered and walked to the front of the
bouse, where, seeing his" former wife,
For the next Ten Days we are
greatly reduced prices. After
long on Ranges and to make
close them out at big reduction
buyer. Wc handle both the
they have given satisfaction in
years. Come in and let us
he exclaimed: "My God, Anna,where
did you come from."
The man was arrested, and,breaking
down, told of having deserted his first
wife in Butfalo. He went to Phila
delphia, where he courted and married
a young woman, whose name he re
fused to disclose, merely saving her
name is Rose Hicks. He lived with
her a few months and came west, later
marrying wife No.3.
The clue obtained by wife No.l was
given by Chiet Regan of Buffalo, wbo
had been in correspondence with police
all over tbe west, though relatives had
reported that Hicks was dead.
Both wives Nos. 1 and 2 will prose
Styles in Which Furs Will
pear This Winter.
New York, Sept. 30.—Although the
winter months aie not sn near as to be
menacing, they cannot be entirely for
gotten, for during the days of Septem
ber furs must be planned.
It is evident that there has been no
decrease in the size of the muffs.
Tbey are still perfectly enormous,
formed of two and sometimes even
three foxes, or of innumerable skins
of the small sable and the still smal
ler ermine. The very newest muffs
of all are finished with dantril»g haads
and tails that almost sweep the ground
when madame's muff is on a line with
her waist. The coldest hands of the
well-to-do woman inay be made com
fortable this winter, no matter what
unheard-of point tbe mercury may
But the muff is"] not tbe only fur
that woman wearg. The stole for the
neck must not
forgotten and of
what, think you, is this made? Cnif
tonf Yes, really and truly, chiffon
but edged on each side" with fur to
match the muff. The part that lies
over tbe shoulders is of nothing but
gauzy chiffon in a shade to match muff
or hat. This is the first time that the
fur-trimmed scarf has appeared, and it
will be, presumably, very well re
ceived, It will lighten the weight of
fur over the shoulders, it will provide
opportunity to make the costume still
more harmonious and it should be a
fashion becoming to all who can
Big Ten Day Slaughter Sale
qualities of these ranges and quote prices. Remember this sale is on for only TEN
DAYS. During these ten days we are going to sell every Steel Range in stock because
we are going to make prices that will move them.
CRIST RENSCH The Hardware Merchant
Fall Suits and Cloaks
to show you as large and complete a line of
Ladies' and Misses' Tailored
as you will find anywhere in the state.
We shall be pleased to show them to you
as they are beautiful styles well tailored
and our
Prices are Reasonable
afford it.
Those who consider this but "sn
airy scarf, with two skimpy rows of
fur to protect them from the cold, may
wear serafs trimmed more elaborately
with fur. as many rows as they like if
the foundation idea be carried out.
Somewhat later in the year it is to
be expecetd that velvet will replact
gauze, but the change will m&ke but
slight difference in the effect. Velve
may be got in any color, and the indi
vidual taste will not,therefore be ham
Hypnotis'ts Subject Demon
strates Art When Flames
Reach Tent*
This was to show two things—first,
that the man had a rib-box made of
iron, and, second, that tbe magician's
hypnotic pewer was so strong that no
amount of physical pressure could
rouse the man subjected to it.
All this looked good to the kids of
Fifty-second street. They were on tip
toe for Monday, when the stunt was to
be seen. But it's all up now!
A full dress rehearsal was on yester
day afternoon, and the big-ribbed fel
low was fiat in bis tiance and the
brown horse was doing the two-step ou
his intercostal spaces when a tire start
ed, said to have been caused by a
match lighted by sn attendant and had
thrown carelessly on the wooden flcor
or stage of the showplace.
Tbe long-haired hypnotist forsook
his "subject" and, to use an nnscien
tiflc phrase, beat it. The flames licked
qj into the canvas dome and soon
blinding, cbokiug smoke filled the en
closure. The hypnotic artist set np a
yell that brought several cops.
going to sell Steel Ranges at
taking inventory we find we are
room for new stock we will
prices. Here is a snap for the
this section for the past fifteen
demonstrate to you the superior
One of the policemen dashed inside,
threw a blanket over the head of the
horse and led him out. Engines were
summoned. Tbe neighborhood turned
out to see the fun.
