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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, December 21, 1906, Christmas Number, Image 12

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Four Fcci iind In
stiiutU Killed.
At Million last Krulnv .Jm1*oii Allen foil
vrfo.vn an elevator *»ha.rt in hn Kel|ey nn'.hhntf
'•and wii nstantty Ruled. Mi- was on^a^od
repairing the elevator am! ft-11 head lust, a
distance of lorly-four feet,. H.e was thirly
cijrht year* of a«o.
•frays (Iambic Will be Re-
elected I'iiited States
... ....
.pnotai from tluron states that the atten
tion of tiovernor-eleet 'oe 1. Crawford lias
been eallcd to tin- runmr that he would be
eoine acamlid.il'! 'r l.niU'd Stale* senatoi
«a ttgaiin»t Senator «aiuble, when he ii cl«i1-_*I
\vU ti much emphasis that In- tiol now, nor
would he In-come snch a candidate
••I would regard it a* a. tf:*o.4 insult lo me,
said Crawford. should u»v my friend* har
bor Mtrli a thought. The a oi the repub
lican stul.u eoiivoiiiuui will carried out, and
every member of !he incoming |c^i1aturc
elected on that platform will mist his vote
for Mr. (iambic lor United .states senator
is folly it) hink otherwise.
Clate'rnuin 8ieaks to the
Vol nt: on Mutter Vital
to Sportsmen.
b'tiHowint is
The posting of farms, too, 1b approved by
the better class of sportsmen. Ills a pro
tection to the birds and a restraint oti van
dalism. That is to spy, it is a protection to
the birds If the farmer will let them alone
until September 1. aud
News of the Week
vFkom Homk and Thk Surrounding Towns,
s$ .liritton Mini Fulls Forty-
,y .••••/•,v..-,,
extract copied lioin
an art.tele in rscptemuer Kecreation
entitled ''Tin Vanishing I'rairie
lien," l.iy Chile L'lu.in. I'lio auth-ir
needs no lntro.I iieti.in to tlie eilitots
ami sportsmen ol south Dakota, tic
is known as a prince ol ^t.uil l..:l!ti\\o
wltn tae newspaper l.o^s. an.I as a
l.|o.hearten unseillsh couipaiii"ii and
honest hunter wiih the spni i-men.
We vvi 'hat ovefj one in the state
ciMiid read tne entile article.
The people of die wostern prairies should
realize that all mime laws ale not in the in
torost of the few—as some would have Ilium
builuvo—but In the Interest of the many, of
which lliey constli.uic tlie major part. 'Ihe
prairie elilckotis should be protected with rca
spmible assurance ol mainf.uulng the supply
if lor no oilier reason lban the food they fur
niHlitot.hu lai'iiior, to Ihe stockman and to
t.lui rancher. With Llns. the piir.siui of them
furnishes the yoiitli of til*- prairie homes
auont the only ro r'atioii with dug and gun'
that the country .ufords l'lie rich and well
to do can eltlier stoci, private game preserves
or lourney afar oil lo distant lands where
game is plentiful, lo tins latter clus.i the
coining or going ol 1.11prairie eblcUen is of
suvali moment, r._r die wlio.o world Is theirs
in ihe. pursuit ol pleasure. N'ol» itlist.Hiding
this, aud the luriher lact lhat, the prairie
chicken Is the best friend in bird life-that Ihe
fanner has destroying as it does, myriads of
and never molesting
standing grMu. nine lentlis ol the opi oslliou
to olTucttve game laws in avery legislative
assembly comes from tlio farrmtr members.
riiero Is a feeling among ilils class oi men
lam, game protection I the soto laierestof
the cl.y sporismun, notw iihsliiiiding thai the
laws ol most states have stringent trespass
laws which give to the fanner absolute control
of ins lands wnere the prairie chickens breed
and ni ilio their uomes. The city sportsmen
are perfectly willing thai, it should be so, rest
lag in tlie buliel fat there will 41 way be'
enough iiii'da got over the line to give reason
able sport. I
Thro is only
remedy for this, and that
Is the appointment ot effective game wardens
from tlie fartnlug community. In
Itev. lri It- Hicks Almanac
Kev. iTi B. Hloks has beencompellea by
Ihe popular demand to resume the lubllca-
Uord and Works
com pan
tioais. llo., •»uWtah
courr not st ci i.un
Cora Anson tofieorKe J. (Hlver. sli nC-4
A, lot:- & :i, fceo i*js ~,n. ^uTrib..
hkcbm tir:i r»
Kainno Wi'jUro to Ca^J)^.•r J. Kisdall, «.•
nvi Vi & lots 1 *t see 7 l.'- .VJ "ijU"1.
