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A Chase After a Man With a Big
[Copyright, 1910, by American Press Asso
It was a put up job on the part of
Merford, who hated me like poison.
We had both worked together in tlio
Kimberley mines, I as foreman, Mer
ford with the pick. It was at this time
that I detected him in an effort to
carry out diamonds in his throat. I
considered it my duty to report him.
Then came my big find. I was walk
ing one day far from any mine wit!
no more thought of diamonds than of
doughnuts. One of my kids wasn't
well, and 1 was out after fresh milk
for him. 1 walked without finding
what I wanted till I was tired, then
sat down on a rock to rest. While sit
ting there tny eye became fixed on
etone beside me about the size of a
Now, I had been working in diamond
mines for ten years. Mnny's the stone
1 have thrown out with my pick whose
value would run from thousands to
tens of thousands. As soon as I looked
j-at this one knew it for a prize, and
yet I couldn't believe my eves. Was it
nn outcropping of liiamoud .-j ui had
some on-.- dropped it there? 1 didn't
stop to answer mv own question—in
fact. 1 didn't -eaiv. I looked at it care
fully to make sure I wasn't deceived
and put it in my pocket, certain that
if I could ret away with it I and my
family would live, instead of working
people, as swells ail the rest of our
And so uv would had it not been for
that most uncontrollable of all things—
a woman tongue. I confided my se
cret to my wife, enjoining her not to
tell a single person, as her future de
pended on her secrecy, i'.ut when a
woman is burning to tell a secret it's
like a drunkard thirsting for liquor.
Meg was so full of the fine future be
fore us that she must needs tell just
her own dear loving sister, who would
rather die than injure her. The sister
had a bosom friend from whom she
could not possibly keep a secret. And
so it went from one to another till it
got to .lim Merford's wife.
I k:iew it by the devilish look in his
eye the next time I met him. Going
straight home. I told Meg to trace the
He :vt as quickly as she could, and
within nn hour she confirmed my in
ference. Here was pretty condition
of liiugs. Merford would take one of
two courses—he would either accuse
me of having stolen my big diamond
from the mine in which I worked or
tie would move heaven and earth to
get possession of it himself. With him
4 ready to swear to anything against
me I could never hold tho stone in
spile of the company's efforts to get it.
I had no time to tool away in con
4id*l'ing-1hat is. if Merford decided to
If flMpf
accuse me to the company. Ho hadn't
the secret an hour before I had bor
rowed—I hadn't the money to pur
chase—the best horse in the place and
was galloping away. I knew that if I
was wanted it would be supposed I
had made for the coast in order to
take ship and get out of the country.
It was month after I had left with
my diamond that I made up my mind
to take the risk of getting across the
Atlantic ocean. I knew I could man
age it all right If it were not for the
wireless telegraph. But what can a
man do when an enemy traces him
aboard a ship that requires from one
to two weeks to get to her destina
tion and can send word of her com
ing and order his arrest?
Procuring some ostrich eggs, I bor
rowed a calico dress and a sunbonnet
•nd went Into a town to sell the eggs.
Posters stared me in the face- that
5,000 was offered by the company for
my arrest. That was all I wanted to
know, and I didn't stay in the town
ten minutes. But I stuck to my wo
man's disguise. There were risks in
nrpearing either as a man or as a wo
5 -an. 1 concluded that so long as I
•iidn't mingle much with p-eople I was
safer as a woman.
Well, to do a little skipping In my
•tory, when the ship Unicorn sailed
from a port in the Transvaal for South
ampton, England, on tho passenger
list was tho name of Barton Dexter
and wife. Two days after tho vessel
sailed a man stepped into the office
of tho agent of the diamond company
and said that he know where the mail
they wanted was. After sccurit'ig pa
pers that would givo him the io.CKiO
offered for my capture in case it came
through His information, he told the
agent that Barton Dexter was none
other than Edward Michler—in other
words, myself.
The case was at once put into the
liands of a prominent detective agen
cy, with instructions to see that the
so called Dexter be arrested on arriv
al and held till an identifier arrived.
The next morning an enterprising re
porter sent a message to a New York
paper giving the whole story.
