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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, April 21, 1911, Image 8

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Notice Of Esatftination*.
Notice is hcraby giTiea. that the
rv»rt regular exantiAatioTus for
teachers' Primary, 2nd. and 3rd.
Grade Certificated will be given
in. the Court Room at Sisseton, S.
Dak., on Thursday and Friday,
.April 27 and 28, 1911, bcginnta*
at' the hour of 8:30 clock oil
T&ursday morning.
Examinations for Lite, state
and First Grade Certificates will
ba given, June. 8 and 9, 1911.
Bonnie Andrews,
2t County Supeiriaiteindeinit•.
$100 Reward $1°°-
Tlie readers of litis paper
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Installs Energy—It's Palatable Too
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vice for style, buti in buying
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fte Price
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ed to give you both. It is
sfakqrty .a question of knowing
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torep of each individual. Mak
tifrplryof any of your friend
«to irnun investigated and
thear'willjiiall tell you,| for an
be pleased to lam that tlwre is
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aaimce lias been able to cure
all 1st stages, and that18
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positive cure now known to
mediical fraternity. Catarrh
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giving the patient strength hy
building up the constitution, and
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£aJth in i&t curative powers thai
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Sand far list of testimonials.
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House Cleaning
ff»m Northfield. This farm has
an eleven rooro house heated with
furnace full bascimejit, frame bam
30x40 horse barn additional 16x2C
hog hftuse nearly new, 1,6x30 with
toom o-vephead' for 1200 baskets oi
coin miachiine shed 10x10, ney
woodshed 12x14 with closet in
connection good well and v.'ind
mill, always plenty of water lo
fruit trees and other spiall shrub
bery. About sixly (60) acres un
der high state of cultivation
Farm is nearly all fenced, partlj
with woven wire. Some wood
and probably 1000 good posts
Two telephones and rural mail
delivery. This pride is $6500.00.
N0. 28—120 acres six inile.s (6)
from Dundas about 70 acres
under plow, balance pasture find
timber good 9 room house. 1'irat
floor hard wood, summer kitchen
and woodshed, full basememt, 100
barrel cistern. Basement cow
banu 40x36 with lean-to 14x40
and one 16x36, hay shed 25x50-22
foot posts horse barn 24x32 with
basement and lean-to 20x32
Double corn crib 20x20. Urn
house 26x18 and one new one Ifi
x20 plastered. Buggy shed 16\
24. Stone milk house 10x14, we-1
house. 14x22, geared mill a-ud
windmill. Two Hog houses 16x20.
Farm all fenced and crossed fene
cd, about 25 acres with woven
wire tor slieep and hogs. A fine
spring of water in pa.sture. Price
only $70.00 per acre.
No. 36—240 acres improved
farm, one mile from North field,
two houses, large basement, barn,
carriage house, hen house, hog
house, granary, orchard, shade
and ornamental trees aind shrub
bery. A model home and one ot
the best farms in the county.
Price on application.
No. 72—100 acres, one and one
half miles from Post office oil
main traveled road, mail delivery
and telephone, small house, fair
barn and other buildings Fine
well water, shade trees. This
could be made a very fine sub
urb home, coaive4iii,©Bit to Cliurch
and Schools. Price on applica
Partial List of Lands
Owned and controlled by
No. 41—160 acres, one and one
half miles southeast of City,
good buildings, well and wind
mill, some wild meadow, about 5
or 6 acres of wet, but not waste
land. Partly fenced. A No. 1
stock oi- grain farm. Price on
5fo.21-~-8Q acres farm, 4 miles jnacc heat bam 36x60-15 foot
No. 90—260 acres, one and one
half miles from Northfield, two
sets of fair farm buildings, two
wells and two windmills, some
meadow partly fenced, a No
stock or grain farm. Rented for
one year, on main traveled xioad,
mail delivery, and telephone, so
the advantages of schools is no
small consideration. This farm
can be divided so as to sell se
parately., 100 acres at $75.00 per
acre with six room house and
150 acres ait $88.00 per acre with
eight room house. This is a very
good location and is
Price on application-
No. 83—160 acres, eight miles
from Northfield, nine miles from
three miles from
N erst rand basement barn, gran
ary, machine shed, well and wind
mill, silo and other oat-buildings.
Seven room house with modem
conveniences. Buildings nearlj
new. Price on application.
No. 81—160 acres, eight miles
from Northfield, one and one-hal
miles from Randolph. Soil is
black taam, clay sub-aoil, gently
rolling. House in good condition
barn 24x48 and laan-to, gooc
granary, other buildings, good
well and wind-mill. This farm is
all fenced, 130 acres under culta
vation, only 80 rods from sehoo
Price $65.00 per acre.