Hulvor Johnson to 1' K, K. Lei', sw^ s«*c 0-.
irj-.M. r'i-.ar,
I. i» ix! i-i.Mnr.it
frooi'Ki' rdwa.i Smith t»» Howard Uab -ocU
and 1/. J, Unstad, lots hi I an-lc'a sw!.j sw 1"
121 $i'JUU.
it A I A A
up a ladder."
tlnvt his lilted help
and Ins son do likewise. There Is a feeling
among farmers that any law which cjuserves
tho game is but ibo saving of iliem for the
hunters from the towns and cities. They
lo their lands 011 U10 opunlng day
ami let iheir dogs run riot, not only cleaning
up whole coveys, bul doing more or less
dumago to grain and fences. The provoca
tion is strong, then 10 get out a little in ad
vaneo and get a few messes before the
Mboutlng opens in September.
ii A
n.im line. ilih. a caucjiter 10 Mr. auJ Mrs*
Oust roimau, of Enterprise toAnsh-.p
aI i.
Born Dec.
ICrlck Dah\
4X1 is*
Horn, Dec. l.Uh, li M»\ tttn Mr-i. orjjc
Animunn. of Lake township, a da iul ler-
ftbrn, V'ec. !5thN to Mr. and vip*,.
pens, of Guod Will, tt daughter.
Horn,. Doc. lUn, to Mr. and
of Victor township, a .biin lii.
The marriuge of Michael lianvit and Wat
some of lie Schmaus. both of Ibis city, .ok place ai
the Western states notably the two Dulcolus the Catholic church in this eiiv .mi Monday
there 19 no state game warden or game corn of this week. Dec. 17th. We wi-i. thorn hap.
mission and but a few county wardens ap- I piuens and prosperity.
paintei bv the governor, uobe of whom re
eelre a dollar of compensation. The lmpossi'
billty of a single county game warden watcn
log from &0U to 1C00 square tniles of territory
»ud boardiutf himself, Is iitonse apparent.
tlob of liia well known and popular Almuuac
for 1907. Thin' splendid Ahnanae is now
ready, for sa'UitiV newsdealers, or sent post pMACTlCAi. pKiMUM.
paid for
Locust Street.
»Jof Word atd Workf.
Ope of the In-lit dollar mom
hly muffclnes in Lei Lh" Maxdai.I)
Amerii«^ Ut.o Almanac goes wlih evifr.v sub- |q^,
of Mr and Mrs. C. L. iavl«.
I'ut- «pkri.v
iSeal Kslato Tnuisl'i'i's.
Ilih list is furnUhod by nmrusv of the
isseton Loan & Title '.'o,
states io u.hiroii «. ploir lot 7,
sue i-i2k r». si.:::..
I'iiul .ludisch lo l*o:iiJ» Zucaari.iH, su'i ii« 'i
hu* 1 M).
Hiid.i Scono tO J. »V. H.irnnv: »r».
h'4 sw1^
s»jc I*- \'S Td. -tIT.V)
United States toiiertrude M. liran^rr. nw^
soi.- lid 1-T'U/ti.
John 1). Srone J. W. H.»:*r. s'i sW
sc.-1:» vi7 r,i.
Clerk id' 'oni*l iiltice
arri ts'i* Hot nvv»n.* is-uoii fallows:
Dorcinlior lltli. »o Mlchav! T. linneit
Wallie Senmati-. both of Siri^t'tou. .AImkand
Carl Peiornoii and Amy }»"3tl. ioth of
Hrowns Vallry.
St. l'cters—Services at 8:.'i0
10::i0 i. in. CuLei'iii-iiii at I 2.
votimis at, 7 :i0 p. m.
Lil Ivr-in I'riMrhiniT mtvI'm
at 10'.:!0a.
"Isn't Miss Swift a high stepper?"
"Yes. It's an ancestral trait. Her grandfai.ier's daily toil used to take him
:tr .IS
Born, Dec. tilth, to Mr. ami
ot White Kooli, a duiunter.
