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At the Irish seaside resort of Tra
raore, about seven miles from Water
ford, stands a curious pillar surmount
ed by the metal figure of a man. It
was built to enable mariners to dis
tinguish between Tramore bay and
Waterfcrd harbor, but it has another
and more peculiar use. Local tradi
tion has it that if any unmarried worn
m^n succeeds iu hopping round it
three times she will get a husband
within a year. Many women visitors
are attracted to the place to test the
value of the legend.
For a double rescue from a river in
fested with crocodiles Trooper Pat
rick C. McEwan of the Natal police
has been awarded the medal of the Roy
al Humane society.
A boat with four men of the po
lice and a native boy on board was
capsized on Lake Sibayi in North Zu
luland. Two men trying to swim
ashore were drowned or pulled down
by crocodiles, which are numerous in
the river. McEwan managed to reach
land and hastily constructed a frail
raft which he paddled out with his
hands and took the boy ashore.
Again paddling out about 300 yards he
also saved the last man left alive.
When you happen to sit down to
reBt or take notes near a colony of
electric ants, says a writer in the At
lantic Monthly, some wandering hunt
er Is sure to find you and come cau
tiously forward to discover the nature
of the intruder and what ought to be
if you are not too near the town
and keep perfectly still he may run
across your feet a few times, over
your legs and hands and face, up your
trousers, as if taking your measure
mi getting ccixmrelienslve views,
"Center of the Earth** in Pekin
In one of the many temples of Pekin, China, is a great stone which
is asserted by the learned Chinese to be the center of the earth. The temple
itself, pictured herewith, is of graceful shape and highly decorated, and is
one of the sights that the tourist is always taken to see.
then go in peace without raising an
If, however, a tempting spot is of
fered or some suspicious movement
excites him a bite follows, and such
a bite! I fancy that a bear or wolf
bite is not to be compared with it.
A quick electric flame of pain
flashes along the outraged nerves,
and you discover for the first time
how great is the capacity for sensa
tion you are possessed of. A shriek,
a grab for the animal, and a bewil
dered stare follow, this bite of bites as
one comes back to consciousness from
sudden eclipse. Fortunately if careful
one need not be bitten oftener than
once or twice in a lifetime.
The British navy has just taken a
step unprecedented in its history. The
two cruisers Rainbow and Niobe are
to be teetotal men of war, contrary to
all marine traditions.
Grog has always been a part of the
standard ration, being a concoction of
one part rum to three parts water, but
no such luxury Is to be permitted on
the two ships above mentioned. In
the old days. In fact down to 1S30, the
daily allowance to each man was a
gallon of ale and half a pint of rum.
The quantity has been greatly modi
fied, but it certainly never entered any
tar's head that the time was coming
for total abstinence.
During a recent visit to Bridlington,
writes a correspondent of Country
Life, I was much amused to come
across a large goose that had been
adopted as the pet of a small home
in the older part of the town. It fre
quently followed its master on the
pier and in the streets and might often
be seen waddling after him with slow,
measured steps along the country
lanes, sometimes walking eight and
ten miles at a stretch.
Two years ago the live goose was
sent in November for the Christmas
day dinner, a destiny which was never
fulfilled, as before a week had passed
it had become the. pet of the family,
walking in and out of the house at its
leisure. It now often takes its food
from the children's hands at the din
ner table and constantly perches on
the man's shoulder as he sits and
reads. The old bird Is a popular fa
vorite in Iiridlington, where it is well
known by the name of John Willie.
A strange way of cussing is that of
the Corean. His ordinary swear word
is "Oenuma!" or "You brute!" The
Japanese have the same partiality for
this term of endearment. But accord
ing to the Oriental Economic Review
the Corean considers himself espe
cially abusive when he calls a person
his child or grandchild.
When he wants to call somebody
down the Corean demands hotly:
"Are you not my child?" And the
angry retort is: "What! I your child?
You are my grandchild!"
Then the first goes a step further
and cries, "Yoii are a grandchild of
my grandchild!" to which the re
joinder is, "You conceited fellow,
have you forgotten that you are a
grandchild of a grandchild of my
When their vituperation reaches its
climax, the people oJ Chosen at last
come to the occidental standard of
exclaiming, "You grandchild of a
Ancient* Greek Market* Place
The photograph above is of a wan
dering musician of the Bulla district,
British East Africa, who closely cor
responds to the ancient minstrel. He
is the tribal historian and has in his
knowledge all the traditions and songs
of his people, and is held in great
repute and treated with all respect.
