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leather Goods
Many useful and handsome articles are
made from Leather Goods this year and you
can get a desirable for either lady or gentle
man from our *tock. They are made lip in
Alligator, Sea Lion and Morrooco and include
ladies or gentlemen's
Traveling Toilet Sets, Purses, Bill Books,
Music Rolls* Manicure Sets, Library Sets,
Hand Bags and so on.
Toilet Sets and Toilet Articles
What is a more desirable gift for the wife
Or young lady than a toilet sot. It is an every
day remembrance because they are used every
day of her life and these articles assembled in
a handsome case make a beautiful ornament for
the dresrter. We are showing the trimmed in
Silver Plate, Sterling, Leather,
Alligator, Stag and Ebony,
and also have tho baim mountings in individu
al pieces to match seta already in use, such as
JtalftlfrMid Comb, Hand Mirrors,
Hat Brushes, Clothes Brushes,
Military Brusheft
Art Pictures and Books
Now here is a line wo are recognized by all
as being strictly up to the minute in keeping
in stock the Latest Books shortly after they are
issued from the press. We have built up a
nice trade on Books and today our store is
filled with all the
Latest Copyrights and Popular Copyrights,
Boys and Girls Books,
Popular Series for Children,
Fancy Bound Books,
•bowing many beautiful
These mako elegant and appreciative gifts
for the young people.
IN ART PICTURES are included Pastel, Water
Caters, Etchings, Oil Paintings, Symphonies.
Beautiful pictures are pleasing to the eye
as you enter a room and few iailita are living
who wont prize a pretty picture as a Chistmas
Novelties for the Gift Purchaser
We could enumerate an endless amount of
presents you can buy under this head but will
only make a few suggestions such as
Post Cards and Post Card Albums, Scrap
Books, Autograph and Photograph Albums,
Fancy Box Stationery, Perfumes, bulk or in
fancy bottles and case, Xmas Box Cigars, Wel
ler Safety Razor, latest improved pattern,
Pocket Knives, ornaments of different kinds
for the home, novelties in toilet articles for the
young lady. All we we want is your presence
at our store, give us an idea of what you want
and we will assist you in selecting your gifts
Terry—In order to get money on
Wblcb to leave the conntiy, .Joseph
Pearcfl, aged 20, a groom of a week,
broke into tbe general store of Disney
A Co. of Terry, and robbed tbe easb
drawers of $300. The boy thon went
to Deadwood. where he Hpent some ot
the money and was arrested on a
train going to Lead. Pearce when
at first confronted with his gnilt de
denied knowledge of tne robbery, but
later confessed. Pearce until the
shutdown was em ployed in the Hetne
stake mine, and when he quit work he
Mpmried a Lead
and had decided
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and highly colored
designs in the newer bindings called ooze call.
Also those exceedingly popular books
American Beauties and American Girl by
Harrison Fisher and The Christie Girl by
Howard Chandler Christie.
to go ex8l. ami limit work. Pearce will
arraigned in thti circuit court.
Milbank—Burglars broke into the
store of A. A.Anderson, at Labolt, lsust
night. An alarm was given and a
posse of men purwiwd the burglars we«t
to Troy, fifteen miles. The place
wbere they took refuge was surround
ed by the members of the posse and
then they telephoned to Sheriff Gross,
of this city, who went to Tioy during
the night. The posse remained on
guard until the sheriff arrived and ar
reisted the men. A full kit of burg
lars' tools was found in their posses
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Games and Amusements for Children
We went into the market this year with the purpose of
of getting the best and most attractive games made for the
children and have assembled a large and varied stock of
these goods. Some of the latest games, and interesting too,
are Floor Croquet, Parlor Croquet, Baseball Game, Pirate
and Travelor, Sewing Sets, Amateur Artist's' Water Color
Sets a most complete outfit, Drums, Toy Watches.. Fancy
Rubber Balls, etc.
Watertown—W. F. Bancroft, state
game warden, is notified that Judge
James Jones, of tho Second dibtrict,
holds that uo money in game funds,
state or county collected under the
new law, can be p:tid oat by county
treasurers ou warrants issued on
county game funds prior to the opera
tion of tne new law. There were sev
eral thousand dollars of the old war
rants outstanding.
Doiidwood--The Chicago, Burlington
& Quincy Railroad company has let a
contract for the dismantling of a
stretch of track on the old Homestake
line between Bucks and Calcite, south
east ol here, a distance of over fifteen
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December it a Happy month. We are all anticipating the celebration of the'world's greatest holiday, Christmas.
We begin to think how we can make our friends happy, and in so doing seek places where we can buy some
desirable tokens of remembrance to give them on Christmas day. It is the happiest day in the year for the
young and the old, the boys and the girls, father, mother, sister, brother, in fact everybody feels happy on
Christmas day. Now we invite the people of Madison, and vicinity to come to our store to select their gifts.
We have assembled an array of presents which is the finest assortment ever offered. Each article in the sev
eral departments has been carefully selected as to beauty and usefulness. By carefully reading our suggestions
your Christmas shopping will be an easy task. At this store you can find just the present you want to give this
one and that one on Christmas morning.
Holiday Shoppers Can En
joy Selecting Gifts at Our
Store. We have so Many
Pretty and Useful Articles
to Show You.
