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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, September 30, 1910, Image 5

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"!i:iii1 ii-l••!•
at the mill.
IHoDiug pictures
of Current (£re
Social. t, t. 7th
See 1li' change in Miss Meruit
(»ii* shoes aiv tlic best.
01 in ..V Co.
Mrs. Ole Pearson was in
citv the first of the week.
A beautiful line of Souvenir
Glass Ware for sale at the b'ed
Cross Drug Store.
Pierce Fgan has sold the Ta
gns. (North Dakota' Mirror. Ib
is now cashier of the bank there.
32 cents a bushel for good oats
at the feed mill.
Calendars! Calendars The best
in the west at the Standard Of
fice. come in and see them.
Miss Mr'^uilloii s, ln-ad quart
ers for all the latest in hair
"Waleticlk it Pints store
business visitor in I he city, Mon-
Remember the Social on the Till
of October, starting
of Ilarvev lirown.
1 1
C(T Kinstlscopls- Views of {fie Lsaai Happenings ef th
at' tli" home
Dr. Fri .Mcl'onabi has moved
his office np to Ma!da:i
store. See his advertisement els.
.M rs. Dr. lirown. assist, by
Mrs. Ivar Stadstad nt rtaip.-d
the ladies of the P'resbyterian
church. Wednesday after-m-on.
.•\b-.in !*••-?'. 'ladies present
and enjoyed 1 hospdaiei'ly.
L'ttle Ifnt P.rehnic and Ma.ion.
lirown acted as f'ow. yr's am!
pivsenl ud eai-h one wit a .
(jllet of pausies.
Mrs. (1 'I'.rien, who has in eii
here from llak'er. Montana,
Standard ails pay try them.
The rniqiif lias a big program -fhcorn I'.-dae... v.-.-k at
011 every nio'lit. ^[itchfll.
'Miss Vera Spackman has bfcii
on the sifk list this week.
Mrs. llalvor Oieii was shopping'
in Sissfton. Friday.
Andrew Fnckson was a pas
senger to Milhank. Monday.
Don't forget the wateh, Hoys.
Olson Olin & Co.,
o2 cents a
•rood oats
Messrs. Tom and ('has. Jlrilee
were down from F: fingt Sat-
I-'. F. .laniesf of Peever was a I |•„t|,
friends welcome her home and
well as
lion .1,
so'-n he
For ilie right things in
hats go to Hums & Woll.
t!i of Of
Big Sofia] on tin
He sui'f and come.
Oeorge Baxter came up from
AVilmot. Wed.nesda v.
I'll 11 i-in a Oraigo of Wilmot
was in the evidence in Sisseton,
.lames Dougherty. the versatile
a net ioneer, of Drowns Valley wr
in the city Tuesday.
Capt. Kelly eanif up from Pee
ver to take in the show, Monday
Suits just to please yon at
prices from $r).DH to iji I"I Olsoll
Olin & Co.
AY. -I. Thomas spent tin- moST farming north of town has mov
0! thi'. week in the Twin Cities,
O. T. Kliasou who lias br^n
into the city
Mr. and Mrs. .Joe Class and
Mrs. Will rr were down from
Kffington Saturday.
Felix Hill, wife and sister-in
law, autoed down from Eddy the
first of tile week.
0. P. 1-iask came home, Tuesday
evening, from a trip to the south
ern part of the state.
Mrs. Frank llieks and Mrs. An
dy .Murray returned from a visit
with relatives at Brit ton. Tlmrs
Mrs. llaHspu. of Minneapolis,
has been, in the city this week
j'-ok «ng a .-r I„,r pn.perty intci-
liuieli improved by a c-nt «-..:it "as 1l,e
of paint on the exterior. j^ -\n.i™.
a W a
harl.es bonder eimn- up lion,
.. •, the citv. edncsuav called here
tPeever, Mondav. win-re lie is
,, »I the serious illness o! Mrs. (i.
running a thresh ins.' nir.
"Mrs. Fred Howman and da-utrh-
Minneapoli. Saturday evening.
M''s. Kout/ and liftF .siting her daughters. Miss Thcr
danglit-r. of Vebleii. was vi.s |ing and Mrs. Art'iur Olson, left
al (trandpa Stevens. Sunday and .Thursday for California, where
Monday. js!)t. j]| spend the winter.
