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VOL 16
Frank Curran,
Minn., arrived in
day last and is
daughter, Mrs. C.

Insures wholesome and deli
cious rood ror every aay
Fred Sheldon and wife, of
Winans, were in the city Mon
FOR SALE—About 300 bushels
oats and barley—Jacob Jacomet,
Easter township. (It)
Bert Beard, manager of the
Unique Theatre, is visiting his
parents in Montevidio.
A special sale of Fountain Pens
at the Palace Drug Store. Get
one now and save half.
0. P. Rask cashier of the
Citizens National Bank, went
down to the cities Monday.
Mrs. Edward Johnson, of Lien
township, was cured some time
ago by the use of Baker's Anal
yic Liniment.
of Current £r»ents
of Northfield,
the city Fri
visiting hie
C. Knappen.
D. R. Thomas, of Minneapolis,
an old classmate of Thos. Mani's,
was in the city Thursday, the
guest of Mr. Mani and wife.
Miss Dorothy Olds left last
Saturday eivening for Aberdeen
in answer to a telegram an
nouncing the illness of her
Mrs. Kellogg left Wednesday
night for Somerset. Wisconsin,
to consult Dr. Till in regard to
her illness. She was accomani
ed by Miss Maude.
Miss Emma Brush has re
signed her posision in the Stavig
Bros. Store and will leave to
morrow for Minneapolis where
she will enter the Swedish hosp
ital for the purpose of taking a
preparatory course in nursing.
The 1910 calandar samples on
hand at the STANDARD office are
the finest thing ever put out.
Order early and get your choice.
Deliverly made any time before
December 1st. We also have a
fine line of samples of blotters
and fans.
States Attorney J. J. Batter
ton was taken suddenly and
^seriously ill Monday and has
been confined to his room ever
since. Mr. Batterton was so
ill Monday and Tuesday that
there were three doctors in
attendance. We are glad to say
he is some better at this writing
altho he is not out of danger.
The G. A. R. are making ela
brate preparations for celebrat
ing Lincoln's birthday ii Sisse
ton, February 12th. An excel
lent progrkm is being prepared
and no expense is being spared
to make this comemoration of
the martyred president an im
pressive one. Full particulars
will be annouced next week.
Mrs. P. A. Schocher arrived
home the middle of last week
from a visit with friends in
Culbertson, Mont. Saturday
evening a number of friends
organized a suprise party and
proceeded to the Schocher home
to welcome her back. The
crowd was a large and merry
one and all present enjoyed one
of the best of times.
Kinetiscopfc Views of the Local Happenings of the Week
Bran and Shorts at Sisseton
Mill, now selling at 19 and 20.
Leo Lukanitch left Saturday
evening for a trip to St. Cloud.
Arthur Wampler returned
Monday night from a few days
visit at Wilmot.
W. D. Sloan, the hustling real
estate man, of Summit, was in
the city Monday.
R. O. Pearson left Monday
evening for Hot Springs to try the
medincial Value of the springs.
Dave Johnson was among
those who came in from Lien
township Tuesday on business.
Justin Hammond, of the North
ern Implement Co. of Min
neapolis, was in the eity Tues
Ole Seising of Effington came
in Tuesday to pay up a year
subscription and get a pair of
C. G. Knight formerly of this
town but now of Lemmon, is in
town on his way back from
Fayette, Iowa.
Ole Hogaland, who went to
Minneapolis about three weeks
ago and was operated upon for
pleurisy, is reported as much
improved I health.
Hogan Larson «.nd family re
turned Tuesday from Milan,
Minnesota, where they have been
visiting for the past few weeks.
One of the children, while away
has been very ill with pneumonia.
Among those who called this
week to renew their subscript
ion and get a pair of shears
were George Veeder, of Effing
ton, H. C. Nieland, Fred Sheld
on, of Winans, Geo. Jenkins, of
Seattle, J. H. Negaard, Mrs.
Smith and Swan Moe.
Geo. J. Jenkins writes us from
Seattle, Wash., as follows: "I
enclose a postoffice order for
$2.35. One dollar and fifty cents
for paper for coming year, 75c
for arrears from July 23rd 1908
to Jan. 23rd, 1909 and ten cents
for postage on the pair of scis
sors you offer to every one who
complies with your conditions.
