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®ljc ^atlti $mfcct
.Mj vail, 11
no. 26fc~
SATURDAY, NOV. 13, 1909.
if B*n,i
•jr Mftll,
1 yetr fi.OU
I month*
$vj mwi, i month
0f carrier p« *wk
J. F. HTAHL Proprietor.
H. A. 8TA BL. Biiiim Imiim.
1 ii J=«
Sioux Falls—The Htate Hoard of
'^v^fcjharitie* and Corrections held a rneet
i #|ng tit the penitentiary yesterday at
Ivhich time the granting of a new con
V ^iract for the operation of the shirt fac
lory was discussed. The Hteiling
"Manufacturing company of Chicago
lire the present holders of the contract
pat the latter expires in March. A
~jrepresentative of the company attend
'%fd the meeting yesterday.
Lead—In answer to a long felt want
{the lead City Boosters club has dec id
to ask the government to build a
trugon road acroes the Black Hills Na
tional forest east and west. The
fanners and others living along the
fonte of the proposed road now hauls
4beir grain and materials from fifty to
iixtv miles to a market and are too
Yl#cattered to bnila the roa.1 themselves.
Buch a road would also ingress to the
-"Ashing and hunting fields for tourists
|ind a possible stage and mail route to
v Newcastle, Wyo.
8tickney--E. C. Bent, secretary of
board of pbaimacy, arrived in th'f
^v^'ity and is inspecting an alleged viola
tion of the pharmacy law. The Mil lei
jjlrnir company
it is"
acciihm.i rwrtiM
a satisfaction to om people to
ave the board investigate.
Wagner—Last evening at tl :40 Frank
V Leonard of this place drew a gnu aim
'fired into a crowd at Cal Mori in.
bounding the latter in the arm. At
the shooting Leonaid escaped and
|:-HM pursued by H. D. James, who was
•T^ifrn eye wittiest! of the shooting. A dt
^:-^»nty sheriff and the town marshal
joined in the chase but Leonard elude.:
..them. The bullet lodged in the arm
of the victim and has tnwn removed,
i. The wound is not seiiotis. No cause
h8 known for the shooting.
Aberdeen—The l)ody of Ben Piddock,
yonng farmer, was found hanging by
^tbe neck in the coal bin on bis farm
.^it«n miles northeast of Seltiy this mom
U' Ing. The cause ot the auicide is at
'{present unknown.
Artesian— )neof the gi eat eat drain
'4 age projects uudertaken in the
N. D., to Aberdeen, and expected to
baild to this ('ity. Hince then yearly
At springtime the inmor has been
.^printed that the "8o«)" surely intended
v^to "iron the grade
"from Asnley. The
|nrchase of tne right, of way in Aber
i deen is taken to mean thai the "Soo"
aoandoned any intention of build
,|og here. It is now believed that the
Minneapolis and St. Louis, which runs
throagh Aberdeen to Leola, will take
^lS*ver the "Soo'a" old grade from Leola
v'lo Ashley.
i i e w a e Fiank O'Brien, a
.. jroaog farmer retiding five miles north
#"?«ast of town, lost three hea* of valua
'. ble horses, together with (inantity of
grain and hay, and was himself pain
folly bnrned aoont the bands and face
today, while endeavoring to save bis
j,horses, seven in number, from the
Earning stable.
Chamberlain—That he either oas
jmet with foul play or wandered away
while temporarily deranged,now is li«
lieved to have been the fate of Fred C.
^Harris,who a few days ago disappeared
from his home at dregorj', Uregory
county, under myhterious i-ircuui
^stances. His domestic relations were
pleasant, he was receiving a good sal
•jary and had no financial worry, and
was of steady habits, being accounted
,' ione of the most reliable young men
jHe took no money with him and no
.-lextra clothing, not even an overcoat.
The missing man has a broth at
~Coon Rapids, Io., aud a sistei ht Ash
/.land. 8. D., aud if he has wiindered
jjjpway while temporarily derai ged tbir
•ijis a faint hope that be maj ai^iear at
%. jne of those iilacts. His wife is al
»'VJ!'.«DOat distracted over tht unceriainty as
^tohis fate and the failacf ietoie
::V/ iany trace of him.
Disinfecting School Books.
1/.IK Prance physicians have devised a
Bcheme for disinitcting and cHaiiing
school books. A machine smkts tlie
y dust from the leaves and antomutically
'bathes them in a disinfectant, and in a
gwat dryer, something like a nodern
clothes dryer, such as used in lauLder
ies, the books are dried. When juu
are dry remember that you can wet
yonr whistle with golden grain belt
_beer. It invigorates and should be
}:%kept in yonr cellar for daily use. Or
der of yonr nearest dealer.
i DeWitt'sKidney and Bladder Pills
ihalf of Honth Dakota this season lias
Jjnst tteen completed in this vicinity,
Und inpny thousands of
^heretofore have been flooded each
Spring have been reclaimed. The pro
...... JfM't. is known as the Long l^ake drain
Hge ditch, and he main canal is about
V four miles long and five to sixteen feet
deep and from twenty to fifty feet in
tiiwidfh. It cost about $17,000,and will
^i'jlreclaim land worth many times that
fe. num.
