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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, March 18, 1910, Image 3

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And Lodges
me is dark,
what is low. raise and s?uI»rt
the height of thi* ^reai arjii:
ssert eternal Providence, liv.ont
ifv the wavs or God to men."
i.i" I'MKK.W
11 unflo oVloc!
•ii 01 u' 1J• o'clt»*K.
Chun li
..Oaguc :.{ o: }T.
rvii'tr i* 7 l.'»
\\J »I«
Utfiu i.vA. ,U Uie M. K. Cl.uivli
iv ai. A. Al.
.n vonim: on ai-i'ount of
rvu'c* at Uu* opera UOUM\
KV. I'K. KKTTU.K, at-tOT.)
rviep at chuoch Mimlay.
neison tuac.itt Hector.)
^•rvi.-e* will be held in the Utithi
20 as foilows:
ii. .Uorum^ I'rayer, Lii.w:y .snd
Sunday ^."hool.
hvenuu' Prayer and rfonnon.
and ill! welcome
etUm Sunday will Ik- for lh- Board
Ii hop«-d that every lnembor
cli vill bear this in mind and brin«
or her contribution. We arc
um. 10 mofi our a-yponioutneut.
time let us do i?ood auto ail
dieo of the church have
the fashion of removing
ts during church service
nenda!/' fashion and
.our of the mid-week
meeting has been chang
i. m. It will be kept at
for the spring and sum
meets on Thursday.
j. L. Lane, a former pas
is place and now confer
l5. secretary, will reacn
ethodist church Sunday
orning and prehaps in
He will spend a few
his vicinity at his work
wing acquaintances.
pworth League sgave, a
the parsonage last Fri
at which about 45
ople enjoyed.themselv-
roueh, "of Veblen, will
•ices at the Presbyter
ch next Sunday. Also
loodwill iMission in the
W- Christenson began
evangelistic seryices
last Monday evening,
jetings will continue un
ter Sunday, March 27th,
unity will be given to
disireto do so to unite
hurch. A meeting of
will be held in the
of the church prompt
o'clock. If you are
to unite with the
jeak to one the elders
or to Mrs. J. W. Christ-
will give a ten
the home of Mrs.
araay, March 26, 1910,
to seven o'clock p. m.
iers of the G. A. and
ales, the W. R. C, and
lilies and the
cordially invited to be
Don't forget the date,
The Paper That Lives up to its Name
C-C.KXAPPbM, KJijr and Proprietor
$ 1 5 0 a
I'lic Ol'ifcial Couny and c: ly Pa per
Religion as
Friendship with God
Pastor Fullerton Avenue Precbytert&n
Church. Chicago
Text "Imtiianuel—God Is with us."—
Matt. 1:23.
Men think of God in three ways.
The mail in the street, believes in 8
non-resident. Cod. Occasionally he
visits this world, and then we have a
miracle. For him God is what the
philosophers call tranfccndent,. The
men and women who have poetic tem
peraments. and artistic tastes believe
in a God who is everywhere, "whose
dwelling is in the round ocean
and the living air and the blue sky
and in the mind of man." For them
God is what the philosophers call "im
manent." The third way of thinking
about God is the Christian way, and
it combines what is true in both of
the preceding views. It proclaims
that God, while still remaining the in
finitely holy God, is yet with ns,
"closer to us than breathing, nearpr
than hands or feet."
This was and is no new idea: it. is
as old as the liible. In beautiful and
majestic language the first chapters of
Genesis picture the coming of the
Lord God into the garden to walk and
I tallt with his children it1 lie cool of
the day. "Certainly I v. iil be with
thee," is the promise of God to Moses,
and in promises ofttimes repeated God
insists that he will never leave nor
forsake his people.
This was the very truth God was try
ing to reveal to his people throughout
the full' length of their recorded his
tory. God never changed his attitude
toward his children, but they, blinded
by prejudice and selfishness, refused to
understand. So it was, line upon line,
precept, upon precept. It is like all
great revelations. What is given
The reason that made the revelations
of the Old Testament ine^ective lay
in the lact that words conceal as much
as they reveal. All that God could
say and tell about himself was not
sufficient to create a personal friend
ship. The world did not know God.
fie was still hidden, misunderstood,
and misinterpreted. God was a king,
a judge, a detective. The promise of
companionship and personal friendship
with a detective who is sworn to
shadow you and finally arraign you bfr
fore the bar of judgment is not aj
pealing, to say the least.
