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Socialist Column
(By E. Francis Atwood.)
A mass convention of the So
ialists o£ Roberts county, re
ardless of previous affiliation
itli tlie party organization, is
ailed to meet at the residence
E. P. Atwood, south end of
aiii street, Sisseton, promptly
lit 2 p. m., Saturday, Sept. 23,
the purpose of perfecting
he organization of the party
lanming systematic work for the
coming winter and any other
usiness that may be presented.
State Committeeman.
Every Socialist is expected to
»se his influence in getting others
•to reading this column of Hie
^Standard regularly.
Thet state secretary reports
"'five new locals and the greatest
interest since the state was or
What is Socialism? When I
Mgfind a word I do not fully under
'^%tand, I sometimes consult the
^dictionary and I would advise
you to look up this word. It is
none of the things its enemies
say it is. Webster says it is a
heory of a more precise, orderly
and harmonious arragnemewt of
the relations of mankind than thai
which has hitherto prevailed the
Brittanica says the ethics of So
cialism are identical with those
of Christianity. You seei what.
your dictionary says.
If the Ten Commandments and
the Sermon on Ihe Mount were to
be paraphrased into a political
platform, it would greatly iv
semble the Socialist platform.
We are now in the competitive
stage of the era of the machine.
Combination is slowly driving
out. Workers must
cease to compete for jobs, farm
ers must combine to secure the
full value of their products. The
trusts gained their position
through uniting when we unite
politically to own the trusts, we
outnumber them ten to one.
If I were to offer you ten dollars
apiece for every law that lias
passed congress and been approv
ed by the Supreme Court that
was of real benefit to those who
5 do the world's labor, in mine, mill,
factory, farm, railroad, and so
on, and you were to pay me ten
cent for each law that bene
fited the trusts and which they
try to make you believe indirect
ly helps you, I think I would
have more money than I have now
If we are to get laws for our
selves, we must elect men of our
class and sympathies and not keep
voting for the fellows tha/t have
been making the laws.
We arc pretty well agreed that
something is, or many things are,
wrong and I am sometimes asked
"What do you propose to do
about it?" I'll tell you, I do not
intend to do anything. We, not
I, must do what is to be done.
First I suppose that you begin to
think for yourself if anyone talk
politics to you take the other side
in your mind and study it over.
Then take the position Ithat will
benefit yourself. The next step
is, unite, politically and economi
cally, with those whose needs
are the same as your own. Under
the coming order you must be
ready to help adjust things.
The Socalists contend that we
can .get along better without so
many middlemen and parasites.
The ordinary preacher, editor
merchant, teacher, etc., really be
longs in the same class as the
wage worker or farmer, for tli
receive the same wages, en u0
to support a family by eroimm /.
ing. That is the average tn
below the average go down a
out sometimes.
Some readers may feel dispos
ed to dispute some inference that
I make, or may wish to ask
question. All right, drop m.'
few lines at Sisseton be court
eous and avoid personalties and
1 will welcome you. I will keep
your name to myself and. as
carefully and politely as I can.
I will explain. You see, fir«-t
think, then I write the thought
as best I can you read it, then
ou think. Would it not be won
derful if we really thought exact
ly the same thought? So I will
welcome any opportunity to ex
plain more fuliy and clearly to
anyone who. really wants to know
or I will be just as pleased if
you can prove me wrong, and I'll
Done Daily in Sisseton, Many
Citizens Tell of It.
Nearly every reader has heard
of Doan's Kidney Pills. Their
good work in Sisseton still con
tinues, and our citizens are con
stantly adding endorsement by
public testimony. No better
proof of merit can be had than
the experience of friends and
neighbors. Bead this case:
Mrs. Gertrude Leffingwell, of
Sisseton, S. D., says :"Doan'si Kid
ney Pills have been used in our
family for a long time and I can
say that they are an excellent
kidney modicine. A number of
our household has been greatly
relieved by this remedy, when, suf
fering from pains and aches that
attend kidney troubles. We al
ways procured Doan's Kidney
Pills at the Palace Drug Store
and take them at the first symp
toms of kidney complaint, know
ing that they will quickly give re
For sale by all dealers. Price
50 cents. Foster-Milburn Co.,
Buffalo, New York, sole agents
for the United States.
Remember the name—Doan's—
and take no other. (5)
Granger Business Schools.
Students enroll in our schools
any time. We teach good busi
ness courses and help you to get
a position. Let us send you a
catalog. Address, Ortomville.
Advertised Letters.
The following letters remain
unclaimed in this office for the
week ending Sept. 16,1911.