Ivi'V. K. N. Uinlu
pastor, Slindav School anil
stuily from 12 I o'clock.
Mel lioili«i-- Clas- meet.Intr. Hi a.
pri.'achiinr. 10-.:tO: S.ihliatli School,
11 M5: Junior K. I.. p. in.: Kpwoi't
Leatiui' :::i0: evijiint: service S ]i. n:
liev. !•'. li. Dunn. I'asior
11 r• 11\ I emu Ciiurch Sunday sei
vice-. rreachiiii 10:.'iU a. m.. ^uii
Uav School, 2 m.: C. 10. nieetiny
p. in.: eveniiisj service 7:.'io p. in
Itev. 'V. E. Atchison, pastor.
Episcop.ii Mi viC'S on Siindav. Dec.
2:iil. morning S'-rvice ai H::ui in..
Snnihn schttn) ii 12 o'clot:k tv\*11si11li
sei vi 7:.'i0 p. in Seats tree, all
welcome. Itev. II N Trajjitt'. |ias
ri!ii'.vrKKian Nui'i:..
1''..: I ii'cemiier 2:'.il morning si rui-n
theme, ".lesiis, lover man's soul."
Text. Iluhreus 2:!». "Hut we see
Jesus:" lO.enii'tr theme: A case set
tled "lit el court, --Hod. I he pia In l.i tV:
Mau Llie (lel'einl.inl. Holl-i -ides vMlij
a ii el a I
,\ who wish I" iniite with oil,
etui ch this \eai ma have the op
poitiii11 \o do si. on Christinas
s.tiniliiv. Dec. :!.uih. Come!
aliiiath s..'hool eiiU'ii.iininehi at
the ciiurch on .Motniaj eveninij. Dec,
\V. E. ATCIItiSON. Cast or.
Ca and lie-
i. in: wins. I-' to ail. new stlhsctlh
er. i.i lo aii\ suiiscMl.er paviiit:
rearao.- aud one veat's sulisci ipiion
in i.i ie.ee.
for the
secure une of those premiums
rs signed, tool* into my t»ossession, one soi rel
gelding horse, white star in forehead, about
20 years of aye, which I found uespassing up
on my premises in ihe city oi Hsseton. s. u.
hete are to marks' or brands on said annual,
ihe weight of said animal Is about :»n Ihe.
My 1J. _). address is Sissetou, .S. 1). 1 reside
on Main street, b'oek Uir, aud the owner of
*nid property may take tne same by appljins
to n.e le refor at my place of residence and
paying u» nie the expense of taking up, keen
infj aim advertising to time of delivery to such
owner Dated, Dec. 7,1000 («. T.
81. jahtichmhi.t
uf the failure of sai.l mortg.igor 10 pay
lie debt secured thereby wlc the same
Iiecume due and payuble. or ui .1. and tnat
iln u: is uo* due and unpaid ui. said indebted
ness the sum of two-liuudred eighty .three
a.i-i tlftv-slx oae hundredths dollars, (.2tQ.G(l),
oiv. therefore, the property described in
si.l.i mm tgage. as follows: one third of all
Died al Summit, Ha/el t»., the .liiujihier »i.ll(Hi: iiuined Fi.v. one brown mi.h 7 year«
of Mr., and Mrc. Con»ad Langon, as .'.. 1 yr \. Uitiametl Kit and all uic iasu or
2 mo. 2 dal .. i.:
Died, in Sissetoti. Dee. ll Ote infant °f ^erubT, H'(0. at 2 o'rlock io the|V?
nil v.
Nov- Wl-1)11' 2s
NOTlCr. K»Hi I I"'
Land OiHi'i sit Wiiu-rlown. II.. Nov. 2-1, l'.KKS.
