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The Madison daily leader. [volume] (Madison, S.D.) 1890-current, January 19, 1922, Image 2

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TXtEPBOmS 2143
JDntercd at Madison I'ostofflce as Sec
ond Class Matter.
By mail, 1 year ,..93.01
By mail, months l.G
By carrier, per wtttk ....... ,1
1 -STAHlv. Pr«»pn»»or
H. A. STAlli. Business Managei
l*ierre.—The drillers at the Bluni
W1 well are now down about 50C'
feet and have the casing on th
ground to go at laatit. 600 feet. Thej
»re working only a day shift.
Yankton.—The Yankton Credit
jUMociation during its first year oi
existence oolected $1,890.92 in de
linquent debts, hte report of the sec
retary at the annual meeting show
ed. A membership campaign is plan
ned early this year.
Hot Springs.—The two-yea r-olct
poa of Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Calkins
of this city, sustained serious injur
in when he fell into
water. He
a pail of ho
a&d while the injuries are serious
Is not thought they will prove fatal
Pierre. Members of th^ stat
board of health are in the city tc
hold an examination of applicants to
practice medicine within this state
A number of applicants are here
and a good-sised class was expected
to be on hand when the work wa
taken up.
Yankton.—The board of commix
•itnerfi of Yankton county has df
OHned to recede from its recent ac
tion in cutting the salaries of depu
ties and clerks In the county offices
except in the case of one deputy wh'
Is handling the work in two ofifcoK
tfcp clerk's and the register of decdi-
Yankton.—Yankton is going ti
Jttve a park overlooking the Mfc
souri river,
a gently sloping, grassv
rest area provided with walks and
benches and beautified with
*\. 3-:
count the
Mid shrubbery and flower gardens,
where Sunday idlers may watch tin
waters of the
Buddy swirl
tourists crossing tt-
Meridian Highway bridge.
Pierre.—At a public sale neur
Canning the past week, quite a num
fer oi cattle and horses were dt*
posed of. The cattle brought a good
price regardless of quality, but tin
horses went at a low price. One fea
t«re of the sale which created com
ment under existing conditions is tli•
fftct that not a note was given on
any of the purchases, all being catli
Huron.—Two gallons of moon
•dine and six pint bottles filled with
the same brand of hootch were seiz
ed by Chief of Police Johnson from
a& automobile belonging to Emil
Hoy, who runs a corn shelling outfit
here. A tip was secured by tin
Chief when he overhead plans of se\
oral young fellows to raid the c*u
and steal the liquor. The chief ban
them all to it. Hoy will be arraign
ed on a charge of selling liquor.
Stowaway Is Turned
Back In Mid Ocean
New York, Jan. 19.—Transfer in
.. Mid ocean of a woman stowaway
from Antwerp to another ship head
ed for Bremen was related when th
BritMish steamer Gasconier arrived
On New Year's day, three days out
Of Antwerp, a woman, wearing mans
Apparel and black with dust, was (lis
covered in a bunker, exhausted. Re
vived she said Bhe was Lizzie SchliU,
a native of Louisville, Ky., and re
eently escaped from Russia, where
she had been governess of a Ru
•Ian countess expelled by the bo!
•heviks. She told of fleeing through
Germany and of unsuccessful efforts
to get a passport at Antwerp. She
Was given a uniform belonging io
the first mate of the Gasconfcer and,
When the vessel passed the steamer
i Ttesandrier two days later, she mis
started back to Bremen.
'Health Is Worth Saving, and Bonie
Miulison Pe*ple Know How To
Sa\e It.
