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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, October 07, 1910, Image 1

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School Notes
Black and yellow:!
Sis Boom Bah.!
Nineteen KloVol)!
Mali! Mali! Mali!
WJmt's that
of tile lligli
Thursday and
Mr. Croal.. of
Sisseton, So. Dak
Capital Stock, $50,000.
Surplus and Profits $15,000.
Total Deposits $462,694.33
Total Assets $566,906.34
Do Your Business With The
Largest And Strongest
Bank In Roberts
new te
in tin
/Why. that
t!iat was ii
Monthly tests
V. P.
occupied the
School students
Friday of last
lie Courant has
given a years subscription to the
'cie:iti*!- American to the High
A new freshman, .Ralph Thur
ston, entered school .Monday. Our
number is now .fifty-two.
Anna Mikelson, of the eighth
glade, dropped school last week.
Bernard Swanberg anil .Mabel
IVdei-son are the new members
in the sixth grade.
Well. well, we supposed that
the Xophomori had left all their
gl'eellcss to tile Fresh ios. but did
Hot we see a horse try to bite!
one of them the other dav.!
aspar Kennedy, our former
post-master has kindly offered a
lji'iz" of ten dollai-s to the High
School student -who writes the
I'est oration. This will be known
^s the Kennedy Knglisli Prize.
We certainly appreciate the inter'
To The
An exchange truthfully says:
It the young people who live in
tlie country could get a,n inside
ot city life, they would per
ps be more thankful "for and
contented with their lot, Every
•lU'iiue ot trade is over crowed
"d there arc thousands to-day
men and women seeking ein
l' .\merit and thousands of hard
peoj)le who receive a
'-ie pittance in return for their
0 1 A
employes in the city
as lnucli as almost any
man can make by farming
"'any of the clerks who try
ite such a sensation by
'J seeming polished ways, fin
dignified airs when
0 1
down from town to
iT, their country cousins get
ough to keej soul and
together—a mere flimsy
918 Sisseton Schools
The following books have been
added to our library lliis week
Luck of Roaring Camp, by Hert
llarte. Life of Joan,' of Arc. Life
of Cromwell. Daughters of the
A case of twenty seven bottles
of grain, showing the different
stages in the liia.nufacttire of
breakfast foods was received lYon
the (Quaker Oats Company. The
school is very fortunate in pro
curing this collection, for it i.s
usually sent to larger schools.
Our foot-ball 1ea.ni has been
challenged by Brittoii to play a
i-'.^iie there Saturday, October S.
-i the boys are able to jiroeui'e a
leans of transportation they wij
"'•••I'Pt lie challenge.
Tile boss of the sixth grade
have subscribed for the Ameri
can Hoy, for use in their room.
Visitors this week: Mrs. I'rest
wiclv. Mrs. .I orgellsoll. .Messrs.
S a a a I t
ei'soll, ot tile school hoard, Mrs.
Robinson and da light er. Miss
lYarl Robinson.
Huy your clothing at the Coi
di'll Rule and receive that pic
ture. One picture with every
*2.")."ii is11 purchase.
Typerwritter supplies at the
show with no prospects ahead of
anything better. Voting man,
slick to the farm .-awhile longer.
Hilly Bounce, of the Shopper
Xews of Watertown, does not
propose to do the pointel'-plIp
act. He says: "The state game
law wi" nrobabl.v be amended by
the ligislature next winter so that
hunters will not be allowed to
use either pointer or setter dogs
while hunting prairie chickens.
There will not lie iitfiny shot by
the editor of the Saturday \c.vs
if we have 1o tramp tlieiu up oul
of the irras.s. The farmers can
[keep the chickens so far as we
are concerned if this amendment
lis attached onto the game law.
If one can't use dogs in hunting
chickens it takes all of the sport
out of the game.
32 cents a bush' for good oats
I at the feed mill.
1 T! 11 ieh in
I'vei'v cornel'.
Ast, Cash
est he has shown in lis and hope
iie will not disappointed in
tli" results.
