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M^A~ &
Good Will.
Tlie ice lio.jso n.\ t.hf* Mission
is now filled \vit.li {juo'd. 2ti inch
out of the Louvry pond, Tlu:
house holli about 40 ous
Miss Anna Onirtiiui is out
School ou account oi a severe eol ,,,
Tvoek-end vacation with lionic I'oi
and lH'tunied to Si.s.-.. tou. Sunday
Jinunie Maclcs reUirue'd to soli"
Monday after a few days visit,
with his parent*..
Slaughtering porkers was .the
order oi the day at the Mission.
Miss Luna Johnson, the eirl'h
matron, was confined to her loon
•with tonsilitis, last week
Anderson Crawford is now 1.1
'director of Lhe Dakota choir.
They meet each Saturday evening
at ihe home of a member for
hcrsal. Mrs. Oliver Moore is ti
All's. Glasier aecomiianied tin
etor on h's weidcly prol'cssio"
al visit, Thursday. They w.
dinner guest- of Mupt. Hl.c.venson
and wifo
The boys in the advanced tri
have a study r't-iod from seven
eight every nigbl^ a| «be hom
Mr. S evensi/i.
Miss Spei'r and Miss Mc.Ncaly
took the king's high-way for
pedest.rain trip to the Agency,
'day evening of .lhis-1 week.
Dr. Brown, of Sissetori, is giv
ing a series olle.( 1,urcs on "Tub
ercMilosis" at .'he govcrnnicni.
•P.hool every two weeks nil W
nesday nights.
The Woman's Missionary So
ciety will in-et Friday of this
week at the home of John Leaf
Sup'. Mossman, of the govern
ment school, is recovering mp
i'dlv from a severe hack siirain
which he I'uoi.ivtd some weeks
The goveriiment school ice
has been fille',1 ihe ifnt
also the one at th 4 Agency,
have been hauling life nee from a
Rev. Eastm-m and M'r. Wonlpl)
lake near Dry Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Theo. Wyn'dc art
the haqpy parents of tlie third
A local telephoaesysU?m has be
installed a t/'ood Will mission,
between the school buildings
the superintended office.
The government school has
plant within hirtv days
Warren Smith and family visit
ed at Charlie Thompson's, Tues
day, to see the new boy.
Mr.andM'rs. T. P. Conrad vis
ited with Warren Stowell's, Tues
Colon Cameron, visited at Andrew
McDonald's Tues'day evening.
Mr. and Mrs Art Bostwick vis
ited at Wm. Wuuchel'fi, Tuesday
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McDon
ald visited at Wm. Ironsides'
Mrs. Wm. Guhka and Mrs. Al
fred Neilson visited with their
friend Mrs. Albert Itoimaiin.
George Ironside and famih
visited at Wm. Ironsides, Thurs
Mr. an'd Mrs. Hans Jenson visit
ed at Helmer Brickson's Thurs
Otis MoGuckin who has been il
with ^Ihe mumps is able to be u
around again.
Mr. and Mrs. C. ^Tesb yiffitteSrl
with Helmer Erickson's, Sundav
Mr. an'd Mr«. Wi||. Gubka and
little cWd visaed with the Al­
bert Reimann fimOjr Bunday
Dan Lun'dg^en visited «i Wm.
Wunchel's Saturday an'd Sun­
Mr. and
Art Bostwick vis­
ited a* Wnnchel'a and Warrcr
Stowell's, Suridajy.
James Ferguson is visiting with
John McGuckin and family a few
days. S
F, liner Erifkson An
drew McDonald's, Montiay.
Hark The wedding bells of
Lee and Lake will soon be ring
Leonard I1*c aiM wffe vikited
St ^lie GnbVa home in liee town
iUp on Motfday last.
A aoelal danoe w»i (held at
Mr. Welrh's on I'Viilay von ing.
Mrs. (!. L. Lake and sons, Harry
Floyd and Maurice
in limps.