His instrument consists of iron keys,
each separately attached to hollow
gourds of varying lengths. The white
mark on each gourd is a hole very
skillfully covered over with the web
of a particular spider, and is said to
add greatly to the melodious sound of
the instrument. The keys are struck
with a stick, and this particular in
strument was In perfect harmony.
.'' ''J.V' v-0'yv Wi',
The Italian Archaeological Mission in Crete has been making some re*
markable and interesting excavations in that island. At Phaestus and
Haghia Triada the excavations of the Minoan palace and the royal villa have
been completed, with the discovery of new important parts of both building*
and that of the Minoan agora, the oldest market place ever found on Greek
soil. At Labena, on the south coast of the island, the Graeco-Roman temple
of Aesculapius with its surroundings was entirely unearthed, while new re
searches have been carried on at Gortyna, near the Pythian temple and (he
Greek agora, and at Prlnia, on the eastern slopes of Mount Ida. The excava
tions at Prinia have brought to light the remains of two archaic Greek
shrines with very remarkable pieces of sculpture of the most primitive style.
What is Going On Here and There
That is of Interest to the Read
ers Throughout South
kota and Vicinity.
Pierre.—Now that the recall on
three city officials has been invoked
here, it may be said that the city cam
paign is on in earnest. To complicate
matters further several candidates are
filing petitions for the places which
are open to election without the recall,
and this may result in a minority can
didate being selected.
The candidates who were first to
have petitions filed were selected at
a meeting in which a number of citi
zens took a part the others in which
a certain other number of citizens
look a part, and each side is attempt
ing to show that the other attempted
to work under a secret caucus plan of
selection. These contests with the
recall, and the license issue promise
to give the average voter of the city
something to either think about, or be
interviewed about a number of times
between now and the ISth ot the
Tim election forecasts for the Black
Hills towns are all 'wet."
The Clark Pilot Review is building
a new office building for its own use.
An explosion of gasoline in a Spear
fish tailor shop nearly destroyed the
The Dakota Central Telephone com
pany has taken its long distance office
out of Langford.
Bert Loomis was arrested at T-Iola
bird for an attempted criminal assault
upon a 9-year-old girl.
II. C. Bockhoven, a Clark county
fanner, has sold over $1,500 worth of
hogs the present year.
The Lead city council and the gas
company have locked horys over the
prices charged by the gas company.
Frank Cottle, who lias been in busi
ness in the vicinity of Wasta for thir
ty years, has sold his general store to
take a rest.
The Watertown News lias heard
that the Milwaukee is thinking of
building an extension from Sioux Falls
to Watertown.
John Steppa was arrested at Sisse
ton on a charge of selling intoxicating
liquors without paying a United States
internal revenue tax.
The 2-year-old baby of Mrs. Ed Bul
lis of Strool was painfully burned
about the right side and arm by falling
against a redhot stove.
The Ladies Aid society of one of the
Akaska churches got busy and raised
funds by which a sweet-toned bell was
purchased for the school house.
Senatr Gamble has introduced bills
for public buildings at Madison, Red
field, Yankton and Vermillion, to cost
$100,000 each, and for a site at Mil
liank to cost $10,000.
Matt Chikehak and others liave
been "lawing" over a valuable tract
of land near Kimball ever since 1887.
Well, last week the court finally de
cided the case in favor of Matt.
The new Catholic school at Web
ster will open on September 1, and
Mother Xavier, who will have charge
of the school, visited the town last
week to make preliminary arrange
ments for the new institution.
Following the declination of Frank
Anderson of Day county to take the
Job, the name of Speaker C. J. Morris
of the lower house of the state legis
lature has been sent in for appoint
ment as assistant attorney to succeed
John Holman, resigned.
At meefinp of \V:i111:ibaseb?-!!
enthusiasts, a club was organized with
A. L. Lansing as manager and A. W.
Bingham as captain. Nearly $100 was
subscribed at the first meeting to aid
in securing uniforms, etc., and a good
team wil soon be in the field.
Contractor Luther B. Jawes of Wau
taga, hearing there was an escaped
convict in the vicinity, hied himself
forth to find the fugitive, single hand
ed and alone. James did not succeed
in locating the man. who had disap
peared from the place where he had
I been hiding, but he acquired a repu
tation for bravery, just the same.