Est rem, Albert
Eveirson, John
Hanson, John
Haning, Geo. S.
Jurgens, H. G.
times, Sampson
Johnson. Lewis
Kmitsou, -A1, tlsur
Langr, Kittie
Lai son, ft. O.
Esman, John
Strayer, Susie
vScherk, M:\ Max
Swenson, .l'.hn
Stvaver, Johnnie
Trine, Ross
Wilkins, Cecil
If not called for within two
weeks they will be sent to the
dead letter office.
May A. Knappen,
Fall plowing will make a much
uiore compact seed-bed than wil
spring plowing, and crops growl
thereon will be less subject to. im
jury from drouth.
Public Sale.
On Tuesday, Sept. 26, commenc
ing at 10 o'clock a. m., at my
farm in Sec. 5, Long Hollow
township, 10 miles northwest of
Sisseton, I will sell at Public Auc
lion, to the highest bidder, the
following personal property:
One chestnut marc, 12 years
One bay horse, 10 years old
One bay horse, 4 years old
One 3-year-old gelding
Two 2-year-old geldings
One yearling mare colt
One cow, one heifer calf
One Sharpies cream separator,
nearly new
One Deering binder
One McCormick mower
One Jones self-dump havrake
One Bain hay bucker
One walking plow
One Deering 16-in. sulky plow
One 1-liorse cultivator
One Moline wagon, complete
One two-seated buggy
All my household goods and
other articles too numerous to
Free lunch at noon.
Terms of Sale: All sums of
$10 and under, cash sums over
$10. payable Oct. 1,1912.
Usual rate of interest
H. D. Massintrham. Auctioneer.
O P. Ra.sk. Clerk.
If you have fifteen or more
head of cattle, and haven't a silo,
it will pay you ito look into
the subject of silos pretty care
fully, and if you do, you will prob
ably decide that you need a
YOU can win a trip to Europe
—if you try. Read about the
big Standard-Posten Voting Con
test in this issue.
A good acreage of corn which
means plenty of feed and a good
bunch of cattle, which means
plenty of fertilizer for the land
together mean good crops and
reasonable farm profits.
Motion made and carried that
a water gate be built at the foot
of Bull Hefod lake where it enters
into the Lake and Lee ditch, tto
present an overflow of said ditch
and that Mr. Remund be instruct
ed to build said gfete.
The bill of John Haney, balance
due on Lake and Lee ditch $3976.
96, on motion, was allowed.
Motion made and carried to
adjourn to September 6th, 1911.
Attest: Signed:
call to Geo. Sehilt.son
P. 11. Brown, expenses of
hydrophobia cases....
T. W. Cahill, Casket
poor and mdse for
Mrs. M. Duzan, care
cleaning house of
Commissioners' Proceedings
Sisseton, S. D., Sept. 5th, 1911.
The Board of County Commis
sioners met as per adjournment.
Members present, M. L. Sater
en, M. L. Mickelson, S. L. Re
mund, John Meland and llarry
This being the time designated
by law for the 1 evying of the
•state and county taxes, the board
having the settlement of the Lake
and Lee ditch, the levying of the
taxies was set for September 7th
"Motion made and carried that
the dredging work on the Lake
and Lee ditch done by Mr. John
Ilaney, contractor, and which is
accepted by the petition for said
ditch, be accepted by the board
of county coinmisssioners.
County Auditor. Chairman
Sisseton, S. D., Sept. 6th, 1911.
The Bof.rd of County Commis
sioners met as per adjournment.
All of the mefaibers present.
Motion made and carried that
warrants be drawn to John Gold
for $600, Henry Osterlow for
$200 and William Maley for $400.
or money they had advanced to
John Ilaney, contractor, of Lake
and Lee diftch.
The following bills were allow
ed or rejected:
Dr. Sverre, medical ser
vices rendered Mrs. Fryer
poor and members of board
of insanity $ 9.30
•J. Alley, survey of Lake
Lee. ditch, 48.00
llepry Osterlow, bridge ma
terial for Lake and Lee
ditch 34.20
J. R. Evens, bridge material
lifting old culvert and
grading, for Lake and
Lee ditch
Julius T. Torsten, building
bridge, Lake and Leei
E. McGown, bridge ma
terial Lake and Lee.