OTI' is ht'rcbj j-'ivei), tliat Uib folliiwing
lias liletl not—
tlnal proof
I .-
lonlion to Illilk'L'
-i-ii i-i- •...rill »,t '»v uii.tn iv
1 l(
I "STKA NOTICK Take notice that on the iQ
A- 'id of lJecember A. D. 1IIIMI, 1, the under- 7
n. grown and harvested during the
\ear IlU'C'in the se'i sec Ion 3o luu'uship liil.
njje 411: buy niun 7 yeurs old. wcigln
I .11 los. ii,m.d Uimjili' n. Inty horse 9
M-.iis ..li!, wt I20ti lbs., named ohii, bought of
i-'. »uit, son :one gray mure 10 ve^rs old,
nit ch hereof us may be nci esr»ary, will be
.-oi purbuunt to ihe power of ule said
nor -jre contained, at public sale, to the
highest idder for cash. i't» Shiurday. tne 52d 1/ti
.ltu»iwv..t. .»# c.. ta I.Ut, ... .. ...4 II t... 7
•I'ternoon of Sal.i «fny which su.e will be
made at the ''Allen "Chool He.use" corner
M'Ctlon* 8, 9. 16 and 17 .In the township of
liecker. County of Roberts sia.e of South
Dakota to.satisfy the lebt secured i.y said
iron suae and the co ts and expenses of these
foreclosure pro. eedlngs.
.. ,n 'd this 51 Ii day of iiecemljer.
o. R. Mattf.BO.V,'1900,
I.barv, ilor^agee.
Attorney for Aloru^auee,
•(Dec. 14—211
Is hereby given that default has
occurred in the conditions of tli.it cer
l..in inorlRage, tvlierein l( A. UaKaver Is
jJ-"' n.ortgagor and o.
Matt, Is m. rlciigee
i. "(1 ho owner nnd boldi-r of said morigage.
dated on ihe 13th day of August, IttOti, i,v ren-
^amea^Kle7l.as liieanmice of his in- I iuiiliK yl V:}C)£!r".jX. Vo
.n di Kescrvatl.il..
lvcr Hammer of let hi I
lands to win. li
I wo
ly eerti tied eh» covering one (piartcr of
the amount hid,
Sealed bld t«'l the follow tloscribed
tract" ot inherited Indian land listed Sept. la.
li'^Tr, p-sn'd f« rstilc sept li, I'.Mi. will 1 re
eeived by the
Ucc. 14 Jim.
tracts ol inherited Indian land. HsiNi tor mite |UUil eoiisis.s in the nonpayment of au in-
October 2-\ IMH). posted OctoVier 2t. I'.'OO. will sta Iment of seven dollars and !ittyr cents o!
of January 21. iMiV. mort^a^e iiumodiately due ami payable in
st _•» and lot .. s» ,A)
ofs0 1
No. Lot 1 sec "vp 20 :'2
N'c. t'» Uois 1 & 2 am! of 11W.1
J'-Ni .M',
.«. Notice ts
-"1^1 i- ai.d K)bons
121 r-*n,
No. N e'.j if n\\ i-.lf sec up 124 ran^e
No. 10 Nu'i of ne'.i m:,!4 uf nw'., |«»t
sec H' i\v^p 121 r::npe "»2.
I'. Indi Au-i-rn
/r% sS: ::n\ i~s
area few sample bargains in
$20 Suits at $13.88
In Hosiery we have tin finest qual
ity and best manufacture.
Men's Woolen Hose 25c
Men's Half Hose 5c
t- iVv-1"
Nurici. ui ML
IIfcRKAS, ouiuuli has L»-uii uiu«.t in tue
coiiuuloiis ut certain mortgage con-
siipiiort tx\UOI s- a Ulan, mortgagor.
ofh'w'ilaYm and bat siu.lpn.o :il l.e made Loan and Title Company of Sis»etou.
Cirri! of ir.-uil Court
Miiiitv in ins oflic- at Si^scton.
si, lJ »k!a I.,,-' i" 1WW. vi/.: ol fli.- r.gibler ol dee,|S of Hoi.eris county
.s,iuili 1-iuUota, on Hit-' ii in li Oaj ol epttanbLi
udie. j.- iiiuirton. Suutli Dakota, boo It 2R of u.urifa^rs at page .'I2.r. inorigaguig
inorigagee, daui. tlx l'.uli ua of
.v.. die
and tiled tut reeoru in Hit oHi.t
,, ., ..iv f.ir Mir. X...i. s, the following di'serlbud lands situate tw" cicht (128). ranpe li: ».*«i). according to the
lihli lioinvstead e»'rJ
r. I". county ol Koberts and state or South UaKota
..Ky.t... anu .la.c(|].(ll|1,r
(.nndt. ll.iinn. i. .. .. sotiU l»aUuta certain piotni.-sorv note describe.! 1U said
Herman Mom. .ol ol I I ,. n. sou HaUut.1. u|nN
II. A. lln.ir ii.iAMT. liegisler.
M1 lx
n.e public is hcctiy informed that inher- 11,.• i.ui u."i ij.ag' has declared the entire
driven tiiai tin- seait vl uivelc|,cs ci.alairuivjr *.
