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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, May 26, 1911, Image 3

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Weeks—I once knew a man who re
ally enjoyed moving.
Seeks—I don't believe it.
Weeks—It's a fact. You see, he
lived in a houseboat.
Next time you're out with friends,
and you're all wondering what you
can drink to quench the thirst—some
thing that you'll all enjoy—suggest
Everyone will thank you for an in
troduction to the most delicious, re
freshing and thirst-quenching beverage
that anyone could drink. It is cool
ing—relieves fatigue and just hits the
dry spot. At soda-fountains or carbon
ated in bottles—5c everywhere.
As to its wholesomeness—write ta
the COCA-COLA CO., Atlanta, Ga., for
a copy of their booklet, "The Truth
About COCA-COLA"—compiled by au
Her Qualifications.
Pat and his little brown mare were
familiar sights to the people of the
town of Garry. The mare was lean,
blind and lame, but by dint of much
coaxing Pat kept her to the harness.
One day while leading her to water
he had to pass a corner where a
crowd of would-be sports had congre
gated. Thiniring to have some amuse
ment at Pat's expense, one called out:
"Hullo, there, Pat. I'm looking for
the real goods. How much is that
mare of yours able to draw?"
"Begorra," said Pat, "I can't say
exactly, but she seems to be able to
drawh the attenshun of ivery fool in
town."—The Housekeeper.
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
CASTORIA, a safe and sure remedy for
Infants and children, and see that it
Bears the
Signature of
In Use For Over 30*Years.
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
If no God, whence duty? There re
mains no other source than blind, bru
tal. tyrannous force. Duty never is
sues from that.—Mazzini.
If constipation is present, the liver
sluggish, take Garfield Tea it is mild in
action and never loses its potency.
Flattery is simply the nice things
we say about other people.
Mrs. WlnsIow'B Sootblngr Syrup for Children
teething, Boftenn the Kums, rrdHOPS Inflamma
tion, allays pain, cures wind colic, !)6c a bottle.
Many a fellow who falls into a for
tunp goes right through it.
ThatTired Feeling
that is cfiused by impure, impoverished
blood or low, run-down condition of the
system, is burdensome and discouraging.
Do not put up with it, but take Hood's
Sarsaparilla, which removes it as nothing
"I had that tired feeling, had no ap
petite and no ambition to do anything. A
friend advised me to take Hood's Sarsa
parilla. I did so, and soon that tired
feeling was gone, I had a good appetite
and felt well. I believe Hood's saved me
from a long illness." Mrs. B. Johnson,
Westfield, N. J.
Get Hood's Sarsaparilla today. Tn liquid
form or in tablets called Sarsatabse
Save Money and Toil
ModernizeYo'irOHHitn flome
The Pleasure of Livlq
Small Town is Greatly
in theCbmitfyor
City Convenience, the Most'Necessary
and Comfort Giving of which la a Satis
factory Gu Supply.
to Light witju
to Cook with.
Gaa for
Laundry purpos—.
Gas to boat water for the bath and
Gas to operate a tee oaibo for
pomptny and othor purpose*.
Yon can have all (these con
veniences cheaply and
automatically by in
stalling the
Will a
nUi Obtb« mrkttowr MyMn
that is.ooo l«
Schools, ColIrtfM. Botpitoli. It will
PAT Ton to I BfnUfiU. Writ*
tnMa Mi
teat,cheap. liitoall
NUM. Cts'tspillor
tip over, will
«ot teO
lor Injure tajrthiof.
Guinitctfi effect*
it prepaid for 20c.
tfte 9*Xatb in,
Prom the Capital City, the .Various
State Institutions and Dif
ferent Parts of the
Pierre.—The county commissioners
of this county have taken up an issue
of old capitol bonds amounting to
$112,000, bearing six per cent by pay
ing $42,000 of the issue, and refunding
$70,000 at five per cent. The $70,000
being taken by B. A. Cummins of this
city. This leaves the bonded debt of
the county at $120,000 in three pay
ments at five per cent and in such
shape that there will be no trouble in
meeting the payments when due. Out
side of this bonded debt the floating
warrant debt is down to about fifteen
thousand dollars and will soon be
wiped out and the county put on a
cash basis.
state Course of Study.
Pierre.—The commission for final
summing up of the course of element
ary study for the schools of the state
has completed its work, and the sum
maries are about ready for the printer.