L. Preston, repair work
court house
!. L. Peteirson, damages on
farm, caused by construct
ion of the Lake and Lee
ditch, $2,500, Rejected
Geo. T. Weed, board for fish
warden, Ralph Metcalf
$52.50 Rejected
Gilbert Improved Corrigated
Culvert Co., culverts $ 457.43
Gilbert Improved Culvert
Co., culverts 82.45
Olaf Mebly, fumigating ma
terial 6.60
J. J. Batterton, cost and ex
penses 18.50
D. F. Stevens, cost and ex
penses. for binding index
record No, 1 34.25
Ole Opsal, cleaning cesspool
and dray age 60.50
Ronnie Andrews, express post
age and office supplies 43.42
•'(. H. Doupe, fumigating
and mileage, Strom &
Martinson families for
searlit fever l(tl5.00 How
ed' 11.00:
P. II. Brown, on call on. pri
soner 1.00
P. H. Brown, fumigating and
E. Mosher vs. J. A. John
ston et, al by order of
circuit court
A. H. Ingersol), services
reforee in ease of Jennie
Williams vs George Wil
liams, by order of cir
cuit court
Burns & Wolff, mdse for
poor farm
Jos Schmaus, wolf scalps
Perkins Bros.. Litho (trea
surer's checks
J. A. Ray, stamps, express
and rail road ticket for
Rickert & Opheim, machin
ery for poor farm.... 202.00
Tlarrv Sterns, hauling coal
for Lizzie Mackey, poor
A. II. Ingersol service as
referee in case of Mable
Joe Schmaus, wolf scalp 2.00
A. E. Taplin, visits to poor
farm 12.00
Paul C. Skaurupinski, con
ducting 8th grade ex
amination 5.00
CI. S. Peterson, conducting
8th grade examinations 5.20
Emil Lauge, conducting
8th grade examinations
$10.00, allowed 5.00
•John S. Swanson, game
warden voucher 357.70
Swanson, jailors
wages for July and Au
gust 90.00
Brown & Saenger, office
supplies 10.65
II. P. Knappen, office sup
plies 51.75
The Affidavit of illegal tax
claim of August Z. Thiele ask
ing for a. refund of $4.95, tax in
1910, on an assessment of a
Garfield township for the year
threshing macihne which had been
tssessed in the City of Wilmot
for the same year was on motion
On motion the board adjourn
ed to the 7th of September.
Attest: Signed
County Auditor. Chairman
Sisseton, S. D., Sept. 7th, 1911.
The Board of County Commis
si oners met as per adjournment.
All members present.
This being the time set by the
board of county commissione.
for the levying of the state and
county taxes, acting upon the
advice of the State Auditor and
state board of equalization the
following state taxes were
State general, two mills on
the dollar of assessed valuation.
Deficiency fund, two mills on
the dollar of assessed valuation.
The County Auditor submitte.
the following report of the
penses of the county for the fis
cal year ending June 30th, 191]
County Auditor $1500.0C
Deputy and Clerk 971.20
County Treasurer 1999.99
Deputy and Cleirk 960.3
Register of deeds 1200.01
Deputy and Clerk 1117.50
County Judge 1025.00
Sheriff, Deputy and bail
iffs, 5017.07
Superintendent of School 1500.00
Deputy and Clerk 750.97
Clerk of Courts 1151.59
Clerk of Courts and de
puty, 710.00
Commissioner of Insanity 72.20
Commissioner 1st district 224.60
2nd district 224.40
3rd district 319.40
4th district 217.70
5th district 285.00
States Attorney 1249.92
Attorney by order of
Court 260.40
Stenographer 32.75
Coroner 52.00
Grand and Petit Jurors
and Witnesses 4346.65
Justice of the Peace.... 178.15
Jurors, Constables and wit
nesses 113.40
Physician for poor 814.00
Poor relief 565.74
Coroners witnesses 1.60
Books and stationery.. 2320.39
Printing and advertising 1002.80
Elections 5108.19
Lights, fuel and repair of
court, house 1273.20
County bridges 7073.01
Wolf bounty 156.00
name fund 720.75
Lake and Lee ditch.... 1026.72
Institue 548.20
Poor farm 1873.54
Permanenlt school 15515.00
Miscellaneous 8180.80
Total 71660.18
Showing County Assets at clos
of fiscal year ending June 30th.
Loans maade from perman
Taxes unpaid, county
school fund 79635.00
funds 21,525.82
Court house, jail, poor farm
and other real estate 60,000.00
Cash in treasaury belong
ing to county funds.. 11,952.1'!
Total assets $173,112.95
Showing County liabilities at
close of fiscal year ending June
30th, 1911.
