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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, December 22, 1911, Image 2

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Otto Olson was transacting busi
ness in our village early Monday
Hans Greenland and Carl
Greenland hauled grain t« Sis.se"
ton, Monday,
Miss Lottie Paulson went to
Sisseton, Monday. returning
Mrs Class and children were
calling at Mrs. Monson's, Mon
Mr. Hougen is hauling rock
week for the foundation of our
new creamery.
Mr. Ellestad and Archie hauled
two loads ol hogs to Sisseton,
Monday, returning Tuesday.
Chas. Carlson hauled a load of
hogs to Sisseton, Monday.
Tom McGee and Geo Walker
both hauled hogs to Sisseton,
Andrew Beito drove to the
Hub, Tuesday.
Almon Coffaa went to Ilank
inson, Tuesday, returning Wed'
Garrett Togler and Miss Ellen
Prigan went to Sisseton, Tuesday
Mrs. Inga Lunde, of Sisseton,
was an Effington caller, Thur
The pool room has changed
hands. It is now operated bv
Nels Peterson.
John Peterson, one or our
thrifty fanners, was on our
streets Thursday.
The well is completed and they
are now building the foundation
for the new creamery.
Arthur Monson. who received
a diot in his eye from an air
rifle, last week, is much better,
and it is quite probable that he
will retain the sight of his eye.
Bob Lange, who has had a run
of typhoid fever, is now abLe to
be about, again.
Joe Benson, who was ill last
week, is now on the mend.
John Clouse is in Sisseton, this
week, having been drawn on the
Mrs. Martin Rud, who was ill
last week, is now somewhat im
Andrew Beito went to Peever,
Tuesday, returning Friday.
Joe Class went to Ilankinson,,
Thursday, returning Friday.
Otto Haam is a juror at court,
this week.
Elias Monson, one of our lead
ing merchants is wearing a
broad smile, these days, the stork
having visited their home on
Thursday, Dec. 14. and left them
fine baby girl.
Dr. Morton was called to Ver
non, last.Thursday, to visit A. H.
Dahl, who is ill.
Joe Class and daughter May me,
went to Sisseton, Friday.
Miss Bessie Arneson was the
guest of Miss Lottiei Paulson over
Thursday niglit.
Mrs. Oi,en and Mrs. Pearson
were calling on Mrs. Cummings,
Dr. llowg, of Sisseton was in
our city Friday. .$7
The Misses Dahl and 'their
teacher, Miss Grace Thomson,
were in town last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Duberstoin
were shopping in Effington, Sat
Our town was crowded with
people, Saturday, doing their
.Xmas shopping.
"Mr. and Mrs. Buchanan an
children, of Windom, were guests
at the Farnsworth home over Sun
Herman Tegler Suudaycd at
Swan MoeV
Okanoe's school will' give
a Xmas program on Friday even
•s in*. Dec. 22.
,-Andp^a Gunnarson,
^Iteen spending the past two weeks
^at Albert Brockstad's, returned
^d Lloyd
W«ra 'Sisseton visitors.
ThopFlaws Mt several
with Jber son JohnjjUtf week
iryGnnnarson vufeed Helen
Correspondence I
Rose Kru.se and Gilbert Twite
Sundayd at Mr. Strand's.
Andrea Gunnarson spent Thurs
day evening at B. Stave's.
Bill Vollmer drove Alfred Aid
rich and Severt Gudhiem to Lid
gerwood, last Tuesday, where the
two latter took the train for
Wisconsin, where they expect to
work in the woods.
Mr. and Mrs. Knut Walstad
were Sisseton shoppers last Sat
Ben Vollmer and wife drove to
the Flats, near Ilankinson. Sun
day, for a few days' visit.
The Gunnarson young people
were surprised by their friends
Saturday evening.
Albert Ulstad returned hom
from Minnesota the last of the
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wenschl:
drove to Sisseton, Tuesday.
The Lutheran Ladies Aid So
ciety met at Mrs. Anderson's last
Wednesday afternoon.