Aberdeen—From sources which
jleave little doubt of its truthfulness,
vl icomee the report that the Milwaukee
Railroad has bought the right of way ot
Jthe Minneapolis, Nt.l'aul and Sault Ste.
jMarie lailroad through the city of
Aberdeen, aud will use the newly ac
^. quired property for trackage and ter
minals. Nearly twenty five years ago
#he "Soo" built a guide from Ashley,
you what it is,
Investigation Shows Guards
Texas Prison® Are
Austin, Tex., Nov. 12.—The stories
of abuses at the hands of guards and
higher officials of the Rtate penitentiary
system, which were told by convi'ts in
their sworn testimony before the state
investigating committees.have brought
to lignt siich horrible piacticts that
liov. Campbell will lie urged by the
committee to immediately call a spe
cial session of tDe legislature for the
purpi se of abolishing the convict con- I
tract s8tem aud to reform the peniten
tiary uiansgtmeut in many other re
e ts. The comn ittees session at
Rusk, where one of the penitentiaries
is situated brought out a number of
uew horrors in the treatment of con
victs. Much of the testimonv given at
Rnsk yesterday was corroborated at
tcdaj's sission of the committee.
According to the testimony before
the committee, guards and sergeants
committed offensi s rarging in degree
all the way trom Hogging men so Be
verly that they died from their injur
ies to shooting a man dead in his
traeks because the "state bad plenty of
These tales of brutality were told by
almost every convict who was placed
on the witness stand An examination
of their bodies showed the deep scars
and raw wounds made by the iustrn
ments of torture. A strap which far
exceeds the legal size is in common
use foi whipping the convicts. Not
iufrequently the victim was given 100
la9b«8. Notched bat* designed to cut
the fleah at every stroke are in com
mon use.
Thin testimony did not confine itself
to the subordinates of the penitentiary
system, but implicates one man who is
now holding a prominent station with
the penientiary administration who in
laid bv the convicts to have daubed
Jhiuiself "The King of the Leather,',
and is the most feared man generally
amoug prisoners that the system has
jet produced.
On one occasion at the third lash
from this man's whip the cringing con
vict at his feet lost hitr senses, and
turning to the admiring observers of
his commendable feat, "the King of
the Leather, said: "That's the way I
thiow a bat,and turned the instrument
of torture over to the less experienced
suhoridnate at whose application of the
torture he had found fault,to finish the
job under his personal direction.
The committee did not rely on the
unsupported statement of individual
convicts. It had the larger part of the
nauseating recitals corroborated in
numerous ways. In most instances
the tenible whippings given the con
victs were without the slightest cause.
They afforded a means of gratifying
the passion and pleasure of the guaids.
Lack of Permanent Progress
Not as Good as American
Siottx dljr Journal, 12: "The Fill
pino is like the American Iudian, he
reverts to his race habits as soon as the
educational influences placed about
him by the American settlers in the
islands are withdrawn," declares U.
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lows are "up in the air" on the clothes question.
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The new models in overcoats are also very stylish in many choice fabrics.
THE BIG STORE J. A. Johnson, Prop.
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(4. Worrilow, captain of the Twenty
ninth infantry, who is the guest of
County Auditor E. E. Hosmer.
"The Filipino is unlike the Indinn
in that he is not so sturdy. The Fili
pino is stunted and the principal leason
for this lies in the fact that from time
immemorial he has dieted exclusively
on rice, fit-h and bananas. The Indian
is not such a vegetarian and for this
reason he i* physically the superior of
the natives of the islands.
"One thinu that is blocking the
growth of business in Manila is be
cause the laws are still in an uncer
tain state. Capitalists are afraid to
take up franchises for fear a change in
laws would be detrimental to invest
ments. This fact has blocked the
growth of the sugar and offee indus
tries, but will be overcome with the
enacting of better laws."
Capt. Wcrrilow has been in the gov
ernment Indian service and is compe
tent to talk on the two races. For six
and one half years he saw service in
the Philippines at diflterent times.being
in that branch of the service whoa
Agnlnaldo was captured, hie leaves
tomorrow for New York. He will be
stationed at Fort Jay hereafter.
Large Amount of Hay De
stroyed in Brown County.
Aberdeen, Nov. 11.-Burning over
an area of over 1,000 acr«« of hay
land,destroying many hundreds of tons
ol bay on the ground and a large num
ber of stacks, a piairie fire, just north
of Columbia, started by a passing
train, raged all foreuoon yesterday, de
spite the efforts of all the farmers in
Scharin -. ft Marx.
good price,
satisfy you
lonniauy ol'
the vicinity and a lar^e
citizens from Columbia.
The fire is one of the largest prairie
fires which has occurred in Brown
county for many years. Realizing
that it would be impossible to stop tne
fire under the strong wind, all efforts
were turned toward protecting the
buildings in the path of toe flames.
A large number of ouildings were
saved, thus making the tire less disas
trons. Just after noon, alter the men1
had been working since early morning,
the fire was extinguished.
For Wale.
A few extra choice bargsiM in in-!
proved Lake county farms,
lfiO acres all fenced and cro«s fenced.
in every
li *4
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good, comfortable set of buildings,
large cistern, well,windmill and tank.
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100 acres, fair set of buildings, all
tillable, five miles from town. Price
$4r, per acre.
Five other quarters, equally as well
located, all improved, near Madison
and other towns at very reasonable
Here is yoor last chance. Come and
see ua.
—A W. Holdridge & Son.
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Madison, S. Dakota

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