Mrs. A. I). P.riUon. o- -/.I.TTTT- want your fall business. If
do. arrived in the city Sunday
entertained the
Doll't forget tile progressive
r'hanl icieer Social, (let. I'll start- Mr. and Mrs. C. il. Habcock
ing at the Harvey lirown home. and .Mr.and.Mi
]n!|,„ran church at
her home four miles northwest of
Sisset oil
killson where they took the Sou
I for ('ulbertsoii. Montana.
Mr. and Mrs. liatson have beell
in the cities this week purehas
I )rutr 11 i.
ing new goods
Si OCe.
we do not get it you will lose
night bv automobile, called here money and wi will lose money
bv the serious illness of her jStavig Hi'os.
daii2h1er. Majorie. She reached
1 1 S A nre «.
'Mllbank too late to get tile Sis-]
that this will take up all due .. Massing]:am & Prindiville, Auc
a ich iV Hi li,ne moxed,
bonds and ouistamiing wair.
,, •, their hardware ami harness de
upon which lie- eitv pa., nig Saturdav. Oct. 1. --Iohn Swan-
ia rt ne ni |.i tn I. a s. -111 wlnre I ...
per cent, and ace the citv on Ir rg. oilers tor sale horses, tarm
ai •,-
Football to-morrow,
II. L. Spaek)i aii ttend and take some part *n the
tic liac-kel
Mrs. Lunde. who has been vi-
'ieavine no si ones unturned in I .... ..
Si toil tram but receive.i a nies- ,. (Rev. K. ahefirnr, pastor.)
-i imaKine a aom: road over tie*'
to cornea as the child was! i- Morning service at
lulls to tin* Mvsl. (H
Tn another column of this pa-i ted with Sty !••-'ra t't this season.
pir apjiears the advert'isenienl tor. These garments are in "It l'avor 7
bids for s-|i).iiuii of refunding |, smart ly dressed women. For' AUCTION SALES
bonds for the city. Il is estimate"
]|. ),y Stavig iii'os.,
fji't. ..
low. I In* tru'l is s*»ni• Jm• t• :00 p. in., (.ln'istii'U! jMidcHvor.
but still in a critical condition. j1 I Sunday School at 11 :4~ a. in.
It will pay yon to get aeipiain- j/pV,-ortli l.eogiie at 7 a:o p. m.
of IVcvt-r. is
in town lo-day.
See "The ''itiiax" at the Opera
I louse Friday. ()et. 7th.
T. F.-dg.- wi'iit down to Monte
video, hi.- obi lionie tin's Week to
a1 t'!nI a coiiIity fair.
I have secured the agency fur
the Internal iona! Dairy maid
the International Dairy Maid
Ci'i am Separator and have ore
display at my I ating. Plumbing
and Tinning shop. C. L. Pn ston
Siss ton. Aug. 1!»
I ill lie ready to organize my
class in music, Oct. .'!. and would
like to liii-i-t all illOse who desire
to study music, I haw had many
.vein's of experience aud am \vi
lilted for the v.'oi'k,
LOI'IS]-: i:.\'.\'i':ii
lxooins at Commercial I Intel.
"What In lr.e 1= daik.
Illumine whit Is low. raise and support
That to the height of this gre.v. argu-
I may ass'-rt eternal I'rovhlenoo, [iT.ent
AnJ Justify ths ways of God to men."
(Kev. Nelson Tragitt, Rector.)
K|iiseo]ial Services Sunday Oct
2nd. in tin- Onild Hall as follows
1U:-'!I a. m. Holy Communion
and sermon.
12 Sunday School
7:30 p. m. Evening prayer and
Pure Gospel preaching. No sen
sationalism. Seats free. All wel
There will be a meeting of the
Ladies Ouild and the lady mem
bers of the congregation at the
Hall. Saturday afternoon Oct. 1,
at -1 o'clock. All the ladies are
urged to be present.
vIiev. J. Cliristianson. pastor.)
10 30 a. m. regular morning ser
11:45, Sunday school.
S :0i1 l']\'ening Services
b'ain hindered many from com
ing to the services last Sunday,
but stiil the attendance was very
trood. The real value of such a
lillllv Day will lie seell by its ef
fects later. Let us make every
Sunday a church day. and see to
iit hat we all rally to lie ser
•'vices of the church and/ We will
be sure to get more outi of life,
and be,able to contribute more to I
tile rue life of ot he! s.
nr Christian Fndeavor conse
cration meeting will be held nex
Sutnlav evening. liesmv 1o at
Aberdeen Presbytery will lileet
at Leola. next Tuesday evening,
and the Synod of South Dakota
at Aberdeen next Thursday even
ing. The Synod is precceded by
a Sunday school institute which
opens Wednesday evening.