A surprise party was given
Mr. and Mrs. Gunder Shelshid
Tuesday night, by a large crowd
of friends and neighbors. The eve
ning was spent in visiting, danc
ing and cinch.
Arne llillestad made a trip to
Ortonville last week.
J. F. Gleason and family. Ed
Kendall and Emily Kaas of Vig.
were visitors at C. S. Gleason
Jay Thompson is onee more lo
cated at his bachelor den.
Mr. and rs. Sam Satre ana
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gleason wer.
entertained at six o'clock din
ner at B. T. Sandsmark's. Sun
day evening.
C. S. Gleason arrived home
from Canada, Friday, via Hankin
son. Mr. Gleason says they were
threshing all along the line, both
going and coming back and while
the weather was quite cold at
times, they have only had light
falls of snow, and where he is lo
cated the wind has not Itlown to
speak of, so the snow lays
right where it falls. The
Gleason boys are homesteading
and having a good time, as one
does in a new country.
Julia llillestad visited Helen
GLeason Sunday afternoon and
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Gleason am
Clara Stave Wiere shoppers at, the
county seat the latter part, of the
Maude Birdsall spent a few
days with her sister, Mrs. Sheldon
the first of the week.
Tom Sandsmark drove to Sis
seton, Tuesday, after a load of
Xmas goods.
Bill Vollmer entertained John
Vollmer and wife and Gunder
Slielstad and wife, Monday even
Mr. and Mrs. B. T. Sandmarks
and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Satrei spent
Monday evening at .T. F. Gleason'
Alma Hillestad visited at Job
Flaws a few days last week
C. S. and Hazel Gleason were
Sisseton shoppers, Monday.
Gerhard and Olaf Gunnarsoi
and Jake Stave drove to Sis.-v
ton, Saturday. 'I hey came back
by Mr. Westby's and spent^ Sun
Mr. arid Mrs. Joe Sheldon weVo
Christmas shoppers.. in Sissetor
Mrs. A. T. F.eeriey spent a few
days this week with her sister
Mrs. A. P. Houde, at Sisseton
The Misses Icklar, from nor
Dixie, were Eddy shoppers, Tues
Thor Aadland and wife journey
cd to Sisseton, Tuesday.
Chas Gleason called on Ja
Thompson, Tuesday morning.
Mrs. Steve Barnett and Mrs.
Adolph Lundstrom took a stroll
over to Henry Johnson's, Sunday
Miss Sophia Kock, who has
bee& visiting at the Chas. Fonder
home, left last Wednesday for
Iter home at Milbank.
Mrs. P. J. Raw visited with
Mm. John Fonder, Sunday even
Mrs. Jim Hill was in Pee/ver
last Friday, shopping.
Mi*. John Larson and Mrs.
James HUl attended lodge doings
ited Julia Strand, Saturday and
John Forsyth entertained H. L.
Twite, Thor Lien and J3ert Op
heim Tuesday evening.
at Peever, Saturday evening.
Three new members were initiator
at thin meeting.
It appears that Quentin Fonder
lms been limping some this past
week. The exact cause remains
a mistery, but w,e believe lie has
been reducing the size of his
"feet." How about it Quentin?
Leonard Fonder and Miss Ann?
McGuckin were pleasantly enter
tained at Chas. Fonder s. Sun
day evening.
M. Stai went to Sisseton. last
Saturday, with a load of grain.
The Misses Mary and Vernie
Barrett called on the Misses. Han
nah and Lena Galinski. Sunday
Michael Barrett and Miss Irene
Kimball took in the special Wed
nesday evening program at the
Unique Theatre in Sissteton, last
Wednesday evening. They say
the new orchestra is certainly
grand and truly is a crowd
The many friends of Robert De
France will be sorry to learn of
his ailment, which has been pro
nounced a cancer. He will be
taken to the Browns Valley hospil
al on Tuesday, where he will sub
mit to an operation, which will
be perfonnd by Dr. Fogarty.
We hope to hear of a speedy re
Mr. and Mrs. -gtai were in Sis
seton, Tuesday, shopping.