Occupants of the government build
ing at Sioux Falls are puzzled regard
ing what will become of them when
they have to vacate the building in
order to permit the government to
make the enlargements authorized by
congress. The postoffice, especially,
is "up against it," as there is no build
ing available large enough to accom
modate it.
I Charles Davis, better known as
I "Tennessee" Davis, a homesteader in
the ceded portion of the Rosbud reser
vation, in Tripp county, has been
lodged in jail on the serious charge
of shooting with intent to kill Alvah
Peterson, an employe of a restaurant
at Colmone.
Eugene Stough, who ever since the
Newspaper Union has been located in
Sioux Falls, and for that matter for
several years before, has been superin
tendent of the mechanical department
of that institution, has tendered his
resignation on account of ill health.
Aid Is Gratified.
Hot Springs.—The location or the
government agricultural experiment
station at Fall River county by the re
cent congress, and the appropriation
of $10,000 for its dvelopment, Is
most gratifying to the region west of
the Missouri river. The measure was
secured through Congressman Martin's
efforts and is something the whole
western region has been anxious for
since the semiarid region began to de
velopo agriculturally. It is the pur
pose of the government to make this
a "dry farming" experimental station
whereby the people who are settling
in such large numbers all through tho
semiarid region may learn how best
to till the soil, to conserve the mois
ture, what grains are best adapted
to the soil, and in short the govern
ment proposes to do the experiment
ing for the people, thus relieving the
latter of considerable expense and
Tho law proposes that the county
shall furnish a tract of 160 acres, the
soil of which shall be representative
of the county' and the western region
so far as possible, the selection to be
made by the representatives of the ag
ricultural department. Local commit
tees are already at work securing op
tions in various portions of the county
md there is considerable friendly
strife being worked up between local
ities toward securing the coveted
prize. Tho agricultural department
has been notified that numerous tracts
will be ready for inspection as soon
as their representatives may be sent.
It is the intention of the department
to break the entire tract this season
and at once begin the erection of
buildings, so that in another year they
will be ready ot begin their experi
The Benedictine sisters have taker,
charge of the parochial school now un
der construction by St. Mary's Catho
lic church at Aberdeen, and will en
large its scope into a convent as well
as a school. The original plans con
templated a three-story building, but
the sisters will enlarge the dimen
sions of the structure and add two sto
ries, so the building when completed
will be 65x75 feet in size and five sto
ries high. The school will teach all
branches of learning, from the grades
to the academic courses, and the
building will be equipped with a very
complete dormitory, laundry, etc., in
addition to other equipment. The new
school may be opened in September.
The Benedictine sisters have about
175 members in South Dakota, their
headquarters being at Yankton.
Aberdeen has a bad case of base
ballitis. An association for promoting
the national game in that city has
been incorporated with a capital of
A small boy herding on the prairie
near Capa the past week found an old
man by the name of Welch wandering,
evidently lost on the prairie, clad only
in night robe and slippers.
The directors of the Philip Fair as
sociation held a special meeting and
selected Tuesday, Wednesday and
Thursday, September 26, 27 and 28, as
the time for this year's fair.
On Tuesday, April IS, Vermillion
will elect a mayor to succeed Mayor
H. L. Ferry, who has resigned at the
close of one year's service under the
commission plan also a commissioner
and one member of the school board.
At a meeting of tho executive com
mittee of the postmasters' league of
South Dakota preliminary arrange
ments were made for the annual con
vention of the league, which will be
held in Sioux Fails on June 13 and 14.
State Engineer Lea has issued a
permit to John Kessel and Anderson
Brothers to enlarge and extend their
existing irrigating ditch for the pur
pose of irrigating additional lands
Elk Creek valley.
The Masonic fraternity of Huron
entertained representatives from
lodges at Miller, Redfield, Wessigton,
Wolsey and other cities a day or two
since. A large amount of work in the
various degrees was done, and several
new candidates initiated into the
mysteries of the order. Tho work
was don by the Redfield team.
Secretary Novotny of the Commer
cial club of Yankton,has received word
from the Omaha club that twenty-five
members of that organization will be
in Yankton on the 21st to discuss with
the business men of that city the prop
osition of a bridge across the Missouri
river at that point, it being hoped
thereby to make direct connections
with Omaha.
Chief of Police Jencks, of Yankton,
received a telephone message from
Sheriff Arndt, of LeMars, Iowa, re
questing him to watch for a youth of
19 years, wearing a blue serge and a
small gray liat, riding a dark brown
4-year-old pony which £e said was stol
en near Lemars.
