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Copyright b* Hkrt Sch*ffn«r ft Hun
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FRIDAY, DEO. 3. 1909.
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tor baii,
*7 m*il, •noath.
•y atll, 1 Moath
a*rrl*f p«r «Nk
J. V. RTAHL Proprietor.
A. 1TABL. Baila.x Maragar.
Yankton—Yankton is having a sort
of reign of terror, owing to a number
of vicious bulldogs running at large.
jFifteen people, some women among
Ithem, have been attacked bat ho far
kio one has been seriously injured.
,* Watertown—Goodwin Johnson, aged
$22, committed snicide in his brother's
jhotel in this city by shooting himself
through the head with a 32 caliber re
ivolver. Death was instantaneous. It
jis said that the young man had been
brooding over bis having become vie
tim of the white plague and had be
tome discouraged with big outlook for
.. St org is -Fred Day, convicted of a
crime at the lecent term of circuit
Court in Meade county, woo made his
jBncape from the county jail during the
&ov. 10, after being sen
was captured at Chadron and
back to Stnrgis Tuesday.
flight of
e n e w i
Chicago—An elopment whicn had its
fpmule at the La halle hotel late last
flight with the bride's father and
fnother in a welcoming role waa the
Experience of Dr. LeRoy Waist on. a
4lenti«t of LeBeau, 8. D., and Gladys
Campbell, a daughter of William
Campbell of 40 Dearborn street, who
.jwere married in Aurora latit Saturday
pfternoon There was no serious ob
jection by the parents, with exception
lot the age of their daughter. Mr. and
jMrs. Campbell heard of the elopement
pnd arranged for a reception at the La
palle hotel. They had the bridal
fcbainber decorated with shoes, bags of
:^ice and cut flowers, and wired the
pride to meet theui at the LaSalle.
Pierre—The state pardon noaid at
meeting this evening recommended
rdons tor Frank Fitzpatrick, of
pink county, sentenced for a statutory
aoffense Charles Ventling, from Fall
'jRiver county, on a robbery charge.
*1* ^Frank Mateiousky, of Stanley, grand
larceny, and James Moyltu, of l^pink
'vl .county, on a forgery charge.
"V Aberdeen—About 8 o'clock in the
tevening as Mrs. M. Bennett, wife of a
(druggist here, and her children were
playing cards, she heard a sound out
iside tbe door, and upon opening it
)found a small baby girl,aged between
two and three months, on the step.
The baby was poorly clad, but bore
evidence of naving teen well cared
for, and it was perfectly healthy. The
.child has been turned over to the local
{committee of the children's home, who
will care for it. Already there have
been several applications from people
who desire to adopt it, and the little
one will soon find a good home. There
is no ciew to the persons who may
have left tbe infant on the doorstep.
Pierre—Governor Veesey has granted
requisitions on tbe governor of Iawa,
toT Henry Deam, and John Walsh, who
are wanted in Hamlin county on
'-charge of burglary. Both men are
being held In Sioux City for the South
Dakota officers as soon as the proper
paper* can be secured from the Iowa
Deadwood—Chief of Police McMa
bany of Joplin. Mo., has asked Sheriff
{Plankett to look out for and arrest
William Schumulbacb. formerly of
accused uf murder and is believed to
be handed for the Black Hills. There
is a considerable reward offered for the
apprehension of Schinulbach, who is
wanted in connection with the killing
of a police officer at Joplin. Novem
ber 15. and the wonnding gf another
one at the game time.
Affairs at Capital in
South Dakotans
Washington, Dec. 3 —Representative
Burke, of South Dakota, arrived today
and is now fully establshed .it his new
quarters at the capitol as chairman
of the house committee on Indian
affairs. Tne rooms he has are those
used for many years by his predecessor
at tbe bend of this big committee,
James S. Sherman, who resigned that
position to become vice president of
tbe United States.
Mi Bui be has begun the preparation
of several impoitant bills in regard to
Indian affairs, which he will introduce
at the openintr of congress.
Robert 8. Person, who retired today
as auditor of the interior department,
at once took up bis duties as clerk to
Mr Burke's committee.
Lieut. Gov. Sbober of South Dakota,
who has been named to succeed Person
auditor, has not arrived, and that
office ban been placed in charge of a
deputy until Mr. Shober comes.
The president has not formally an
nounced the appointment uf Mr. Hho
ber as vet, and it has been intimated
the South Dakota representatives, Mar
tin and Burke, asked him to delav final
action iu regard to Shober until they
might be heard again, but both dis
claim any intention of pressing their
opposition to Shober any further. At
any late Person is no longer auditor of
the interior department, much to the
joy of Senators Gamble and Crawford,
and they evidently do not fear any
hitch in Shober's speedy possession of
that office.