Johnnie Nigg visited at Chas.
Fonder's, Sunday night.
Mr. Sprague, of Peever, expect'
to begin pressing hay before long
for John Fonder, six miles north.
He broke the lifting jack last
Monday, which caused a delay.
Miss Anna McGuckin went
home Friday evening, returning
Sunday, accompanied by her
Sylvester Kimball attended the
Crazy Social at the Otto home
in Sisseton. Wednesday evening.
He reports a crowded hous«, and
a splendid time.
Tom Barrett received the sad
intelligence Monday evening, of
the serious illness of his sister,
Mrs. Morrison of St. Cloud, Minn,
who is suffering with cancer of
the stomach, and whose condition
ivnnains rather doubtful. Mr. Bar
rett expects to leave for St. Clou
after Christmas.
Miss Anna McGuckin and Miss
Regina Nigg expect to hold school
in their respective districts tli"
'•oming Saturday, as they did not
conduct school last Saturday, as
was stated in these items.
Tom Barrett's younsr lads
ited with John Fonder's children
P. J. Raw was over at Browns
Valley one day last week.
Alvie Kimball went to Sisseton
Wednesday, on business.
John and Leo Fonder and
Sylvester Kimball were busy the
latter part of the week, hauling
baled hay to Peever. for Tom
P. J. Raw went to SlsS&ton.
Monday, on.business.
Michael Barrett and IretDo
Kimball visited with Mrs. Rear
don and Miss Mabel Sweeney, of
Sisseton, after the show, last
Wednesday evening.
Mumps se»e,ms to be raging in
Browns Valley. S. H. Malm's
family has just recovered from a
siege of th«m.
Chas. Fonder was a
shopper, Saturday.
Fred Campbell has quit work
ing with th/e hay-press and is now
staying at P. J. Raw's.
•Mr. Nordiue is busy hauling
feed to his rented farm two miles
south of the -Valley. A haul of
thirteen miles over these roads
is not so pleasant, after all.
Mr. Boyd was a caller at Mr.
McCoy's, Sunday.
Fred IIoltz_.who has been work
ing for Humble Oletzky the past
summer, left for his parents'
home near the Valley, Monday
A very pleasant young peoples'
party was hield at Mr. Negaard's
Saturday evening. A fine time
was had and all returned in thie
wee hours of Sunday morning.
Mr. and Mrs. Neiland were
Christmas shoppers at Sisseton,
Word has been received from
Qhas. Neiland, who is' in Hot
(Springs, S. D„ that he is feeling
much better.
A basket social was held at Mr
Tegumm's for the benefit of the
church. Fifteen dollars and six
ty-five cents was realized from
the sale, of baskets.
Mr. Stadler attended church in
Sisseton, Sunday.
Mr. Donovan did a lot of de
of his own cattle and
also dehorned several head for
his father, last Saturday.
A pleasant birthday party was
celebrated at Mr. Neiland's in
honor of Miss Freda's birthday,
she being fourteen years old
Mrs. Fred Morris, Robt. Oletz
ky and J. R. Needham Sundayed
at .Mr. Donovan's
Mr. Neuman. who was operated
on at Browns Valley, is not recov
ering as rapidly as could be de
sired. ••V'"
Fred Johnson sold two head of
cattle to J. T. Kelly, Saturday.
Martin Andierson, of Claremont.
who is visiting friends and rela
tives in this vicinity, helped drivi
them over.
August Lindquist was at Peev
er three days last week.
The J. M. 0. Skaarhnug family
spent Sunday at K. K. Bue's.
Leo Ozlowski and wife went to
Grenville, Tuesday .evening, to
visit their brother Anton Block.
Hon. I. J. Johnson is soliciting
funds from the people on th/e
Lutheran circuit in and around
'Wist, said fund to be used as a
gift to Rev. E. A. Ondahl, of
Kev. and Mrs. Nestvold went
to Waithay, Friday. The dominie
boarded the train for Montevideo
Minn., where he will remain
several days. Mrs. Nestvold in
tends returning home some time
this weiek.