J. H. (Jack) Kcenan, one of the best
known traveling men of the north
west, is dead at Sioux Falls of Bright's
disease and heart trouble. He was a
past exalted ruler of the local Elks
lodge and had resided in Sioux Falls
for about a quarter of a century.
The Highmore city council has con
cluded negotiations for the purchase
of a fine waterworks system, which
was installed there a few months ago
by private owners. The city is to pay
$9,500 for the 'plant. The terms of
payment are easy.
Two sisters, Lliza and Anna Leof
fel, of Huron, were killed in a runaway
at Wagon Mound, Mora county, New
Mexico. The girls had been visiting
their father, William Loeffel. and were
awaiting tho arrival of their brother.
Rev. Emory Loeffel of Huron, and his
Women as welt as mew
are made miserable by
TO kidney and bladder trou
ble. Dr. Kilmer's Swamp
Root the great kidney
remedy promptly relieves.
A.t druggists In fifty cent and dollar sixes.
Vou may Have a sample bottle by mall
freo, also pamphlet telling all about It.
AddrcRR.'Dr.'linThor "^CovBlnBrhamton, N. Y.
Rhodie—Say, Joe, dere's one ot dl
best places dat I'se got on me route.
Joe—You don't say!
Rhodie—Yep, dem people always
Suys dere wood sawed and split.
Expert Testimony.
There was not much to be gained
from the witness on the stand, who
seemed to have a wonderful faculty
for holding his .tongue, but the law
yer tried once more.
"You say your boat picked up the
accused at 9 o'clock, 'or thereabouts,'
be' said. "It harf been stated that he
jumped- overboard' nearly an hour be
fore that time. Tell me. Captain
Sampson, how he appeared to you
when you picked him up. If you had
been requirpd to. give an opinion of
him then, what would you have said?"
•"Well, I'll tell ye-honest," said the
captain, when, he had disposed of a
portentlons yawn, "I sh'd've said he
was. one o' the Ttettest men, if not the
wettest man, that ever I see!"—•
Fouth's Companion.
Character Told in Greeting.
Joseph1 .Simms, M." D., In "Physiog
nomy Illustrated,? says:, "The man
who gives you a warm, cordial, hearty|
grasp, looks you straight In the face,
with a pleasant, Ofnen smile, and shakes
your hand up and down, withdrawing
his after a second earnest gentle pres
sure, Is almost without an exception
an honest, earnest and true friend. The
man who gives yQu'the wagging, hori
tontal mill hopper .shake, and lets
slip your hand as if it' were greasy or
oily, will almost certainly be found to
be a selfish, cunning and deceitful
man, ready to sell- yqu the moment he
can realize a dollar."
Causes a Variety'of Ails.
A happy old lady In Wisconsin
"During the time I was a coffee
drinker I was subject to sick head
aches, sometimes lasting 2 or 3 days,
totally unfitting me for anything,
To this allilction was added, some
years ago, a trouble with, my heart
that was very painful., accompanied
by a smothering sensation and falnt
"Dyspepsia, also, came to make life
harder to bear. I totfk all sorts of pat
ent medicines but none of them helped
me for any length'of. time.
I "The doctors frequently told me
that coffee was not good for me but
without coffee I felt as If I had no
breakfast I finally decided about 2
years ago to abandon the use of cof
fee entirely, and as I had read a great
deal about Postum I concluded to try
that for a breakfast beverage.
"I liked the taste of it and was par
I tlcularly pleased to notice that it did
not 'come up' as coffee used to. The
bad spells with my heart grew less
and less frequent, and finally ceased
altogether, and I have not had an at
tack of sick headache for more than
year. My digestion Is good, too, and
I am thankful that I am once more a
healthy woman. I know my wonder
ful restoration to health came from
quitting coffee and using Postum."
Name given by the Postum Co., Battle
Creek, Mich.
"There's a reason," and It is this.
Coffee has a direct action on the liver
with some people, and causes partial
congestion of that organ preventing
the natural outlet of tho secretions.
Then may follow biliousness, sallow
skin, headaches, constipation and final
ly a change of the blood corpuscles
and nervous prostration.
Read the little book, "The Road to
"Weliville," in pkgs. "There's a Rea
Kvcr ml tlie above letter* A new
3tie appears from time to time. They
re genuine, true, And (all of hvnas

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