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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, February 02, 1912, Image 2

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I. I Correspondence
Andrew Beito a.ud wile e.ntri'
tamed OK' Beito l'amilv la.st
Herman Olson drove down in
Sisseton Monday alter men-haii
Mrs. Jloe went to sisseton .Mod
Miss Ada llcndriekson open
cd our school here, Monday, ow
ing to the absence of our regular
teacher, Mr. Osknee.
Alinon Coffee went to Sisseton
Miss Ellen Prigan visted with
•Miss Tryphena Lewis, Tuesday
arid Wednesday.
Prof. Oksnee returned from his
trip though Wisconsin la.st Tues
-soupajVV ^nii|i)Ui4 uJiiSuq pun A'rrp
day afternoon.
George Walker, one of our
thrifty fanners, drove to SissdJorf
with grain Tuesday.
The oil 'tiank from Sisseton
came up Wednesday to supply
our merchants with oil
Mr. Olson, out at Martin Smr
onson's is oil the sie.k list this
Sam Wilson of Sisseton,
brought a traveling man into our
town Wednesday.
Ernest Kimble went to lied"
Btrom's, last Thursday, to work
on a well,
Theix! will be a dance in our
hall Friday evening, Feb. 2nd.
Dr. Byron V. S. of Bristol,
was in our town over Wednesday
and Thurs'day.
Domoniek O'Brien was trans
acting business here Thursday.
The 1'aulno boys gave a party
to a number of their friends,
Saturday evening. All had a
fine time.
A party of friends of Miss Try
phena Lewis came to her home
unannounced, last Friday evening
and gave her a pleasant sur
prise an'd farwell party, before
her departure to Minneapolis
Where she will atftcrid school*
They presented her with a beauti
ful purse as a token of their es
A1 Oliver's family visited at
George Oliver's near Ilankntsoii.
Fri'day and Saturday.
Thor Bavig drovi
Miss Hensrud went Sisseton
Saturday, where she will stay
with Mrs. Art Olson.
The Misses Dahl were shopping
here Saturday.
Mrs. Moxness was calling on
friends in Effington, Saturday.
Miss Myrtle Cook., of Si-s.se-
ton is visiting the Prigan girls,
this week.
Archie Ellistad went to Sisse
ton Sai'ur'day to visit with
friends for a few days.
Miss Mary Johnson went to Sis
scton, Thursday, to remain a few
weeks at the Nels Johnson home.
Levi. Farnsworth spent Satur
day and Sun'day in Sisseton.
Mr. Dubersi!.ein'g| family spent.
Sunday at the W. C. Oliver home
Joseph Class went to Lake Tra
verse, Sunday night, returning
Monday wVh a load of ice for
the creamery.
Miss Nellie Oliver came out
from Sisseton t,o spen'd Sunday
at the home of her brother, Geo.
Heniry Goldsmith a,nd his lit
tie girl are both on the sick list,
this week.
of Sisseton,
the Arneson
AArt Olson,
spent Sun'day at
There will be a masquerade
ball in the hall, Wednesday even
ing, Feb. 14. Music will be fur
nished by the Olson orchestra,
Mrs. Moxness' little girl is
ill with blood poisoning in
her ajrm, caused by falling on a
Mr. Sherman and Mr. Buck
week over from Big Stonecouni
Minn., Wednesday, on business.
I. O. Fosteri was a business vis
itor at
L. Myresnear Milbank.
Edwin Johnson is hauling hale*
hay fop Mr. Hare.*"
Jewel IVyftnky was
helping Mv.
Mark* h»)il hay.
rv'.aj»4 Jirs!:Myer8, of Milbank
*fr..^d. Sirs. FOTter, yisited
home, Firday.
was. in Milbank,[spent
Tile friends of .Mrs. .Joe Flory
will be gia'd to hear dhat slie is
still improving.
Mr. Sleasman, of MilbanU,
was hauling hay from the Lock
wood prairies, last week
Mrs. 11. S. Marks i.s very siek
with erysipelas, but i.s some bet
ter at this writing. Miss Luellii
Cunningham is taking care of
Ole Stromeu is working for 11.
Poomploon, husking torn
Chas. Aiili.i'so', is making a
mail wagon for M. li v-'tromstodt.