Yes. we lost 111' foot-hall game
with Beardslcy, 2.")—(t. but the
boys played a fine game from lie
ginning to end. The opposing
team was milch heavier than our
bo,\-.s and they did not play an
absolutely I 1 gallic. We hope
lor, and expect better success jII
the future tjian we have had in
Ihe past.
Tcuious lirice TiiiC.—feiiJikcspc
Tribune Tour
k. Satui'da\
I'f'iiahilily run
tv horse puwi
M'il I I'll 1-
I nv 1 Dry in win ri
iif or tij' lie Tribune,
lor tin* rnn. wns in 1
rdft'ii al :iliout 1 :{0.
irs liove in sight tl
i'Iom'Iv hniifhi'd
('orliin am
drove around to the ('ominereial
Hotel, The rest of the contesting
ears, numbering'in all 1weiity-oiie
with eight or ten non-contesting
cars, follwed within an hour. The
cars all reached here without mis
hap. William Bolger, driver on
'i" Chalmers car, contestant Xo.
16. received word at Morris that
his wife was dying, so he left to
return home The car continue
he run under a new driver.
I At Sisseton the) tourists were
entertained to a game dinner,
wild ducks were served to the
guests at the Commercial hotel
reception here was cordial.
The first contestant cars pulled
out again al 12 o'clock. The
tourisls saytliat 111e roads thus
tar have been good.
To 1 lie Aberdeen Xews .Mr.
St ei l.ma II. said "Hetwe
,. ''''''Hon receive numbers
and Sisseton. the automobile nielli. ,i \\,.,»i,
had gone over the roads and
pickedup all ihe stones, and also
smoothed the rouu'li spots in the
I roads, so they were much better
Ithaii when Ihe pathfinder selec
ted the route. There is si .."ill! I
jll'Oiiliv offered to the colliltv ill
ieh 1 he best roads a iiroun
ed. by lieauiomobile dealers'
inncapnlis. lie Tribune. ind
'Automobile 'lull.
A-n Old Time Cattlemen jtion for a writ of prohibtion to
... iireveiit the auditor of Dav conn
.Lemnion Signal: Shock Jlall,!j. c,,..,.,
one of the few remaining cow
iiien, was a visitor in Lemnioii
the fore nart of the w-( on his
way to Walker, on the reserva
tion. where lie will load a train
of ealtle for Chicago, lie was
for great many years t'oreina
for the Ainerisan Cattle Company
controlling 1he"S & located
en Heaver Creek. the Bridlebit'
lower Cheyenne river and Die
"'7 O. S" on the north of the
Daddy's Bedtime
The Cow That
Was Lonesome
ADi'V. (lo cows ever get lonesomeV' asUcO Jack as pajui was
in tliinlc of an interesting bedtime story.
"I pness they do. son," ho replied, with a lauuli. "In fact, I once
licani of a cow that was so lonesoi:.e she went all around the farm
looking for some one to piny Willi,
"This cow's name was Bossie nnmpkins, ami as lon.ir as licr sisters and
«-:(hers were iu tlie lot with her she was very happy. Hut oae day they were
sold to a butcher, and she just stood and bellowed alt the time. Finally, no
one paying any attention to her racket, she jumped over the fence and went
looking fin* company. At last she came to two deL'i-ies rompinir in the grass.
"'Oh. l'idn and Gyp." said Bossie Bumpkins, van I play too? Come, I'll
give you both a ride on ni.v back."
"The doss thought this would be great fun. and up they jumped, but a
moment later fell to the ground whining with pain. You see, kiddles, most
cows' backs have a long sharp ridge on them, and Tido and Gyp were most
cut in two. Oh. how angry they were: They called her 'Old Meat Ax' and
chased her up the road.