The principal changes have been in
'.he grammar and arithmetic work,
which has generally been made lighter
for the grade students. Such features
as cube root, and foreign exchange
have been cut out entirely from the
grade work, and put into high school
work. Other features have been
moved up a grade to allow the lower
grades to get along with less of the
heavier work. The United States his
tory work, as a separate study has
been cut out of the lower grades, his
tory to be taught in these grades
through reading and language work,
principally in narratice form, and his
tory as a separate study has been ad
vanced up to the sixth grade. A course
of home economics has been arranged
for the sixth and seventh grades,
which is new for these grades. The
first year work has been materially
lessened making it easier for the little
ones along that line.
Commission for Counties.
Pierre.—While there was more or
less comment about the close of the
last legislative session as to the possi
bility of applying the commission form
of government to the management of
state affairs, it was not taken at all
seriously, but now the adoption of
such a form of control for the affairs
of counties is being pushed as a prac
tical plan in some sections of the state,
the theory advanced being that if such
a system is good for a city government
as an advance in scientific manage
ment of public affairs, the management
of the business of a county, which is
so similar to the management of the
affairs of a city might well be brought
under the same plan. Since the move
ment is under way for commission
government, it is likely to be spread
out in its application.
Laws Are Duplicated.
Pierre.—Another case of oversight
in the passage of bills during the
twelfth session has been discovered
with the publication and distribution
of the session laws. The state has two
laws identical upon the same subject
in regard to the plea of insanity for
defense in criminal cases, providing
that in case a defendant is acquitted
on a plea of insanity his condition
may authorize the court to commit
him to the hospital for the insane un
til he shall become sane. House bills
73 and 2S1 each cover this same sub
ject with like wording, both introduced
by Representative Brackett of Meade
county, one approved on February 7
and the other on March 2.
Goes to Cleveland.
Rapid City.—The resignation of
Charles H. Pulton, president of the
South Dakota School of Mines, to be
come the head of the department of
mining of Case School of Applied Sci
ence, Cleveland. O., is the most impor
tant topic in educational circles, not
only in Rapid City, but in the entire
state of South Dakota.
Date of Hearing Changed.
Pierre.—The hearing by the railway
commission on telephone matters at
Tyndall, has been changed to the first
of June, when the commission will be
at that place and pass upon the ad
visability of allowing the local ex
change to increase its rates.
Penitentiary is Crowded.
Sioux Falls.—The penitentiary is
now so crowded that in some cases
two men have to be placed in the
same cell.
County Seat Contest.
Pierre.—The county seat contest in
the new county of Mellette, soon to be
organized, promises to be a warm one
between the towns of Wood, White
liver and Ogallala.
Kitchen convenience.
A halt doien thumb-tacks, such at
are used by artist* and architects, will
prevent the oilcloth on kitchen tables^
rom slipping. Three alone the front
dfc of a table and the same number
iu back ke«pa It secure and smooth.
Forresters From All Points to Gather
at Salem.
Sioux Falls.—Rt. Rev. Thomas
O'Gorman of Sioux Falls, Catholic
bishop of the eastern diocese of South
Dakota, is expected to be one of the
speakers at what will be one of the
greatest gatherings of Catholics to be
held in South Dakota'this year, which
will be held at Salem on Tuesday and
Wednesday. June 13 and 14. The occa
sion will be a meeting at that place of
Foresters from all parts of the state,
one of the objects of the meeting be
ing the organization of a state associa
tion. It is expected that not loss than
500 Catholics from various parts of
the state will be in attendance.
A feature of the gathering will be a
banquet, which will be served Tuesday
evening, June 13, at which John B.
Hanten of Watertown will make the
principal address. Another feature
will be a parade Wednesday forenoon,
June 14, to be followed by services at
the Catholic church. In the afternoon
addresses will be delivered at the Sa
lem opera house by two prominent
laymen from points outside the state.
One address will be in English and the
other in German. An effort is being
made to secure reduced rates on the
railroads for the two days and the
placing of extra coaches on trains en
tering and departing from Salem for
the accommodation of those who will
attend the big gathering.
Husband's Ardor Not Liked.
Okaton.—Charging cruelty in thav
she had to submit to "bear hugs" until
her health has become permanently in
jured, Mrs. Winifred lngalls has
sought a divorce from Nicholas ln
In her petition for divorce Mrs. ln
galls explains the "bear hugs,"
them tliusly:
"Nicholas, before he went to work
in the morning and in the afternoon
and whenever he returned to the
house, would throw his arms about
my waist, crushing me at times until
the breath almost left my body. At
one time last winter, as he was leav
ing home to go to Okaton, he forced
me to submit to a 'bear hug' that re
sulted in the fracturing of two ribs,
while at another time the hugging was
so severe that circulation was stopped
and my nose bled a stream, the blood
spurting over his clothing."