No. 74—240 acre town, seven
miles from Northfield on main
road, with telephone and mail de
livery. Land Is rolling but not
rough, it formerly was timber
There is a few
thait wtf
but not wafte a* it can be mowed
or is good pftsture. There is a
bout 40 acres that has never been
plowed, 100 acres plowed for
crop, balance ie meadow and past
uire and timber large trees
ElU, Mapl.' and Baaswood, an
fepjjfla orchard and tame plums,
other small fruit. 9 room house
in good repair, hard wood floors
^flown ataira, summer Utah*a. For
posts th full basement, cement
floor, water tank, and water
pumped by gas engine into barn
and pasture. Granary 16x26*12
foot posts, with wagon shed at
end. Milk house built of ce
ment stone 12x14, tool house., corn
crib, machine shed, hog house,
pasture for hogs, fenced with
wire. Silo built of cement stone.
School house on farm and church
close by. A No. 1 stock or grain
No. 62—160 acre farm in Bur
leigh counity, N. Dak., all im
proved, not a waste foot on this
quarter section. There is a small
house and barn on this farm
buggy shed and granary. Tlie
buildings are all painted and
nearly new. There is a good well
of fine water at the house.. The
soil is of black sandy loam, with
clay sub-soiil, not any stones, only
three miles from a thriving town
on the main line of the N. P. rail
road. There is room in the barm
for 12 head of horses. 11' you
look at this farm you will .sural1
buy it. Price only $25.00 per
100 acre farm, 4 mil us Croni
Northfield. 75 aeres plowed
balauee pasture and meadow gooc'
black so/il, clay sub-soil, 7 room
house, nearly new, large eoUa.
barn 48x50 nearly new, water al.
through barn pumped by wind
mill. Litter carrier, hay for
and .all necessary conveniences,
cement floor in barn, chicker.
house, hog house, granary, corn
crib, etc. Hog pasture fenced
with woven wire, fine ga.rd..
fenced with woven wire, sai
fruit and shrubbery. One-halJ
mile from school house, one an
one-half miles from creamery,
close to the new Dan Patch line
this is a fine stock or grain farm
and must be seen to be apprecio.
ed. Price $85.00 per acre.
cash down, balance on
time at 6 per cent.
No. 63—160 acres in Red Lake
County, one-half mile from Wylie
good black soil from two to four
feet deep, clay sub-soil 60 acm
broke and plowed for crop this
year, sixty acres of fine meadow.
Balance good prairie land. Prie.
S 25.00 per acre.
No. 70—320 acres in Red La.k
County, one-half mile from Ele
vator and Station on the N. P,
railroad. 100 acres broke, the
balance is nice level prairie, some
fine meadow. The very best of
soil. No buildings on the land
Price $25,00 per acre.
No. 78—140 acres. Now jus
step with me to the west side o!
theOity of Red Lake Falls, ju
outside .of the limlits and see th^
best farm in Red Lake Counity. It
is the finest land out of doors
with an elegant set of buildin
a very fine modern house, and
large barn as good as you cou"
wish for. The house is plastered
throughout and has a eel
with eememit floor. There is
fine chicken house, a good roomy
granary, a combined work s'
and feed mill, with a gasolin
engine that connects with the wel
pump, the feed mill and circular
aaw. This farm is all fenced and
cmoas-femiced, about 120 acres
plowed and ready for crop this
ytaar. 20 acres of fine timber. We
oan sell this farm at the low price
of $65.00 per acre. Don't fail to
look ait it.
No. 94—120 acres, two and one
half miles north of Red Lake
Palls, 100 acres plowed and readj
for crop this year 20 acres grove
of nice poplar wood. Pair house
some out buildings, not very gooc
This farm is situated on the main
traveled road to Red Lafee Palls.
This is a dnndy, and well worth
$50.00 an acre." If taken soon
will sell for $40.00 an acre, on
easy terms.
The last five (5) numbers on
this list we own ourselves an/
oan make terms to suit the pur
chaser. We control a large a
mount of lands not mentioned
this list and would be glad
show you at our expense.
Northfield City property
aale or rait.
Curren & Wilson,
Northfield, Minn.
Dr- Hill wishes to announce
he uragain in his office after
bang in Chicago for seven weeks
where he has bean taking specia
Post Graduate work on the eye.
wuv nose and throat.-41*48
O flower has been more hon
ored in song or story than the
imperial lily. Its purity and
its stately bearing have caused
It to be chosen as the symbol of divin
ity and the badge of kings.
Although in this country we under
stand by the word lily the lily of the
valley, the stately calla or the wonder
ful harrissii or Easter lily, these are
only three varieties of a very great
family, members of which are found
In all quarters of the earth. Every
where the lily has been honored and
held a sacred flower, whether by the
banks of the storied Nile or Ganges,
where, as the lotus, it received hon
ors little short of those accorded to
deity, or in heathen Greece, where it
was consecrated to Juno, the spotless
yet Imperious queen of Olympus, or
later in Christian countries, where the
flower was dedicated to the Virgin
Mary. No great artist when he paint
ed the Holy Mother ever forgot to
place near her the flower that was the
symbol of her heavenly rank. It is
also In art the symbol of saints, mar
tyrs and angels.