I lleiiiian 'il,/ I I S I I in.id
business trip Dry W'I IHI
on Tues'day
Two of Spring (irove's rcsi
Ifc-ritiri tried to have a little jx~
,, ,, i111 ineiit ol lieir own,by having a
Miss Anna Palmer snout, the p.
law suit over a poor miscrabLo
tea spoon an'd
have no cvi-
deuce that it was a silver
one either. However it cost, the
loser something like forty or
fifty hard carried dollars.
It would almost pay someone
start a tannery in this vicinity,
as there is so many horses dy
ing, ol disease caused from ihe
lack of hay and oats.
Lyman Clott was a caller
Herman Johnson's on Sunday.
L. YV. I'avrie, of Sissetou, was
a caller at Pairview farm last
.John Nelson and Herman Pi
are hauling wood IVom Hig (Jooly
this w.'ek, having purcha.se'd s::i
from Mrs. Amos
Mrs. C. Lake was the rece
of a novel souvenir from P!
1 last, week, it being a eoeoami!
'in the natural stale, ju,st as
picked from the tree. ft .-esem
bles a small ill sin,. pumpkin,
but is a mott'eii brown in color.
It was sent to her by a former
school male, Dr. Justice Matthew
of Rochester, Minn, w!i now
touring Plorida and :u!:i
Miss llegina Nigg is reported as
having the mumps.
Sylvester Kimball went out af
ter his sister, Mrs. Hackberili, at
-Tohn Pncpiist's on Priday last.
A Q)irty of friends and neigh
bors ga'liered at Henry Join
son's last .Friday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Ohas. Poti'der
were Sissetijm visitors, Friday.
Charley attended the democrat
convention while in town.
John Murray and Adolpli. Lund
strora a'ten'dcd the democratic
convention in Sisset.on, Friday.
Alvina Ponder is reporte'd as
getting stronger and seems to be
gradually gaining
Mrs. iin Hill and brother,were
pleasantly entertained at R. I.
DeFranee's, Moriday evening.
Tom Barrett received the sad
news that his sis'er, Mrs. Mary
Morrison, of St. Cloud, Minn., is
very low, and it is feare'd that sh
will not recover as she is very
aged. Mr. Barrett and John
Stewart left Tuesday morning by
way of Browns Vailey for that
The mumps are prevailing in
this township an'd the surround
ing country.
James Stapleton was helping
Gustav Fore'dahl break a colt one
day last week.
Gertie Foredahl has been help
ing her sister. Mrs. R. F. Sonste
I gaard, the past two weeks.
Hugh, Lila and Marie Croft
called at' the Fordahl home Sun
day afternoon.
Lease of Common School Lands.
Notice is hereby giv«n that on
March 20th. 1912, all of the un
lease'd common school land In
Roberts County wili be offered
for lease at public auction be
tween the hours of 10 o'clock a.
ftn. and 5 o'clock p. m. at the
court house in said county.
Date'd at Pierre, January 15th.
Commissioner of School and
Public Lands. (30-38)
A nice lot of ruled stationery
at the Standard for 6 cento a box
—while it lasts.
if A
Minn—polls Dollar-Hotel
•1.00 tINOLI RATI (1.00
luaoruN. MTC von TWO KMOM AT .BO
Ml* MO
uwrw. wneciAM i***To«r. ?Si
moor miih now nnwuim
(Written for the Standard.)
Ay tank Ay shoul'd move to vest
But ho rain half de time dere.
dey say
Ven he don' rain he vas all ofer
And you should get so sweat
cfry day.
De apples and pluinses effryvere
But you can't, to sail one on a
iSo oop is de rents on all de
fruits farms
Dat lie sails dem each year's
rent he gat.
Dey sandin me books from Pan
handle state
Of de orange an'd peach Ay
skal raise,
Ven f'armin' de soil so slieap
and so reech,
And de land sailer mans haf
'de praise.
Foretallin' me not of de beeg
snakses dere,
And. de black mans dey hang
on 'de trees,
De mesquit.es dat bites from A\v
I pre I to fall,
I And w'ite thrash, nioon-chinersj
and fleas.
[Missouri I an'd mans he sand
inanny books—
Manny farms dat vas vaitiu'
for me
Vid lettle bit cash Ay could all
of dem buy
Soon a werry reech man Ay
voul'd be.