Answering the petition, lngalls ad
mits the hugging and kissing, but adds
that the treatment accorded his wife
was of the most tender and affection
ate character and that the breaking
of ribs and the gushing of blood from
her nostrils was due to tight lacing, a
habit to which his wife had been ad
dicted during the whole of the five
years of their married life.
Lumber Firm Loses Case.
Sioux Falls.—A jury in the state
circuit court of the new county of
Tripp has, after great deliberation and
after a hot legal battle, fixed the value
of an ear. The plaintiff in the action
was Eugene Smith, a minor, his guard
ian, Perva Smith, having represented
him in the trial. The defendant was
Floete Lumber company. The plaint
iff lost an ear while working in the
yards of the company, the injury be
ing caused by a pile of lumber break
ing from its supports and falling upon
him. The plaintiff instituted the ac
tion for the purpose of recovering
damages in the sum of $1,935, but af
ter a prolonged fight and after the jury
had considered the evidence at great
length the plaintiff was awarded a
judgment in the sum of $1,200.
Boy Hero Drowns.
Aberdeen.—George Conrad, aged 13,
son of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Conrad, was
drowned in a pond near Aberdeen.
George Conrad and a younger brother
were swimming in the pond when the
younger boy got in too deep and was
in danger of drowning. George went to
his rescue and succeeded in getting
his brother out, but was drowned him.
Interpreting Our Laws.
Eileen, whose family In the old coun
try had known her by the more prosaic
name of Ellen, lost no opportunity of
promulgating all the freedoms of the
new country that came her way. Some
times they took an inverted form of
handing out orders to her mistress.
"Yez'll be careful, mum, thot yes puts
no paper In th's garbage bucket. Thlm
is orders, mum, frum th' garbage gin
It Is said that two eminent surgeons
had a quiet Interchange of views the
other day, and among other things,
traded secrets.
Said one to the other: "What did
you operate on Mr. Smith for?"
Said the other: "For $600."
Said the first: "No, I mean what
ailts? him?"
Said the other: "Oh, he strained
himself holding on to the $600 and I
cut him loose."
"Do you go to the theater very
"No, I'm rather fond of acting."
A company has patents covering a
rope made of several strands of paper
covered with galvanised steel wire.
The rope thus produced is strong,
tough and flexible/suitable for clothes
lines and such uses. It is claimed that
a rope of this kind will withstand the
action of the weather 60 per cent
longer than cotton.
"Doctor, I can't sleep. I toss about,
night after night, thinking of th«
f'ebts I owe. What shall I do?"
"Why not try paying them?"
Adelaide—Why, Cornelia, your hair
is all mussed up.
Cornelia—Yes, dear you—you see,
George stole up and snatched a dozen
kisses before I could scream.
Adelaide—But why don't you step
in front of the mirror and rearrange
your hair?
Cornelia—Gracious! Why, I wouldn't
do it for the world. Why, none of the
girls would believe he kissed me.
"I was taken with the Itch In April,
1904, and used most everything. I
had a friend pay mo a visit from
Cumberland, and she advised me to
use Cuticura Remedies which I did.
The cure was certainly quick, and I
use them to this day. I had it terri
bly under my knees. I only used one
box of pills, but two boxes of Cuti
cura Ointment, and I use the Cuti
cura Soap all the time. I hope this
will benefit others, as it has me, after
Dr. and others could do noth
ing for me." (Signed) Miss L.u John
son, 1523 Ninth St., N. W„ Wash
ington, D. C., April 3, 1910.
In a later letter Miss Johnson adds:
"The trouble began with an eruption
under my knees, and extended up
wards toward my waist, until I was
not able to sit down. It kept a con
stant itching and burning all the time,
night and day. I went to my doctor,
but he could do me no good after I
do not know how many medicines he
gave me, and then told me I would
be compelled to go to a skin special
ist, which I positively refused to do. I
cried all the time. Finally I made
up my mind to try Cuticura Rem
edies, and tried Cuticura Pills, Oint
ment and Soap, and was entirely
cured of the itching three days after
I started using them. The healing
took about eight days. I consider
Cuticura Remedies marvelous, and
would recommend them everywhere."
Cuticura Remedies are sold through
out the world. Send to Potter Drug
& Chem. Corp., Boston, for free book
on skin afflictions.