We have had quite a touch of
winter out here, about a foot of
sncw has fallen, that is during a
week, and one night for a few
hours the thermometer register
ed 80 above zero, cold enough to
make havoc with the water
The Episcopal Guild wrl give
a birthday social in the Guild
Hall, Friday evening at 8 p. m.,
Feb. 5. Invitations have been
issued to the same in the shape
of shipping tags with a small
sack attached in which the reci
pient is to put as many pennies
as years old. "If your age to
tell you do not care, put in a
quarter and we'll call it square."
If you should not receive a sack,
come any way with a quarter
and you will be welcome. A
literary and musical program
will be rendered, after which
lunch will be served. Come and
help a good cause along.
Opening Postponed.
Washington, Jan. 22. Under
the original plans the date for
making entries under the regis-i
tration and drawing held during I
the last fall for lands in Tripp'
county, S. D., was set for Maichj
1, but owing to the uncertainty
of weather conditions at this
time of the year the department
has decided to postpone the
opening day until April 1. Notice
of the time and place and when
and where entries are to be
made will be shortly mailed to
all of those who drew numbers
entitling them to make entiies. ...
The general land office has is-
same state. By reason v,*
establishment of the new office
old Mitchell and Chamberlain
districts are changed in that all
remaining public lands of the RrosP?rous
'Quality Folks"1.
Basket Ball.
We understand that some of
the High School girls have
formed a basket ball team and
are practising regularly and ex
dect soon to be able to give all
the best of 'em a hard game.
Ortley's Best Butter.
The Ortley Optic facetiously
remarks: "Alas and alack! Little
Minnie Whitefoot-Kottke-P ay
den Howland is no more. The
gentle creature who was such a. .,
familiar feature of the landscape ican ln
mal visits might be expected any
time of the day or night, will
never be seen again. Many's
the tale that is told of her friend-
Lincolns Hundredth Anniversary.
Feb. 12 will be the hundredth
anniversary of the birth
Lincoln and the Grand Army
SlSSKTON, ROBKRTS COUNTY, S. 1). .JANUARY 29, 1909,-10 Pases No. 82
county, S. D., aire transferring' American beauty roses. Follow
the records from Mitchell, in the J"*the ceremony a damty break- ago Mr and Mrs KIhodes
oo— rst tw fast was served at the of
at Gregory the boundaries of the ,.
old Mitchell district east of the ,na: After a visit
river are attached to the Cham- «.a Yes,in —e
berlain district, while those
west of the Missouri and south
of the White river in Gregory
county and including Tripp coun
ty, which is detached from the
Chamberlain district, are placed
within the Gregory district
Parker's Landscapes.
Pitt Parker's landscapes are
different from the ordinary kind.
He can make a "lightning
sketch" so realistic that it will
look like thunder and a storm
of applause will follow. P. P.
belongs to the
We take the following account
of the wedding of two well
known young people from the
Browns Valley Tribune:
On Wednesday, Jan. 20th,
eleven o'clock, at the home
Father Tniebauit was solemnized
the ceremony uniting the lives
fortunes of i?liss Margaret
Ann Orr and Mr. Fred Archam
bio. Attending the couple were
Miss Minnie Orr, sister of the
1 1 ,• ii of KLSRFTFON IT FNFI
of Sisseton, S.
was beautifully
sued a bulletin regarding the
establishment of the new land,. .. ...
office at Gregory in Gregory *an messahne silk and carrying
D. The bride
attired in buff
messaline silk
Angpl of the House is missing,
Time alone that great physician,
thepast summer and whose infor- wounds and soften the sorrow
nn/-l vt
ly calls and many's the night we j?e done not till
have heard the pit-pat of her
little feet on our porch in the breavement but dear friend,
wee sma' hours, and wondered ,Ye
sleepily whether anything mov-1 ?. 4fath shall be laid upon you,
able had been left outside. Poor when your final farwell to
Minnie. She was only a kid I ^|s ,wo,r.^ ^ou ^ave
when she came here, and while 'ie down to your sleep
she may not have been the and you approach the bnnk of
"flower of Ortley," she
uniform throughout the country !more
and the local posts are requested
to see that the day if fittingly
observed and to that end the co-:
operation of the schools, the
chruches and press are earnest
ly requested, the Militia are
especially requested to h^lp
make this day what it should be,
one of patriotic rememt ranee.