Senator Gamble is expected to arrive
in WaHhiugton tomorrow, and then tne
entire South Dakota delegation will be
on the job.
Leonard Underwood, clerk, and
Ralph H.JChHse, assistant clerk, of
Senator Gamble's committee, are here.
Mr. Underwood is accompanied by his
bride and they will have apartments at
the Roland this session.
Created In State Department
South Dakotan A|
Washington, Dec. 2.—To extend fur
ther his general plan of gperialization
iu the eoinmeicial and political affairs
of the world, Secretary Knox ha?
created a division of "near eastern
affairs" and has selected Evan E
Young, of South Dakota, now Anieri
can consul at Saloniki, as chief of this
new division, which will have to do
with affairs in Turkey, Persia, the
Balkans and other states in that part of
Europe. This territory, with its in
tricate political problems and opening
opportunities for commercial expan
sion, has made necessary special atten
tion on the part of the state depart
The consular service ia to receive
more attention than hitherto with a
view to its increased efficiency. The
thai ail all-ronnd rrnnk Bzhll ia awmtarv hm imnnintmi W i
1 tint .T Purr
au v/
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This Store is the Home of
Hart Schaffner & Marx Clolhes
chief clerk of the department oi atate,
director of the consnlar service, a new
ly created office.
During a number of years Mr. Can
was the chi?f of the consular division
and latterly combined the duties of
that office with those of chief clerk.
Hereafter he will give his undivided
attention to the consular service.
Mr. Can will be succeeded as chief
clerk by William McNeir. chief of the
bureau of rolls and library, and John
A. Conner, assistant chief of the bu
reau of rolls and library, will succeed
Mr. McNeir as chief of that division.
Charles F. Wilson, law clerk of the
department of state,has been appointed
an assistant solictor and is succeeded
by Henry L. Bryan,assistant law clerk
of the department
May Be Rolled and Smoked
According to Decision by
Judge Smith
Mitchell, Dec. 3.—The law passed
by the last legislature with reference
to the manufacture of cigarette" ba«
been the means of turning a laigc
amount ot money in the way of fines
into town treasuries, particularly this
city, where the law was enforced by
the police department to a remarkable
extent. Any person whom the police
discovered rolling a dope stick was ar
rested and taken before the justice of
the peace, where he got a fine of $
The police depaituient interpreted the
law to mean that a person who rolled
cigarette for his own use was manu
facturing it. Judge Frank B. Smith,
of this circuit, holds a different opin
ion on the manufacture. James Car
ney was arrested on the charge of man
ufacturing a cigarette and got tbe cus
tomary fine in police court. He ap
pealed to the circuit court and his case
was heard today. His attorney, H. E.
Hitchcock. argued that the mere rolling
of a cigarette for one's pergonal use
was not in the nature of mauufactur
ing for sale. The court held the same
view and the prisoner was discharged.
There will be no more arrests iu
Mitchell when a peison rolls a'ciga
rette for his own use.
Celebrates Her Sixty-Fifth Birth
day—Brief Beography of
Titled Lady
London. Dec. 2.—The sixty-fifth
birthday of Queeu Alexandra wascele
brated yesterday with the nsnal hear
tiness throughout tne kingdom, by ar
tilleiy salutes, the ringing of church
bells and the display of flags. Her
majesty spent the day at Sandring
ham, surrounded oy an unusually largt
gathering of the royal famils'. Greet
iugs poured in from all parts of the
world and numerous handsome pre
sents were received from tMe king and
other members of the royal family and
from relatives aunng the reigmag
families on tbe continent.
The queen is reported to be in better
general health than she has leeu for a
long time, thanks to her long visit the
last summer in Norway 'and Denmark
Tn future her duties during the Lon
don seasou are to be lightened. There
is talk of cutting down the number
of courts uid other state functions
next year,while the Princess of Wales
and the Duchess of Connaugbt will
undertake many duties that have been
carried out by the queen in the past.
Sfewa Alexandra waa bona in Copwi
ha^en 'ri Dec I, 1^44, th^ eldest of the
at.- king of Denmark's three daugh
ter- She married the Prince of
Wales, now King Edward VII of Eng
land. in King George's chapel, Wind
sor. March 10, 18(53, and counts six
nildren and nine grandchildren.
Of her children-three sons and'three
daughters—four are living. Her third
sun, Prince Alexandet, born April 0,
1, lived only one day The eldest
sun. the Duke of Clarence,died in 1392,
at the age of 28.
The second son, George, Prince of
Wales, is 44 years old and is the father
uf five sons and one ^daughter, langing
i ii age from 1 o to 5 years of age.