bid should not
un^ of•t ho la
ui i!, 11
veU| rs t\w 1
I'U opem d. an indebtodms u« M.xiy n^ht dodars and
Purchasers shall pav all «*o.si- of convey-! MMy live win eh ainoui.i ig now dt:e
aneit:tf. and inadilition thereto the following upon said morivaiie. besiili-s ibe
sum. tow it If lie purchase price is ifjoou or (asliursemetit a 1 u.w:rd by
le. uni.1 dollar: if it is no r.: than SUM) and ImUmi litreniiii'i' l'.ini.
les* tha ij2.0O". one dollar and tifty e»-nts: and s,.-si:-hn
where the pnrehase prk is more than £2,Out), .Nj« li^a^cet.
dollars. Kuch tad must he accompanied
Sieseton Agency, S. PaU.
tsseton Agency, S. DaU.
Sep num.
S Indian Auenl at the Si.sse-
ton Agency, up to 1- o'cloeU n«on. 1m*i*. i:.
se1. of
sec. twp. 1V:U\ W
s' of nw and nS
liowAi.n liAm in k,
si c. 1^. two, l:r.
i:. r,o.
si of nw^. sec. i\\ ). K.
s\v'.i of se'.i see. p. 121. h\ M
w'.cofsw'j, sec, *.7. twp. 12.''. If. a-'and n\v!a
of nw1., see. \:U. two, 1» ."j.'t and nw1! of se'^
sec, l*i. wp. Ii'2, h'.
c. P. .Iackson,
I-. S. Indian Aeent.
UelohOI" 2").
Attorney for Mcrtga^ee
v...ii,,t uu] fur i!i.. ritlif ttini' 41 w-, 11 n.
tl vain .sole ot thirty neven dollars and llfty six moiiths last pa.se: lhat said eontcstee has
al :3.'i rioi p. in., and recorded in f0u,)WS to-wit Norll.' iiimrler of section
lwt.nty t20).
,,uart.u-of s.xt.on tuu-
.m-uiii u.iniiuim iniiwii iv-tive Cio). towns iHiiHircil twenty live ...
I Mr i.nines the following wUlie^es o\ }.,iy „r
in- oil Ii i. imus reside ih P- ai.d p. .M .. conlaining ..lie hui.clicil sixty acres.
of -aid land. v:z. i,.,e(ll
,:.|, west of th
to .secure an liidt-l.iiednes.s ol sixty dollars,
t„ u.rllis all(,
cona.U.i.is Of a
,,v in the iioiip.iynieiii .ilan it .slaunent of twelve
A t.K OV 1 MII-.K. 1 l-.-l• IM'IAN \..I. dollars due a, -., pajab.c upon said note oil
-issenui Ag.itcj. I
owned by
wtilcli Oeliiliit consists ill
Atiirust by reasi of v.'hieh Jetault
iir.l Indian lands iv ithnuho limits.-f ill. s:,ss,- deOi seeiiri o\ si.ni mortgage imm.uiatelv t'.Hifi. which assignment was on
inn Acencv li-doita otlen.i for.sale due and pavable ill aecordanct with tie u.e Pith day et December. IWil', duly tiled for
under •s-uVion 7 of the Act of i.sr. ss ap- .•on.iiLions ol said mortgage, and no proceed ,.(H
..roved Mav "7 UK"-'i3" Sluts »UI be loutid inj-s at law or uthsrwibi- have been hid lo ,inli ,(|). |foUt-i ls County, south |).,.kota. and
pu hi kly listed" at sau! ageti hei seined coUeitlhe .,bt secured l.j said luortgag. ,nl,,| ,,, Hook r,l of Mortgages at Cage :«M.
V,'01«'si[is(l0r the.^"v"iHo'unVu-r'
IS 'iVkueuy OIVKN
..... liy an instiumeiit in writing to t.)!e T. Axness
m.i.: J.'-oj
11 ii.,'vr mri'd |i.'r, ,,|i d^serin" 1'aloOa, or hisdepiity. oi» nts.y, the.t,ih by virtue of a power 1.1 sale in said
'![, I aa.\ ot .lanuary, 1W17, at one lock p. in ot
day. at th« fron .loor ol the eour.
