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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, May 27, 1910, Image 6

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.t.-eitil County i-apor.
»"urvcyors ol
Republican State Ticket,
nvsi-isintivcs in ('on^ri's*.-~
('has. II. Burke
Eb.'ii W. .Mnrtin
•Samuel II. 1-21 roI
Lieutenant (lowrnor—
•loseph \V. l'ariiilcy
ni*\ lit Xt:il.
C. .1. I Joilsillilll
State Auditor
Henry It. Anderson
Stale Tn isur
i. Johnson
Attorney Uciier.-il
1'.. I'rin-
Iver .1 olinson
T. L. Kinney
Olal" Xi'jiaartl
11 til ver ()ien
John IT. Lewis
John S. Swanson
Register of Deeds—
^issrtuu S'lauiiarft.
.S I' A1 1'
uv c. KNAIMM: N.
ami 'iYdiiie
K. ti. Fiisit'i
,!imlciit of Public 111M ruc
W. !. Smith
Railro.nl 'iimiiussioner—
A. II. Seymour
of Supreme Court. 111 Dis
J. 11. McCoy, Brown county.
Judge cL" Supreme Court, 4th Dis
Ellison (!. Smith
•Illume oi' Circnii Court, ot JlKii
I'liil District
Frank McNultv
Republican County and Legisla
tive Ticket.
State Senator—
Anton 11. Dalil
D. F. Stevens 4
Mcrk ol' Courts—
Ivar Sladstnd
{Superintendent of Schools—
Bonnie F. Andrews
.States Attorney—
C. R. Jorgenson
County Judge—
Ii. J. Turner
A. E. Tnplan, M. I).
A. Pearson
Justices of Peace—
B. Canfield
Frank \V. Murray
Samuel Finley
George lloss
Member of State Central Cominit
S. E. Osearson
Delegates to State Convention,
B. F. Wilson, .Chas. E. Arnold,
A. L. Folsom, 0. S. Opheim, 11.
M. Knight, S. M. Satro, II. M.
Fellbaum, L. J. Wallstrom, II.
H. Dudley, W. II. Michener, P. C.
Dahl, Frank Hicks, W. J. Thom
as, Julius Aasncss.
Burke and Mai*tin.
Congressman Burke has made
liimself one of the most useful
members in the house 1'or the
state of South Dakota and has
become recognized as one ot' the
most active and persistent work
ers and has won an enviable
place among the workers down
at Washington, for getting what
lie goes after and the attempt of
that brass monkey, LaFollotte,
who is out of touch with every
thing and who is a demagogue, to
make it appear that he isn,t in
nurnwii.y .i iii". the administratis
is the veriest bosh.
Congressman Burke was a mem
l)er of the house committee that
formulated and reported the
railway rate/ and pure I'o.od bills
during the Roosevelt administra
tion. Because there were few
votcs east against those bills on
ifinal passage by the house, La
Follette's Weekly thinks Mr.
Burke should not be given credit
for his record of those measures
Tvi witm I t- ltftTrt g'liii
tifilj «i\-ii. Bdvbv it. said
that there io a reason for his at
tach that does not appear on the
surface. During the present ses
sion of congress, La Follette un
dertook to puxush some attorneys
rfg? wjio refused to be "held up" by
one tf his pet attorneys for
on fees on som« In
diafi claims. Burke beat the
same by knocking them all out,
f.« Follette's man alo^g with the
hangs a tale
ii Follette'
others, and thereby
Official C::y
Good Printing to the People
pnirr 1.n a
which accounts for La Folh-tte
111 oil Hlli'ke.
Tli" stiite hits reason to IVi
iii'oiiil of her iviuvviilat iv.
collar.s, who. hv remaining
Washington and al lending
their duties to (lie Il.-^rleet
campaign have rol through
of these gentlemen will lie taken
a. .• flugfjgjg
J. H.Lewis who has served the
people as county treasurer for the
past two years, is a candidate for
re-nomination, Mr. Lewis has
carried on the affairs of the office
in such a satisfactory manner
that there is no opyosition to his
a a
Ivar Stadstad, candidate for
re-election to the office of clerk
of courts is qualified and has
demonstrated the fact—to run
the affairs of the office of clerk
of court. He is entitlod to a sec
ond term and it looks as if he
would get it. ..
lOc for children's long sleeve
vesta. The Golden Rule.
10c for children's moccasins
The Golden Rule.
68c for white bed spreads. The
Golden Rule.
E'll j! *.4 Au.ig
a.os. .o suow .ii tlie India lin
ons at 10c, 15c, 20c and 25c. You
will say that you never saw bet
ter values for the money.
The Sauket Store.
The Red Tag Sale is now going
on. The id Tags mean money
to yon.
The store that sells for less.
E. M. Batson,
Sisseton, S. D.
a a* B/%f
ioi of work. Y.jie-ivssiiten l.tll'kf
and Martin have I liu-, siicc-ded in
passing some very important lee
illation and cleaned up all meas
ures of interest to their constitu
ents. Tile pine li idi:c ft lid li'ose
hud hills have lie.-n passed and
an omnibus hill, containing .'it»
sections of important Indian leg
islation. The budget for Indian
appropriations under the leader
ship of Chairman I'.urke has
I reduced $::.oo(i,00n. Tlmy
were on the ground to help sup
port the administration on the
railroad rate bill and have se
cured favorable reports upon 4!
new rural routes for this state.
