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Vol. 18
When you HIDE YOUR MONEY are you not always
SCARED? You will act so that people will know you haye
money and follow you, and find out where it is and steal it.
Then you won't have any money.
Besides, money draws interest in our bank and makes
City Election
On. Tuesday the annua] city
election took place and the result
is thait 0. T. Axness was elected
Mayor ov«r O. T. Cahill by a
majority of 91, J. 0. Andrews.
Judge of Municipal Court- over
Thomas Maui by 71, J. H. Mead
Alderman in First. "Ward aver W.
F. (Jar! berg by 16, Julius Aa:finms
alderman in .second ward over
Nils Nelson by 9, Jolm Doyle
alderman in third ward oven
Peterson by 35, and liquor 1 icons*
defeated, by 17 votes, as against
something over 70 majority la/st
year. This makes the fifth con
secutive year for the city to vote
"dry". "While the contest be
tween the different candidates wv
quite spirited and drew out a
total vote of 360, the result is
cheerfully accepted by both the
victors and the vanquished: the
citizens feel that they have dis
charged their duty and are glad
to have the. election out of tli
way for another year, and the
newly elected officers will go in
to power with the cordial best
wishes and support of the entire
What Other Towns Did
Milbank went, "wet." by 16.
Wilmofc "wet" by 14.
Peevefr remains dry''
Groton flopped and wenit
Summit, "dry" by 5.
After two gears "dry" Wan
bay went "W'et" by 13.
Britten got inito the wet column
Pierre changed from "dry to
All the larger cities carried for
license by big Majorities.
Farewell Party
A farewell reception was given
Monday evening by Miss Mary
Morris, at the home of Mr. and
Mrs.Ii. S. Morris, to a party of
intimate friends of Miss Cora
Freeman, whose departure Wed
nesday for Aberdeen was noted
The reception was a very uni
que and pleasant affair. Each
guest on his arrival was given a
card on which was inscribed the
name of some other guest. She
was also supplied! with magazines
clippings, pictures, etc., from
which to select appropriate mater
ial to be used in compiling a book
or biographical sketch of the
guest whose name the card, whicl
was given her on enterance, con
There were many happy hits,
laughable pictures, amusing mis
ups and' much merriment ere the
guests betook themselves to thefiin
Easter Observance
Last Sunday, with its bright
sunshine anl balmy air, was a
truly ideal Easter day. In the
several churches due recognition
was given.
At the Methodist, church an
Easter program which was a very
pleasing onei was given at the lvou
of the morning service. The
church was handsomely dec"
At the Presbyterian elniri-h,
Easter sermons were delivered at
both morning and evening ser
vices, wit.li special Easter music
by the regular morning and eve
ning choirs.
The Sunday school hour includ
ed some special musical numbers
by different classes, and an inte
resting talk by Miss Andrew's, on
the significance, of the day. The
primary classes received sou
At the. Lutheran church there
was mo program, but an Easter
sermon and special Easter music.
A telegram from Washington
conveys the inifo.rma.tion that the
appointment of May A. Knappem
a.s postmasit er ait Siissetoni has beer
confirmed by the Senate. Mrs.
Kniaippen takes this means ot ac
knowledging the friendly assist
ance of heir niamty friends whose,
disinterested efforts in Ilea* be
half secured this position for
Compulsory Self Denials.
"So you think there is good in every
"Yes. sir," said the ready made phi
'How about those fictitious mining
stocks 1 bought?"
"They have improved your habits.
Nothing stimulates personal economy
like bad investments."—Washington
No Step.
Ticket Collector—We don't stop here,
•lr. Montague Swank iwbo has just
given up a ticket)—Stop where? Ticket
Collector—At the pawnbroker's.—Id*
don 1L A. P.
The Retort Courteous.
This is the sort of conversation one
overhears between newly married
Him—Oh, I'm tired ot bearing about
jonr brother Bob! Shut up about him!
One would think be bad all the manly
Her—Well, he may not be such an
angel as all that, bat he Isn't such a
fool aa yon are.
