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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, April 26, 1912, Image 2

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1J L. iliizcltdii tlictl from
effects of bums rwivrd al
early morning fire in I'ii-rri
Samuel F. Kerfoot, for the
pa.si. four years president of Dak
ota Wcsleya.il University at Mil
cliell, lias been called to the pres
idency of llaml.Lne Uuiver.sitv, St
Fi-ed Kalm, hiis wife a.nd :{-ymr
old daughter are dead as tin
South Dakota Siftings
lea.vcs a family at Luwni', .Min
Tile ri.'publjc iu Matr fiuivcn
tion for tile purpose of adopt.iny
a party platform ami niniu .iiij^
candidates for presidential elec
tors ha.s becJl cillletl to lllet't at
Huron 011 .Juh- 2.
Tlie Mobrkljre liusim ss .M'ii
Associati-ou lias been pertectcd
with one luuidml eiVJiusiastic
Two hoboes who broke into a
boxcar on t.he .sidetarek at .Mil
bank a.nd sole a quantity of mer
chandise are doing time ill the
Grant county jail.
The .Milbauk opera house will
be unproved and made strictly
modern in every way. J-inice
Mid die brook and Kugem-
dvkc are the new managers of
the house—and if there is any
thing in names, Jiey ought to
make a big success of it.
Frank Warl'iekl, a farmer liv
ing near Gayville, is lying in a
Sioux. Falls hospital, with a frac
tured nasal and cheek bone, the
result of being kicked in the fact
bv a horse.
A per capita payment of $-1(1
will be made to the Stall ling
Rook Indians next month.
The post'offk-e al 15Lxby, in Per
kins county, was entered by ye.gg
mon, presumably, and $1,000 j,n
currency was stolen. The vegg
men have not. vet been apprehen
There were 31 (i eases of con
tagious diseases reported to the
state board of health during the
month of March, resulting in l-'i
A dLst.irct development, conven
tion has been called to meet at
Redi'iekl oil May 21-2'2.
The automobile trade is re
ported brisk a.*1 Belle Fourchc.
of the explosion of a lamp
in the kitchen of their home
The Milbank Commereijil Club
has passed a resolution request
ing its members to take special
pains tlo invite the fanners of
the county to join. Good idea.
I JJeci'U, rt*])OJ'ts from St.:tu
ley iuni Sully cMimt ins an- tlwi.1
wire ti'llcrs lire Iwill"" t'ori)
out by Russian thistles. Tlie.se
weeds bounding over the prairies
pile up against the wire feJix'es,
until they form winrows many
rods iai length, and as high, as'.lie
fence. The wind pressure on tbe
long piles of weeds forces out the
staple's in the posts, and the
wires go down from the lack o!
For the purpose of growing an
immense crop of alfalfa on their
lands near .Minnekalita, the Ains
worth Company ha.s been incor
porated for $1 0,000. The project
is being, promoted by Frank 1.
Ainswort.h, who owns 100 acres
and controls -4K• more. Much
of this laud is watered by spring*
and streams and is very fertile.
Win. Schiieiderhinzc. who dis
appeared from his farm home
Union county last winter, ha.s not
vet been located, although a re
ward of $l,0TlO wa.s offered for
Information as to his wheie
aboufs. The missing man is
worth, commercially speaking, be
twe.ell $7").000 and $100,01111.
Belle Kourche enjoys rlie dis
tiuction of being the only city of
2.00(1 people in the world which
employs the services of a. paid
secretary to a commercial e.lilb—
and the club is getting results,
too. 11. O. Coolcy is the secre
tary. and he draws a yearly sal
ary" of $2,000.
Robert Gri.mshaw has been ap
pointed postmaster at Deadwood.
The roof of the Gilruth depair
mcut store block at Wate.rtown
collapsed, causing a $10,000 loss.
The heavy rains were the cause
of the accident.
Tree grub worms are doing
damage to shade i.Vees at Water
William Quardt, sentenced at
Wai'.'ertown last fall to a year in
the state penitentiary for robbery
and who escaped from the coun
ty jail' ((.he night before lie was
to have heeii taken, to Sioux
Falls, has been apprehended at
Watsen, Sask., Canada.
Miss Scot', ai Stanley county
school teacher, killed a covete,
with the aid of a val.ler dog a.'iwl
a big stick.
The "wets" carried the elec
tion at lluron by a ma jorit of
Thomas Pretty Arrow, an In
dian, got drunk at Waubay. and
when on his way home decided
lie down on v(he prairie and sleep
off his jag. He dikl—they fouu'd
his remains a couple of days
lar, the Indian having 'died
from exposure.
'I'i'WfOCPPf en
fjf-ff if,
After February 15th
Roberts Co. S. D., Climated Seed Corn 5
Can be Had on Personal inquiry.