Total amount of permanent
school fund received from
the state to date .$ 79,835.00
Warrants issued including
those in hands of county
auditor 942.23
Bonds outstanding 60,000.00
Judgments,? funds overdrawn
and other liabilities.. 137.41
Total $140,914.64
State of South Dakota, County
J. A. Ray, auditor, being first
duly sworn, doth say that the
above report is a true and correct
statement of the financial condi
tion of Roberts county, as ap
pears by the Treasurer's books
and a true and correct statcinen
of all warrr^its drawn on the trea
sury during the fiscal year e«.
ing June 30th, 1911 and that th
statement of liabilities is true and
J. A. HAY,
County Auditor.
Subscribed and sworn to be
fore me this 13th. day if July
Edith Otto, Notary Public.
Th^ assessed valuation of the
county of Roberts for the year
1911, as returned by the st.a.t."
board of equalization is as fol
Real estate $ 5,314,137
Personal property 1,118,613
Railroad, telephone, tele
graph and express.. 365,954
Total valuation. .$6,798,704
Acting upon the reports sub
mitted, the following county tax
es were levied:
County general 3.5 mills on the
assessed valuation.
County sinking .5 mills on the as
sessed valuation.
County insane .5 mills on the as
sessed valuation.
County bridge 1.5 mills on the as
sessd valuation.
County special salary 1. mills on
the assessed valuation.
Moved and carried that a re
fund of $1.50, and an abatement
of $11.97 be made Sisseton City,
for the original taxes on lots
10, 11 and 12 of block 26, said
lots being City property.
The following bills were allow
O. II. Jones, supreme court
judgment for salary, in
te,re«t and costs $695.40
Will A. Beach Printing
Co., 248.90
Thorsten Thorson burying
glandered horses, asked
$32.40 allowed 15.00
Thorsten Thorson, burying
dead horse $10.80, allow
ed 5.00
W. L. Johnson, official print
ing 46.00
11. P. Knappen, official
printing, $49.95 allowed 47.70
J. M. Burdine official print
ing, $49.65 allowed.... 47.90
O. T. Axness & Co., lumber
for court house and poor
farm, $20.07, allowed.. 17.67
J. M. Burdine, printing for
superintendent of board
of health 4.75
James McGee, appraisal of
glandered horses of M.
Paffelsoji, $4.10 allowed 3.00
Martin Martinson, appraisal
of glandered horses of M.
Raffelson, $4.10 allowed 3.00
John Meland, viewing Lake
and Lee ditch 7.20
S. L. Remund, services rend
ered the Lake and Lee
ditch 32.00
M. L. Sateren, viewing Lake
and Lee ditch 6.20
Application for a loan of $1,
000.00 from the permanent school
fund by L. S. Hougen, to be se
cured by the NWy^ of setetion
No Monty
in Advance
tion Guar*
Lowest Net
Term* A
Saving of
$100 to
$ 2 0 O
From Fac
tory Direct.
P. A.8TARCK. rasa.
Piano you have ever seen or heard,
to yourself and
14, township 122, range 50
on motion granted.
On motion adjourned to Seplt
8th., 1911. $
Attest: Signed:
County Auditor. Chairman.^
Sissatou, S. D., Sept. 8th, 1911.
The Board of County Commis-1
skillers met as per adjournment*».
all mefliibei-s present.
Affidavit of illegal tax claim i:
of Andrew G. Kydell, asking for
an aUatefment of $15.36 and a re-1
fund of $6.34 for an over assess-1
inent on lot 7, block 3, original
townsite of White Rock, was on 5
motion granted.
On motion made and carried
E. E. Rehiund of Wilmot, and G. 15
J. Lawarance of Ortlcy were de- S
signaled as school book deposit-1
aries for theiir respectiva districts
Bids were received and opened
for 100 tons of coal for the court!
house and were aas follows:
O. T. Axness & Co., $6.40 deliver
Farmers Co-operative Society
6.50 delivered.
Sisseton Lumber Co., 6.50 d»- [i
Earl Slate, 6.35 delivered.
Empire Elevator Co., 6.60 deliv
ered. I
Sisseton Mill and Light Co., 6.50
delivered. f:
C. Christenson, 6.40 delivered.
As O. T. Axness & Co., and C.
Christenson. bids were the same,:
the bid was determined by lot,
of whieh O. T. Axness & Co.,
were successful, and on motion
the O. T. Axness & Co. bid was
accepted at $6.40.
Moved and carried that the
county auditor be instructed to
levy taxes against the Lake and
Lee ditch petitioners, to cover
the incurred expenditures.
Affidavit of Richard Trust Co.,
asking for a refund of the costs
with interest, on taking tax
deeds on lot one of section 29,,
and lot one of section 30, town
ship 129, range 48, was on motion
On motion the Board adjourn
ed sine die.
Attest: Signed:
County Auditor. Chairman
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