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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, February 02, 1912, Image 5

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Dr. Cook was at Wilmet Tues
day on professional business.
Ready-made sheets, 39c, at the
"White Goods Sale. The Golden
Miss Kate Eagen returned
^Tuesday from a visit with friends
at Summit.
D. R. Burt went to Luffman
Tuesday to look after the tele
phone lines.
Phillip LaBatte, of Peever,
was a business visitor in the city
last Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Hal Knight were
week-end guests of the latter's,
parents at Ortonville.
Miss Fannie Olds, of Aber
deen, is the guest of her sister,
Mrs. Leo Lukanitsch.
Atty. J. W. Barrington left
Monday evening for Wahpeton,
N. D., on legal business,
Miss Leila Nancarrow returned
to her home at Wilmot, Saturday
after a week's visit with Mrs.
George Crosby.
A card from Miss McQuillan,
dated Chicago January 29, states
that she would leave for New
York on Thursday.
Judge J. J. Batterton and Edi
tor J. P. Croal left Monday even
ing for Pierre, to attend the
meeting of democrats held there
on Wednesday.
Henry Wilson, from near Wist,
was in the city Monday evening
on his way to Rochester, Minn.,
where he goes to consult Drs.
Mayo regarding his health.
Mrs. Elizabeth Derflinger went
to Ortonville Tuesday evening to
undergo an operation. Her son,
Harry, who returned home from
Sioux Falls, Monday, accompan
ied her.
Hon, Iver J. Johnson, of One
Road, drove in from White Rock
Monday evening, where he had
been on business. Mr. Johnson
says the roads are now getting
in fair condition.
Farm Mortgage
Made at lovvets Rates
"The Old Reliable"
First National Bank
Jno. A. Munro was up from
Wilmot Monday.
H. M. Fellbaum. of Murray,
was in the city last Friday, on
Carry the goods the people
want and then advertise them in
the local newspapers that's the
way to knock out the mail order
Henry Schindler has made him
self a corn tester that will enable
him to test 35 bushels of corn at
one testing, using one kernal
•from each ear.
J. F. Hein returned from Sioux
City, Monday where he market
ed a car load of feeders. Mr.
Hein reports the Sioux City mar
ket very good.
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Carter en
tertained a number of friends at
their home last Monday evening.
A number of musical pieces were
given and games played until
midnight when a delicious lun
cheon was served.
Said old Bill Shiftless: "There
was a time when I could have
bought the whole blamed town
site for $200, but I didn't think
it would ever be worth it," An
other loafer replied: "It would
not have been if you had bought
Mrs. H. N Schmidt, of Good
will township, received a full
blooded Mammoth Bronze Tur
key Tom last Saturday, which
cost $12, also a full blood Pekin
drake, which will be a valuable
addition to her already select
flock of barn yard fowls.
Frank McKenna's announce
ment for states attorney appears
in this issue of the Standard.
Mr. McKenna is one of Sisseton's
most able attorneys and would
fill the office of states attorney
with credit, should he be suc
cessful in securing the nomina
J. C. Knapp, H. L. Cortelyou,
Howard Babcock, A. A. Peter
son, J. A. Rickert and Paul Rick
ert attended a meeting of the
Royal Arch Masons at Milbank,
Thursday night, at which time
the latter gentleman took his
final degree in the chapter. The
Sisseton delegation report that
the Milbank brothers treated
them right royally, and that the
evening was a most profitable
and enjoyable one all around,
Frank Curren, of Northfield,
arrived in the city last Friday
for a visit with his daughter,
Mrs. May A. Knappen.
We inadvertently ommitted the
name ox the Post Oracle, Mrs.
Henriettea Steele, last week
when giving the list of the
names of the officers installed by
the R. N. A., and we hasten to
make the correction.
0. P. Rask, cashier of the
Farmers' State Bank, arrived
home last Friday from a week's
business sojourn in the twin cit
ies and at points in Wisconsin
He stopped at Milbarik Thursday
night, and helped initiate Paul
Rickert into the mysteries of the
Royal Arch Masons.
Attorney Thos. Mani comes
out this week as a candidate for
the nomination of states attor
ney, with his announcement on
another page of this issue. Mr.
Mani is an old resident of Rob
erts county and has a large num
ber of friends who will stay by
him at the June primaries.
James McLeod, the popular
and energetic carrier on rural
route No. 5, is taking a well
earned lay-off and Robt. Lowery
is looking after the welfare of
the patrons. Mr. McLeod has
long been a sufferer from fistula,
and will leave shortly for Roch
ester, Minn-, to undergo an
Supt- H. L. Mossman returned
home last Saturday from Sioux
City, Iowa, where ha had spent
the previous ten days. He re
ports the advent in his family of
a fine young son, which auspic
ious event took place on Wednes
day evening, January 24, at the
home of Mr. Mossman's parents
in Sioux City. Mrs. Mossman
and son are both doing nicely.