Walfi'ed Olson is among the new
pupils uiL «(-.ho'»l.
lljelmar Bergstrom has rented
the John Swaason farm in Har
mon township, al,so puchased his
horses and machinery, lie will
move onto the farm about the
first of march.
Be»L' Sheldon and family vis
ited Harry Layton and family
Wednesday of last week.
Albin llokamson and family
spent Tuesday ait the home of Ed
Mr. and Mrs. Nels Stovern
visited at Edward Thompsons the
first of the week.
Bennie Grummou'd was a Wed
nesday caller at C. 11. Selken's
William Knviller entertained a
large crowd at his home, Tues
day night of last week. Dancing
and card playing occupied in
most of the* time.
Henry and Oscar Twe.te, of Ver
non, visite'd at Dearland's. Wed
nesday afternoon.
Herniaii I'ooinploon cntortained
a number of I'rien'ds at. his home
at cards Saturday evening
to Sisseton ia,1(i Netta Oulbrandsen, of U.a-
Leonard Loverson and
and Ne la fiulbi-ands^o
Friday afternoon at Theo
11. Iv. Stow« went to Uenir
Myers'. near Diamond, Friday
Frank Zahuow went to Lewis
Albert's, on the North Dakota
|ai'de lor a ioad of oaiis for LoU
en & (Jo., Friday
I lirick O K.ud was a Imsinc.s.
caller here, Friday.
I Leonard Li'verson mid fcunih
liiond, spent I uesday at (lie liome
of 13dward Thompson.'
Mr. an'd Mrs. Nels Stovern ai
-•pending the week at Kief Thomp
son 's.
lion O. E. Lien, of Sissei'
was here Tuesday, renewing ac
quaintances and attending to
Mrs. 10. Draveland and sons
John and Edwin, visijiie'd at, Ai.
Hokanson's. Thursday aft,crn.
Oll.o .laeobson entertanie'cf
number of his I'rien'iis at Albi.
Jlokan :on '.s, Saturday evening,
The following families and per
sons were entertained at Sunday
dinner by MY. an'd Mrs. Emit Ho-.
bjor, last Sunday: Edward Lok
sn and falmily, Olaf Oisetli and
family, of Vernon, and John Hen
'dricks and family. Kief Thomp
son and family, (.has. Selken and
family, Mrs. Bamrud, Mrs. A.
Tigen and daughter, and Esther
and Swan Hei'gstrom.
Henry Flom and wife are spend
ing the week at Ed. Thompson's.
Ernest Bergstrom and IjJdwin
Rt-rn visitid Joiin TTendrick^on.
i. iv ay ,-V( r.-i-g.'
Tonv i.. is an-. Oliver S in'
of Vernon, attended tihe play anil
ball at. Winan's hall last Fri'day
Mr. and Mrs.
Stovern and
son, Orlander, visited AI lTokan
son's family the latiter part ol
last week.
Thorsten Thompson and Louis
Selken made a business trip to
White Rock, Saifurday.
Last Saturday niglit a corw'd of
folks gathered at the home of
K. Stfowe and surprised them and
spent the evening in 'dancing. At
midnight Mrs. Stowe was present
ed with a beautiful rocker.
C. II. Selken and family visit
ed Thorsten Thompson and fam
ily Tuesday evening of lasil', -week.
Clias. Lin'dquist and Einar Spa.
by were in our burg on business
Ajcel Strandberg and iM.
Bern were at: Ell el' Thompson's.
PVMay evoning of last weeje.
Ed Bern and Chas. Tigen pur
chased some corn from John Tcd
in, Thursday of last week. |p|
itftef Thompson and son." Joe.
Tuesday evening
Miss Sarah Smith Sundayed a.
Wall'red Olson hauled haj' tor
Mrs. Uergslrom the first of last
Edwin Bern Spent Sunday
at Nels Edlund's.
llairry lOnviller was at Whit
Rock last week, Tuesday.
iver Johnson, of Wis.!., was
Crawford, Monday, looking over
the political situation.
Linda Peterson spent Sunday
wil.h Miss Gena Stoveren.
Clias. Bergstrom hauled fod
der corn from Chas. Knutson",
farm, Tuesday.
Mrs. O'Gra'dy visited at Win.
Neilaud's, Thursday.
