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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, May 20, 1910, Image 1

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IMI* s'lasir
Citizens HationalBank,
Sisseton, So. Dak.
Stock, $50,000.
Surplus and Profits $15,000
Total assets Over
One Half Million
Jos. Marwick, Pres. Henry Helvig, Cashier.
A. H. Ingersoll, V. P. Leo J. Lukanitsch, Ast, Cash.
ffloJel $
a arrracu um»
A. A KTEIISN, Manajir
Your shoes ill be correct in
shape, fit, style and quality
if you buy them of
The Shoe JVIan
The Golden Rule Clothing Co.
S & a
Vol. 17 SISSETON ROBERTS roi\\T\ S. D. FRIDAY, MAY 20. lv»lO —ID Pages
Senator Ktttridge to Speak.
Senator A. B. Kiitriuge will
speak in Sisseton on l-'i idny even
ing, .May 27. a1 S o'clock p. m..
at the opera house. on tii,- top
ics of the day. Mr. Kittridge is
well known as a forcible and
a pleasure
you agree
hear liiin.
A. A. PETERSON, Manager.
Is again forciably demonstrated in this won
derful displayof Advanced Styles built on
advanced lines. 1 here is nu better ready
for-service clothes made in this country than
the Clothes of Advance Made, they are tai
lor made as are the garments you pay the
merchant-tailor fully a half more for. they
include every new idea from the greatest
designers of the world, and fabrics from the
best looms, both American and Foreign.
Ask for Advanced Clothes, that is if you
insist on having absolutely the finest.
Prices Range From $15 to $30
Seasonable Furnishings
Our shirt department shows a magnifi
cient array of ready-ta-wear shirts that ap
proach such a high standard of prelection
that there remains no argument for shirts
Mens neglegee shirts in coat or regular
style, cuffs attached or detached, from the
best custom makers at
75c $1,00 $1-50 $2.00 $3,00
Exclusive agents for the best $3.00 hat
made, the Roswell, we also carry a line of
Stetson hats,
speaker, whom
to listen to. whether
with him or not, and
should come out and
in the.
About th
have heard
tain politicians ((he insurgent
press bureau of Sisseton
SIssmIwi, St. Dak.
hir N:w Linotype.
The above is pictureof our
new Linotype type-setting lna
chine which we recently installed
.—- in the Standard printing office,
it is, and as soon is we can get the
blamed thing to stand without
hitching, we expect to make the
sck to hide their identity be-!
hind the editorial "we" of the Important County Case.
Roberts Count\ Record and Rob-1 Per something over 20 years
crts County Republican) and a! past A. Stielow lias been support
ni who can hide behind a mi- ed as a.pauper and county charg
(•robe's egg so iril'inifesimally by this county, his children, al
dwarfed mentally a these
lows, is pretty small ciiangi
the scorn of the peep! •'. Hilt ali
we started to say, aboul the sil
liest twaddle is their attempt to
besmirch the character of County
Auditor Ray and to carry 1.11 im
pression abroad that lie is incom
petent. .Mr. Hay
this county sinci
his life is as an open hook and
his record ill office lias been that
of an efficient, painstaking offi
cial with brain and spirit enough
to run the officii himself in the
interest of the people and not
in the interest of a few used-to
be politicians who want to get
their gnoses into the trough affair^,!
(and thereby hangs the reason
of the opposition of these fel
lows). Mr. Ray is the auditor
and refused to allow them to
work him.
Standard bigger and better. At
the machine is bucking
a broncho, showing traits
I present
1 lik
twaddle Wt' 11iiiit lead us to believe it is akin
campaign is to the Army mule, or like an
el-j hough abundantly able to do so.
refusing to contribute anything
1o his maintenance. Under lite
laws of this stale the children of
a poor person are liable for the
support of a parent.
The county commissioners and
the state attorney lliive been
has lived in investigating this particular case
boyhood audi for some time past and as a,
result State's Attorney Batterton
a short time ago brought an
attachment suit in favor of the
county and against Pauline A.
Schmidt, the daughter ol' Stic-
States Attorney J. J. Batterton.
low and who is the wife of .lul
ms Si'liinidt. of Sehmidl-Block
'.fame, who formerly resided in
Lockwood Towiishiji. hut who re-
moved to Ort.onville about, five
jyeai'S a^O, for the recovery of be
tween $2.00(1 and. $:!.6OO. for
money paid by the county for
the support of Sti'low" the past
30 years. Sheriff Swenson wa
down to Lock wood Township and
Ortonville this week, serving the
attachment papers and making a
levy on about two sections of lain
owned by Mrs. Schmidt, to si
cure the payment of any .judg
ment the county may obtain in
this case.
Baseball News.
About the warmest game of
baseball that has happened for
No 5,2s.
Kcpoi't »i I tier Cottctilioii
The First, National! Ba.ik
:il St* oton hr
in Tl i' oloso
SiaH'Ol South
M.irt.-u LV:
ami di-.-o-uis
'Vrnll'nfls. :i i)(t niisi-i'utvw
I'. -v l« iiui ii -.it-,! iv firt'iiiai ion
Pi. iiiiums nu 1'. KomK
lomiN. st curUii'*.
ManUinu: liniNe. i' rith ur«- a tut lixi ,irr
OUti-v ivitl t'MaU'
)m- fro 11 .Vnionn! Iljnilc nut II«i
s" A ur,,iii
I mm* fn »it. -t :t -i- ,t i- |,»
an*! MitiK--?.- 'I'hiM '.NjiiijiaiiU'r*.
ami S.ivinL:^ thU«.
ltn' from .1 «-l n'v.'rvt'lu't'iiis
OIH'I'U^ iinM h«• n**h lii Mi-.
Kx-'haniro- for :iritiir hon..