And so the attention of the world
was concentrated on
man and &
man in mldocean on the British ship
Unicorn, who had robbed the Kim
berley mines of an Immense rtinmnnfl,
but whose game
was to be spoiled on
his arrival at Southampton by a (en*
tlcman from Scotland Yard.
A hundred or more American news
papers wired passengers on board the
Unicorn to send them news of Mich
ler. I can't give all the Items that
were sent, but I will give a few from
a single paper:
"Michler Is a small, delicate man,
with feminine voice his wife is
rather masculine. It has got out on
board that they arc under suspicion,
and they seem very much troubled.
At first they were on deck the same
as other passengers. Now they keep
to their stateroom nenrty all day."
"It is now pretty well determined
that Michler in addition to being a
diamond thief is eloping with another
man wife, or. rather, another man's
wife is eloping with Michler, for no
one would accuse so gentle a man of
leading such a woman."
iiile Michler and his wife were
sitting on deck last night in a secluded
corner suddenly a passenger Hashed a
match to light a cigar. Mrs. Michler
was seen to thrust something under
the folds of her dress. The case is
being discussed in the smoking room,
say that the diamond thieves
will throw the stone overboard if ar
rested on the ship. All are interested
to know how the officials will man
age to take the diamond as wcli as
the thieves."
"The Michlers today had a terrible
quarrel. Passengers in staterooms
near (heir's heard Mrs. Michler say to
her husband that If he did not settle
a large sum of money ou her after
their arrival in New York she would
inform on him to the police, where
upon he asked her if she wished the
whole ship to know that they were
diamond thieves."
"As we near port Michler and his
wife are becoming more and more
agitated. Mrs. Michler was yesterday
found weeping by the room steward
ess, who went into her stateroom for
the purpose of making up the berths.
It is not known whether the diamond
thieves are aware that they are to be
arrested on -their arrival at South
ampton or not. Every passenger on
board is in the secret, but since it is a
delicate matter to speak of to the par
ties concerned they are doubtless un
"The sea Was very rough today, and
Mrs. Michler, who is Inclined to bo
seasick, kept her room all day. Mich
ler was also affected, but be kept the
deck. He was observed to go to the
side of the ship for the purpose of re
lieving himself of his dinner. A pas
senger who was watching him says
that a lump the size of a walnut was
cast into the sea. In the smoking room
they are now betting—odds 3 to 1—that
this lump is the diamond. It indicates
that the thieves have given up all hope
of saving it and part with it to avoid
its incrimiualiug them."
"By Cable Off the l.izards. I
"An inspector from Scotland Yard
came aboard for the purpose of ar
resting the Michlers. To avoid being
known as a detective he was dressed
in the uniform of a British admiral,
When the Michlers saw him Michler
fainted. Ilis wife ground her teeth
and stood firm as a British tar on tho
deck of a battleship. The dramatic
climax of an inspector dressed as an
admiral putting lii» hand on a man's
shoulder and saying 'I want yon!"
was spoiled by Michler's lying like a
wet rag ou the deck. The supposed
admiral was obliged to lift _bls pris
oner up by the collar."
"By Cable Prom Southampton.
"The Mlclilcr affair lias collapsed.
When taken ashore and examined Mrs.
Michler was found to be the husband
aud Mr. Michler the wife. They prov
ed their identity as a respectable mar
ried couple from Capetown. Scotland
Yard is furious. It being supposed that
the real diamond thief hired them to
let it be supposed that they were car
rying It to Southampton, while he took
another ship for New York. But there
is no proof of this."
This last item is true so far as it
goes, but it doesn't tell all. I was the
person who informed upon Michler and
his wife. 1 found in Michler an old
friend who was going home to Eng
land. confided in him'and offered him
a quarter Interest in my diamond to
fool the detectives. As soon as the
world was agog over the diamond
thieves on the Unicorn I slipped out
of port with the diamond. I was dis
guised iis a superannuated Jew.
The diamond was so shaped that in
being cut it required to be made into
two gems. It is not. therefore, or.e
of the large gems of the world. But
the smaller stone made Michler rich
and the larger one made me richer.
After it was sold I sent for my fam
ily and am now an Auericun capi
News Snapshots
Of (he Week
More than 15,000 G. A.