Schindler's Early Yellow Dent. Minn. No. 13.
Carter's'Early Dent,Early White Dent, 9
Early White Cap Dent, Northwest
,e.rn Dent also White Flint and 5
Yellow Flint.
v5 Haw Yon Ordered Yours From
SCH1NDLER BROs,: S Sisseton, S. D. Jg
Th« Standard foi News. The Standard for News.
It Don't Look Good.
A consignment of rugs, carpets.
etc were unloaded on the side-
walk of tile Franklin hotel yes-
ter'dav. They came from a _'hi-1
eago mail order house. Across
the street from the hotel are
two large dealers in rugs and car
pets. Each of the houses made
liberal subscriptions to the build
ing fun'd of the hotel tor which
they received stock at about thir
ty cents on the dollar. One ol
the merchants makes his home at
the hotel and takes all his meals
there, and yet he was not compli
mented by ordering the goods
through him without protit to
himself. In view of the recent
efforts to boom the town, to
create harmony and a desire to
puill together, and the inere.u
paid fi
order goo-
e'd club dues now being
that purpose, mail
of an institution luiil by tml'wy r
of an instiuttion buill by the
public don't look good. What an
awful roar would have gone up
had other lines of goods been
procured from ma id order houses.
What a yell would be made if I I I
Pioneer-Tillies even accepted one
of the mail ordr advertisemeiit
by the local agelltsmmfwyrhdr'dd
offered it at double the rales
paid by the local merchants. But
Deadwood Tillies.
The Deadwoo'd story is not far
different from many other in
stances that could be enumerated
in aim st any eomiiiiiiHy. .Mest
people are boosting for lioime pro
ducts and.home,patronage,when it
effects themselves but are llot so
particular when it hurts 1 h• ir
own pocket books. A newspaper
like this one that refuses a $1.10
ad from a mail order house for
its weekly edition is, perhaps ap
preciated very little at home,
when the entire home merchant
advertising for a year in that
same weekly does not amount to
that sum.—Pierre Capital Jour
Yes, and how about the" home'
merchant who sends out of town
for his printe'd stationery? lie's.a,
"trade at home" guy, too,—when
it conies to something that he has
for sale.
A Word to Mothers.
The following letter from
Kasti Side mother to the Minne
apolis Journal is a better edi
torial on the livest, possible topii
than any mere man can write. So
we K'ive it space here
To the Kdilor of the .Journal:
Much is being said of our inade
quate police system, but let me
tell you that a. cordon of police
one hundred feet apart] on every
si ret in our city Would be power
less without the co-operation of
the parents. The modern moth
er is! a shirk, pure and simple.
Shi' turns her fled«j liuys over to
a nurse asi soon as they are
borii to tlie kindergarten later
anil after that to teachers and
policemen, while she shines at the
club. Mothers, how many ni' you
know (or care) where your
daughters are fifteen minutes af
ter they leave home/ |)o you
know who their associates are
When yrur daughter leavx
home atl S a. m. for a class that
is called called at K', where is
she spending the interim and.witl
whom? It's your business to
know. Where were the ni illiers
of two young girls' who hopped
gaily off of a. car at1, midnight oil
last. Sunday at Seventh street
S. and with no thought of home,
merrily asked each other, "Well,
where shall we go next/"
Keep your girls at home, and
slay with tlliem, if you have to
give up everything else for the
supreme pleasure of having them
with you. Make home the best
spot on earth for tihem, and you
will be repaid a thousand-fold by
their companionship now, and the
certainty that by and by when
they have homes of their own
hey will be home-keepers in the
truest sense, instead of the moderi
sort of a wife who imagines she
is doing her whole duty when she
stays at home only long enough
to change her apparel and sna.tch
a few hours of sleep for the next
social function.
Another thing: It's time we
abandoned the dangerous idea tha
children of any age need to
amused and entertained continual
ly. Tliey need rest and quiet
to offset their strenuous school
life, instead of the endless round
dances, moving pictures, spreads
and all.the.tom-foolery,that is.rap
idly making home life a joke and
our young people a race of ner
VQUS invalids.—A Mother.
Sisseton Has to Bow to the In-
evitable—Scores of Citi-
zens Prove It.
citizen testified
This Sisseton
long ago.
Told of quick relief
itig benefit.
-of last-
The tacts are now confirmed.
Such testimony is complete—
the evidence conclusive.
It forms convincing proof of
Mrs. Charles San ford, Main St.
Sisseton, S. Dale., says: "For
year or two I wa.s troubled by a
tired, worn out fe-eling. 1 could
not, rest well and on getting up
in the morning, hardly had
strength enough to move about,
I felt nervous and was miserable
in every way. One day 1 hap
pened to read about Doan's Kid
ney Pills and procuring a box
from the Pal aw Drug Store, 1
began their use. They improved
my condition iD every way and it
therefore gives me pleasure to
recommend them." (Statement
given in September 1907.)