He dedn't to write it oop on lies
Datit lieffer remember to rain
Dat roads is a fright, and land
all voreout,
An'd can't good to be made
back again.
place for me
South Dakota's de
and l'or you,
So Ay stays by de
shine state
Ve is sure of a crop on most
effry year,
syu'd Sun-
Ef she keep oop her old. steady
Ef blessards do come, ve is not
Ve haf planty to fire an'd to
Youse beep odder states hat'
notting on us—
Yust you stand of, tak our
doost. and look!
—Coteau Scribbler.
Advertised Letters.
The following letters remain
unclaimed in this office for
week ending Jan. 20, 1912:
Aanslakke, Mrs. Anna
Bird, Mr. Sa^uuel
Barton, Samuel or Ed
Burnett, Wm. L. (2)
Baker, Emily
Cavender, llowar'd
Carlson, Nick
Cakione, Gabriel
Derby, Bessie
Evendson, Mrs. Paul
Fahler, Elnore
Iverson, llans.
Forder, Henry
Grothe, Emil
lla,nson, Mr. E.
Highbear, Joseph
Heinrich, Frank
Duggan, Amos
Hanson. Andrew
Jacobson, Mi*. J.
Johnson, Mrs. Bertha
Jones, Frank
Knudson, Louis
Livingsone, Moses
LaBlane, Joseph
McConcll. R. J.
Maer. Anton
Mortenson. John
Manley, Walter
Nelson, Merton
Nelson, Elizabeth
OLson, Charley
Pederson, Emma
Re'dfield, Emms
Reeves, Roy
Rutipi, Mary
Shirk, Theo. (2)
Strand, Josephine
Skarliaug, Elizabeth
Swanson, Otto
Simonson, Clam
Antonia, Mrs.
Svenson, James
Shumacker, P.
Taterotewin, Jennie (2)
Tamakoewaste, Moses
Wilson, Mr. H. D.
White. S. K.
Welsch. Mr. J. W.
Bird, Mr. Sam
Brant, George W.
Deroy, Bessie
Evenson, Mrs. Paul
Hynne, Anders
Johnson, Leroy
Walker, Sarah
Standfast, Sorrale
If not called for within two
weeks they will be sent to the
aead letter office.
njpi, .t
£k (iff
(By E. Francis Atwocd.
The Ten Commandments.
socialist party is not con­
cerned with religion," says our
platform, but under a right sys
tem is easier to do right than
under ail iniquitous -system. We
charge tthat real religion is al
most a,n impossibility under the
present capitalist system we
wish to change the system from
economic reasons, and some of us
insist that it is the duty ol' relig
ious people to vote as tliev pray
and not as the master-class prey.
So I compare the ten Command
ments with tlie ethics and aims oi
political socialism, that you may
M-e the eonnc-tion.
1. llonor to Deity -Socialists!
as such are not interested. Re
ligious people should interest
themselves. Capitalism regards!
neither Cod, man nor devil we
oppose capitalism
2. Swearing W,. a opposed
'to the: rich
should honor
the parents
6. Murder—
"Vfc ..V
ii rieli lyinjf out of their I
taxes and to misrepresentation of! should take hee'd
goods. Di'd it ever occur to you dosing days of .lie
that one takes tlie name of God mon, lest th\v ht
ill vain who professes: to sn-ve
liim and then votes for a system
that violates all of his com
Ji. The Saihbath-—One day of
rest in seven is a physiological
necessity it was barbers, clerks I
and other laborers who forced
Sunday observance. The Chris
modern business man. try
telling the truth, the vrlioWtrutii
and nothing bnt the truth
late the Other command, then he
I, i,
to exploit others
You may think that I have not
divide'd the eninmandments th
way you have been taught
if you will get out your Bible,
either version, any language, ai.
try to find ten cominan'ds. vt.ii
may notice that there are but
nine until you give tlie command
to labor it's rightful importance,
The elas.s that live without labor
have doubtless striven to minim
ize this by combining it with the
Sabbath ordinance. This class
could be expeete'd to tinker with
I the Word of
standini Hod
8ee cr wrlte
tian is ordere'd to keep every day] Chas. McKee,
holy election day should he used! (.*{4p) Browns Valley, Minn
as a sacred opportunity to vote
tor "Thy Kingdom Come. Tin
Will Be Done ON EARTH."