Better Tillage and Rotation of Crops
Will Increase Yield.
England's average of over thirty
two bushels of wheat per acre, and
Germany's average of 21.1 bushels per
acre, compared with America's aver
age of fourteen bushels per acre,
should suggest to Northwestern farm
ers something of the possible achieve
ments within their reach by the use
of better and carefully bred and se
lected seed, and by attention to proper
cultivation, fertilization of tlie soil and
rotation of crops. It is a "condition,"
not a "theory," that confronts fanners.
More bushels from less acres than at
present must be the aim, and the Min
nesota Agricultural Extension Division
is endeavoring to awaken them to the
importance of attempting to farm nc
more land than they can handle well.
The division believes that, with bet
ter tillage and a judicious rotation of
crops, together with an equipment of
live stock to supply fertilizer, the out
put of Northwestern farmers can be in
creased, and the fertility of the soil
restored to, and maintained at, .its
original strength
Typerwritter supplies at the
Tin? Unique lias a liig program
on every night.
«BrL S
Only One Successful Method of Pre
venting Disease.
Dr. Niles, of the United States Bu
reau of Animal Industry, says that a
large numl! of nostrums have ec-r.
advertised as "sure cures" for lio^
cholera, but that not one has stoo'.l
the test Some have occasionally been
used with s* r-n.ingly good results hut
when tested farther they have failed,
No drug so lar has been discovered
which will CHIP or prevent hog chol
era. The only successful method ol
prevention the use of hyper-immune
scrum, through hypodermic injection
This was i.'-.-i used, the doctor say?, at
the Iowa Experiment Station, in a-'
•xperimentri] way with such favorable
H'-sults as to warrant a continuance o!
expei imenta'ion. These experiments
have been continued with such suc
cess that the serum has come to be
regard! as almost a specific in tin
prevention of the disease. Also in
many cases it works a cure when a
mild form of the disease is present.
But the doctor does not as a rule rec
ommend the use of hyper-imn'Une
serum when the hog Is sick.
Jessie Morrison la Pardoned.
Leavenworth, Kan., Sept. 29.—Jessie
Morrison, convicted slayer of Mrs.
Clara Wiley Castle at Eldorado, Kan.,
ten years ago, has been pardoned by
Governor Stubbs. The slaying of Mrs.
Castle, a bride of a few weeks, and
the subsequent trials of Jessie Mor
rison attracted attention from all parts
tit the country.
ine|Lnited rlay|Company (Inc.) presents
the Pearl of Dramatic Purity
An absolutely novel aud thoroughly uncon
ventional dramatic production with music
In presenting "The Climax" Manager
Seatsgon [Sale, LMonday,
'Oct. 7Q
Musical ITheme by Joseph C. Breil
It was the talk of New York City. It will
be the talk of this city,
TheoBiggest Success in Years.
Kelly of the Sisseton Opera House is
giving the public something unique in
theme, rich in quaint humor, illustrated
fcwith music that consistently belongs to
the situations in which it is placed.
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New York state's political conventions are attracting much attention just now. the Itcpublicans witnessing (he battle for
(*mnni*nrv nliu ipinim .A.v.. i'U*
Chandler Harris and ded.cate it as a memorial to the author. St Patrick's cathedral in New York city will be consecrated during a week's celebration.
a 1 I I O O I
We have some heavy obligations to meet AT ONCE,
anil we wish all who owe us would please call and
settle. do not very often ask for money, but we
need ALL thatjs coming to us NOW. Will you help us?
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Tinning line don't forget that there is an up-to date shop 3
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C. L.PRESTON, the Plumber
Licensed City Plumber.
Suuct Maculia tin DM MIEN Uda papar tba beat opportunity
af tha raw
Review or Reviews sa.ooi
Mo'j nasi), Doora, Iliiruls,
Lirnc. ct'irjert, ami larri Wall 1 Master
Sisseton South Dak
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Pears, Plums, Peaches
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For Canning. The Season is getting
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JTbeMewill, Sisseton iD.j
»n for
'"1 f*' "tot baoutMM premium,a Atm book
illustrated In turn colon with US Wcatora Tiawa.
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