A Three Year's Test
'may continue to publish
former endorsement of them
They -rma.niently rid my system
of kidney complaint."
For sale by all dealers. Prict
50 cents. Foster-Mil burn Co.,
Buffalo, New York, sole agents
for the United States.
Remember the name—Doan's—
and take no other. (2j
The Best in Town.
W. A. Robinson writes to Gor
don Bros. "Your Pillsbury Best
Flour is the best-flour sold in
Sisseton, it is the bestrflour 1
have seen in a year. It makes
fine brea'd. White, light, and
good taste.
There is no ecomony in eating
poor brea'd for two or three
weeks in order to save 10 or 15
cents a sack, by buying cheaj
flour. Buy the "Best*' and yon
will have no scraps to throw
away, they will eat it all.
I intend to run a herd on my
place 5 miles southwest of White
ltoek, this season. Good grass
an'd water, and plenty of it.
Anyone having cattle to be cared
for, please notify me at AVhite
Deafness Cannot Be Cured.
cannot reach the seat of the disease
Catarrh is a blood or constitutional dl
sease. and In order to cure it you
must take Internal remedies. Hall's C*
tarrh Cure Is taken internally, and acti
directly on the blood and mucous sur
faces. Hail's Catarrh Cure is not
quack medicine. It was prescribed bj
one of the best physicians In this
country for years and Is a regular pre
scription. It Is composed of the be«'
tonics known, combined with the be*
olood purifiers, acting directly on th«
mucous surfaces. The perfect comblna
tion of the two ingredients Is what
produces suob wonderful results in cur
ing Catarrh. Send for testimonials free
Take Hall's Family puis for constlp*
Sold by Druggists, price 7Sc.
K. J. CHENEY St CO., Props., T»
ledo. Ohio.
Heart Disease Almost
Fatal to Young Girl
"My dniiRhte-r, when thirteen years
old, was stricken with heart trouble.
She was so bad we had to place her
bed near a window
so she could get
her breath. One
doctor said, 'Poor
child, she is likely
to fall dead any
time." A friend
told me Dr. Miles'
Heart Remedy had
cured her father,
so I tried it, and
she began to Im
prove. She took
a great many bot
tles. but she is
Bpared to me to
day, a fat, rosy
cheeked girl. No one can imagine the
confidence I have In Dr. Miles' Heart
Remedy." A. R. CANON, Worth, Mo.
The unbounded confidence Mr.
Canon has in Dr. Miles' Heart Rem
edy is shared by thousands of
others who know its value from
experience. Many heart disorders
yield to treatment, if the treatment
is right. If you are bothered with
short breath, fainting spells, swell
ing of feet or ankles, pains about
the heart and shoulder blades, pal
pitation, weak and hungry spells,
you should begin using Dr. Miles'
Heart Remedy at once. Profit by
the experience of others while
Is Your Time Worth
I Anything?
On October 11. 1010, when:
.Mrs. Sanford was interviewed she
said: "1 still think highly
I Doan's Kidney Pills and
rBenard I.
Sisseton, S. D.
Dr. Miles' Heart Remedy Is sold and
guaranteed by all druggists.
Now is the time that you
want to clean your seed
with the best grain cleaning
machinery you can find.
have just the mill you want.
Our WINNER grain separa
tor will do a perfect job of
cleaning on any kind of grain
no matter how badly it "may
be mixed with foul seed
work CAN BE DONE with
the market.
If your time is worth any
thing you can save the price
of the
Sullivan Lumber Co.
Lath, Shingles, Mouldings, Sash, Doors,
Blinds, Screens, Building Paper. Fence Posts
Lime, Cement, and Hard Wall Plaster
Dealers in
Lumber, Brick, Lime and Cement
Western Coast Lumber a Specialty
See us before you build.
Estimates Cheerfully Funisbed,
Expert Automobile Reparing
and Machine Work
Schindler Bros, are taking or
ders again for the 98 per cent
test yellow dent guaranteed seed
corn at $6 a bushel, F. O. B., Sis
seton, S. D. Saeks. Stark
tweaty-five cents extra.
Tires. Magnetos, Carbureters
Lubricating Oils and Gasoline.
Batteries, Coils and Wiring
Estimates Cheerfully Furnished on Repair Work
Telephone McCoy
in one season
and the price is no higher
than for the old kind.
South Dakota
Ideal Lumber Co.
Local Manager
Case of Trouble
PHONE NO. 307.
First Door North
of Postoflice
The Standard job department
is the most complete and up-to
date in this part of South Dako
ta. We guarantee our work to
give entire satisfaction.

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