A number of the members of
the local W. R. C, recognized
McKinley Day, Monday, by visit
ing the schools. The party was
composed of Mesdames Babb,
Larrabee, Gee, Robinson. Swen
son and Davis and Miss Robin
son. All the grades and the
high school were visited, The
visitors being entertained in the
grades by flag drills and patri
otic songs by the pupils.
A retired farmer who moved
to town and promised to contrib
ute two dollars to the preacher's
salary as soon as he sold his calf,
failed to keep bis word. He
went to church a few nights ago
and the choir sang that song,
The Half Has Never Been Told.'
He is a little hard of hearing and
went home boiling with rage.
He told his wife the choir had
insulted him by singing, "The
calf has never been sold."
The announcement of 0. E
Lien, of this city, for the nomi
nation of county auditor, of Rob
erts county, subject to the will of
the voters at tho spring primary
appears in this issue of the
Standard. Mr. Lien is an old
resident of Lien township, hav
ing moved to this city within the
past few years, and has long
been identified with the develop
ment of the county is exception
ally well qualified for the office
and on account of his wide ac
quaintance, looked upon as like
ly to get the nomination.
Coroner Taplin and Under
taker Cahill, were called to Alto
township last week Thursday,
being notified by Clarence Hill
that he had found the dead body
of Ludwig Jenson a short dis
tance from his home. The body
was brought to Sisseton and an
autopsy, held by Drs. Taplin and
Sverre, revealed the fact that
the deceased had taken poison, a
bottle of which was found in his
clothes. From what could be
learned, the deceased was a man
of good habits and well liked in
his community, and no cause is
known for his rash act.
Miss Bertha Renner, of Browns
Valley, has been the guest of her
sister at the Commercial hotel,
during the past week. Sh« has
fully recovered from the effects
of her recent operation.
I The business man who makes
I good prices and doesn't adver
tise them in the Standard, is like
the fellow who winked at the
girl in the dark he knows all
about it, but nobody else does.
Sheriff Swanson returned on
Monday from an over Sunday
visit with relatives and friends
in White Rock township. He
says the breeze that fanned him
on the return trip could not just
exactly be likened to a summer
Mr. and Mrs. Will Opsal enter
tained a dozen of their fiiends at
a progressive whist party, last
Friday evening. Dolph DeAr
met carried off the head prize
and Mrs. Palmer Berglund was
awarded the "booby." Dainty
refreshments were served.
A newspaper, in speaking of a
deceased citizen said: "We
knew him as old Ten Per Cent,
the more he got the less he
spent he's dead, we don't know
where he went but if his soul to
heaven is sent, he'll own the
harp and charge'em rent."
Section 9319 of the code of
1905 reads ss follows: Any per
son who shall unnecessarily ex
pose any animal to heat or cold
or leave the same hitched and
uncovered in cold weather or
storm is punishable by imprison
ment in the county jail not less
than ten days and not exceeding
thirty days or by a fine of not
less than $5 and not more than
$100, or both such fine and im
Iver J. Johnson, a well known
farmer of One Road township,
has decided, to become a candi
date for treasurer of Roberts
county, subject to the wishes of
the voters et the primaries in
June, and his announcement ap
pears in this issue of the Stand
ard. Mr. Johnson needs no
introduction to our readers, be
ing well acquainted throughout
the county is a man of good
business ability and would make
a good official.
Missionary Meetiing.
home of Mrs. O. P. Rask.
The following program was
Hy mn—' 'Coronation.''
Scripture Reading-"Such gifts
and Givers As God Loves—Mrs.
Piano Solo—Mrs. Glasier.
Vocal Solo—Mrs. Brown.
Reading— "Esther Stanley's
China Set"—Mrs. Knapp.
Solo—Mrs. Hammond.
The thank offering was taken
which amounted to over twenty
I dollars,
Short tributes to the memory
of Mrs. W. K, Morris, for years
the president of the society was
delivered by Mrs. Hammond and
Miss Andrews.
After a solo by Miss Harris
the meeting resolved itself into a
social gathering and refresh
ments were served. Between
forty and fifty ladies were pres-
week in
Matinee presenting
Jeff at the Unique,
nesday afternoon.