-Many Madison people take their
lives in their hands by neglecting tli
Wdnevs when they know these o
fans need help. Weak kidneys ai
(•sponsible for a vast amount of sui
fering and ill health—the slightest
delay is dangerous. Use Doan's
Kidney Pills—a remeddy that ha
helped thousands of kidney suffer
ers. Here Is a Madison citizen's reo
Mrs. D. C. Porter, 411 Washing
tan Ave., says: "I have used Doan s
Kidney Pills and know that they will
4o what is claimed for them. Mv
kidneys were weak and my back
was lame and ached a great deal. 1
tlr*l busily, especially mornings. I
often \ad dizzy spells and spots
floated before my eyes. The action
of my kidneys was irregular. I used
Doan's Kidney Pills from Porters
Drug Store and they helped me won
derfully. They relieved the back
aches and strengthened my kid
Price 60c, at all dealers. Don
gtmply ask for a kidney remedy
get Doan's Kidney Pills—the saira
that Mrs. Porter had. Foster-Mil
Buffalo, N. Y.
Co MfrB
2Ir». O. Grab, 3116 Washington Av
New Orleans, La., writtis: "My child
had a cough so bad she would almost
strangle coughing. Foley's Honey and
Tar relieved her cough, and 1 recom
mend it to any mother." Chocks elds,
croup, whooping cough, bronchial and
coughs. Children like lt.--8old
't 'M
white only. Five
yards for
4 Yards Cretonne $1.00
Dollar Day
iiri'i i)»wl^fr-ftrnairmmi
Lingerie Crepe 5 Yards $1.00
Its the Windsor Crepe for fancy negligee.
Very fine crinkle and soft finish Crepe. In
Wot draperies and upholstering mid to
make and trim pretty aprons. Pretty flor­
al patterns in light and dark
colors. 4 yards ...
Sateen Bloomers $1.00
Made of good quality sateen black and
brown only. Double elastic at knees.
2 Pairs Pink Bloomers $1.00
Womens washable bloomers with elastic
at knees and waist made of Pink Nain­
sook. Usually sold at 75 to 95c.
Two pairs for
Ladies Black Tights $1.00
Perfect fitting. Made of firm quality
black cotton jersey, ankle length. Sises
38 to 44. Limited quantity.
Come early pair only
Infant's Rubber Pants, 3 for $1
Regular 50 values. Small, medium and
large sizes. Made of best grade of rub­
ber. On Dollar Days
3 for
Pongee Silk $1.00 Per Yard
33 inch Silk Pongee. So popular for waists,
shirts, handkerchiefs, etc. Natural color.
A limited quantity
at per yard
New Chemise $1.00
embroidery. Some are hand em
broidered. Special
Silks At $1.00
Made of soft finished Nainsook in plain
white or pink brimmed with lace and
Think of it! $1.00 a yard for Silks of
quality. Short lengths one to six yards in
a piece. Taffetas, Messalines, Satins,
Crepe-de-Chines, Georgettes, Sport Silks,
etc. You can imagine how quickly they
will go at this exceptionally low
price. Per yard
New Gowns $1.00
Durable gowns of white or pink muslin
and Nainsook trimmed wlfti Tace and em
broidery. Many of them have hand em
broidered yokes. Htese will sell
quickly at only
Shampoo Bibs $1.00
A satisfactory protection for womens
clothing during the shampoo, Made of
high quality rubber in a generous size af
fording full protection. A $1.50
value for
Blouses $1.00
White cotton blouses in Voiles, Organdies
and Law ns, some are plain tailored others
lace trimmed. Long and short sleeves.
All sizes. You've never seen any- AA
thing like them for
2 Pairs Lisle Hose $1.00
Womens lisle hose in Black and OcMifdVan
Brown. Regular and extra sizes. 75 to
85 cent qualities. Priced for
Dollar Day 2 pairs
Double Mesh Hair Nets
12 For $1.00
3 Pound Cotton Batts $1.00
The Last Two Days of the Big January Clearance Sale Will Be
Another of those great sales when the SAVINGS amount to very near the amount you
spend. On DOLLAR DAYS our whole thought is to give you the most and best that can
possibly be given for a dollar, and Car this Dollar Sale we believe the specials are the best
we have ever offered. Some lots are limited. Come early. No charges, and no approvals.