4. Duty to Labor—We believ
the worker should receive tie
full value of his toil that tlier.
shoul'd be no legal method of ob
taining the good tilings of I if.
Without labor: ".him thaiti will
not work, neither let him cat."
5. llonor to Parents—Parent
should make themselves wortln
ot honor. Those who live a?.
parasites or who live off the pro
ducts of the toil of little children
aire unworthy of honor. The good
book says "Suffer, little chil
dren," but. it does not put. in
that pause nor stop there, though
the votes of Christian people
might lead one to think that was
the way they read it. Children
their parents and
should deserve it
We are 0p]0sed t.e.
murder, either retail wholesale,
whether in indus'fry for profit
on the field of battle for profit..
Law makers an'd pastors are ex
empt from war, but the toilers
are conscript under the Die).
Law: the first should fight, tin
wars they declare and pray for.
the latter have nothing fro fight
for. A Christian war is as
devil, and the present industrial
grotesque an i'dea as a Christian
war kills and maims 500.000 an
nually it is worse than any war
of bullets. Do you vote for th
law of God or for the system
the devil? Socialists agree with
God Almighty.
7. Adultery—The present sys
tem causes countless violations of
the spirit of this command mar
riage from wrong motives, di
vorce in increasing ratio, and
lialf a million of our daughters
sold into the Hell of White Slav
ery annually. We would chaiv
the system to one wherein man
and woman were economically
free, where marriages would take
place from motives of love alon"
an'd so last loyally through lif
where there would be no eeo':
omic pre°sure behind our girls
theii.r betrayers. Adulteration b'
another form of adultery thai' we
8. Stealing—-Theft by* means
law made by the eanitalist elnss
is the foundation of their sys
tem. Theft is .not, merely vio
lation of man's law but of
the spirit of right. None is en
titled to the good thinsrs of life
wil'hout giving equal value to ob
tain ihe.*.' Anv orli.
violation of this eomma,n'd which
agrees exactly with th" tenets of
9. Lying—Let any one. especi
as they have
with the rights of man.
To summarize. Socialism would
I make religion possible, capital
ism prevents more than a carrca
iture of righteousness. Socialise
011 he
side of God, though
evi ry church member be a liar
But church members are hon-
in not seeing this as I do, thouv 1
they have a duty to vote as
best promote Godliness. M«.
withstood Pharaoh, -Tesus oppose'e
the Pharisees am
the church
in tlie.se, the
rule of Main
found with-
For Sale.
Goo'd quarter section of land
in Bryant township, on daily mail
route. For further information
Fresh, sweet milk at Schind
ler's hardware store
*10 an acre
up can be pnrehaj
ed in the Soatheut
•long the
Southern Railway,
Mobile & Ohio R.R.
Ga. So. & Fla. Ry.
tapportiog good
churches, schools, stores and improved highways.
ness pays big, and is conducted at smaller cost
than in other sections of the country. Luxuriant
pasturage and green fields the whole rear 'round
make this possible.
ALFALFA GROWS abundantly in nearly oli paita
of the Southeast. Many acres produce 4 to 6
tons, selling locally from $14 per ton up.
other big paying crops. Apple orchards net $
to $500 ao acre, and truck gardening $200 up.
year one can work in his fields. These long
seasons allow raising two and three crops from the
same soil each year.
Subscription to "Sou
era Field" and book
lets on States of Va.,
N.&S. Car..Ga.,
Fla., AJa., Miss..
Tenn. and Kf.
sent FREE.
and I. Ageat*
Sostbera Railway,
RoomSS ,Wailun|tosJ).C^
Notice of Hearing Petition for
Letters of Administration.
State of South Dakota. County of Kob erts
ss.~In County Court.
In the matter of the estate of Ludvig Jenson,
The State of South Dakota sends Oroet
ing to the unknown hoirs at law and next
of kin of Ludvig Jenson deceased, and to all
whom these presents may come.