"eai the
then and not till then will he
be able to adequately contem
plate the glory of that home to
which she has gone and say
reconciled to his
if£rda"'£e comforted by
certainly the butter, and we th°ught tha.t she will meet
shall miss her.
1 ~e
Reqmescat in
holiday and have asked the gov- family joined the funeral party
ernors of the different states to at St. Paul.
bring the matter to the atten-. PIOGRAPHICAL.
tion of the legislatures. Nat-
sa1^ a°d
go over with you.
The funeral was held at the
late home of the deceased Tues
day afternoon and the remains
were taken to the old home at
St. Peter, Minn, by the husband
and brother J. O. Andrews
of and wife. A nephew. Fred
nf Sinclair accompanied the party.
lonal headquarters of the G. A. -American Woman" by Francis
E. have formulated a program
is!Z' other""oV4K tar.-#.
are indebted to the book
|E. Willard and Mary E.
for much 0f the data
__________ F. B. Rhodes in Dec. 14, 1875.! mill which has not been work
She possessed in a remarkable ing right for some time, decided
Two furnished rooms to rent. I degree musicial ability which is it would do no n.ore, and ac
Warm and comfortable. Apply,the heritage of the Andrews cordingly broke its self up in
to Miss McQuillan, (tf) family, possesing as she did a'business Saturday night. The
lyric soprano voice of great
purity, richness, and compass,
she soon became a great favorite
on the stage she was a member
of the Andrews Opera Company
at the age of seventeen and was
Prima Donna with this company
for years, winning applause andi
favor in nearly every state in
the union: When the company
formed what was known as the
"Andrews Swiss Bell Ringers"
she became famous as the sopra-
|no bell ringer. Among her
r» J?
muai^ai mouuuima wcic iui.
W. N. Burritt, of Chicago, Prof.
Lowcnthal, of Paris Conservat
ory, Madam Corain, of the
Conservatory of Milan. In 18,90
the constant strain of daily
singing and the weariness of
incessant travel brought on a
severe attact of nervous pros
tration from which she never
""de mother. The bride18 j.
one of Browns Valley popular teaching voeal and instrumental
The £T°0i"
is a
of Effington, S. D.,
Mrs. Archambio will make their
home in Canada. Their many
friends extend congratulations.
Died in this city on Monday
Jan. 25, 1909, Laura E. Rhodes,
aged 55 years.
It is with sorrow and genuine
grief we take up our pen to
chronicle the death of one who
for the few short years we had
kiiiW- K?r, had been to teas a
f'ritAw c6iJ a sibber and, we sin
gle our tears with \hose of the be
reaved ones, not forgetting that
any attempt to measure their
loss would be vain or that no
words are adquate to assuage the
grief of those who remain. The
hmband, especially who has
watched the loved one gradually,
wearing away to the land o' the
leal like the snow when its thaw,''
will miss the sweet companion
ship of the one whom we now
fancy waiting for him in the
'palaces of ivory with win
jdows, crystal clear," besides
the still waters bordered with
silver lilies and the waving
palms of paradise, but his heart
will not be comforted for the
Four years
Sisseton during which
much of her time she has
music and appearing at Cnau
taqua assemblies.
The family remaining are J. O.
Andrews, of this city, Dr. J.
Wesley Andrews, Mayor of
Mankato, W. I. Andrews, and
Edward M. Andre 7 s, of Mid
ford, Oregon, George Andrews,
of Little Rock, Arkansas, and
Mre. Florence Clayton, of St.
Paul, Mrs. Mary Stone, of Man
kato, Mrs. Alice Parker, of
New York City.
Lien Pickups.
special CorrcspondeaM:
Pete Anderson has gone to
McLean Co. N. D.
Sever Arneson left today
his home at Macoun, Can.
Tommy Connangton returned
from Britton last week.
Andrew Brodale has gone
Valley City N. D.
Thomas Harrington has
cousin visiting him from Wis.
Miss Martha Prigan is again
clerking for Dr. Morton at Win
the dom.
you Ada Hendrickson is again giv
ing music lessons, Augusta Stor
dalen is taking her place at the
telephone office during such
which follows. Laura Ellen
(Andrews) Rhodes was born
Oct. 1, 1854 at Casey, III. but
removed with her family to
Minnesota about 1860. She was
the daughter of Rev. John R. lar west of his store in which he
and Deliah Andrews, her father Y'."