Mr. O (irady has relurned
Chicago ol'ter an alisenee of
Mr. Hill was calling at Henry
N.- i,'i,id \s, JYid
AI! ert O'O .i rook a load
'ii to the i'.e, 11 'a\.
Milton Boyd, who has been
visiting his sister, Mrs. Pederson.
near the Valley an'd at t-he same
time enjoying a seige of the
mumps, returned home, Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Krone visited a!
Albert Oletzky's, Wednesday evei
Christ Yost' was a caller
at Browns Valley, Saturday, and
brought, home a load of coal.
Mr. Neila.n'd lost a valuable lioi
one day last week.
A number of our vounger sue
ial set at,tended the dance at Win
ans, Fri'day evening. All report
most, enjoyable time
Miss Knuna Uoyd lia just re
covered from lie mumps ami (ia
lel) is now under tile weather.
We are having a run
north en'd
chicken pox in til
Grant liownsliip.
Mr. -lack Soulier was a
caller at the "Hub" last Friday.
Gerhard Negaard's family lias
been taken 'down with 13ie mumps
The two Nelsons who have been
working lor Negaard. returned
to t.lieir home in Minnesota
hoping |,o escape iihe mumps lm'
were greeted with it on their ar
rival home.
Mr. Donovan made a hurrie'
trip to rii'fnvns Valle^', Tuesday.
The school hense in Dis.* No.
4- has been thoroughly scrubbed,
pipes cleaned and i.s now rea'dv
for the spring session.
Severt, Strand and Gilbert Twet
an'd the Misses Julia, Strand anu
Rose Kruse spent Friday even
ing at. Hillestad's.
The Young I'eoples Society
'did not meet last- Friday night as
stated in last week's items, but
will meet at B. Stava's, Fri'day
evening, Feb. 2nd.
Claude Burch spent last, wo.
at Felix Hill's. His horse that
was taken sick there is now bet
Mrs. Rudolph Hanke, who lives
near Dixie, has been seriously ill
but at ,tbe present, writing is
much improved.
A jolly erowVl of young people
bad supper with Miss Laure Vol
mers at B. F. Sandmark's, Sun
day evening. Those present were
Ed Glea^on. Dick Evans. Henry
Seibal. Mclvin Satre and Ki''t.ii•
and Goldie Morrison and lick I
W« hear of (.jui'le a little sick
ness in the 'different neighbor
O S Gb ason drove to Lidger
wood last Tuesday, bringing back
a lend of .i
Clau'de Burch returned horn
A. L. Hillesta'd and family
spent Sunday wi th Nels Teignm
and Family.
an Eddy vis-
.Merle Scott was
iior, this week.
Joe (inlis anil sisters, Mary am
Lucy, who "lives ten miles west
uf Sissetonj took dinner at C.
y. Glcason's, We'dnesday, whilv
on the.ir way to Lilgerwood to
visit friends for a few 'days, aftei
which .the Misses Gillis will take
the train to points in Minnesota
for an extended visit.
Merle Scoti Tom San'dmark
•md Lloyd Gleaon drove over to
Dell Morrison's, who lives over
the iiili-- las! S'at li i'.l.i v.
Mrs. Henry Vollniers, of Dixie,
visited sister. (Jlara Stava.
at -I. 1''. Gleason's, Wednesday.
Adell an'd Ada Olson, of Ef
fingl'.i.ii Ed (Jleason and Clara
Stava attended the basket supper
and dance for the benefit of the
base ball team of Veblen, Friday
The Ed'dy feed mill opened up
for business, Wednesday, Jan. 31,
1!H2. Bring in your feed and get
it ground
Allen Herman, of Vig, was an
Eddy visitor, Sun'day and stayed
all night at J. F. Gleason's.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wenschlag
spent Saturday night taking care
of Mrs. Itu'dolph Hanke.
A surprise parly was given to
Mr. and Mrs. John Vollmers Moil
day -evening by their friends. A
large crowd of young and old
were in atten'dance and spent a
very enjoyable evening.
John Forsyth drove J',o Sisseto"
first of the week.
Ted Anderson was taken to
Veblen Saturday, where he hail
his leg treated by Dr. Hoagland
Chas. Green 'drove to town
Saturday to meet his grand-fath
er, D. Faley, who has been visit
ing friends and relatives in Aber
Martin Leff drove to Vig on
business- Saturday. He was ac
companied by his 'daughter, Bar
Harry Halverson spent, Sunday
at the llendieh home.
