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i*. 'x-
Christian) Endeavor will be
held next Sunday evening, but
will close earlier tham usual so as
ffco allow everyone ito get to the
hall in time. Come promptly at
7 p. m.
Speaial meetings will be held
at Effington beginning next Mon
day evening. All people living
within reach of Effington are
cordially invited |to attend.
Sunday .School will be held at
the usual hour 11:45. All mem
bers of the school are urged to
be present-
The Epworith League will also
hold its annual meeting at 7 P.
M. and the Junior League at 3
P. M.
There will be no morning service
ait the Methodist church next Sum
day May, 28. The services are
omitted so that all may attend
the memorial service at the Luth
eran church in the morning and
the High School annual sea-vice
at the opera house in the evening
The Beaver Patrol of the Boy
Scouts made their trip to Long
Hollow lats Friday P. M. After a
nights camp (they returned to
Sisseton in time for dinner Satur
day. On this trip each boy walk
ed aaid carried his blanket, cook
ing utinsels and provisions for
two mealfi. In the evening eaeh
one made his own fire amd cook
ed hi^i own meal. In the morn
ing because of wdt fuel more that
one at a fire was allowed. Satur
day morning was spent in scout
ing among the trees and on the
bluffs. After some observation
work and a scout meeting the
march home was begun ait 10 a.
in. Eight boys made this trip.
Episcopal Church.
Episcopal services Sunday May
28, in the Guild Hall as follows:
10:30 a. m. Morning "Prayer,
1 Litary and Sermon.
12:00 noon Sunday School.
4, Bring Bibles.
No evening service on account
of the Baccalaureate Sermon in
the evening.
aMrrrr,l— r^.„.
Farmers State Bank
Bank ONE DOLLAR A DAY—$6 a week- •!or only one
year, and leave it stay for 30 years At 3 per cent, con
pound interest this will amount to $758.16 at 4 per cent,
compound interest this will amount to $1,010.88—a snug
sum for old age.
We will all join in the Me
morial service at the Lutheran
church next Sunday morning, anc
in ithe Baccalaureate service ait
the opera house in the evening,
hence no preaching services at
the Presbyterian next
Sunday).- i,--
We fell below the hundred mar
last Sunday but oughlt nio$ let it
happen again. There art enough
of us to keep above that mark
every Sunday even if you are a
little late.
*. "1*
®ljr insMtmt
Declamatory Contest
At. the Sfcate D^glamatory Con
itest which was held in the City^of
Vermillion last Saturday evening,
MJay 20, there were eight contest
ant* for first honors as will be
'•essi: by Hit jrto$raaa *2»ch
Selection, by University Orchestra
"Answer to Bergundy," Miss Marie
Keating. Flandreau,' Fourth District:
'•The Keeper of the Light," Leora
Man beck, Armour, Third Distaict
"The Soul of the Violin." .Tuanita
Lucas. Dead wood, Eighth District:
Selection, by University Orchestra:
"How the LaRue Stakes Were Lost,"
Everett Nelson, Centerville, First Dist'.':
."'Wild Zingarella," Elsie Schmidt,
Selby, Sixth District
"The Chariot Race," Wm. M. Kel?y,
Mitchell, second District:
Vocal Solo, "May Day," Miss Cora
"Gentlemen, the King!" Miss Ruby
Peterson. Sisseton, Fifth District:
"The)Chariot Race,"Ruth Gleckler,
Pierre, seventh District:
Decision of Judges.
The program was certainly ex
cellent in each'featnre and keen
interest was manifested through"
out by the audience. Right here
let me pause to remark that
the districts, towns and High
Schools of our progressive state
may be justly proud of their hrigl
young representatives, eaeh and
all. As eaoh young aspirant took
his or her place
Vol. 18 SISSETON, ROBERTS COl\\T\, S. I).. FRIDAY, MAY '20, 1911-10 Pno-es
the rostrum
they were given the undivided
attention of the audience but, as
Mass Ruby Pdtersom, the young
est of the eight contestants, stei
ped out on the stage beautifully
but simply, gowned in am exquisite
ly, dainty creation of white em
broidery and looking as sweet an
girlish, but withal so capable, it
was noticeable that a hush of
expectancy fell over the crowd,
amid her every word and gesture
noted with an interest which vva:
very flattering.