The elileBt of the queen's daughters,
Princess Louise, wife of the Duke of
Fife, is the mother of two daughters
one of whom has been prominently
lie ntioned of late as a possible consort
tor the young king of Portugal.
The queen's second daughter, Prin
ces Victoria, now past 40, has never
married. The younuest daughter,
Princess Maud, bfecaine queen of Nor
ua\ four years ago,and her only child,
Prince Ulaf, 6 years old, will be king
of Norway some day.
Wed the Daughter of a
York Millionaire
New York, Dec. 2.—None of the
ong list of notable weddings that have
taken place in fashionable St. Thomas'
rhurcb ever attracted more attention
than the ceremony performed there at
noon today which made Miss Vera
Mm-Farland Moses, whose father is a
niulti-millionaire, tbe bride of Edward
Matthews Chamberlain of Washington,
1) 0.
The white satin and tulle and
orange blossoms with which the beau
tiful bride was arrayed were unseen by
tier husband, although she leaned
pinndly on bis arm. The childish
prattle of tbe two little flower girls
was heard by him, but their happy
faces, their baskets of flowers, counted
for nothing.
For Mr. Chamberlain, who comes
jf an old Virginia family, is totally
The marriage ceremony was per
formed by the rector, tbe Rev. Dr.
Ernest M. Stires The bride was at
tended by Miss Helen Melbourne Meek
of Virginia as maid of nonor. Mr.
Chamberlain bad his brother, Justin
Moirill Chamberlain of Washington,
for best man, and another brother.Cap
tain Paul E. Chamber lain, of the
United States marine corps, was among
the ushers. The ceremony at the
chuich was followed by a wedding
breakfast at tbe Hotel Savoy, where the
bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. James
Moses, reside.
Banfcftr'a Petition for Rehearing to
Be Passed Upon.
Chicago, Dec. 2.—The United States
circuit court of appeals on Friday wili
pass upon John R. Walsh's petition
a rehearing. The petition was tiled
Nov. 4 by Attorney John S. Miller for
the banker.
District Attorney Edwin W. Sims'
application for increased bail for
Walsh and Miller's motion for oral ar
guments on the rehearing petition will
also be decided.
Industrial Workers Arrested.
Spokane, Wash., Dec. 2.—Five lead
ers of the Industrial Workers of the
World were arrested under warrants
charging conspiracy to incite riots.
They are held in the county jail,
bonds for release being placed at
$5,000 in each case. Among those ar
rested is Elizabeth Gurley Flynn. a
woman orator, who has been particu
larly active.
the couih tnd h««la lun 'l
Tme Stay Satisfactory*Range
Sold by
Acres of Petroleum
Lands Withdrawn.
Wajhin, '--!. Doc. 8.—The announce
ment is made oy the geological survey
that President Taft has ordered more
than 3,000,000 acre? of public petro
leum land in California, Wyoming,
Utah and Oregon withdrawn from
entry and sale. In connection with
this withdrawal the survey makes the
statement that the government is not
only the largest owner of oil lands in
the world, but is likely i^oon to bo the
largest consumer. The six largest,
battleships in commission or under
construction in the American navy
are equipped for the use of either oil
or oal and the fourteen largest de
stroyers use oil exclusively. Govern
ment officials believe that the ques
tion of fuel sup ily for these vessels
is certain to become an exceedingly
important one in the near future and
it is urged that a new law should be
passed providing a means of perpetu
ating a supply for this certain future
Detectives Guarding Property of Home
stake Company.
Lead, S. D., Dec. 3.—With the pres
ence of many Pinkerton detectives
scattered about the Homestake prop
erties, in addition to the numerous
employes of the company who havi
been specially deputized by the sheriff,
absolute quiet prevails. The Home
stake company announced that it
brought the I'inUertons in only to pro
tect its property and not to use as
spies and that, they would confine their
attentions strictly to the property and
would not be about the streets. The
lines are strictly drawn and no one not
having business about the property is
permitted around.
Barbers Are Professional Men.
Omaha, Dec. 3.—"Conducting a bar
ber shop and performing the duties of
a barber is a profession and may be
carried on on the seventh day of the
week, commonly called Sunday, and is
not. forbidden by the Nebraska law
that prohibits the engaging in com
mon labor on Sunday." So decides
Judge Crawford of tha OmaJtia munici
pal court.
Mystery in Woman's Death.
Havana, 111., Dec. 3.—Mrs. William
Ischmael was found dead in the Illi
nois Central raiiroad station at Eas
ton, a village near here. There was
a bullet wound just above her heart.
Thomas Royston, agent and telegraph
operator for the railroad, who was in
the depot when the woman died, re
fused to discuss the tragedy. A boltef
injured one of his hands.
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faces. Hall's Catarih Cure is not a
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