Notice is hereby given that Maggie Christ
tanson has filed with the Judge of this Court,
a petition praying that Letters of Admini
stration of the estate of Ludvig Jonson,
Deceased, be issued to Henry Cortelyou, and*
that Monday the 19th day of February 1912,
at 10 o'clock A. M.. of*?atdday, being a day
of a special term of this Court, to-wit: of
the February Special term, 1912, at the
County Court room in the office of the County
Judge In the City of Sisseton, Roberts Coun
ty. South Dakota, has been set for hearing
said Detition. when and where any person
interested may appear and show cause why
the said petition should not be granted.
Dated at Sisseton. S. D. this KOth day of
January A 1912.
Judge of the County Court
Attest: I STADSTAO, Clerk. 32 34)
Sheriff Sale On Execution.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of an
execution issued out and under the seal of
the Circuit Court, in and for Roberts County,
South Dakota, on the 23rd day of January
1912. upon a judgement rendered in the jus
tice court of said Roberts county. South Da
kota. on November 9th, 1911, which iudee
?ie'V,"uS "ml regularly transcripted to
the CIrcuit Court of said county and docket
ed In the office of the Clerk of said Circuit
Court on the 11th day of December 1911, in
',,laJ"t"T' Charles Hjellming, and
against the defendant. Ole Thorsgaard, for
MiiSUm 5'®2'0, damages and cost, and
*. jCSTued
undersigned. Sheriff
of said County, levied upon and will sell at
public auction to the highest bidder for cash
residence of James A. Hills on the
quarter of section 33. in township
128. range 49 west, of the 5tli P. M.. in tho
County of RobertB and State of Soutn Da
iowa' ,°.U
the 17th day or February
personal nroporty beloi.glng to
the above named defendant Ole Thorsgaard,
Unc Queen Automobile, No. of
No.1410, four head lights, or so
r??f as.
thirty days. He would be apt to
he bankrupt, friendless an'd
haps in jail besides. Lyincr is nls
an integral part of the capitalist'
system which we oppose.
10. Covetousness—Each should
have the opportunity to earn
what he needs: none shoul'd rob
him of it and there win he lift'
eovetousne8s. We do not cov^'
insist that he must cease to vio
I a a
John 8. Swanson.
Sheriff of Roberts Con nty S. D.
Howard B&bcock. Attorney. (32-34)
Notice to Creditors.
exhibit tbem, with the necessarv
™nths after The fl?st
istrai^ir '°rv'r H" V°Uk"
Sheriff's Sale.
iicniini'tv tint* vliiuc of an uxccutioo, issued out of
keep Illh pi opl.I iy noil U».
under tlie seal of the Circuit Court in
ami for Grunt County, Sou in Dakota, no«
jtuli ment recovered In said (Jou-t, on the
ltilh ilny of Xovetnfoer, 1910, In uti action
wherein I' li. I. Hardentiergl" & Co is
plaiiuili'. and Y. I'\ Hove, is ctefcndent. In
•, uoiijuueni, la
f-tvor of said plalntlfr anil against th»* said
defendeiit. for the sum of Two hundred
IIve und 4-100 Dollars ($25r04), which said
judgment, was docketed in the ortlco of the
Clerk ot said Court ou Novem ber ntli. i»u
and a transcript of said judgment was also
UutreufUM* duly lilod and docketed in the
pflice of ihe Clerk of the Court in and for
Uoberis Conntv. South Dakota, on the 2nd
Day of December 1910. which said execution
was directed and delivered to me as Sheriff
in and for said Roberts County South Dak 1
have levied upon all the right, title and in
terest of the said defendant V. F. Dove on
the date whereon said judgment waasodock
eted iu the olllce of the Clerk of Court of
Roberts COnnty. South Dakota, as aforesaid
In and to the following described real prop
erty. situate in Huberts County, South Da
kota. to-wlt.
Lots seven eight (M. nine (9), ten (10),
eleven (11), and twelve (12). in bloek ten (10),
First Addition to the town of Peever. in
said County.