The Easter lily is a native of the
east. Those now cultivated in Ber
muda and popularly known as the Ber-
r4% I, ii vSvk
muda lily were originally Imported
there from Japan for commercial pur
poses. The lily played an important
part in Chinese history 1,000 years ago.
It happened that the Flowery Kingdom
was ruled by the Emperor Chow, a
monarch universally feared and hated.
No one could depend on his favor, and
at last his best friend, the prime min
ister, Ll Chung, began to tremble tor
his life.
Knowing well the bloodthirsty na
ture of the emperor, Ll Chung devised
clever scheme tq escape from fyls
One day when he fancied that the
emperor was In a favorable mood he
broached the plan- It was that X0Q pf
the strongest young men and 100 of the
most beautiful maidens should be seat
with him on board shin to an Island In
the sea which he said had been reveal
ed to him in a dream by the gods.
There, for the welfare of China (and
Its conditions could not have been
much worse), these people were to be
sacrificed to the deities tor the bene
fit of their native country. There was
a sanguinary touch about the plan that
particularly recommended It to the
bloodthirsty mind of wicked old Chow,
and be immediately gave cheerful as
sent to the project, even showed hl9
Interest by throwing In a royal prince
and princess.
The ship In which Ll Chung and the
hundred young men and maidens sail
ed was the very finest that China af
forded. The larder was filled with
dainties, and every provision was made
that the victims should be kept In first
class condition until the time for the
sacrifice. The best tomtom musicians
In the kingdom were loaned for the
voyage to charm the ears of the pas
sengers with sweet sounds. But in
vain the artists tried their most pleas
ing compositions nobody would sing
or dance, while the prevalence of red
eyes Indicated that a good
Sullivan Lumbar
1 Benard E.
weeping was going on.
When they were far from fiMna,
however, Li Chung took the passengers
Into his confidence. He had not in
tended to kill them at all instead they
were going to the most beautiful island
In the world, where they would settle
and where they would live happily
•ver afterward, far from the power of
the wicked Chow.
This Island was Japan, and here
tbey did settle. But they had brought
with them great quantities of Illy bulb*
as food. Nobody had been able to eat
much on shipboard, and quantities of
these bulbs were left over. They were
planted, and In the balmy climate of
the Flowery Kingdom they attained a
beauty unknown In China.
Tears later some Europeans, discov
ering the beauty of this flower, import
ed it into their own countries and call
ad it the Llllum longiflorium. Bat as
an American named Harris was prac
tically the first to discover the flower
and make it popular in two continents
ft la now callfM} the Lillnni tyurtariL
Where the Ulies 0rew-
The Bermudas, where the
Baater flowers grow, are a groap of ls
lands about 700 miles from New York
and about 000 miles almost due east
of Cape Hatteras, on the
coast. The' group is almost flftesn
miles long, averaging two and on*
half miles In width, and comprises la
all about 365 Islands, some of them be
ing very small and »MignHi«mt and
moot ot them being of coral formation.
Oaly flva tka lalaaia ass tahaMtt&
Worth Comes From Good
You can't have good bfcaifi U'nlr.si
you have good material. Wn us
oiuly the bost. miilliing wheat in tl•
manufacture of our flour. \V»'
ha.vc the latest and moisrt approv
ed macJiiaiKM-y and use it. in the
best, way and the result its th
the product of our mill
The flour mawifactur^d b.v 'u
8iis»eton Milling (.•o.,stainids up to
our reoommendaitiau for iit. Br
and pasteries made with our flout
are stimulating and help m:.
goiod living. Try a sack.
We also handle COAL and FEED
Ideal Lumber Co.
Dealers in
Lumber, Brick, Lime and Cement
Western Coast Lumber a Specialty
See us before you build.
ISjy*^ ^Mn,«J."SJt1% ,-PSMf -r *"H -*t ft «*T" ~»v'^"'
Lath. Mou'-llng? susb, Doors, ilhntlH,
H:i. Jfg F.aper. Feuc«
Ltme, cement. »0d .lard Wall Planter
Sisseton South
Estimates Cheerfully Furnished, $
We are receiving daily the finest line
of choice and fresh
Fancy Groceries
ever shown in the city
We also carry a full assortment of
Choice Nuts
and Fancy Friut*s
If yon desire Groceries or Fruits for
any special occasion and you live a distance
•'from our store we would be please to send
goods to you. Kindly phone your wants.
Sisaeton Standard 1.60 per year
Local Manager

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