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Mrs. Zehner Lectured
The lectures, which were given
im the Opera House under the
auspices of the W. C. T. U., by
'Mrs. Zehner, of Dallas, Texas,
Sunday afternoon and j-nin,g,
were' listened to by a large and
appreciative audience.
Mrs. Zehner, a finely finished
product of the southeran type of
gentle woman, alert, keen, witty
and vivacious with none of the
antagonistic agrieissiveness which
affect many public speakers, by
heir wonderful personality, the
power of her eloquence, the keen
Bees of heir wit, the logic and rea
sonableness of her statements, the
totai lack ofa,ppeal to passion or
prejudice^ the undeniable honesty
tynirl sincerity of hor motives and
the clear concise amd convincing
way in which she presented the
liquor question from the stand
point of the prohibitionist and
up-to-date progressive citizens of
thiB glorious republic, held her
hearers anid kept them ini sym
pathy with her from start to firn
liaVij when she was cheered to the
Oase Against Alleged Incendia
ries Dismissed On a Technicali
The state lost its case against
Natius P. Petsenger and Malinda
Stuinkard, who were charged in t1
(Moody county court with burning
buildings to defraud an insuramct
company. The judge directed the
jury to bring in a verdict of ac
quital on the ground that the in
surance company which wrote th
policies—a county mutual concern
—had never filed its articles of
incorporation and had no legal
The fire marshal says he had
sufficient evidence to convict, but
none of it got to the jury. Insur
ance Commissioner Bastard says
that while there are many county
mutual companies doing business
in this state only three have fil
ed articles of incorporation!, and
under the ruling of the court
their policies are invalid.
Dr. Hill wishes to announce
that he is again in his office after
being in Chicago for seven weeks
where he?has been taking special
Post Graduate work on the eye,
ear, nose and throat.—41-43
^'™*MW«iEY IN
TN 1623, a copy of Shakespeare sold for $5. In 1886 Oliver
Wendell Holmes was offered th same ok for $4,000.
But had ?5 been put out at compouad interest (4 per cent.)
in 1623, it would have amounted in 1886 to $160,000.
Two Interesting Lectures at the Opera House
Prof. Perisho Lectures
The people of Sisseton who
reached the Opera House Wednes
day evening between showers had
a rare treat when Prat' Perisho, orf
the State University, and state
e* .vc them & *same' «uil
logical talk on the liquor question
from an economic and financial
standpoint showing that the greatf
problem confronting the people
today is the question of sobriety
and that sobriety is synoniomous
with efficiency, and that forma"
tion along the lines of right
thinking in childhood while the
mind is plastic is far more desir
able and easy of accomplishment
than reformation after the evil
seeds of wrong thinking, bad habit
etc., have been sown.
His statements were each amd
all most carefully and conclusive
ly proven by irrefutable statistics
Prof. Perisho is a broad-mind
ed, up-to-date educator of wide
experience, a noted lecturer on
scientific subjects a deep thinker
and a gentleman of pleasing ad
dress and sincerity of purpose
and the people of Sisseton are in
deed fortunate to have had him
with them at this time.
Mayor and Two Commissioners at
Pierre are Under Fire
Recall petitions for Mayor Mai
lory and Commissioners Newell
and Greenough are being circul
ated today. Some time ago tlio
mayor and the members of the
commission filed their resignation
which were accepted to go into
effect of the election of their suc
cessors. A new ticket was1 nom
inated by petition, when the. ma
yor and two commissioners with
drew their resignations. This ac
tion has been followed by the re
call petitions.
Neighbors Meet
The Woodmen hall was the
scene of a large meeting of
Royal Neighbors Tuesday eve
ning, the occasion being the initia
tion of Mrs. W, Larmbee into the
mysteries of the order. After
the regular business of the, camp
was completed the members ad
journed to the dinning hall whew
refreshments were served, and
every on voted it a most satis
factory meeting and delightful
Vol. 18 SISSETON, ROBERTS COUNT\, S. D.. FRIDAY, APRIL 14, 1911—10 Pa-es
Arbor Day Proclamation Equip New Coast Line
Governor Vessey Issues The New Passenger Cars and Engines
Annual Arbor Day
mation for April 21.
Govc.rnor Vesaey has issued the
allowing Arbor Day proclama
"Ill harmony with the custom
well established and now obtain
ing throughout the various states
of the union. I, H. S. Vessey,
governor of the state of South
Dakota, do hereby designate, set
apairt and proclaim Friday. April
21, 1911, as Arbor Day, and re
commend that the people of Soutl
Dakota fittingly observe the same
by planting o,f tvces, vines and
shrubs around their homes, along
the roads and highways, and
about the public c&hool aowl state
"The evident necessity for the
growth and protection of trees
should be an incentive to all the
people of t:h.e state to take an in
to est in the subject and give iit
due consideration."