Whether it was an error of
the way the message winged its
way over the phone line, or
whether it was our understanding
that was at fault, we cannot say
but certain it is, we made two
errors in our last correspondence,
which we hasten to correct, with
due apology to those1 concerned.
It is Miss Ida Nelson who is a
guest at the Bue home, and Carl
•Storlie who vist-ed his cousin,
Mrs B. L. Bendickson. The lat
ter guest was entertained at the
Bendickson home two davs the
past week, also.
The Watkins medicine man and
his driver remained ovier night at
P. Johnson's Tuesday.
Mail route No. 5 was changed
this week, as has oftentimes been
threatened, owing to the invari
ably almost impassable condition
of part of the county line road.
The route now runs one mile
east of the county line. Whether
or not the change is a wise one
remains to be sden, but certain
it is. it is making a great incon
venience for patrons on the coun
ty line, many of whom have been
forced over to the Grenville
An object of much attention at
the Wist store is a sturdy cotton
plant, with eight full sized bolls,
two of which have burst open, re
vealing a mass of snowy cotton.
The seed from which the plant
grew was planted by P. C. John
son, and was sent him from a
party in Mississippi last spring.
Little Viola, the six-year-old
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed.
Israelson, was taken quite sick
last Thursday. Dr. Pearson, of
Peever. was called and the child
made rapid improvement nndev
his care.
Miss Hartwig Olson is working
at Ed. Chell's
Amy Kelly celebrated her birth
day last Sunday and three
families of neighbors spent tli
day at the Kelly home. She was
presented with several gifts, but
one gift which she especially
prizes is a pair of fancy mittens,
knit by the dear old lady. Mrs
IIanna Peterson.
Miss Jennie Johnstad came
home from Minnesota Saturdaj',
where she is a student at the
Madison Lutheran Normal, and
will spend her Christmas vaca
tion with the home folks.,
Anna Kluken is keeping house
for Ole Kverness.
Andrew Grinde was taken sud
denly ill last Tuesday. His father,
Ole Grinde, was in Sisseton at the
time, having gone there the pre
vious day. On returning to
Peever on Tuesday noon's train,
he was met by his son Iver, with
news of Andrew's sickness. Med
icine was procured of Dr. Pear
son, and after a two days tussle,
Andrew was able to sit up again.
The stockholders of the Buf
falo Lake Creamery are tearing
it down, preparing it to be mov
ed in sections to Luffman.
Several of the farmers are or
dering farm stationery of the Sis
seton Standard, proving that they
are taking pride in their homes,
employment and stock.
The rummage sale conducted
at the Skogan school house, Sat
urday evening, netted some over
thirteen dollars. There was a
debate held in connection, the
subject under discussion being
"Resolved that women have xnor.p
influence over men than money."
Carl Sundstrum, Ole Skjonsberg
and Oscar JTloe took the affirma
tive side, while Roy Stevens, Eas
ton Floe and John Sundstrom up
held the negative. The judges
pronounced a tie, so the momen
tous question still remains un
Gilbert Gilbert.son and Ole
Ilaugen have rigged up a black
smith shop on the Gilbertson
The Young Peoples' Society or
the Zoar church will give a Pie
Social at the rooms over the
creamery the night of Dec. 2'J.
Each lady to bring a pie, which
will be sold at auction. A goocr
time is anticipated and all are
Edward Cliell and daughU'Svs
Mina, Ruth and Esther were en
tertained at J. O. Johnson's. Sun
day afternoon.
Thft children of the Zoar church
are preparing a program to be
given in connection with a Christ
mas tree at the eliurch on the
afternoon of Sunday, Dec. 24.
Sunday forenoon Alfred Cliell
a rig composed of a buggy box
on light runners. On the way
and wife started for church, driv
ing a team of ponies attached to
they stopped for their sister Mina
who was to accompany them.
Just as they got on "Bunker
Hill", the team suddenly turned
and started for home at a quick
paoe, leaving the passengers sit
ting in tile vehicle, partially
balanced on the rear bobs, while
the forward ones followed in the
wake of the prancing team.