"To many people of the olden times,
and to many people even yet, God is a
sort of self-appointed detective. His
eye is on us his hand is over us his
ear is open to hear but his presence
distresses when thought of under such
categories. So it was that at last God
had to speak, not in the words of any
human language, but in the language
of a human life. "The Word becomes
flesh." Last of all, he sent his Son,
and in the living characters of a hu
man early life we understood what
God had been trying to tell the world
for centuries. They called hi? name
"Immanuel—God with us."
Under this new conception of the
nearness 01 God to our human life,
common things became sacred. The
supernatural is expressed to us in the
terms of the natural. We look for God
no longer in signs and wonders and the
spectacular, but in the moving of the
Spirit of God through the things
among which we live. We no longer
see an occasional hush that is aflame
with a strange revelation, but we be
hold "earth crammed with heaven and
every common bush aflame with God."
The little Child, the manger and the
cattle in the stalls the stars above us,
the sheep in the field, the wise men on
their long search, fatherhood and moth.,
erhood—all become sacred and the
new year would become singularly
fruitful blessedness and peace if In
the dally round and the common task
we could be sure that God is with us.
The presence of God with us in the
days and duties of this new year means
hope and Inspiration. "Will God in
deed dwell with men? The heaven
and heaven of heavens cannot contain
him." But if it Is true that God does
indeed dwell with his people there Is
'high hope for all of us In that.
The other week our president went
down to the slums of New York city
and tatked to the men who. as the
wnrid nova, wi.re down and c.it
nay a wonorous tiling moit piace. .'Men
who had trailed their honor in the dust
hold up their heads with a new-born
hope. "If lie has faith in us to come
here and tell is we ?:ill have a chance,
perhaps it is worth while to try." And
if the eternal God has faith in the chil
dren of men to enter personally and
permanently into their life of sin and
sorrow and shame perhaps there is a
more wondrous redemption in a love
like that. Through him we are born
again into a living hope.
If religion is friendship with God,
and if God has entered into compan
ionship with us. then religion as
friendship with God becomes a vital
and beautiful reality. Mrs. Browning
asked Charles Kingsley to tell her the
secret of his happy and beautiful life,
and he replied to her sympathetic re
quest: "1 had a friend."
There is a funny side everywhere,
that was put there by an All-wise
Providence to give us a chance to
sometimes forget our troubles and
The man who loves good, loves God,
whether he knows it or not.
I nave a good house for sale!
with dr." celiar and good cist-1
evil. 0:i high land so as not to'
be bothered with water. I will
sell this cheap. Inquire of
W. B. Robinson
Eddv Echoes.
n' on-»-
Mrs. Aloe has been on the sick
list for the past twn weeks.
Miss .Julia Curren and Mrs.
Gorsuc.: spent Saturday as the
guests of rs. Harve Crocker of
Mrs- Chas. Gleason returned
home last Monday. Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Gleason concluded to
stay for medical treatment sev
eral days longer.
Mr. Joe Hannash of Grant ha*
just finished a new well for Mr.
^ifert he got a fine Sow of water
at. only 55 feet.
Geo. Birdsall, Ben Vollmerand
Joe Sheldon were Sisseton callers
the first of the week.
not always revealed. We are both be
ing given on every hand facts of mu
nicipal corruption and political job
bery, and yet the great majority of our
citizens are still unconcerned.
pleasent party was
held at the home of Mr. Morri
son last Friday night. "Gappy"
reoorts a good time-
Knut^ Strand has left the
store and gone home to help his
father with the spring work.
How we will miss your uleasent
smile Knute.
Vebi.cn March. 9
The Literary Society met as
usual la?t Friday evening at tlie
Norwegian church The meet
ing was called to order by Mr.
L. Risdall the president assisted
oy his brother, Mr. G. Risdall,
vice president.
The programme presented,
consisted of songs, speeches and
declamations,and was very inter
esting. Miss Edith Risdall's
reading of the whirlwind was
highly complimented. Mr.
Jacobson's selected1 reading was
very fine, and was .only excelled
by his most beautiful solo. Mr.