W. .1. Green an'd family visa
ed at l.lie Ercink home, Monday
C. 1). Thompson, the Vig mer
chant is taking advantage of the
nice weather and ishauling a cat
load of lumber from Li'dgerwood.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Smith, who
have, been at the Smitfi home nea
Veblen for the past- three weeks
returned to her home Thursday.
Elias Medhaug was a caller at
Vig, Friday.
E. Fos.s, Peter Ilogan, Simon
Halverson an'd O. A. Hoines de
livered cattle at Vig, Friday. 0
The John Hanson home was
fumigated an'd the family releas
ed from quarintine last Thurs
Mrs. A. O. l?oen is again very
ill with pneumonia.
Chas Green an'd Joe Leff called
on Ted Anderson, Tuesday even
Mr. and Mrs. G. Golberg, are) the
prou'd parents of a baby girl
born last Wednesday.
Karl Melichar living west ot
Veblen called al- the Feff home
Monday, taking a load of hi'des
Chas. Green drove to G'eneseo,
for the .Veblen meat market and
brough. back a load of coal.
Miss Signa Hazel, of Lidger
wood, is visiting at the home of
her uncle, A. Carlson.
A. Carlson marketed a loa'd of
flax in Lidgerwood, Saturday.
Joe Ercink was in Wahpeton
on business a few days last week.
Miss Edith Risdall was a eal
ler in Vig, Monday.
Chas. Herman dorve to Lidger
woo'd on business, Tuesday.
Mr. an'd Mrs. Casper Kisdall
arrived from Ferns'dale, Wash,
A surprise party was given with a load of grain, Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wenschlag'sl Miss Mary Leff called on Miss
ai, their home Wednesday even
ing. A large number of friends
were present an'd enjoyed them
selves until 'illf
small hours
Miss (Uara Stava visited horn
folks Sunday last.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Feeney
spent Tuesday evening at Felix
Miss Ethel liamsdale from the
hills spent, two weeks wil'lf he
uncle, Charley Morrison and fam
ily, who lives east of Ed'dy.
Mrs. Sand^mark was called t,o
Wal'derf, Minn., "Wednesday, li week,
the death of her mothr. She was The
hfamily called at Albert Ulstad's,
'4% ik1
John Leff was in Lidgerwoo'd
Edith Bailly, one 'day last- week.
Burns Risdall was in Lidger
wood, Saturday, to meet his bro
ther,Casper .and wife.
An error was made last
week in noting the dealh of Mrs
Kugler which should have been
Mrs. II. Kreiger.
Torn Ot-'um and E. Foss rep
resented' tins part, of Norway in
Lidgerwood, last Tuesda
A eaitle luy ef- fr Sisset :i
di'd a profitab'e business inthis
accompanied by Mr. Sandsmark. the death of heir pet pony whiel
Mr. and Mrs. John Holland an'd
the middle of th
children are lamenj'
one 'daylastw
The Standard for News.
After February 15th
jeton, S. D.
Roberts Co. S. D., Climated Seed Corn
Will be advanced from $3.50 to $4 a bushel,
All orders received with remittande before Feb
ruary 15th wili be filled at $8.50 a bushel.
Schindlers Early Yellow Dent, Minn. No. 13.
dr Carters Early Dent, Early White Dent, W
Early White Cap Dent, Northwest
ern Dent also White Flint and W
Yellow Flint.
Have Yau Ordered Yonrs From
Expert Automobile Repairing
and Machine Work
Tires, Magnetoes, Carbureters,
Lubricating Oils and Gasoline.
Batteries, Coils and Wiring
Estimates Cheerfully Furnishd on Repair Work
I Telephone McCoy in Case of Trouble I
PHONE NO. 205.
Hand Laundry. Mrs. Atwoo'd, I GIRL WANTED—Apply to
phone 207. (30tf) Wlrs. A. M. Knight. 24tf
Monson & Loken
Have just received their Fall Stock ot'
Overshoes and Rubbers
Also a full line of Fall and
Winter Goods throughout
w. F.
Your Meats From the Up-to-date
And be ensured good service-
Fish, Oysters and Game

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