Notice Is nereby Given, That I. the under
signed, a* rihoritT aforesaid, will sell the
right, title and interest which said defend
ant had in and to said estate on said Decem
ber 2nd, l'MO, the date When said judgment
was docketed in ssiid lloberts County. South
Dakota, as afdresaid. to the highest bidder
for rash, at public vendue, at the lront door
of the Court House, at isset.on. South Da
kota. on the 20th day of February 912. at
ten o'clock in the forenoon of that day, t«
satisfy tlie said judgment and exeeutiou,
together with interest thereoi.. and the
cost ihereon.
Date-i. January 20th U»12.
John S. Swanson
Sheriff'of Roberts Couv tv. South Dakota.
Notice of Mortgage Sale.
Oflauli, has loen made in the conditions or
a moru'iitfc made by Y. K. Dove, mortcairnr,
to A. M. Knight. moYtfrnsree, dMtcd March25th
1911. nu.rlf,'itKiii^ the following la.j:ds situa'ed
in the county of Roberts and state of South
Pakota. towit: Lots Sevni and EUht, iu
blui'U iu Townsitt' of PQever, ac
»*ordin« to tin- plat thereof on flic la Hcgis
try of Deeds ?-aid county.
Tnere is claimed to bo due thereon at the
dure ot this notice tbo sum of Fifty Dollars,
and the further sum of Thirty-Two Dollars
for t.ixes tied Insurance premium paid ou
said premises.
Notice is hereby given thatby virtue of the
power ot sale in said mortgsifie contained,
mortgage will bo foreidosei. ard the
above described prnmiseft will be sold at pub
lic auction by the Sheriff of lloberts county.
South Dakota, at the front door of the Court
House iti Slsseton. in MI id County of Roberts,
on the 2nd day of March. 1912. at Two clock
P. M.. to pay said mortgage debt and inter
est and taxes and insurance* premium, with
Twenty tive Dollars, as attorney fees und dis
bursements allowed by law.
Dated at Sisseton. South Dakota, this lOtk
day of January. 1912.
,, A. M. KNKJHI\ Mortgagee,
11. M. KnHiIIT,
Attorney for Mortgagee. (W-3U)
Notice of Mortgage Sale.
Whereas, defau.i been made in tlie
conditions ot a certain mortgage, containing
.i P°wer of ih». given by Ui rt Hlonn.hall and
'^la lUooniball. his wife, as mortgagors, to
.J-nuo. llamm ltrewing Company of St. Paul,
Minnesota, a corporation, mortgagee, dated
a,ul ,iled Jor
*'t:eor(i in the office
of the Kegisterof Deeds ot Koberts county,
South Dakota, ou May 28. 190«, and recorded
in book .16 of niortgagea, at* page 144, tnort
gagingthe real estate situate in the county
of Roberts and state of South Dakota, de
scribed as lot tlve (5), of block eight (8), of the
tew i. of I eever' to seeure the pavment of one
curtain promlBSorv note or Fourteen Hundred
lfty dollars described in said mortgage, and
which mortgage and the debt secured thereby
"-ere bv said Theo. Hainm Hrewing Comnany
sold ana transferred 10 h. l. Spiioklmm
whose postofflce mldrcss is Sisseton, South
I „Ul-*?10'
,» 'ltto« 'issisnnient thereof.
I Which WHS, on tin 19th Duvember, 1911, lileil
tor record and recorded in the office of the
I ICeiiislcr oi Deeds of Uoberis county. South
I'nkiiiii, in book (W ot mortKa|.es, at pnse 88,
and which default consists In the nonnav
meni of tlie debt secured by said morV^o
I whicli is past, due and unpaid, and there 1*4?
I now duo and unpaid upon said mortgage the
sum of B61.CI0 and $S(K) insurance paid by
s.uci owner ol said mortgage, and no pr
.I .1 B»Bll UliU III)
ceeoinps at. ,aw or otlmrwise have been na
gage, therefore °r '0reC,0S9
wiV\ foreclosed
described real estate coverod thereby at
I public auction, to the hii.-l.est, bidder for'cash
by the sherilf of Koberts county South Da
kota. 01 his deptn.y. on Saturday, the 17th
I day o: February 1912, at one o'clock in the af
ternoon of said day, at the front door or the
court house, ir. ihe city of Sisseton, Koberts
county. South Dakota, to eaiisty said Indebt
edness of $361.90 now due upon said mort
gage, and $8.00 insurance paid by the owner
of said mortgage, and accruing interest and
attorney's fees And costsof foreclosure'
Dated December 30, 19!