"Well, when Bossie Bumpkins could get her breath after the chase she
went on and finally to a farmhouse. On tin- steps was a hammock in
which was lying ail ol.l fat-et sor::d ,is'e-p. Bessie thought the old gentle
man locked awfully lone o:::e lying there all alone and decided to awaken him
and ".i gest a game of lag, so she put her horns under the hammock, and the
next moment the old farmer went tumbling out on the ground. When he got
up tie kicked Bessie ten times and chased her up the road.
"Prior lonesome Bossie Bumpkins'. 'Nobody kves me.' she cried, 'and no
body can take a joke. I know what I'll do. I'll g- to school and play with the
"So she marched right into the schoolroom where the children were recit
ing their '.irssons. and how they did laugh to see a cow coine to school. But
I the leacher was very angry, and he took out his ruler and began to whip
19 in—H
in iiu' givat northwest fit that'A
tinii' with 111 It- ii jiri nij from tli
Goshen lliili county in Nebraska.
In (lie l'owder river country. lull is
In* hard iin• i- iif lSMi dealt :i
heavy blow in ilit-iii ii'oin wmi
tlley lb-Vcr recovered, going (Mil
nl business few years later.
.*n. Hail lias many friends especi
illv aimiiitr tin
eld cow boys. tli
writi'i' 1 n• *11«i- (ii)i'. who worked
with him in till- good old da\'.s.
tin' memory of which
Library Report.
lie]tort of the Sisseton
Library for the inonlh ending
September •'!. l!tlO. The library
(was open for the circulation of
books, reading and refereiiceworl
JO days.
The new ivgisteration* were a.-s
follows: it adults and S juveniles
making a iota] of 17.
The total number of volumes
issued was liiT. 14 volumes were
non fiction. 1 he largest daily cir
culation wa# 1J.
whom iiM were children. The
largest attendance on any day
V" The reference workers
numbered 12.
We are glad of the library ami
we hope l-o lie better equipped
in reference material when our
new of hooks come, which
are now lu ing ordered.!'
I The library would lie glad to
t.\ from placing the name of .-I
Ml. Ilctley oil the ballot as a can
didate fo superintendent of
.schools. The application charged
that llellev was not qualified un
der lie law to fill lie place. Tli'
Little Thunder, all in Wyoming.
Tile American Cattle Company
was the largest concern operating
Bossie. Then she lost her temper, ho, for she hadn't missed any lessons or
played hoetcey. and she lowered her head and wen alter the teacher. Von may
be sure tlmt both he and the scholars L'ot out of the room as fast as they could,
and when Bossie found herself alone she was so hungry that sh6 ate up all the
pupils' lunches. Then she began ringing the boil to call the scholars t*»ck
again, but just about this time in walked tier owner, and he put a rope around
ber neck and led her back home. But Bossie Bumpkins did not care. She
badu't had a bit of fun and was glad to get back in her lot again."
asros ()!1H
finding of the court. in effect,
that the (pies! ion of ineligibil
cannot be received until the
ineligible parly tries to take up
ihe duties of the office. The
being a candidate is no ccr
t.iinh thai the candidate wil ever
altempt to assume the duit.es, as
no elect ion nia be assured.
KicIit-'cJ llcr
of ihe Ollllook
anion maga-
L. .McDoiiabi.
Supreme Court Says This Is Not
Time To Decide Candidate's
I'ien-e. Oct. I.—The supreme
court today denied the applica-
One Road.
(Special correspondence.)
I'ilmer iresset is working I'oi
I*. •.lohnson,
Sunday guests
lohnson were Mr.
lohnson and two
.Mr. and .Mrs. And
I vS 1
The First National Bank
Total Daposlts $446,055.81
WenElrgs From iho Harvest of Prollflp Field'
Monson & Loken
l'/Iias .Monson, was in Ihe city
Tuesday from I'iffinglon where
lie has been for the past week,
assisting in taking stock of
the Heito Store which he and
•lolin Loken recently purchased.