(Kev. K. N\ Rudic, Pastor.)
ld uo .Morning Services
12 dil Sunday School
i:-I•") Lutheran League
7 4o Evening Services
Service in Lake view church
at :i. p. in.
I Methodist,
,ior League at 7
11. have a inc.- lignt and rooni ...
a cash basis. ... ,, inaeliiner\. oats and other articles
her daughters and other friends, plumo-r Having rai. -i ,d y-.t. ''A story that plays on the
exp.-rieiice in sniiiiar\ plum mig 1,
MIN. A. A. Peterson retui iied .%11(i illlf wat.-r and steain heat- .ipj,ii4.tl to '•The Climax" iy a
from Rochester. .Minn. 'I nesuay :n^r ,|
evening. She is leedng '"I,, '-'''''die all work inthis iim-.. goers M-ill realize the truth of
but is still weak. Ib-r niitin nms
I: t''
A. -I. Kilness, of Kffington, was M"ndav. Oct. —1 j.-i-t Williard.
a caller, at the Stain.lard oll.ie'iwo and "lie half miles south of!
Wednesday, and In- (lii.ln lorget sissetoii \\ill offer at public aiic-l
to leave some peiige at tin.' b11si- ion. horses, cattle, and household,
ii-'s oi lee ioi* aiioi her \"ears sid' -. ,i)(|s. Sab* commences at one
s.-ription, o'clock' p. m. I'sual terms.
a 11 pui'ehases (.»! the
C-.ldeii Uuie thing Co.. and
,. (hat heard .fiii picture and
ram. valued at with every
on cash purchase.
Not ic.—
the past week looking .after ln-r
farming interests return home, i'"1
Saturdav via St. Paul wh'-re slie pos t."ii
ii ,.' ic line a unib r.' and heat in*.
will remain a week isit mg
Toe 'lass. Auctioneer.
Wednesday. Oct. •". Yf. If. Ob
on. will sell at public auction 2"
roils W "st of Kffington. Iior
farm machinery, poultry, and
wish to announce j,,,nso-hhl goods. Sale commences
.!• iliat wi. ar.- now 11 shar|i. Fsnal terms,
to handle any thing in
'The Climax"
in our line give usaeall and we jody-plav is presented at the Sis
•. 11-. 1 ii-v to com inee you that we jSi-trill Opera House next Friday.
.11 a sat is- let. Ttli.
,-t strings" is the description
fuilycompet. ut to hau-, ,,t(.(i Xew Vork critic, and local
jni_r ny work dom-
this ]in(1
-when the charming mel-
.av.—Voiirs 1'rcstoi and Seats on sale at the Red Cross
Drug store.
picked over.
N2 I
A. A. PETERSON, ManaGer.
i'wr\' tU'pai rmonr
'.wry artici.
in this -tore
|f you noed an oyorront or a suit, a skirt or cloak
or a new fur, it will be easier to select now while
every department is crowded to its utmost capacity
then after a while when every tiling will be more
S7» 5
You are always welcome tit our store if you
need anything come and look at the style a
our prices anyway. Satisfaction guaranteed or
The Cliamx" Opera House Friday
Hi1 assorniii'iit
now cnmiili
!:iii'.ihe vmi will Inn
H'tV 11 11 SI! li lVlU'l'MMlfS
111 lfs 11 \V 11 Wit U!' lik'il t) sorv I fii til'.
puMic, Icslc.l for 1:ii ir imrnosr. hniitrht
with 1 liar i'lca. sold mi that utitlerstauulnir
You May Find What You Want Later
But This Is A Good Time To Bay RIGHT NOW
lo not
We Dress
Remember with every $25.00 cash
Purchase we will present you
with a Beautiful Picture and
frame valued at $2.50
Golden Rule Clothing Co.
We Cloth To Your TasLe. Not* Ours
We talk quality ancl give it
Advance Clothes have Quality
Style and fit, they contain
all wool fabrics and beautiful
Prices less than elsewhere
iisseton, South Dakotd

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