The merits of the different con
testamts were1 so hard to deter
mine that a most careful grading
by the Judges was necessary im
their decisions.
Armour got first place by a
narrow margin, (Sisseton getting
one out of the three gradings),
Mitchell got second with Sisseton
and Pierre a' tie for third. The
edght districts represented about
200 High Schools of the Stale.
Prof Smith of the University
The music wias fine and every
thing possible was done by the
people of Vermill ion to make
thenr guests welcome.
4»! fVv-v
In Circuit Court
The regular term of Circuit
Court convened on Tuesday the
23rd, with Judge MeNulty presid
ing he am-d his court st.eriiagra.pih
e,r P. G. Granger, having driven
across from Aberdeen with an
automobile, and arrived here a
bout five o'clock in the afternoon
As a consequence, court did not
convene, until 7:30 in the evening
when the calendar was called ami
nearly all of the eases wcse con
tinued, or marked •'passed",
which would indicate that 'there
was an uncertainty about their
Court convened on Wednesday
whem several motions were heard
and disposed of and the following
cases were disposed of as indicat
ed Siate vs. August Goette.
which was for an assult, breach
of peaee was dismissed and the
case of State vs C. S. Cooten, who
was charged with the unlawful
sale of intoxicating liquors, was
so dismissed. The following
civil eases were dispased of as in
dicated R. J. Hicks vs. Pauline
Schmidt et al., settle an dismiss
ed R. J. Hicks Trutsee, vs. 11.
L. Hyatt, settled and dismissed:
B. P. Basselt vs. David Mireaai et
al., settled and dismissed Mary
E. Oooley vs. David Mireau et al.
settled and dismissed Mary A.
Nelson vs. Ole C. Ruste as guard
ian was ordered to be tried be
fore Horn. C. X. Sewai'd,
On Wednesday a motion for ali
mony in a divorse case from Bay
County in which Frank Anderson
and L. H. Woodwonth from Web
ster were attorneys for the part
ies, was argued and disposed of.
Judge Bouck the well known
lawyer of Milbank wa in attend
ance in court on Tuessday, but
left on the afternoon train.
Owing to the fact that nearly
all of the jury cases were either
continued or marked passed, the
Judge has concluded to have the
jurors who were summoned Ito ap
pear on the 31st, notified not to
come at all. This is the first term
of court held in Roberts County
itn a number of years in which
there are no jury cases for trial.
•Judsre MeNulty will probably
adjourn cmirt to the 31st, and
will then dispose of applications
for ))aIwraligation and also dis
pose of a mm her of motions and
court- cases, but it is not: expected
that these matters will occupy
his time for more than two or
three days.
A Success.
Attorney Frank Sears was
busy the last of last week and
the fore part of this week in- the
United Sitat'es court at Aberdeen,
where he was associated in several
cases with Thos. Mani the young
Indian attorney of Sisseton^ who
is making a splendid reputation
for himself in all of the courts
in this section of South Dakota,
and promises to become one of the
leading attorneys of the state.—
Webster Reporter.
Taken Up.
On section 25, Township of
Long Hollow, two and one half
miles west of Sissdtoo on May 23
1 roan and 1 sorrel home. Also
17 helad of cattle, 1 cow with fig
ure 3 brand on night hip, the
rest yearlings and 2 year olds
on May 25. Owner requested to
come amd take them.
Robert Lowery.
1 •T4
A, 6 A,
count of Judge MeNulty consider
img himself disqualified to hear |h
ease, and plaintiff ordered 'to giv
security for costs.
Wednesday afternoon the casn
of Peter Kaiser vs. Nic W. Klein,
being an action for specific per
formance of a contract for sale
of real estate was commenced
before the cotuft with J. W. Bar
rington and Geo. S. Rix for the
plaintiff J. J. Batterton and E.