Mr. .Monson says trade is good
and wllell they get stocked up
he expeds to do a good business
We helive they will as both gell
ei.ieii w, known and have
had previous experience in the
business, Se,. his A,I in the
al lion,
and Mrs.
ell ildreii
lerson, all
The school board at Wist re
ceived word Saturday that Miss
Adryee Colwell, wlioiu they had
'engaged to teach their school
would be uiialile to so 1 111
I are looking at present t'ora teach.
'.We Benson Went to Welisl or
I' riiiav to spend a few days with
relatives. He returned Tuesday.
•dr. I'M wa I'll Isl'ealsoM Well!
'down by the creel to shoot ducks
hi other day and shot a wolf in-'
stead. Ii was oNifling on a rock
b• (lie water.
Hon. I. .lohnson
Johnson hauled grain
Onstad farm to
•I. O. Johnson took
the southrcn pari of the slate
tor a week's stay. His team was
dri\cii home by his .son Louisn
I who had accompanied him down.
^lr. -Iiin Mathburn, of Webster,
w:^: Ihru here Wednesday on his
w::v 1o the fair al the Agency.
-Mi'.J. X. I'aul. of Ortley. was
buying slock in this locality Wed
nesday and Friday.
suffering from
came down the
am! 111 iinI hi
and -1. ().
from the
•y Friday.
train for
Wilmot Warblintjs.
From the Republican
Mrs. II. Mann, of Sisseton was
a gunst ot Mrs. A. II. Ileveiiei in
thiseity Tuesday and Wednesday.
Miss Lena Jorgensoii of Sisseto
visited at the home of her broth
er. J. O. Jorgenson in 1 lii.s city
Sunday and Monday.
Grant Sands, of Sisseton who is
eeiving treatment from Dr. Harris
I UK MU'ivss of a hiink andthosafi
ry of thv monoy ilcposiifd in it
ilopends upon two thiny
M-.(0.|) in'ninoiim oI ns t.\
tal ami surplu
I I IK oHUvrs of tills hank are n:en
Ionl'" Utnkinir exporitMice and
htyh eharaetei
1 II Uoanl of Directors is unule up
of stteeessfnl business men of hitrh
financial stiuulin
T1IK capital anil surplus is $50,01X1,
ample fur the protection of the de
posits, iiml large enough to enable
us to take care of all the business
entrusted to us.
blood poisoning
first of the week
re a few days re­
Mr. Business Man
''lie Who Would Catch Fish
.Must, Venture The Bait.:—]f you
WOllili get Inn el'S for goods use
the Standard advertising columns
If is the best bait.
The busy season is on and you
'ar. liiably feeling decidedly op
1 In:s
1 M*. We are, because busi
ness is good with us and indica
tions promise a, lively season.
that you cannot afford to disre
Igard this suggestion which will
to your advantage to use the
Standard Printing.
I. ..I
Advertised Letters
Mowing letters remain
aimed in this office for the
ending, (let. 1st. 1!
Boeliin, F. A.
'hurley, rs.
Deer, Miss Mile
.Mr. and .Mrs.
Jrod fi eyspi ing,
I ickman. iss Kthel
I lanson. rs. .Wllie
I logon, r. .Jan. K.
Ilaekinan. Mr. Win.
I lack man, r. R. .J.
Jackson, Mr. Jack
Krist ianson, Frk ingehorg.
Kroo/.a, Mr. Olio
Kerstet.er, Mr. Torn 2 letters
Lovoiidoekor Mr. Math
Norman, Rev. F. C.
Newman, Mrs. Kmma
Nistendirk, Mr. Louis
Labria.s & Kcindv
Stieihiller. Miss Adelina
Tasi na waste win, Minnie
If not called, for within
weeks they will be sent to
dead letter office
When calling for the above
please say advertised.
C. f'. Knappen.
p. jr.
Our family horse, surrey, bug
gy, harness and various house
hold goods.
John C. Perkins
"Rosin Kerosene," the best for
lamps, stoves and incubators. For
sale by Sehindler. Bros.
Call and see the big stock? of
ladies hats and millinery at Burns
& Wolf.
*V. "0-

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