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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, April 26, 1912, Image 5

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S. i\.
Charlie Perkins
•visitor, Tuesday.
J. A. RICKKRT. Pn^ident.. II. S. MORRIS. Vice President.
Organized, controlled and al
most entirely owntd by home
The First National Bank lias always endeavored to keep
J. A- Rickcrt. Henry S. Morris, S K. 0!b«.rgr,
W. K. Morris, and Howard Bahcoek.
was a Wiknot1
John Wilkins, of Peever, Sun
dayed in Sisseton.
Mrs. C. J. Rice and daughters
were up from Peever, Saturday.
Sain an'd NeJs Olberg were at
Beardsley, Minn., Monday, looking
after some business matters.
Miss Clara- Renner went to
"Wilinot, last week, where she is
i-ajiing care of a case for Dr
Dr. and Mrs. Bobb left Tues
day noon for Mitchell after
spending a coupe of weeks with
friends in this- city.
A. E. Snow and Ed Paul re
presented Browns Valley in the
city Wednesday afternoon,. They
made the trip in Mr. Snow's new
Inter-State "forty-five," which .is
considerable of a car.
a n''
in touch with the needs of the community and to give
each one of its customers a square deal.
The capital ami su: piny is
the protection of .'ill it
the care of 1 j11si11-s-
350,000 00
to it.
TAIMj KlCKKUT. AssiMani C«shior.
John Minder was in
from Wilinol., Tuesday.
the eitv
"W. E. Boreue returned AVediies
day uvneing from a several day.s'
business sojourn in th.e twin ci
Kelley Bros' (hrhestta: adver
tises a dance in the Skseton
opera house on Tuesda-v evening.
May 7.
A. A. IWerson, of the (rolde-n
Rule Clothing Co., went t-o "VVa.ii
ba(y, Tuesday evening, to louk af
ter business interest*.
Mrs. A. O. Tostenscn returned
W-tfdnesday fro-m •.•he hc-spit-al at
Browns Valley, fully recovri
froan her recent operation.
Lost—Black velvet purse, be
tween depot and post-office. Fin
der plea.se return t.o Miss Lunde
art the post-office, for reward.
Dave Stevens was over from
Sisseton for a day last week vis
iting old friends and meeting a
large number of Roberts County
voters. Dave is making good
headway in his candidacy for
bo nominated and elected.
Browns Valley Tribune.
^Ernest Ny_berg was in the city
from Corona, Tuesday.
"Dot Strait was up from 1
ver. Saturday, to attend the
game in the afternoon and
•Dixie Jubilee concert in the
clerk of court, ami will no doubt, building will be a very creditable
lie. nominated a.ml nWitod addition to the lnisiness section of
the city.
If you don't
very necessary
farm now, you
Rickert-Opheim Co.
A iiumber oi' IVeveritis atteii-' Supt. CiJlick, of the .Mi.lwau
ded the ball game in the city, oil kee system. was a di*tingukshed
Saturday. visitor "in our midst." Monday
-Mrs. George Crov returned
Tuesday evening tropin a brief vis
it with relatives and Friends at
Hiram Patch, of Leiiiun-.-ji.
spent lasi Thursday and Friday
in t.he eity, the guest of his cou
sin, Art Bennett.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas .Maui au
t.oed to Diamond. Sunday. They
were acc'uiupau.i-d on the refurn
trip liy Mrs. (',
Lindi|u!.st and
daughters and 11. I'. Kna,p|en.
Mrs. Catherine llaggerty. who
has spent the past several-moii
visiting her daughters at Meln
V"sh. S, 1).. a.iul Stanley. N. |)..
arrived home Sunday evening via
Ilrowns Vallev.
Mis. .1. J. San rt.'ll, This
city, and Mrs. ('.
and daughter-. of Diaiin n.i. to.'k
he rain at Irs point M: nday.
for .Minneapolis, where they wid
sjti'ild a couple if weeks visiting
iv!atives and frit mK.
•I.imes 11 arirnglon. the popular
carrier on rural route \'o. 1 is
back (in the jo!) again, after a
month's lay-off. Snhsti ut- Win.
Mann looked after the patrons
of ti route 'during .Jim's a.hsonec
and gave first-class satisfaction.
Mrs. M. I-]. Crockett. Mrs.
Thomas. Mrs. M. C. Crosbv
.Mrs. Th os. Maui eiilei-tain--d the
PresbyteriiUi Ladies Aid Society,
Wednesday afternoon, at the
home of Mrs. Mani. D-eiieimis
refreshments were served and the
occasion was most enjoyalile in
every respect.
S. "\V. Burdine, editor of the
Suniiiii: Signal, spent Tuesday at
the county seat, calling on fri-en-V
and looking after biisi.nesis nia.t
tei-s. lie says lnisiness conditions
are improving in tha' neck o' thi
woods, and everybody is looking
forward to the good times vet
to cOiine.
F. D. Chausse I,as begun exea
vating for his new building just Thomas Mani, an Indian,
north of the First National Bank.: candidate for state's at,lornev
The structure will be built of
brick, will be two stori.es and
basement and will be 25 by 12
feet. The main floor will be oc
cupied by a motion picture sliou
and the upstairs will be arranged
for offices. When completed, the
Manure Spreaders and
Breaking Plows
the times and should go at once and get them of
South Dakota
We are headquarters for your wants in WAGONS, SURREYS and BUGGIES
Ia.hl was a business caller
Kt'fington, Wednesday.