Splendid quality double mesh hair nets in
cap shapes. Good size. Light, medium
and dark brown. On Dollar
Days 12 for
4 Handkerchiefs $1.00
Our 35 to 50 cent handkerchiefs fine
Swisses and Linens, slightly mussed from
handling during the holiday rush. Else
they wouldn't be priced so little,
4 for
Fluffy one piece cotton batts for ami*
fortable filling. When rolled out are
72x90 inches and wiH make full size bed
Special ...
4 Pillow Cases $1.00
Childs Gingham Dresses $1.00
At the time many housewives are about
to replenish their bed linen. 42x36 inches.
Linen finish pillow cases. Special for
Dollar Days.
4 for
Gingham dresses for girls from 4 to 12
yearn These would sell regularly at $1.50
to $3.75 in solid colors, checks and plaids.
Belt or tie back sashes.
10 Yards Unbleached Muslin $1
Hundreds df good housekeepers will find
need of this quality unbleached muslin.
36 inches wide. On Dollar Days
10 yards for
Peg-Top Rompers $1.00
Regular $1.75 to $2.25 rompers patterned
in peg-top style Made of good gingham
in solid colors and check*. Sizes 2 to
years. Dollars Days
House Dresses $1.00
Your housework will wait till afternoon,
but not these house dresses. Better come
in the morning. Made of gingham and
percale. Sizes 36 to 44. On Dol
lar Days each only
Feather Pillows $1.00
"Sleepwell" Pillows. Don't sleep too late
tomorrow and miss 'em, full of 100% new
sanitary feathers. $1.75 quality. Dollar
Days price
Peter Pan Sets $1.00
The most popular item in womens neck
wear. Peter Pan collar and cuff sets.
Made of fine white Pique edged with nar
row Venise Lace.
Special per set
Childrens Outing Flannel
Gowns $1.00
Flannelette Gowns $1.00
Made of heavy wefgtlt outing flan^jl in
neat pink and blue stripes. High neck and
long sleeves sizes 4 to 14.
$1.50 values at
Warm sleeping gowns of heavy outing
flannel in neat pink and blue stripes full
length and full cut. Extra #1 f\A
special values at v
1 Vv
Womens Fleeced Vests and
Pants $1.00
Fleece lined. The vests have high necks
and long sleeves. Nearly all sizes. $1.50
values on Dollar Day they
go at
Childs Hose 5 Pairs $1.00
Medium weight black and brown hoee ler
children fine ribbed. A splendid wearing
hose for school. Sizes 6 1-2 to
9 1-2. 5 pairs for
Curtain Nets 2 Yards $1.00
86 to 44 inches wide beautiful patterns hi
ivory and white 75 to 85 cent
values at 2 yards for
Indian Head Muslin 3 Yds. $1.00
44 inches wide. Note the width. Linen
finish Indian head muslin on
Dollar Days 3 yards for
Crib Blankets $1.00
Animal 01 floral patterned crib bfanftets.
For baby's crib. Pink or
Blue. Special
Bungalo Aprons $1.00
cap sh
14 for
Of light or dark Percale, belted or with tie
back sashes. $1.50 to $1.95
values. On Dollar Day only..
36-Inch Dress Percales 6 Yds. $1
Dark and light grounds, stripes and fi
gures. 36 inches wide. On Dol
lar Days 6 yards for
Lingerie Crepe 5 Yds. $1.00
Windsor Crepe for fancy negligee very
fine crinkle and soft finish crepe
in white only. 5 yards
Fancy Outing Flannel 6 Yds. $1
Width 27 inches. Heavy weight is Pink
and Blue stripes. 20 cent quality
at 6 yards for
Womens Pure Silk Hose $1.00
brown. Perfect fitting. All
sizes. Per pair
15 Hair Nets $1.00
"Phoenix" pure silk thread hose in black
Single mesh hair nets in all popular shades
On Dollar Days
White Outing Flannel 8 Yds. $1
White cotton outing flannel 27 inches
wide our regular 18 cent quality
at 8 yards for

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