.Vol os ol ot h'I- Nu ion a I HiinU
l-'raci ioua pa por 'UHvtwy. nu-Uvts
ami com*.
Lawful tiioni.'y iv-crve in kmU
•Ji'.Mi I'd
l.oi: il-trmlrr noU,k» 'J.sTo m) M'J.l.'ii.'.m
Ivoilrni ptmn fin «l with I'. s. jrasurcr
(.*i p»»r rent, of fjreuliu ion 1 ru
Toial .Yt
lIIH Ics.
Capilal stock paiil -lOOiM
Surplus f11n»l HUM)
rmhvidiMi Protlls. lo« e\|u-hsr and
taxes paid l.:Ux 7J
National Itank noti*s «ntvian.lin^
Hue toot h«M'Natinttnl Haiilcs l*»
lino to stair ami Privati- HiihUs and
Hankvr ','1 .-1*,'
Due to 'I'ru.st Com panics anil Savings
Hanks 7/iM 92
Individual deposits sul»joct tochrck Tit'.
Savings Deposits -1.380
Tinjo 'MM'tilicaU's tf deposit 21-l.tWO
Cushicr'M chi'i.'ks oui.-.t andinu 1-1.700
some time is pulled off yester
(Iny afti'i'iioon when tli,- busings!-
lilcj) of tltc Knsl Side crossed
with llllsiliess 1111']] of Hie West
Side on the diamond at the fair
grounds. I'jVei'yhody thai eoidd
went out and "rooted." but the
Oast Siders were too heavy for
the Westerners and carried off
the honors by a score of 14 to 2.
The Sisseton high sciii...! nine
will play ball with a nine
Browns' Valley. Saturday
21, at the fair grounds.
They Appreciate Jim.
The patrons on route Xo.
which is stippplied with their
mail by Carrier James .MeLeod.
evidently appreciate good service
and last week they surprised
•Jim by presenting him with a
purse of $4S.r0, subscribed by
patrons of the route.
Ask tiie sales ladies at Stavig
Bros, to show you the India iiu
ons at 10c, IGc, 20c and 25c. You
will say that you never saw bet
ter values for the money.
A bottle of our Whit* Pine
with Tar should always be in
the house at this season of the
year. Get a bottle now.—T. P.
.Maldaner, the druggist.
Buy your rugs and carpets at
the Golden Rule.
The question of why and how
the Sabbath ought to be observed
is one that confronts everyone
who desires to do what is right.
This question will be discussed
at the morning service next Sun
day, and the pastor extends a
special invtaton to everyone to
be prfesent.
Next Sunday evening the pas
tor will begin a series of ser
mons on the first psalm. Alake
a careful study of the psalm and
then come and study it with
•lust as
:*i" 11
.'lOll ,"i
2vi" i-1
Of this Mntanrnt of our con­
dition Wc solicit your imsi
5.7^7 "I
I/c'.' i'7
ra* iv
VM'J (r.
Supervised by tin- Unitta!
ma^cd liy a hoard of
directors composed of suc
cessful business men.
Otticerod hy experienced
Wide-awake and progres
sive. keeping pare with
(Duly Verified
The First National Bank
Total Deposits $445,055.81
the growth of the conimun-
go to press, a friend
i^ ive us ii sample uopy of jiu jjI
legeil newspaper printed at, Coro
na, in which Ihe alleged editor
gets choleric, and shouts himself
•hoarse about, tlw Standard and
"mmlslinging, when, as a mat
ter of I act, tiie Miuly mud-slinging
that, lias been dtine in this cam
paign has been done by the Rec
ord and Republican who have
jot.h been^ diligently raving
about, the (Standard. What eithpr
one ol tJiese leJlows think about
the St inda»»d or its editor cuts
no figure to iis. We are not
running loi- office. But we ob
ject to the manner in which they
slur men like .Mr. Mtadstad', clerk
of court.
rhe article appearing in (he
ilmot and Corona papers rela
tive to lvar Stadstad, clerk of
courts ,shows liovv strong is the
hatred of {he remnant of the old
gang who tried to rape the pri
I mary law two years ago. Upon
examination of t|ie records in
of the clerk of courts,
we tinil that for the fiscal year
total amount of fees
collected are $2,007.1)4, and these
I lees Were collected as follows:
I I"'' e.- collected by h. Wm. Foss,
jlormer clerk, foi* .Jan. 2. 4 and
are $12.15.
'.-es collected liy 1 aL" Stad
stad, jii-esent incumbent, $1,995.49
Total fees for vear, 1909,
Amount 1 timed in to Roberts
ciumty by Stadst.nd, $7.49.
Amount fixed hv law as salary,
Amount, allow.'d by
commissioners as clerk
year 1909 is $7.49. It
be seen that while the
incumbent !,as erson llv collect
ed in fees in this office the sum
of $1,995.49, thai he has, out of
thai amount turned in to the
ire.isu'y the si of $7.64. And
Hint the amount of his net re
ceipts as salary for himself as
clerk for year 1909 is $1,967.85.
And that adding the amount al
lowed for clerk hire of $7.64,
brings the total amount expend
ed as salary and clerk hire for
lvar Stadstad and clerk to
sum of $1,995.49.
hire for
will thus
Regarding the statement
addition to the fees earned
the office, he has drawn several
$20 gold pieces in the way of
court script, or court certificates,
issued by himself to his wife, at
the rate of $3 per day," the rec
ords show that during the year
1909 not one single court script
was drawn by Stadstad's deputy
at the rate of $3 per day but
at the rate of $2 per day. The
same as was done while L. Wm.
Foss was clerk.
That there is only one warant
issued for $3 per day as bailiff
and that during the year 1910.
And this is done by order of
the court, signed by Frank Mc
Nulty, judge.

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