LK.c. 11 Jan. 2r.
.NOTH.'K 1)1'" .MUim.AtlK SALK.
11 KKl'.A, oel.iUii lia?» been made in tin*
tnuuti^ a I'ower ol sale, ^iven by John A.
Jcrde aiid ier. rude Jertle, his wih*, mormay-
ur.% to ihe (dn-il County Land l.cun
ompauy. of risi tun. I.)., mot iijayee. da .ed
aiiue and hied lor ree«.»iil in the oiuee
ol the iv^ritei «.i iieeds ol Koherts Ctnmty.
Sou aUota. on une 21, 15i'2. al :2ii cluck
p. m., and reeorueti in boou 2.*i id mo.itga^es
al pam- 2i'(, iconga^itifj the lidlowiny de
Merlin 1 iaim situate Hi ho county Kooert^
oticvsini. eiimui fonts uest i»ed in s.iid mot tirade, which de -faiud to keep in repair and improve the
lie received by he S I m'.ian A-ent al th" said note d«e tn .June 21.. P.nv). by reat'dj «f unlit for hunian beings to live in: tliat said
... .! which default ihe holder of said nit»rt^a^e has claimant basiabandoned said tmrt of land
Stsseton Agency, I'., up
No. I N'i ol no!.| mv Hi, iwp r. a2 and accoolanee with the cotidnioes saal tnort corps 1 the United States, stvid parties are
w1 n! sw?.i 21 twp 12 :»2. .U'a^e, and whic'h mi.it^isic is now owned by hereoy not tied t» apptiar, res))oml and oITer
No. 2 W1'* i»f sC!i and el,i of sw». ec tw ?aii mori^ajfei* atul no proceedings tit law or I evidence 'ouehinj: said allegation al ir
127 runLre !'.(.* ol hern ise have been had to collect said in o'clock' a. in. of Jtiniuiry iTth. liklT. before the
mkukuv c.ivkn
No, Sl» of sw1.! »md nt'1.) of *-\v!.j sec 'J wp a at the hoar of one »i .x ta Mo
ILMrTiO, of stud day, a! the front door «. the eouit il.-\N*toN»^ Lot'cKS,U.J.
v.. .. v, .-i ,/i house in'lie en id Sissetoc.. ii saUl «*(ji!niv of Attorneys for CoMcstant. Watertown, S.J).
il| uf olUh
c-liofse1! st-c^aad nw'4 of sw», sec ii twp an indebtedness' tc^l.lo, which amount is now ..
Meo's Fiae Shirts worth $1.00 and $1.25. for only 39c
t^TVWe have many more warm numbers in underwear. Ev^ry cent vou
pay gets you a big return, all ai *ee for yourself.
clceU noon entire debt secured by said that said absenoo frcni said laud is not due to
debtedness or loreciose said mort^a^e, and' Uegisternnd Keceiver at the United States
there is now due and unpaid upon saul n.ort l.and Olliee in \Vaterto\Mi. S. U.
«.» u\ t. i__ rail}. irage the siititof thirty-four doll sirs and forty' The said contestant having, in a proper
... o-!. "y.cr
cetiis, now therefore,* allldavii. tiled December 7th, WOO, set, forth
Dakota, to satisfy
due upon si. morlgaj'e. besides the cos sand
disburseue'iitji alh»\vi by law.
Dated Ueremhor s. P.KMi.
l.'onracrs cotwiY
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ing you flirt her hargaias in
Furnishing Goods.
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Proprietor of the Bell Clothing & Shoe Store, Montevideo
Dec H—Jan 25
\\'VlERKAS. Default has been made the
conditions of a mortgagi- Mated on the
•nil li day on November,
i'.KH. made, exe­
cuted and delivered I.iuis 1*. Hanson, a
single man, mortgapn the Farmers and
MeclinnicESii.vint'f lunku. Minneapolis, min
nesoiii. morlgagi., on I lie l'i' ct or parcel of
land situated and l.vini.' 'n county of Rob.
oris and state of Soin i. .oi ''escribed as
township nc hundred twenty-
plat thereofj which said default con-
m'the failure to pay the debt secured
by said mortgage when due. and there being
duo on sat.i rtgt.g.) nt the date of
this notico the .-nn of four hundred ninety
seven dollars and three cents (6407.03) which
said mortgage was (liny recorded in the oilier
of the Register of Deed* of Roberts County,
South l)ai ota, on the 3rd day of December.