How He Did It.
At the dinner Saturday of the Mili
tary Order of Foreign Wars, Captain
Carlyle L. Burridge told of a man
who, returning to his domicile at
cockcrow, underwent an inspection by
his wife, who desired to know how
he came to have a large bump on his
"That? Oh, that's where I bit my
self," explained he of the night key.
"Bit yourself?" the lady repeated
after him. "How
you bite
self away up there?"
"Why, I stood on a chair," he said.—
Cleveland Leader.
the Antiseptic powderto shake Into yourshoes. Re.
Ucres Corns. Bunions, Ingrowing Naiis, Swollen and
Sweating feet, Blisters and Callous spots. Bold
everywhere, 26c. Dim't (ircfpl any lubgtttutr. Bam
WsKRttB. Address Allen 8. Olmsted, Le lloy, N.Y.
Their Time.
Foolish Fred—Do you like lobsters?
Pert Polly—Yes, both human and
erustacean, in their salad days.
Try Marine Eye Remedy for Red,
Watery Eyes and Granulated Lids. No
Smarting—Just Eye Comfort. Murine
Bye Salve In Aseptic Tubes New Size
15c. Murine IJquid :£c-60c.
Don't mind being laughed at some
flay you may splash mud on the laugh
srs with your touring car.
Do your feet feel tired, achy, and sore
it. nieht? Rub them with a little TTam
lins Wizard Oil. They'll be clad in the
morning and so will you.
People who say just what they think
are more numerous than popular.
The herb laxative, Garfield Tea. prompt
ly overcomes constipation, biliousness,
lick-headache and insures better health.
Don't let your money burn a hole
!n some other fellow's pocket.
la only
At timet I
Mot maraireodsbrightirand faster
colors than
HE HAD $400.00 IN CASH IN 1903
NOW WORTH $8,000.00.
My parents were originally Cana
dians from Essex County, Ontario. I
was born in Monroe County, Michigan,
from which place I moved to Red Lake
Falls, Minnesota, where I farmed for
22 years. I sold my fa?m there in the
summer of 1903 and in September of
that year came to Canada with my
wife and eight children. I had about
$400 in cash, team of horses, a cow, a
few sheep and some chickens. 1 took
up a quarter section of land near Jack
Fish Lake, Meota P. O., and later on
purchased for $2,000.00 an adjoining
quarter section. I have now 48 head
of cattle, a number of horses, good
buildings and consider my holding is
worth at least $8,000.00. My children
have raised from $300 to $500 worth
of garden truck each year since we
have been here. I have never had a
poor crop and have never had one
frosted. My wheat has averaged from
25 to 30 bushels per acre with one or
two years considerably more. My
oats have always yielded well up to 50
bushels per acre and once or twice as
high as 85. My cattle have never been
stabled in winter, and do not need it.
I consider that this country offers bet
ter opportunities for settlers than any
where I have ever been. I am sure
that almost any person can come here
and buy land at say $15.00 per acre
and pay for It In one crop. My ex
perience is that If a man farms his
land in the right way he is not likely
to have his crop frosted.
Most of the settlers in my district
are Americans and Canadians and I
know lots of them who came here with
little or no capital who are now do
ing well, but I do not know of any who
have left through disappointment, or
becoming discouraged, have returned
to their former homes.
health was never better."
There are many whose experience
is similar to that of Mr. Jubinville
Secure Canadian Government litera
ture from nearest Canadian Govern
ment Agent, and see for yourself.
"It is the little things in this world
that cause us the most trouble."
"Not in my business," replied the
shoe clerk "It's the big things, the
owners of which want to put into lit
tle shoes."
By the Harem Code.
"Do you think I am really your af
finity?" Solomon's nine hundred and
eighty-fifth wife asked, coquettishly.
"My dear," the Wisest Guy said,
"you are one in a thousand."
He got away with it, too.
The chief secret of comfort lies in
not allowing trifles to vex us.—Sharp.
Garfield Tea cures constipation, keeps
the blood pure and tones up the system.
The family' with young children that Is
without xickness in the house now and
then Is rare, and so It Is lmportu.nt that
the head of the house should know what
to do In the little emergencies th&t arise.
A child with a serious ailment needs a
doctor, it is true, but in the majority of
Instances, as any doctor knows, the child
suffers from some intestinal trouble,
usually constipation.