When the team reached Paulson
it was beaded off by a man on
horseback, and restored to its
owners, who concluded worship
was out of the question for that
August Lindquist went to
Adams county, North Dakota,
Friday, to be absent about a
Wm. Wunschel and daughter
Miss Bessie went to Browns Val
ley, Tuesday, and returned home
Art Bostwiek visited at "Wm.
Wunschel's, Wednesday.
Miss Atlioline Boocock visited
at Wm. Cameron's over Sunday.
There was a party at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. George Ammann
and family, Thursday evening.
Louie R.eimann helped Warren
Stowiell pfek corn, a few days thif
Hans Sorenson and family
visited at, T. F. Conrad's, Sunday
Dan Xundgren visited at Wm.
Wunschel's, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Gubka and
little child were at Alfred Niiel
son's, Sunday.
Art Bostwiek visited at "Wm.
Wunschel's, Sunday.
Helmcr Erickson called at Carl
Rustand's, Sunday.
Merry Christmas to all.
Most, of the people of Lockwood
were shopping in Big Stone and
Ortonville, Saturday.
John Vipond and mother were
Milbank callers last Monday.
The Lockwood Sunday school
will hold its Christmas tree and
program at the Lockwood church
on Saturday evening. Everyone
is cordially invited.
^Mrs. Ed. Broich, of Lockwood,
visited at Wilmot, last week.
I. O. Foster purchased eleven
head of Ked Poll eattle of J. T.
Gold, of Big Stone. "We expect
Absolutely Pure
The only Baking Powder made
from Royal Crape Cream of Tartar
lie will be supplying the country
Anyone looking for a good
place to locate would do well to
look over the best part of Roberts
county, which would undoubtedly
be Lockwood township.
Rev. C. W. Gech, the presiding
elder of the Watertown district
of the Evangelical church preach
ed in the Lockwood church, Sun
Henry Aslakson and Ole Vas
sen are here this week from Am
brose, N. D. The latter gentle
man is accompanied by his three
small children.
A. Monson went to Sisseton,
Tuesday, intending to bring
Santa Claus back with him in
an air ship.
The 3-year-old child of Mr
and Mrs. James 0. Wooley had a
narrow escape from death in a
peculiar manner, the other day.
The little one got hold of a box
containing ground red pepper, in
haling a quantity of the fiery
stuff, and nearly strangling to
death before she could he re
The funeral of I. S. Grove oc_
curred on Tuesday morning at 10
o'clock, Rev. Gunderson -conduct
ing the services. It was one of
the largest funeral in the history
of this part of the county, evi
dencing the esteem in which tli
deceased was held. The last sad
rites were attended by the four
sons and two daughters of the
dead man, and also by his two
sons-in-law, Robert Berry of Rap"
id City and Olaf Hanson of Sisse
ton. A cousin of the deceased
Mr. Olson, a man 79 years of age.^
came all the way from western
Kansas to attend the funeral.
Peter Grove, of Iowa, also came
up to attend tli a funeral.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wooley are
here to spend Christmas with
George Wooley and family.
Elmer Eddy visited school, on
Mrs. G. L. Wooley recently re
ceived a letter from her cousin,
Rose Perley, who is teaching at
Vancouver, B. C. She expresses
herself as delighted with the
Claud Burch is still improving,
and we hope to see him up and
around again soon.
Ole Hanson is fishing at Lake
Traverse, this week.
Mrs. Fred Otto and Mr. and
Mrs.Otto Hanson were among the
callers at Otto, this Week,
Miss Anna Vassen is enjoying
a visit from her brother Ole. of'
North Dakota.
Even Vassen is busy sho.eing
horses, these dav
that we
with the kind and style of
comb that pleases you. We
carry in stock combs made
of aluminum, horn, com
position. ivory and hard
rubber. These are made
in different styles. The
dressing comb, the pocket
comb and the fine tooth
comb. Special inducements
if you buy combs and
brushes now.
Sisseton,- South Dakota

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