"The press, pulpit and schools
be especially effective in bring
ing aiboTit tin' desired results, and
I urge upon these several agents
the need for their co-operation in
stahlisiliing a state wide proipagaai
da. tending to devolop a love of
the boaniti,ful im nature, and creat
ing amid fostering in the minds of
our boys and girls, a desire. for
those things which make our
homes more pleasant and attrac
"In testimony whereof 1 ha.
li erennto sat my hasnd and caused
to be affixed the great seal of the
state ofSout-h Dakota.''
Farmers ar.d Business Men of
Brown County to Take Action
The mass meeting called to as
semble at Groton last Saturday
aft(irnoon to voice the protest of
the people of that section' of
Brown county against pending
reciprocity treaty wa-s largely at
tended, and the sentiment of the
meeting was unanimously in op
position to the treaty, the feeling
being that the conditions of the
pact aire such that the northwest
ern farmer will be seriously in
jured, the price of his products
reduced, and the value oif his
lands impaired, should the treaty
receive the endorsement of coiv
gress and become .effective.
A committee was appointed to
issue a call for a convention to
be held in Brown county, at the
court house in Aberdeen, on Fri
day, April 14.
The JMortheran South Dakota
educational association closed a
session, at Aberdeen this week.
Webster was chosen as the meet
ing pln«e for the association, next
JBeing Put Into Service
Puget Sound Company.
Five new all-steel pass.ingeir
ears ol the Chicago. .Milwaukee
& Puget Sound Railway company
came into Minneapolis and went
out again this week three new
locomotives, in service, and west
ward bound, went through Farm
ington. Minn. Every day for the
past week something like this has
been going on and before long
the entire equipment that is to
make up the passenger trains for
the through service from Chic
ago to Seattle, that will start
about May 28, will have been
With 1,500 locomotives, 1,300
passenger and 57,000 freight or
service cars in the total rolling
stock equipment of the Chicago,
Milwaukee & St. Pa.ul and Chi
cago. Milwaukee & Puget Sound,
these newcomers are quickly lost,
among the many. Some weeks
in advance of the biginniing of
operation of the trains they will
be assembled, one-half in Seattle.
The service they are now getting
is good forthem,said F. H. Meyer?
superintendent of the River anid
Iowa and Minnesota divisions,
"and will give them proper bear
ing before tliev go into their re
gular run."
No such extensive preparation
ever was necessary in advance of
the beginning of passenger ser
vice on a ra.ilro.ad as that mad"
by the Milwaukee road. Sixteen
full trains will he needed to keep
up the daily service from eith-.v
end.—Mimneapolis Journal.
Conductor Cinclair to Leave Sis
seton Line
"We lea in that Conductor Cin"
clamr is to be promoted andplae
ed in charge of one of the swell
coaist trains that the Milwauke
road will put on the main, line
Miiy 28th. next. Dave's friends
who have- traveled over this line
for many years past, and there
are hundreds of them too, will
miss Dave's cherry countenance
and friendly greetings and his
many courteous anil kindly acts
and his accomodating ways and
while Dave is just as loth to
leave, us, as we are to lose, hiin,
yet the opportunity for promotion
anil advancement with all its ad
vantages cannot be overlooked.
State News
Federal Judge for South Dakota
A dispatch from Washington
states that the selection of a new
federal judge for South Dakota
was considered at a conference of
the president and Senators Gam
ble and Crawford and at another
with Senator Gamble.
"I believe an appointment will
be made in a short time," saad
Mr. Gamble. "I am still press
ing James D. Elliott, and hope he
will be appointed."
From what could be learned of
what took place, at the two con
ferences it seems that there was
more talk about Elliott than any
other candidate. R-epresenaitives
have been made to the president
that EilLatt has hadveiry close re
latione with the Milwaukee rail
road, and that because of those
relations he should not he ap
pointed district judge.
Senator Gamble devoted most
of his time to an argument that
Elliott's fitness for the place
should not be judged on the basi.
of relations with' the Milwaukee
or any other railroad.
The South Dakota Sunday
School Association will hold its
amiiuiI meeting at Huron 25-27,
in the, Baiptist church.
Commercial club at Webster
has fulfilled its pledge to W. C.
Happe & Son. the projectors of
the new $30,000 theater proposed
for Webster, by disposing of 600
tickets for the opening night at
$5 a ticket, and the Happes are
preparing to proceed with the
construction of the Imilding,
which will be one of the finest ii
South Dakota in a town the si/.e.
of Webster.