Him—You bet ho isn't He's a
bachalorl—Cleveland Plain DMlsr.
Slip ^tBBPtmt ntwklg'$fmtiterd.
Commissioners Proceedings
Sisseton, S. D., April 4, 1911.
The Board of County Commis
sioners met in regular session.
Members present, M. L. Sateren,
Harry Graiibois, M. L. Mickelson,
S. L. Remiuid and John eland.
On motion. Ralph Metcalf was
appointed Deputy Game Warden,
i.o look i'.J ler the saining of cer
tain fish in Lift Stone' Lakes upon
contract issued to E. N. Morrill of
Ortonville, Minn.
-Motion made that the Koad
Petition of the tax payers of Nor
way Township, asking for an aip
propration of $100.00 to be ap
plied on the section line between
sections 16 and 17, be allowed.
Motion carried.
Motion, made that the Bridge
Petition of the tax payers of
Bossco township, asking for two
bridges tove 16 feet long eacli,
ami to be located as follows1 one
to be on the section line beitweei
section 13 of Bossko Township
and section 18 of Enterprise and
one to be loeated on. the section
line betwen setion 13 and section'
24 Bossko Township, be allowed?
Motion carried
Motion made that the Petition
of the tax payers of White Rock
township asking for a culvert for
the section line between sections
8 and 9 of said Township, size
•of culvert to be 48 inches in
diameter and 24 feet long, be al
lowed. Motion carried.
Motion made that the Petition
of Garfield township asking for a
county Bridge on the section
ilne between sections 9 and 16, be
referrd to Mr. Commissioner Re
The Bridge Petition of the tax
payed* of Ortley township and
Ortley Village asking for a bridg
for tlie road running south of
Ortley Village on the quarter line
between the Northwest qua rt
and the northwest quarter of s*c
tion 29, Ortley township. On
motion a eulvert 6 feet in dia
meter and twenty feet long was
Motion, made that the Road Pe
tition of the tax payeirs of Gar
field and Geneseo townships, ask
ing for an appropration of $200
for a grade on the section lino
between section 6 of Gen'seo
township and section 1 of Gar-
field township be allowed^ -Mo
tion carried.
The Bridge Petition of the t«.x
payers of Lake township asking
for a bridge on the section line,
between sections 11 and 12. .Mo
tion made that the Petition bo
referred to Mr. Reanund, to put
in either a culvert or a bridge as
he sees fit.. Motion carried.
On motion the Board adjourn
ed to April 5th. 1911.
Attest:-!. A. Ray, County Auditor
Signed, M, L. Sateren,'Chairman.
Sisseton, S. D. April 5th, 1911.
The Board of County Commis
s'.nn rs met as per adjournment,
all ot' the Members present as on
previous day.
Motion made that the Koad
and bridge Petition of the tax
pavers of Summit township be
referred to Mr. Mickelson, and
that he is to report at the next
meeting ox Hie bunrd.
The Affidavit of L. O. Brain
ard asking for a refund for tax
sab' certificate No. 168 and Sub
sequent tax receipts. The land
having been Government, land at
the time of said tax sale. On
oi ion said refund was granted
wil 7 per cent interest.
The Affidavit of H. L. Harvey
asking for a refund of $1.00 for
a dog that, he did not own. On
motion said affidavit was re
The affidavit of Arthur Ains
worth. asking for an abatement
of his taxes on one piano in Sis
seton City, the piano having been
assessed twice. Amount of the
tax is $4.20 and interest. On mo
tion an abatement was granted.
The Affidavit of Minnie D.
Wilbur, asking for a refund of
$1.00 for an illegal assessment of
a dog assessed in One Road town
ship. On motion a refund
ordered for one dollar.
The Board of County Commis
sioners adjourned at 2 P. M. as- a
board of County Conunissioneirs
and met with the Superintendent
of Schools as a board of educa
tion, for the purpose of hearing
school petitions, for division of
School districts.