W01. at I In p. m. of said day in Hook 30 of
Mortgages nt pa^e 17." and 17ti. and,
hereas, said mortgage was duly assigned
jj|SS,.itln, Soutti Dakota on ihe 2l'd day of
ol" tile Ueglsjerof Deeds in
'"v! herens. no
fovL'do&ecl by a ali- tin- hoimn or instiiutrd law o.-ovcr ihc d"ln
.iit.s upon .ill.I ..it- to lu.t,, ,. I.nd stale ... s.,utu Dal.ot.i, 10 sansiy ,|H. higliest bidder for cash I.e.- .1. L. Minder
costs and
oan am» iti.1-. "M
ami state ol Mjutn DnUoia, it- wit: the north the e'i of the s\v., ami the sw1., of the
halt'id tlu- north we:»t
ana ilie sjuth
w*-si «juarter ot ihe nonhwest (luaru-r of township 12V, rauyc I'J, Sisset«m and Wahpe
isiM'iion twenty hiee and ihe southwest ton Indian Heservai ion, by Walter Henry
qu .irt er oi the -uui wesi (juarur of seel ion CJ rah am contestee, in which it is alleged
lourieen (11 ail .u towiiMiip one hundred that said Walter Henry Clraluim has never
twenty fi\ J2.*») ort of l-aiirjc Jiity two 02). establislied his residence on said tract: that
west, i'i tn .aii C, »\J.. SisSeton and W.thpeion said cinitestee has failed to reside upon and
Indian Keservation. containing one hundred ma.o Irs \ome on said tract of land for more
sixty aciv, to secure be payment of one cer- 'than one year last past and particularly for
or proceeding has been
„at a
Now Theretoro. Notice is Hereby (.Jiven
containeu. said lnorigage will
o,,sed bv a sale of said premises and
a a
s«iio I'ounix or his ..rputy on Sail
|jK. 2nd day ot February,
ti lif'o'eloek a. in. of said day at tiie front
dou' the C'-nrt House in the City of Sis
scton, Coui ty td lJuhcrts and State of South
Pakoia, io saiiir'y ihe rmonnt due on said
mortgage wi.h interest aiul an attorneys fee
of Ten Dollars t*l(U0) and the costs' and
expenses o- inmided by law
hated Dee. n.ber 13. V'tlti.
Oi.j: T. AXNKSS,
K. '1 I'llNKIt A-si^rilee.
Dee ll-.lan
Uopartment of tlie
W S. Land Olliee. WaleHown, S. Dak.,
I lecombcr I th, p.xo!
l-'KlCi KN1 contest allidavit. having
i'\ hcun liled in this ol'ilee by Andrew liull,
of Minimum, Koherts County. S. l., con
testant. ti^atnst hnmesietid entry No.
2»OC2. made Novotnher 3rd. 1VK *2. for
sw1.! and the si*'. of the u\vl.i o: section
buildings on said premises since making his
entry andtheshanty isriol habitable, ami is
his emp.o.x ment in he a rmy, navy or marine
that said inort- facts which show thai after due diligence
jia^irwillbe •-eclosed by a saie ol the above persot al service :his notice can not be
Is iwp described Jacds rov^n by said mortgage by a:» js iiejcby or«ie-c(l and directed that
the sh r. ft Kobcrts ounty. Soul i» Pa lo* a. -:.t'i. not iei- be driven ^'.V due arid proper pttbli
or his duptity. mi Sa urday, the 2ta ta. -t" -xt.it ion
•"1 1:A^
Mort Lpi^ee
The Great Money-Saving Store
Trading- at this store means a do- ble satisfaction—nia 1 ity and
rice. Oar trade since coming to yoiii
appreciation by giv-
NOliid*.--' aim. inlo my enelo-lmv
on the n:!.i se1.^ s» (t.ion 1. township 12.\
ranye r»:j, Marshall county, about November
2'id, one jjracle .1 ersey cow. about 3 years old.
with white spots on lie y. Owner 'can Inn-1
same bv piovitv property and paying expense
of UcfpinL' and advertising.
\mi:s (. 11aitKi:n,
iryi rs rs )rS'-
town has heen ory
1 lere
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