All 3f a sudden a fit seized upon that
hypnotist. His knees clattered to
gether For be realized that the man
with the iron chest was still inside tbe
burning tent and still asleep in his
hypnotic trance.
Tbe hypnotist tried at first to re
lease his subject by a wireless thought
transmission, but there was nothing
doing. That iron chested man lay
motionless with hot cinders dropping
Philadeplhia, Sept. 80.—Aa amuse
ment company pitched its tent early in
the summer on a lot on Fifty second
street, just south of Market street.
That tent contained 8,000 square feet
of canvas and made tbe kid's eye
bulge. A big business was done all
summer with moving pictures and
'ihe big sbow bills recently caused
a stir. They told of a "magician"
and a "chesty man," George Row, and
of a huge horse. Tbe magician was a
hypnotist. He was to cast bis charm
over said cneety man, and tbe horse
was then to prance upon the stout
chest of the hypnotized victim.
all over him.
There was nothing left for the nyp
notist but to dash inside and give tbe
notified demonstration of his art be
i was capable of. Which he aid.
The man with the iron chest sat up,
shook his bead a couple of times. Then
he let out a yell and made a bee-line
'or an opening in tbe burning tent.
"Say," he exclaimed as he reached
safety. "I was dreaming of a hot
place, but this has it stung a mile."
"And, say, you can just pay me off
right now. I'm done. I chuck the
job. This hip business is a bit too
warm for me."
Deafness Cannot he Cured
by local applications, as they cannot
reach the diseased portion of the ear.
There is only one way to cure deafness
and that is by constitutional remedies.
Deafness is caused by an inflamed con
dition of the mucous lining of the Eu
stachian Tube. When this tube is in
flamed you have a rumbling sound or
imperfect bearing, and when it is en
tirely closed, deafness is the result, and
unless the inflamation can be taken out
and this tube is restored to its normal
oondition, hearing will be deetrojed for
ever nine cases out of ten are caus»?d by
catarrh, which is nothing but an in
flamed condition of the mucous surfaoes.
We will give One llundrea Dollars for
any case of deafness (caused by catarrh i
that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
Cure. Send for circulars, free.
P. J. CHENEY & CO Toledo, O.
fold by Druggists, 75.
Take Hall's Family Pills for oonstipation
Wt often wonder how any person can
be persuaded into taking anything but
Foleys Honey and Tar for coughs, colds
and lung trouble. Do not be fooled
into accepting "own make" of other sub
stitutes. The genuine contains no
harmful drugs ana is in a yellow pack
a^e^—J. Iwlmw
GJwtlngmMaweob itong*
The Lyman Twins
And a Big Company in Their New Elaborate
Musical Play
Carload of Gorgeous Scenery. Brilliant Chorus.
Beautiful Costumes. Whistling Song Hits.
Prices: $1.00 75c 50c 35c
Seats on sale at Jones Drug Co. Saturday Morning
Wednesday, OCT. 6th
A Romance of the Western Plains
The Scenes, the Atmosphere, Depicting the
Simple Life of the Open Range
A Splendid Production
PRICES: $1.00 75c 50c 35c 25c
Seats on sale at Jones Drug Co., Tuesday morning
Mr. F. Q. Fritts, Oneonta, N. Y.,
writes: "My little gi'l was greatly ben
efitted by taking Foley's Orino Laxa
tiye, and I hinkit is the best remedy
for constiprtion and liver trouble."
Foley's Orino Laxative isjbest for wom^n
and children, as it is mild, pleasant and
effective, and is a splendid spring medi
cine, as it cleanses the system and
31 ears the com election.—J. H. Anderson
jyL HP.
Offta aw
Holding a PuMic Sale
this Season see
.DENTIST...] Twenty-three Years Exptf*
mm 213 ience as a Cryer

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