The petition of ten or more 1c
gial voters of Lawrence School
district asking for the segrega
tion of sections 4-5-6-7-8-9-16-17
and 18, from Lawrence township,
school district, and that said se
gregation section be known as th
Peetver Independent school dis
trict. On motion sections 4-5-6-7
8-9-16-17 and 18 be segregated
from the Lawrence School dis
trict and that said section be
!UMWII as the Peever Indepenr
dant school district. Motion car
The petition of thirteen legal
voters of Sisseton and Long Hol
low school districts asking that, a
school district be. -established for
Sisseton and Long Hollow scliccl
districts, to be known as the Sis
seton and Long Hollow Union
school districts, to be comprised
of the following quarters and sec
tions, S one-half. sec. 7, S one
half sec., 8 and all of sec.,
17-18 and 19 and] N one-half sec.
20, be segregated from the Sis
seton School district and all of
sections 1-12-13 and 24 of Long
Hollow school district. Motion
made and seconded that' the petit
ion be rejected. Motion ca.rri.ed.
The Board of Education ad
journed at 5 P. M.
Attest: J. A. R/iy, County Auditoi
Bonnie Andrews, Chairman.
The Board of County Commis
sioners met as a board of County
The bilLs of the Citizens Na
tional Bank for $23.70 and Henry
Hagen for $16.90 for Court Script
On motion were allowed.
Motion made and seconded tha
Mr. .1. O. Andrews be appointed
Municipal Judge of the Cit.v
Sisseton. Roberts County, South
Dank-fa, for the unexpired term
1911. and until his successor
Elected and qualified. ,\lot:
The Official Bond of ,T. O. An
drews, as Municipal Judge of
Sisseton City with O. P. Rask
and N. IT. Miller as sureties foir
$5,000. On motion was approved
The Board adjourned to April
6th. 1911.
Attes1: J. A. Kay, County Auditor
Signed: M. L. Sateren, Chairman.
Sisseton. S. D., April 6, 1911.
The Board of County Commis
sioners met as per adjournment,
all members present, as on pre
vious day.
The Board went as a body to
the Poor Farm, to look over th
ground, figuring on building a
grninery a.nd a. machine shed, alw
looked over the farm in regard
to the drainage proposition.
On motion the. Board
to the 7th. day of April, 1011.
Attest1 J. A. Ray, County Auditoi'
Signed: M. L. Sateren, Chairman.
P'i^ooton 7th, 1D13
The Board of County Commis
sioners met as per adjournment,
all of the members present-
Bills were- allowed or rejected
as follows1
Bonnie Andrews, postage,
express and office sup
plies, $ 51.37
Educator School Supply Co.
office supplies 11.40
Andrew Mairkesett, scalp
affidavit (wolf) 2.00
Albert R-amo, scalp affi
davit (wolf) 4.00
Hardy L. Gilbert, scalp
affidavit (wolf) 2.00
Cit.'zens National Bank,
Court Script 388.60
Burns & Wolf, rndse. fon
Poor Farm and Court
House 7.70
E. J. Turner, salary and
Expense for first quart
er, 1911 355.10
was Cora Freeman, one-half
of the expense for service
The Affidavit of Gust Thurstor performed as short hand
asking for an abatement of $29.4c I reporter in Municipal
for an over assenient of $716' Court 3.00
Personal Property in Sisseton Hewitt Bridge Co., Steel
township. On motion an abater' Bridge as per contract 520.00
ment of $29.43 was ordered. Golden Rule, mdse. '"for
The bill of the First National Poor Farm 11.94
Bank of Sisseton for Court Script
for $288.20 was allowedt. (Continued on fourth page)
-JW-V *j+*° -ft* «lr "yf-s- »,
The First National Bank
Dakota's Jubilee Year
Anil The
First Savings and Trust Company
Celebration at Yankton in June.
on the strength of their past reputation for
square dealing, present capable organization
and also because of their combined capital
surplus of
The First National Bank
hTe celebration of tin Fiftieth
anmiiiversary of the birth, of the
Territory of Dakota, the anniver
sary of an event that marked the
beginning of the most important
epoch in the history of the-great
Northwest, will lie held with ap
propriate observances, beg.iniii'i:iiig
Monday, June. 11, 191], and con
tinuing throughout, the \v*iel, at
Yankton, the first capital of the
Terj'iM.orv of Dakota and whero
Lewis and Clarke over a, century
ago held thir first council with
the Sioux amd unfurled our Na
tional Flag for tlie first time ovur
South Dakota.