J. Turner for the trial of the
defendant, and the trial of the
MSne ijfcnwimied into Thursday.
The matter of the application
to dissolve or modify /the injunc
tion against the completion of the
Lake and Lee ditoh, which was
asked for by S. L. Peterson and
others, was continued until Fri
day, and will be argued and sub
mitted ait the present term.
Auto Accident
A most miraculous and narrow
escape from instant death oc
curred Sunday afternoon when
W. D. Wilson, accaiupanied by
M. E. Crockett, August Otto an
Charles Tower and closely fol
lowed by Jerry and Sam Wilson,
each of whom he had recently pa:
sed in their cars, Avas just enter
ing the Valley and driving his
machine at fl pretty fair rate of
speed, the right hind tire of his
cair exploded and he lost con
trol of his machine, which after
wabbling from side to side for ^a
few awful seconds gave a great
lunge, leaped up in the air and
turned turtle, barely missing
Jerry Wilson's auto by a. hair's
Its occupants were violently
thrown to 'the ground, all land
ing on their heads or shoulders
some distance from the machine,
with the exception of W. D.
who somehow cluing to the wheel
and was partially drawn, under it
Mr. Crockett took a flight of
a.boift forty rods before he land
ed and for a few moments as he
flew through space we imagine
that he thought, the car had been
turne^i into a flying machine. C.
Tower wa.s thrown some distance,
badly shaken up but not serious
ly hui^t. August Otto
scious when picked up and iit.
was found on examination that,
his nose was broken and three
ribs injured by the force of his
W. D. Wilson the owner and
driver of the car, seems to have
suffered the most, serious injuries
He was badly ciit about the back
of the neck, had his right collar
bone broken and suffered severe
bruises about the left shoulder
and side, received no doubt
when he was practialy drawn und
the huge monster as it lunged
over. There is also an ugly cut
just beloiw his leiJt eye, but for
tunstely the sight is not affectr
ed in any way.
Jerry and Sam Wilson, son an
brother of W. D., placed their
autoes at the disposal of the in
jured parties and they were
brought hoim to Sisseton and
made as comfortable as their in
juries would allow, and are get
ting along as wctU as could be ex
pected after such a thrilling ex
Carriers Get Increase.
On the first day of July the
new ruling of the post office de
partment affecting the salaries of
rural carriers, goes into effect.
The salaries paid for the work ha6
been $900 per year for a number
of years past, but after July 1st,
all rural carriers serving routes
over twenty four miles long will
receive $1000 per year. This is
not a large increase consriderortg
the work and expense connected
with the jobj but the boys appre
ciate small favors amd are look
ing forward to the day when Une
Sam will raise their pay to $100
nor month.
New Garage and Machine Shop.
The. work of tearing down and
rebuilding the .Mathews building
—corner of Oak and Main street,
is progressing rapidly. We un
derstand that the building has
been bougijt by Cottingham Bros,
to be rebuilt into one of the larg
est and best equipped garages aw
machine shops in this part of
the northwest. The building will
be extended to join the present
shop of (,'otiingham Bros., and
will cover approximately 9000
square feet of floor space.
Electrical supplies and automo
bile exftras will be kept on hand
automobiles, gas and electric en
gines and other machinery will Ik
Cottingham Brothers are well
known and their past success in
their present business indicates
that they will give their patrons
satisfaction in ithis large enter
Through the efforts of Senator
Gamble the apporin/tment by Preen
dent Taft of James D. Elliott of
Aberdeen for federal judge has
been finally agreed upon, and the
nomination is abouit to be sent to
the Senate for approval.
Effington Gossips
Frank Smith and wife were
down to the hub Tuesday after
Wm. Barnett made a trip to
the south end the first of. the
Mr. and Mrs. Doberateim had
business with th«i dentist in
The First National Bank
And The
First Savings and Trust Company
on the strength of their past reputation for 'I1
square dealing, present capable organizati ~n
and also because of their combined capital
surplus of
The First National Bank
Pete Pirmantgen was in
burg yesterday afternoon.