We have tried to give you an outline of our stock of Holiday goods. We have only mentioned a few articles
in each department. What we want is your presence at our store at an early date, before our stock is broken
into. Then you can see the completeness in which we have filled every department with new and beautiful
things. You will find our prices very reasonable and a small amount of money can buy a large number of
gifts for Christmas day.
Corner Drug Store Phone 260 Madison, So. Dak.
Dolls Dolls Dolls
miles. The track has suffered
washouts that tbe company decided to
aiandonit. The line has forty-five!
bridges, most of which must be re
paired before the work of taking up
the track can be commenced.
Chamberlain—A wreck occurred a
few miles west of Vivian. The mail
car rolled down an embankment, the
tendei was pulled oft its trucks and
the engine stopped on a bridge. A
social from here brought the passen
gers and mail through and a wrecking i
crew cleared the track for evening!
traffic. Fortunately no one received'
serious injury, only the mail clerk be
ing slightly
hurt. Tbe
cause of the
The pride and enjoyment of the little girl is Iter dolh
She is perfectly happy if she has her doll and doll clothes to
1 'lay with spending hours at a time in this amusement.
W hen she enters our store the first thing she sees are those
beautiful dolls displayed Dressed Dolls with natural hair,
liat to match, Bisk Dolls, China Dolls, Rubber Dolls, tCid
Bodies, Doll Heads, Doll Beds, Hats, Shoes, Stockings,
Coats and many other articles to clothe the Lilliputians.
wreck is unttnown but supposed to!
nave been a defect in the track.
Pierre— Governor Vessey today
granted four pardons on tbe recommen
dation of the state pardon board, th=iy
being Charles Vantliuu,sentenced from
Custer county trank Fitzpatrick and
Jam(-8 Moven, sentenced from Spiak
county and Frank Matejousky, sen
tenced fmm Stanley countv. He also
granted a pardon without board aution
for Roy Lennerville, sent from Butt
Pierre—i he state I ward of correc
tions will meet in a few days to fix the
ptice of prison twine for next year.
They will also at an early date decide
in tegard to a renewal of their con
tract for keeping the piison shirt fac
tory in operation. On this contract,
which will soon expire, the state gets
but 38 cents a dozen, and owns the
plant. Gov. Vessey does not believe
the contract pri.-e is high enough to
"save the state" on the matter of oper
ation. and is securing data to back his
position. Under the present, state
laws a part of tbe earnings of the con
victs aie paid to their families and
with this out, and the expense of main
tennnce of tbe plant,he thinks the state
snonld receive a higher price. He is
making an effort to secure a change in
the terms of the contract before it la
Jewelry Department
In this department we have everything from
the whitest diamond to the tiny gold pins for
the baby. An elegant line of
Ladies' and Gents' Gold Watches
either solid or filled case, enclosing the highest
grade standard movements.
Gold Watch Chains, Fobs, Charms,
Necklaces, Brooches, Stick Pins,
Hat Pins, Collar and Cuff Sets,
Belt Buckles, Veil Pins, Gold Chains
and Sets for the baby. These ornaments are
all this year's patterns pnd include many neat
aj id pretty designs.
mond rings, Signet rings, Opals, Pearls, Gar
nets, Emeralds, Cameos, and other settings
also Plain and Chased rings.
Silverware That Resists Wear
Our Silverware includes the 1835- R. Wal
lace patterns of which we have told you before.
1 it this deparment we have very beautiful de
signs, for instance the New Blossom pattern
so much in vogue.
Knives and Forks, Teaspoons, Tablespoons
all to match and in Sterling if you prefer them
Game Carvers and Scissors, Gravy Ladles,
Meat Forks, Salad Spoons, Souvenir
Spoons, Child's Sets, Pie Knives, Butter
Knives, Berry Spoons and Forks and many
other articles.
Cut Glass & Hand Painted China
Here are some articles we are proud to
show you. Our assortment is very large this
year and many beautiful patterns await your
calling. We have both the Clark and Petkin
Brooks cuts, and just to give you an idea we
Salad Dishes, Celery Dishes, Nat Dishes,
Cream and Sugars, Vases, Bon Bons,
Salt Dips, Spoon Trays, Water Sets,
And above all a beautiful Cut Glass Electric
Library Lamp admired by everybody passing
our show window.
Fancy Novelties
Chafing Dishes, Trays, Spoons and Forks.
Satchel Tags, Umbrella Name Plates, Gold
Head Umbrellas, etc.
Something entirely new for this season's holi
day trade. It is made up in many ornamental
articles for the home combined with a useful,
ness. In this line are
Electric Library Lamps, Candle Sticks,
Smoking Sets* Jardiniers, Ash Trays,
Vases, Jewel Receivers, Paper Knives.
We will Engrave any article purchased
at this store Free of charge.
Mitchell—Eighteen or twenty proai
inent men of the state will meet la
this city Wednesday at tlie invitation
of President Kerfoot, of Dakota VVia
leyan, to discuss matters pertaining to
the raising of the endowment fund of
|150,000 and tbe $100,000 for build
ings. It is expected that a campaign
will be mapped out at that time for
future work.
Foley's Kidney Remedy
cur* any
rase of kidney or bladder trouble that is
not beyond the reach of medicine. Curea
ba kHcbe and irrpmilariti*s that if neg
lected might result in Bright'a disease
diabetes. Sold by all druggists.

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