The meeting is to be largely a
galliiering of early I'ioineens and
there will be ample oppontuiriiity
to got in close communion w.ith
old-tiime friends and seem and
occasions that have, lain do.manit
for years, and to regale, oneself
mimajKeenees, also to- take part in
with pioneea* xpericnces and rtv
the excellent addrsses and fest.ir
Commencement Hxerci/ses at
Yankton College will aliso be
hold during the week, and will
bring to the. city a,number of
famous Educators and public iriei
whose speeches promise a
bundanee of imit-elleictual enter-taiim
ment. of th bst type, this helping
make the. occasion a memorable
"Pike's Peak or Bust"
David V. Bush, of Kansas City,
delivered his inimitable lecturi
"Pikes Peak or Bust, to an appre
ciative audience at the opera
house last Friday evening.
The trend of thought present
ed in the lecture was the import
ance of a right choice of occupa
tion and unconquerable persi
vance in following it.
Mr. Bush is an able amd charm
ing impersonator and the lecture
was interspersed with interesting
and humorous anecdotes and
chairacter sketches.
Mr. Bush also gave an ex
cellen.t rendition of "The Mer
chant of Venice" in the High
School assembly room in the
afternoon. A number of visitors
were present and the reading was
highly appreciated.
We have some fine seed corn
for sale at $3.00 per bushel,
Gordon Bros.
G. A. R. Reception
Reception Tendered N. H. King
man, Commander Dept., of
South Dakota, G. A. R.
Capt,. N. H. Kingman, Ooni
uiiunder of the Dept., of South
Dakota, G. A. R., of Selby, ac
companied by Col. Thomas Fiisch.
Commander of the G. A. R., at
Milbank, and Comrade A. A. East
man and wife, of Wilinot, ar
rived Wednesday evening and
wjiis met at the train by promim
mt members of tlie local G. A.
and escorted to Woodman hall,
where. In. wa« 1,endued a recept
ion by the Post, aistsiisted by tlie
ladiies of John Gibbon, W. R. C.,
No. 70.
There wa« large crowd at the
hall to gireeit the, Commander, as
mamiy who did not belong to
ittier society, aiccepted irwiita*
lions t-0' be present.
Capt. Kingman was the speak
er of the evending and his scnuit
ble, patriotic talk, brimful of his
torical references, and witty say
ings was well and efflthusiiastical
ly received, lie wa.s followed by
a brief instructive talk by Col.
Fisch, of Mil bank, and by storww
and anecdotes, told in his own
illimitable style by Byron Can
field, Commander of our home
Post. Comrade Larrabee sang
"Army Beans" in his best man
ner and tile grand finale of the
program came when the audience
poured out its patriotic fovor in
tho SOng AifM.-tTlua,"
Willi IKS
Hazel Brewster at tlie piano.
Supper was then served rn the
banquet room and much erediit is
due the ladies of the Relief Corps
who Icepit tlie ball of comiversation
rolling smoothly and pleasantly
for the social as well as culinary
success of the affairs, as the, com
rades and visitors with one voice
The local G. A. R., feels much
honored to have had the Dept.
Commander with them and they
have expressed a hope that this
will not be his last visit.
An Announcement Party.
Iiiast Wednesday afternoon
several youinig ladies were invited
to Bollenbeek's parlors to partake
of a farewell lunch with Miss
Cora Freeman. After the re
freshments a box of bon bono
were served, each containing a
ring. A diamond for Miss Free
man had a card attached an
nouncing the nuptials of Miss
Cora Freeman and Mr. Harry
Fluke which will take place in
June. Congratulations weirp then
in oaxler and the entire party ac
companied Miss Freeman to the
depot where she took the after
noon train fior Aberdeen.
..at •», 1

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