L. Ribdall's very pathetic solo
was well rendered, and won the
anplause of the evening. Miss
Edith and Carrie Risdall sang a
most beautiful duet that was
highly appreciated. Miss Esther
Wilkins recitation was said to
be one of the best of the evening.
The very eloquent speech of
Benny Risdall added greatly to
the entertainment of the intellig
ent anctience.
Mr. OleOttum is rejoicing over
a bran new beautiful healthy boy.
Mrs. Ottum's sister. Miss Hilda
Jensen, of LaCrosse. is visiting
Mrs. Joseph Hauxie entertain
ed Mr. Ole Ottum and family,
Miss Hulda Jensen, and Miss
Alice O'Keefe to dinner last
Mr. Hauxie is anticipating a
trip to Montana in search of land
to purchase. His many friends
wish him pleasure and success
on his trip.
Chick Perkins and his com
pany will be at the opera house
April 9. Seats on sale at the
Red Cross Drug Store.
fa&H T**"-• -l.T'—S
Look for the Triangle on the
t.iese teat
ihe Hiuisor. is big anil roomy, without
bei.ig cia^ped. It has effective sliding
gear transn'ission. It lias a powerful Re
nault type iong stroke motor, and Renault
ar.otors are the pride of France. Expens
ive three-suarter elliptic rear springs are
found on the Hudson but no other car at
the pi ice.. It Las ir^e wheels, l^rtg wheel
base--ovu 9 feet between the axles
making it a wonderfully easy-riding car.
It would be to your benefit to
remember the auction sale of
stock, farm machinery and
household goods at the farm of
Jas. McAlpine Lien nvvtifhip on
Wednesday, March 2o. James
MeA/pine, owner.
I have gotten up a f-ood colic
remedy and solicit farmers and
irs'jrnen to get a bottle and try
it. It .will stive V"" pund horse
ii tf'ivirii in liii'ic. ii eiiar
anteed under pure I'oed and
drug act of -June 190(i. and is
for sale at the City Drug Store,
—Dr. A. H. N YfiA ard, ^isseton,
S. D. ]l-L'9-09:
There's a Difference!
If your Walls are Artistically
the HOUSE becomes
a HOME and
[n :.t
Need Wait No Longer
Own An Automobile
1 1
W.M.I.I nave the bfeh sln»le, prove,, fe„t„res motor carcon
."l "1 ''M P"W0, (.'iioiii^h tor eity and country uso,—and still
I Ii a a l,„i pn,-c. \n„ would rather wa.t than own whio.h did not
price objections heretofore raised against cars at or near its
From one chiss we are set off by our quality-from another bv our price. When you buy a
Hi.dt.on 3 ou share the satifaction of both thest distinctions with us.
uh.00 will be on exhibition at my salesroom, first door north of Unique Theatre
Novel and Exquisite
Collection of
Will work the change at an ex
pense much more moderate than
can be securcd elsewhere.
A postal card will bring the Sam*
pie Books to your residence where
examination can be made at your
leisure without the slightest obli
gation to purchase.
We have not. tliein.
This price includes three oil
lamps, two gas lamps, gen
erator. horn, tire repair out
fit, tools and jack
W a
It meets all
has, in addition to these proven me
chanical features, many refinements in
common with the most expensive cars, and
never before found in a car at the Hudson
Examine other cars which have the same
high grade features and refinements—you
will find they sell for more than $1150. Ex
amine other cars which sell at or near this
price and you will find they do not have all
the Hudson high grade features and re
ona tfc. ROADSTER at
South Dakota
•t. u* show them In you.
The Noekewill Grocery.
Horse Goods
V. ill soun be in ieinanl for your spring's work Onr
line ie lurtre mio *0'j»pleu*, consisting of Doubly Jini
Single t/oiiurs. .Sweat Pads. Whips. Combs,
Brushes. Hlai lie's. Rob?s. and a General Line of
Mrap work, We also carry a nice and up to date
Hrie of
Mens Shoes, Gloves, Mittens.
Trunks, Bags, Suit Cases.
In our work shop arc- prepared 10 do your Kopp.lt
fng and Special Work. Call and look our stock over
befonj buying '-Nowhere.
Will J. Thomas,
Dealer in

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