There Is no sense In fflvlnr It a pill or
a remedy containing an opiate, nor Is
flushing of the bowels to be always rec
ommended. Rather give it a small dose
of a mild, gentle laxative tonic like Dr.
Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin, which, by clean
ing out the bowels and strengthening the
to gel! our goodti in home and nearby towns
part of time Sample free. Salary 13.00 day.
China Sales Co., 906 So. Western Ave.,.Chicago.
Penit's Lve Sal
DEFIANCE Gold Water Starch
Bakes laundry work a pleasure. 16 oz. pkg. lUo.
W. N. U., SIOUX FALLS, NO. 21-1911
of many symptoms which some women en*
dare through weakness or displacement of the womanly
organs. Mrs* Lizzie White of Memphis, Teno., wrote
Dr. R. V. Pierce, as-follow*
hardly able to be on my feet.
I believe I had every pain and ache a womaa
could have. Had a very bad ease. Interna!
organs were wry much diseased and my back
was very weak. I suffered a treat deal with
nervous headaches, in fact, I suffered all over.
This was my condition when I wrote to you for
advice. After taking your Favorite Prescript
tion' for ebout three month* can say that
Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription
Is a positive cure for weakness and disease of the feminine organism. It allay*
ujnamoiation, heals-ulceration and soothes pain. Tones and'boilds up theoarves.
n®t permit a dishonest dealer to substitute for this medicine which b**
record of 40 years of cures. No, thank you, 1 want what I ask for."
Br. PHrcft Pltaaamt PilUtt ladoc* mlU —turml kowl
Finally Cured by Lydia E. Pink-.
ham's Vegetable Compound.
Erie, Pa. "I Buffered for fivo years
from female troubles and at last wu
almost' helpless. I
went to three doc
tors and they 414
me no good, so my
sister aavised'ine to
try Lydia E. Pink.
ham's Vegetable
Cures Con­
awmsmtf eace a
OH-.T HP» On* ifli-
dye any garment wjthout ripping span. Write for l.ei boofctoPffioyg'Bye.
Compound, and
when I had taken
only two bottles .1
could see a big
change, so I took I
six bottles and I dm
now strong and well
again. I don't know how to express
my thanks far the good it has done mo
and 1 hope all suffering women will
give Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetablo
Compound a trial. It was worth its
weight in gold."—Mrs. J. P. ENOUGH.
R. F. D. No. 7, Erie, ra.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com.
pound, made from native roota and
herbs, contains no narcotic or haftn:
ful drugs, and to^lay holds the record
for tho largest number of actual cures
of female aiseases we know of, wad
thousands of voluntary testimonials
are on file in the Pinkliam laboratory
at Lynn, Mass., from women who hav»
been cured from almost every form of
female complaints, such as fnffiunmn
tion, ulceration, displacements, fibroid
tumors, irregularities, periodic pains,
backache, indigestion and nervous
prostration. Every suffering woman
owes it to herself to give Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound a trial.
If you want special advice writo
Rlrs.Plnkham, Lynn, Mass., for IU
It is free and always helpful.
Make the Liver
Do its Duty
Nine times in ten when the liver is
right the stomach and bowels are right./.
gently but firmly comj
pel a lazy liver to^
do its duty.
stipation, In
and Distress' After Eating.
must bear
1 E I
little stomach muscles, will Immediately
correct the trouble.
This ts not alone our opinion but that
of Mrs. N. 11. Mead of Frceport. Kane
wnose granddaughter has been takinr It
successfully and of Mrs. J. R. Whltlnc
of I^ena, Wis., who gives it to her children
and takes It herself. It Is sold In fifty
cent and one dollar bottles at every
drug store, but If you want to tost it In
your family before you buy It send your
address to Dr. Caldwell and he will for
ward a supply free of charge.
For the free sample addres* Dr. W
Ca{dwelj, 201 Caldwell building, lfontl-
Fink Eye, Eplsootie
Shipping Fever
& Catarrhal Fever
Splendid Crops
In Saskatchewan (Waslarn Canada)
800 Bushels from 20 acres
Of wheat
return from 'a Lloyd
miniter farm in the
•eafon of 1010.'IfliJa»y.If
/ell as
field* in thit..
other districts yield
ed from 25 to 35 bu
shel* of wheat to the
acre. Other gtUns. In
are fhua dsir•vaZ
from the riEK
prtcf* .to advance. Land
•hould doablelnlwo yean
Inff wer»r
i«nddL Ji
S?*".' OlT» illustrated pamphlet.
*»W'IW Matass.lt.
(Use address neara^ Ton.) a
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