If these gentlemen followed the
plan of the average insurgent,
they would have dropped their
official duties at Washington and
spent, the entire campaign drum
ming up votes to secure their
renomina! ion. The people can
always be depended upon to do
the fair thing and the interests
of bv the voters on Julie 7.
out .lumped Tommy
J, incrc^BWy,
Daddy's Bedtime
How rommy Lostcat
Was Founds
OW. Hiiiilivn." said ilnody, "I'm ^"icjr to tell you a little seaiv tale,
tint don't gel frijJueiK.-d. beeairsfe it will ei.«l all mill. It's about
T'Uiimy l.'.' teiil. Mr. Mct-'uilge's folks iml bi bliiek cat thai waft
iv cuti Ileioukl do all sorts of trieUs, ninl he knew how to tell
the iliac of day. Any'i-.w. always kn"w exactly when mciiltime came, just
ns ,lncli d'ii's. Toniiny van aroiuid a r.-.d dc:d. bul he aiways not back heme
ii: in lime fur dinner, :uu! tlie folk always led him from a plait on t.Li»
'Well, one diiy Tommy didn't cum home to dinner, and all the folks won
dered where lie was. 'I'm nre he's I en runned over ami killed by a noi'to
mobeel.' said tlie littlest irl. who iuved Tommy very iniieh. 'tie must lie
deinl cat.' said .Mr. .Me! 'udee, '..r ne'd i'-ver stay away at dinner time.'
"Jnst hen. while all tlie family wa be inn in: to cat dinner and was feel
ing mi :hty sail about Tummy, ihero was a weak cal wail lroin sonieubere.
thoupli nobody could see a eat. '.Meoav!' it said, ami then after a liitlc v.liile
it. said 'Meouw' louder, then still lender, and then the eat voire jjot weak
li^aiii, till they didn't hear it at all.
"The folks looked at each other and wondered where Hie cat voire came
from 'I know. said the Mel'udm' lc-y 'Tommy's dead, and that's his ghost
voire.' That iiisli! at snoper lime 1 lie family heard the eat voice ii^ain. First
It sounded awful loud and seemed o. be very c|..se. After a 111 IU* while it
sounded low, as if it was away off seme where.
"Tlic.v looked evywherc. but couldn't, tind any cat. .Next morning when
they sat dow to breakfast I hey beard the same cal voire. Now It: seemed to
be ri.Lihl over their heads, and then ii would come from some place near the
sideboard. Mr. .UeKud.t i: moved tlie sideboard, but no cat' was behind it.
"'Well,' he said, 'if Tommy's a dead cat lie's surely got a live voice.'
'Meouw wow-wow!' said the voice, real suddeu and loud, and Mr.
jumped up and said to his son. 'Get me tlie hatchet and saw.' "What are you
going to do, paV' asked Mrs. Me Fudge. 'I'm going to cut a hole in tlie wall,
so Tommy l.ostcnt can geL out. 1 think lie's gone down in the cellar and
climbed up between the planks nnd Ihe plaster and couldn't get out.'
he cut a hole in tin wall near here they last heard the cat's voice,
"o o. u,i'asl. lie bad been climbing around inside the hollow wall."
Farmer's State Bank
The Man Who Pays Twice
"HO among us has not been called upon to pay a
bill a second time anil HAD TO PAV IT be
cause wo would no! produce proof of the formed
set tlemenlV
Fortify yourself behind a Check book and spare
yourself tlie annoyance ami expense of paying twice for
the same tiling for your eaacelled check is a positive and
'ndisput.able receipt for every payment.
Your regular and frequent- deposits in this institu
tion furnish A liASIS (,'RKDIT.
Fire and Tornado Insurance
written in reliable companies.
Be Wise and Order
YourSee^ Corn Now
From SCHINDLER BROS., Sisseton, s. D.
Minnesota No. 13 tests 98 per cent
White Cap Dent test 95 per cent
Carters Yellow Dent 97 per cent
Professor'Holden says seed corn will go to $10-00 per
bushel before the season is over. All raised in Roberts
ICounty, South Dakota, 1909.
Schindler Bros.
Worth Comes From Good
Yoo can't too4 br««l ulM ton
jood mnerlml.
We om
Out Jumped Tm.nny LoMcat
«Bly tha best mini
wheat In tka aanafaotnra of onr Boar.
have tha lataat and most approrad mac
•rj and aae
It la tha beat way and tba raaelt
la that tka produet ol oar mill
Stands on Its Merits
'rmlou MaiMMt ay tha Buaatoa Mm
i!|00. ataadaap to racommaadanoB*
tot It. Sr«ad ant pastry nada with our floor
are lUmulatlnf and batp »aka food llvlaf.
The Sisseton Mill Slight Co,
We Also Handle Coal and Feed
very thin and feared looking, but ready for
I inrvi/ win* ran lifti niill-^l lll^ll.iril fe.
There are so many people that get the idea
that because certain cars are rated at 30,35 or
40 horse power that they must have 10 to 20
horse power to spare, and when it is necessary
to use it. it is always there to be used at the
will of the driver. This is however a wrong
impression and especially when the "Ford"
car is taken in consideration.
The Ford is rated at 20 horse power, yet we
are willing at any time to enter into a contest
on hill climingon high speed, with any other
make of car rated at from 30 to 3r horse power,
just for the purpose of showing to the public
the power of Ford cars. Of course I want to
be thoroughly understood that if there is any
one that has confidence in the power of their
car and will call my challenge it must be with
some make of car regularly built as a five pas
senger because I will use a five passenger in
demonstrating'^ The power of a car is figured
according to the load it has to pull.
The reason that 1 give for Ford power is a
perfect engine and a light weight car.
1 have three on my floor. Come in and 1 will
take one out and demonstrate and if satisfactory
then buy, and drive it home the same day.
Touring Car $950
Roadster $900
With top, glass front, speedomiter,
gas ligtlis, side lamp, tail lamp and
horn, F. O. B. Detroit.
Sisseton and Wilmot

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