11. L. Spackman.
Owner of said mortgage.
Habcoek. Attorney for owner of
Notice of Mortgage Sale.
Whereas, default lntB been made in the con
Ultion or a certain mortgage, containing
power of sale, Riven by Wesley Minis
JMsie G. «ims, his wife, as mortgagors,
.I'oree Wren, whose post office address
Kipon, fon du Lac County, in the state of
in the afternoon of
mni-il., Ii
miiy be necessary to sat-
satd judgment, with accruing inte-
rest and cost of levy and sale.
1912 Sisseton. South Dasota. Pebrnaryl,
the undersigned
acmiuUtrator of tne estate of Josenh Bisok
deceased, to the creditors of and all nersons
lstrator. Iver M. Engebretsoa. at Lowrv !n
who^'lm T/ini ,stR,e
wnostj io»tofflce address la Lnwry. MiuntssotM.
rh^r^5feflto/^a!d ^ntinlstrator. namely
fcn^ tn? "S
conntv. South 11a
Dated January IBtb, 1912.
I*er M. En^brettion.
Administrator of the estate
of Joseph Difek, decsaned.
October 29.
909, and Bled for record In the office of the
Keeister of Deeds of Roberts County. South
Dakota, on March 14. 1910. at 9:25 o'clock A
M., and duly recorded in book 63 ot Mort
gages, at page 106. mortgaging the real estate
situate In the county of Kobens ami State of
Sou.ii Dakota, described as tollows, towit:
ie southwest quarter of section one (1) and
the southeast quarter of section two (2), all
in township one hundred twenty-eight (128).
range forty-eight (48), to secure the payment
of the sum of Seven Hundred Sixty-three
Dollars and Forty-three cents, with interest
therein accoi jing to the conditions of one
certain promissory note described in said
mortgage, and which said mortgage and the
indebtedness secured thereby were, by Said
George Wren, as mortgagee, sold, assigned
transferred and delivered to C. O. Johnson,
whose postoffice address is 241 Vi South West
ern Ave., St. Paul, Minnesota, by a written
assignment of said mortgage, dated April 11.
1910, and which was, on the 16th day of Jan
uary 1912. Uled for record in the office of the
Register of Deeds of Uolierts County, South
Dakota, and recorded in BOOK 67 of Mortgages
ai page 141, and which deTauit consists In the
non-payment of an installment of Nineteen
tho .a"eaty tents, being a portion of
the Interest due on said mortgage debt on
2P, 1910 and the sum of Forty five
Dollars and Eighty cents, interest due on said
flebl on October 29. 1911 by reason
of whtch default thesaid owner of said mort
f'B" "»s elected to declare and declared the
entire debt secured there-by has immediately
accordance with tho
"t said mortgage, and there is now due
and ''iipaid the sum of F.nrht Hundred Thirty
'n0 Dollars and Forty-three cents, and no
otherwise have been
ebt or
""eclose said
mortgage, therefore.
™io°i!,'CLIs hereby given that said mortgage
will be foreclosed by a sale of the above de-
ooverr-d thereliv at public
tbn ^IhoHfr 8 ?lg,les' bidder for cash, by
K°be„r,s Co"nty,
Pouth Dakota,
on Saturday the 2nd day or March 1912, at
afternoon, at the front
Court Aouse, in the City of Sisse-
ton, County of Roberts, State of South Da
Kota, to satisfy said Indebteness of 8839.48
PnTJ-oc".0 °9.
mortgage, with accruing
closure attorney's fees and cost of fore
Dated January 16,1912.
C. O. Johnson,
r. Assignee of Mortgage.
Howard Babcock, Attorney for Assignee of
Mortgage. (30-30)
Bids for County Deposits.
The board of county commis
sioners will receive bids for coun
ty deposits for the year. Bfds
will be opened Feb. 6, 1912
County Auditor.
Dated at SisBeton, S. D.,
19, 1912.

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