Dr. Morton was called out
M. L. Ruds Saturday.
Mrs. Joe Class returned from
Britton last week.
Gus Rud and Bessie Arneson
won the prizes at the squer
ade in Effington for having the
best costumes.
Effington Echoes.
Special Uorrofipondttnee,
C. B. Perkins returned Satur
day after a months vacation in
his home at Spring Valley,
The diphtheria scare is keep
ing some pupils from school.
We hope it will soon blow over.
Archie Ellestad who was ac
cidently shot last week is rapidly
Justice Fisher had a case last
Wednesday between French and
latter had unlawfully taken
a camera from him.
Mrs. Prigan is entertaining
friends from Wilmot.
Miss Hattie Veeder has been
or. the sick list. Dr. Morton was
called last Sunday, and we un
derstand she is improving.
The warm weather has stop
ped Mr. Tigler from putting up
N. G. Beito is digging a eel-
being a Methodist minister, doing the digging.
She was united in marriage to! The gasoline engine in the
ic.e- Anton Dahl is
result is that it will not be repair
ed," and out miller, Mr. French
will leave us. We regret to see
him go as he- has given us ex
cellent service.
Because of theexplosion in the
mill, Mr. Mesick, our blacksmith
will also leave us, not because
he is afraid of explosions but he
says it breakes him UD in busi
ness. The shop which was all
repaired Lust fall and is being
well equipped cannot long be'
without a blacksmith.
The following from Wilmot
was crowded out last week:
A/1 j* Geo 2sxtcr re
turned Thursday evening from
Lincoln County Wis., where
they had been to attend a fami
ly reunion gives at the paternal
home of Mr. and Mrs. John
Baxter cn New Years day and
where the entire family was
represented. From one who
was there we glean the follow
ing facts:
The Grand Reunion was the
idea of their son George W. of
Wilmot S. D. who summoned
every member of the family
to Clifford Wis. for New Years
day. None were obliged to send
regrets and on the eventful day
the father's home was a scene of
the happiest event ever chroni
cled in the history of Lincoln
County. The guests, numbering
twenty in all arrived in plenty of
time for the big New Year din
ner and most of them remained
for several days. The father
had the coiaplete entertainment
of the family in charge and from
morning till night there was
nothing but thorough enjoyment
and pleasure for all.
On New Years day at 6:00
o'clock P. M. when the family
had the specious dining room
to themselves' the reunion din
ner was announced. The air
was filled with happiness and
good cheer and until eight
o'clock merriment with young
and bid alike reigned supreme.
The happy spirit was every where
even in the decorations which
were arranged by the skillful
hand and artistic eye of the
hostess. The long table was
arranged in the spacious dining
room and at the head were
seated the father and mother
while on the one side sat the old
est son and on the obher opposite
the oldest daughter then the
next oldest and so on down the
line, This unique idea of the
hostess's being carried out to
the youngest of the grandchild
During the serving of the
sumptuous dinner, which lasted
three hours, impromptu remarks
were indulged in in which the
entire assembly joined heartily.
After the close of the dinner all
gathered around the organ and
sang the old familiar hymns,
"'Twill All Be Over Soon" and
"God Be With You Till We Meet
Again." All voted it the time of
their lives.
The members of the family
were: John Baxter and «*ife and
Wm. Harcourt and wife of Clif
ford, Wis., Wm. J. Baxter and
wife of Weyborn, Canada. Mrs.
Hattie Borland, of Madison, S.
D., Mrs. Marian Samasac and son
of Janesville, Minn., Mrs. Win
nifred Burnett Smith, of Mill,
Minn., Edward Baxter, of Ash
land, Wis., Misses Clara Baxter,
Lillian Baxter and Iva Baxter, of
Clifford Wis., Harr.v Bax er and
Geo. W. Baxter and wife of Wil
mot, S. D.
See our offer of a pair of $1.00
steel shears free. This latest and
most useful Housenold Inven
tion will be sent free, with one
years subscription to the STAND
ARD, new or renewal, by paying
up arrears. If your subscriotion
is about to expire yu cinnot af
ford to miss this opportunity to
secure a pair of shears whose cut
ting edge will never wear dull,
and which will cut anything
from wet tiss«e paper to a heavy
horse blanket.
Lost,—Pocket book containing
$27, in bills on Tuesdiv night
between the Post Office and
Calmensons Clothing Score.
Finder will be liberally rewarded.


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