'I lie i-ity received its new road
grader. Tuesday, and on Wednes
day tlie machine was put.to work
on the .Meridian road north of
Mi-s (.Jlcna Soli came over
from Sisseton on Monday, ami on
Tuesday morning wen to Mea.rdx
lev t.o see her sister, who its quite
sick.—Mrowns Vallev Tribune.
ll(»ward Babcoek and A. B.
Carlberg returne'd Tuesday even
ing from Mcintosh, where they
hail been for the past ten days
oil business, before the circuit
A.M.Knight- returned from Or
ton-vilJe. Tuesday evening, where
he had been to look over his sum
mer residence and see that every
thing was in shape for the ap
proaching migral ion.
Hall, of Milbank, presi­
dent of the Women's Federation
of South Dakota, will be ihe
guest of lite Zenith Club at the
regular meeting of that organi
zation m-xt Thursday afternoon.
Word has been received in this
city that Mrs. Agnes (Joe, who
is visiting relatives at Beach. \.
I)., is not improving in health as
rapidly a.s her many friends
would wish, and that her ease is
baffling the skill of the best phy
A delegation of about fifty
set-on Indians left here on. Tues
day morning for Fon Totteu. N
Oak., to attend a meeting of the
Indian Presbytery at that, place.
A big m-eting is expett -ed. Rev.
Geo. J. Head and Quincy Plume
were among the number. They
will be gon-e about ten da.vs.
Hrowns Vallev Tribune.
We are in receipt of a lengthy
communication from Drew &
Younglove, of Raymond, Wash.,
which is principally in the. na
ture of a boost for the section, of
country in which they reside.
Good idea. boost your home town
and your home state all you can,
but don't expect a newspaper of
which you are not even a wub
seriber to give publicity to. your
Roberts county, lie is a gradu­
of the Carlisle university and
has practised law in. that coun
ty for a number of years. If
elected he will be the first', of his
race to hold that position in th
state, as far as we can learn. He
is recognized as a. very capable
1 a wyer.—Marsha ll
have these three
Implements on your
are decidedly behind
Al Casey, of Peever, one of the
candidates for clerk of courts, was
in the city, Wednesday, looking
after his interests here.
Judge McNultv arrived from
Aberdeen, Wednesday evening,
and spent, yesterday at tlm e.i.'iirt
hoaise on official bu.sin.ess.
Mrs. Georgo McConuack was
called to Montevideo, Minn., Mon
day by a. message aiuiouncing the
serious ilJaiiKs of her daughter.
aiaiUiiCiCs&ssii UttErA"iȣ3iir. StUKSSEjv
Farmers State Bank
Ed. Hogan writes: "Please
change my address from Ilarloav
ton, Moiut, to Connell, Wash. The
Standard..v nire.a welcome visitor.
We couldn't get along without
The Empire elevator'at. Wiltmot
was destroyed by fire, Tuesday
night. We have been unable to
obtain any particulars a,s to the
origin of the fire, or the. amount
of the Loss.
The in/fact son of Mr. and Mrs
llarvey Brown 'died Wednesday
afternoon, following an opera
tion. The little fellow had never
been strong since his birth, and
his life had been despaired of for
some titmee. The parents have
County Jour- the sincere sympathy pf all in
their hour of sorrow.
ARM0U3, the great muiti-miliionare Meat Kini
saveo one hundred dollars from his earnings on the (arm. He went
from New York to California, there he got $5 00 a day digging ditches.
He still SAVEO -saved a few thousand dollars. The first saving was
the seed from whish his vast fortune grew.
Your Money wili if you let us keep it.
Make Our Bank Your Bank
Pillsbury Best for salc by Gor
don Bros.
Capt. Hummel] returned
his eastern Ivi.p, Tuesday.
Att,orne.y Jorgeiison is transac
ting legal business in Hand coun
ty, II is
Ben Nelson and Bill Borene,
of Niis-stiioii. were over to the
class play he.re on Friday night
last.—Browns Valley Tribuno.
Mrs. Karl Barnes left Wednes
day evening For Yorktown, Sask.,
Canuda, where she will join her
Harry Leffingwell returned yes
terday morning from a trip
Kansas City, where he had been
looking over the situation with a
view to locating.
The Sisseton Mill & Light Co.,
•re celling the best patent flonr
to consumers at the regular
$1 ..J.")
a sack.
is tlie time to lay in a supply.
Editor Croal, o.f the Con rant,
is enterttajining his brother, T. B.
Crow], o.f Las Vegas, Nev., who
arrived in the city Monday, ac
companied by his wife and son.
There is a report current in
local railroa'd circles that the
evening train is to be taken off
the Sisseton branch. The splen
did/ service being given the res
idents along this branch is evi
dently proving too much of
strain for the. railroad.
The ainnouncemcnt, of A. L.
Casey, of Peever, as a republi
can candidate for clerk of courts,
appears in this issue of the
Standard, Mr. Casey has been a
resilient of Roberts county for the
past thirty years, his parents be
ing among the earliest settlers.
He has followed farming for a
livelihood practically all his life
with the exception of the past
six.years,. four
.o-iVwhich, were,
in the. United States navy. He has
been engaged in farm machinery
business at, Peever the past two
years. Mr. Casey is well known
and highly spoken of, and will
make an active campaign for tlie
office which he seeks.
Bottled Milk and Cream
Delivered to ill parts of the City.
6 a a
Oream--25 rts a quart
Ordurs for deliwr- ti.ay be left
at Hi-nnuii& Morrill's
I A. J. Hanson, Prop.

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