Charles Dfihl had business
Sieseton the fitftt of the week.
Frils Oslund was up from Sum
miit recently shaking fcaaii* with
old friends.
Meters Thos. and Torkal Nisseo
had business in Sisseton the ladt
oif the week.
seton Saturday.
Last Sunday was the limit—
93 in the "shade of the old ap
ple tree" in Chas. McGee's yartl
Miss Lena Heglie leflt for St.
Paul Wednesday evening to be
operated on for appendicitis.
Otto and Robert Weinkauf
were down from the north end
one da)7 this week on business.
Miss Maanie Class went to Sisse
ton Wednesday to take in the
Eight Grade Examinations.
Several beneficial showers in
our vicinity have made (the grain
perk up and look fine.
Mrs. Ole Pearson and daughters
Ellen and Minnie wwe shopping
in Sissoton Saturday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. O. G. Ellestad
were visiting at the north end
over Sunday and Monday.
There was a large crowd in at
tendance at the dance Kalhmlay
evening and all report, a nice so
cial time.
J'im McGee and family autoed
out from Sisseton Sunday and
were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Tom McGee and other friends.
George MacCormac was in our
burg last week in the interests
of the Northwestern Steel and
Iron Works of Whapeton.
Miss Bessie Arnorson returned
the first of the week from her
trip to Summit and other points
in Roberts county.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Schweigel
were out from Browns Valley
over Sunday, the guests of Mir.
and Mrs. Abe Welsh.
Ezra Pugh m^de a business
tnip to the Hub very recently. He
was accompanied' by his niece,
Miss Tryphenia Lewis.
Mr. and Mrs. Rob. Laing were
in Sisseton a couple of days this
1 4
4^0te K'
week, the farmer to consult a 4
physician in regard to his health
which has been very poor for
the ptast two months.
J. O. Andrews came out from1
Sisseton last Sunday and held
services for Rev. Prudens during
his absence' at Raymond, Minn.
John Walker and Harry Elle
atad are down to* Sisseton trying
their luck ait Eighth Grade Ex*
aminaitioQ this week.
Moosun ft Loken, with the aid'
of their geni#l clerks, are busy ar
ranging and displaying their new
stock of merchandize to the best
Mis Bertha Nissen lefl this
week for a visit with relatives in
Albert Lea and other points on
Minnesota. We wish her a good
Mrs. Gerrit Tegeler and daught
er Etyen drove Ur Sisoeitau Wed
nesday afternoon, the latter re
maining to take Eighlth Grade
Examination this week.
Andrew Larson recently gold
his quainter section hi Harmon
township for $8000 and invested
the proceeds in Canadian land at
$20 per aer.
Several people from adjoining
towns were in our burg last WeO
nesday to help us celebrate the
"Seventeenth of Norway," which
we understand was a success anc
drew a large crowd.
Nils Beito autoed to Sisseton
the fag end of the week in his
now Ford which he lately pur
chased from Albert Ulstad. Girls,
now is your chance. But don't
all smile at once.
Mrs. Pat Cuffee and family
have returned to Roberts coun
ty again, after an absence of
three years at
New Train Schedule.
The new train schedule on the
Sisseton branch will begin Mon
day May 29, 1911. The morning
train will henceforth leave Mil
bank ait 7:30 a. m., arrive here
a/t 10:30 leave at 12:01
*s ft
rtK ,-
NO. 48*"^.
tr- '.
'i. ,*i
N. D. She
will make her future home—Ave
are pleased to say—on her farm
im Hart township.
The Sisseton trains will thna
make good connections with alio
trains gioing east or west otft of
MiUwunk, with a choice of a thru
train to the cities or of one that«N
sltops at all stations. -4-
H. S. Morris circulated a pe-©3
tition yesterday to have a sleeper
put on-the evening train out fron:
Sisseton for the convenience of
evening passengers. A good plat
a I 1 4
and arrive in Milbank at 3 P. M.
The evening train will lea/ve Mil
bank at 5:05 and arrive here at
7:00 returning at 7:30.

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