Senator Gamble told the presi
dent ihat he lias no second choice
Federal judges usually come
under the head of patronage as
signed to senators, President
Tat't has refused so tar to be,
'united in his catch for informa
tion as to thefitness of men for
the judiciary. For this reason Re
presentatives Burke, and Martin
hav been called into consultation
in this case. Representative Burke
has indorsed Judge Gaffey of
Pierre. Representative Martin
has made no formal recommenda
There are a large number oif
people !ji thenorthwest corner of
the state who would be pleased
to have A. W. Campbell, who wa
judge of thie judicial circuit for
twelve years, appointed to this
position, and we are informed
that Judge Campbell's name is
under consideration, by the Presi
dent. Judge Campbell's friends
are certain that no better man
could be selected for the posi
Court Notes
The U. S. Supreme Court has
rendered a decision which will
prevent manufacturers from fix
ing a minimum price upon their
products*. It has heretofore been
the policy of large manufacturers
of some of the advetiscd special
ties to fix a price for the retail
merchant and insist that he main
tain it under penalty of refusing
to sell hiin more goods. The de
alter the retailer who buys an
article of merchandise can sell it
at any price he. pleases.
The First National Bank
We are informed that the su
preme court otf this state reverse*
the conviction of John DeMarrias
in the circuit court of this, county
The principal question on the triij
was the age of the complaining
vitness, the state claiming that
she was under the age of eigh
teen years at the time of the cam
mission of the offense ami the
defendant claiming that she was
over that age. There w.isi a ver
dict and judgement of conviction
and the defendant) made a motion
for a new trial on the ground of
new el discovered evidence, and
his motion was overruled, amd! the
defendant appealed from such
ruling of the court, aaid the su
preme court now holds that the
circuit court should have, grant
ed the motion for a new trial.
•Judge Andrews vas attorney for
the defendant.
Municipal Court
On Monday the suit of Arthur
Grey cloud vs. Thomas Robertson
was tried, involving the owner
ship oi: a horse. Judge Andrews
being disqualified by reasons of
his having had some previous
knowledge of the fact in the
case, appointed J. J. Batterton,
judge protempore to try the suit.
It was tried and submitted on the
same day and taken under advise
ment. This was all of the work
done at the term except the dis
posing of some cases where partic
were charged with offenses a
gainst the ordinances of the city.
Dupree A County Seat
The special election in the new
ly created county of Ziebach was
held Tuesday and Dnpree was se
lected as the temporary county
Two hundred and forty-seven
votes were polled at Dupree and
the votes at the other four pol
ling places brought the total to
about 375.
First Savings and Trust Company
on the strength of their past reputation for
square dealing, present capable organizati in
and also because of their combined capital
surplus of
The First National Bank
An Important Office
One of the most important of
fices to be filled at the city elec
tion next Tuesday is that of
Municipal Judge. The law pro
vidiimg lor this offjjee- lias given
it am extensive jurisdiction, wheal
compared with the powers hereto^
fore conferred on police and city
I1 ion* instance tus to territory, tlu
jurisdiction oif the municipal
court extends ever the whole
county as well as the city. It
may try and determine civil ac
tions, arriving on contract for se
curing of money only, when the
amount claimed shall not exceed
five hundred dollars which in, fac
embraces a very larere per cent
of differences arriving on con
tracts in a new country such as
ours. For example, very few
farming implements involve a
greater sum than five hundred
dollars. It is very seldom that a
team of horses including wagon
and outfit is sold for more than
and outfit is sold for more than
five hundred dollars.
This court may also, try and de
tor mine all actions for damag
to person or property when t1
amount involved does not exceed
five hundred dollars.
The jurisdiction also includes
actions for penalties given by
statute not exceeding such SUP
also fictions of foreeable entry
and detainer, whether involvi"".
title or boundaries or not. It
may also 1 ry and determine action
t.o foreclcse e. ha,1,1.el mortgages
and other linns on. personal pro
perty, wherein the relief does
exceed five hundred dollars.
The court shall have criminal
jurisdiction to try and determine
all cases of misdemeanor commit
ted within the county, concurrent
with county justices, where pen
alty does not exceed a fine of
one hundred dollars or imprison
ment not more than thirty days,
and concurrent with circuit court
where penalty does not exceed a
fine of five hundred dollars or
one year imprisonment in the
county jail.
In view of the extensive juris
diction of this court it behoves
the voters to evercisei wisdom in
selecting a person, for this place.
They should choose a man not
only learned in the law but with
judicial qualities, experience and
judgment. With such a person,
exercising the functions of such
office the circuit court will be re
lieved of much business resulting
in a great saving to the county at
large, both in money and time
lost in waiting for trial.
NO 42.
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