Miss Mary Renner entertained
a number of the lady teachers at
a seven o'clock dinner, Saturday
at the Commercial hotel, those
present being Misses Streeter,
Layden, O'Rourke, Simmons,
Harris, Chmel, Dieter and Mc
Conkey. At the conclusion of
the dinner, the party repaired to
the Unique theatre, where they
enjoyed the performance as the
guest of Miss Renner. Both the
dinner and the subsequent the-1 FARMERS—Let us post you
aire party were pronounced most• on seed grain and formalde
enjoyable. hyde. Our free book will do it.
The annual praise meeting of machine business in Browns Val
the ladies missionary society of ley, was in Sisseton, yesterday on
the Prrsbyterian church, was business.
held last Friday afternoon at the'
Farmers State Bank
PhlLLIP C. ARIVSQUH, the g.eat muiti-millionare Moat King first
saved one hundred dollars from h5s earnings on the farm. Ho went
from New York to California, there he got $5.00 a day digghig ditches.
He still SAVEO—saved a few thourand collars. The first saving was
the seed from which his vast fortuna grew.
Your ROcrcsy will grow if you let us keep it.
Make Our
Uelvig is spending the
the twiu cities.
9c for pillow cases. "White
Goods Sale. The Golden Rule.
A boy was born to Arent Rise
and wife on Sunday last, Jan. 28.
18-inch cotton toweling, 3V&C.
White Goods Sale. The Golden
Claude Bureh was down from
Eddy the first of the week on
A boy was born to Mr. and Mr
Martin Opitz,of Eden, on Friday,
Jan. 26,1912.
Carl Rice, the Peever banker,
was transacting business in) ilie
city, Monday.
Thurman Oraigo, of Wilmot,
was in 1lle city yesterday iiHer
noon on business.
Mutt and
i\ ci'y Wed-
George Miller, Jerry Wilson
and Dolph DeArmet spent Mon
day night at Milbank.
Miss Allie Kenne'dy was
to Tufford, Ontario, Canada, on
Saturday last by the illness of a
Economy Drug Store
Pred V. Dale, formerly in the
Mutt and_ Jeff at the Unique
every Wednesday afternoon at the postoffice.
3:30 oelock. Bring your family.
Mrs. Luella Koutz, of Veblen,
is spending the week at the home
of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D.
F. Stevens.
Mrs. A. J. Otto left Monday
evening for Rockford, la., where
she was called by the serious ill
ness of her mother.
Judge Taylor and Court Steno
grapher Schnepper of IIuron,werf
in the city yesierday to hear ar
guments for a new trial, in the
case of the State vs. Chas. Bailly,
and attend to other eourt mat
Therg was a fire scare -at the
Otto hotel early last Friday morn
ing, wh^n the be'dding in a room
occupied by a couple of Indians
was discovere'd on fire. The fire
wag soon extinguished and the
Indians given a good scare.
J-- -"'5|
Frank Murray, of White Rock,
was in the eity Monday,while on
his way 1o Peever, wuue he is
spending a. few 'days with his bro
ther, Alec. Mr. Murray has do"
eided to become a candidate for
tlie office of .Register of Deeds
and his announcement will ap
pear in the Standard shortly.
Mat.' Sarid, from near the North
Dakota line, was arrested Satur
day by .Sheriff Swanson, on the
charge of selling intoxicating
liquors without a license. Sand
waived examination arid furnish
ed a bond for his appearance at
the next term of the circuit
We will hereafter sell our
best patent flour to consumers at
the regular wholesale price—
$1.35 a sack. Now is the time
to buy your winter supply.
8i*seton Mill ft light Co.
The Standard job department
is the most complete and up-to
date in this part of South Dako
ta. We guarantee our work to
uive entire satisfaction.
Highest cash price for
kinds of farm produce—cream
butter, GggSj poultry, hides and
furs. Gordon Bros.
Jeff and Mutt" will here
after be at tlie Unique theatre
every Wednesday evening.
We can use all the good tur
keys you have to sell Gordon
will buy your
turkeys any time you come ill
with them.
Matinee Saturday afternoon
from 3:30 to 5:30. Three reel*
At the Star Theatre.
For Sale Cheap—Large sia»
Stewart heating stove. Inquire
Ice will be sold for the coming
season at 25 cents per 100 pounds
Leave your orders NOW for this
price, at the Red Cross Drug
Store. (30-31)
See the "Folks from Vermont"
at the Sisseton Opera House, Feb.
14. Prices 25-35 and 50 cents.
A good load
$1.00 Phone
No. 41.
of wash ice for
Will Robinson,
69c for bed spreads at the
White Goods Sale. The Golden
Ole Nelson was down from Ef
fington, on business, Tuesday.
Legal blanks for sale at
Standard ofrfee.
Matinee Saturday afternoon
from 3:30 to 5:30. Three reel*
At the Star Theatre.

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