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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, May 03, 1912, Image 2

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Fire di'd heavy damage to the
stores of V. L. l'eters and Fred
Clark at l'arker
The Sulphur .Mateh came very
near Iteillg destroyed hy lire, the
other day. This i.sii a joke the
Msiteh is the name of a newspa
per published at Sulphur.
Logan lierry is the name of an
attorney at Leinnion. Oh. you
Thos. -I. King. Indian agent at
Cheyenne ageiiey, has 1 i'e
movinl from owing to a
dispute over the int roduet ion *»1
whiskey on the reservation and
an alleged attempt on the ]art
of some persons lo wrongfully
convict Fred LaPlant of having
introduced the liquor.
A mixed train on the Milwau
kee road wa.s derailed at Dupi
while traveling at the rate of
eight miles an hour.
The seventh annual trade and
I'ic/AI meet of the South Dakota
High Sclmol Association will he
held at Vermillion on .May 17 and
18. The meet will take place oil
the grounds of the state univer
He'd field and Madison are among
the "drv" towns, this year.
A number of Indians were
elected to county offices at "the
recent elect inn in the new county
of RenneUe.
Lots of rain in South Dakota,
this spring, and die crop out
look was never hotter.
After lingering for several
days in an unconscious condition,
6. Mc.Kee, a Tripp county home
steader, is dead as the result of
being accidentally shot with a
Lewis Snook, a farmer near
Huron, was instantly killed by I
lightning 'during a recent storm, i'''f
working in
•y Globe is running a
The Hradl
red'hot series of articles untitled
"Who's a Liar?" in which
George AV. Egan's political bun
combe is shown up in its
1{. W. .Matliieson, the old
foot, racer, who had been a
dent of Pierre almost since
city wii.s founded, died suddenly
on Thursday of last week.
South Dakota Sittings
S a a
In a eoonplaint made to tl'.e
state hoard of health hv Dr.
Frank II. Creamer, superintendent
of health for Zieliaeh county,
the statement is made that N
per cent of the Indians in Dewvs
and orson counties are at tlii'ted
with consumption.
There is a dispute at Aberdeen
regarding the result of the vole
on the city halil bonds. The, city
com.nii.'-'si.oiiers hold tlia.t the pro
positions cat-riled, ais it received a
majority of all vote.s cast at the
election, but there are others
"\vh.o cl.aimi that it faiiled to ca.-ry
because it di'd not receive a ana
jority of the registered vote of
the city. The. matter will pro
bably be settled in the. courts.
The Women's Civic Club of
Aberdeen is offering 25 cents each
for photograiphs of unsightly
back yards-—the only condition
imposed being that they must, be
Aberdeen back yards These pho
tographs will be: thrown upon the
screen at. a moving picture show
to serve a.s an object, lesson in
Mrs. H. B. Shurtlessi perished
in lier burning home at Vermiil- gbiss.
Her charred body was re- niinent
an hour after the
out, so badly burmedi sis to
be almost unrecognizable as that
of a human being. She was 65
A meeting will he held at A\a
tertown on .May l- lor the pur
pose of organizing a District De
velopment. Association as an
auxiliary lo the Stale Develop
ment Association which was
cently organized at Aberdeen. I lie
district in question is composed ol.
Marshall, Roberts, Day, Grant,
Clark. Codington. Deuel, Hamlin.
Brookings and Kingsbury coun­
hers looted the Allison
Co. 's lunch room in the -M.
L. 'depot at. Aberdeen, 'llie
& St.
thieves carried the cash register
two blocks away belore rilling it.
the machine being found by
school children the next morning.
A.s a. re.sult of too much bun
dling up. the infant cliild of Mr.
and .Mrs. .Magstadt. who ivsid
a farm in Douglas county, wa
smothered 1o death while ill
I'amilv was on the way to town.
The Minnehaha Oounly I'.yrn
Club now numbers more than
The Marshall county
pers are publishing the two. short
jest political announcements? on iv
I cord. One fellow tersely an
nounces, "I am republican can-
n:inu il,1(
A four horse team with which he "PPtuiont, it to be outdone
in brevitv. makes lii.s announce-
a was also
ell to
years all.
ijri-, and wa.s alone in
it tin- ti111• uL' the lirr.
years ol
the hoiiM
7l MI
There seellls to be llo 1!
ahcul the in minat :i
1 1
ll. Burke for congress in th
Second district. Burke continui.*
to will popularity by attending
strictly to the n-'e'ds I his rou
st it ll.'llts.
One hvnilred and eleven
young men and women.will gradu
ate from the Northern Norma! al
Abei'deeli. this vear.
\Y. Iv. Dickenson defeated -IohII
Fitz(iibliiin for city com:«.i ss'oiier
of Sioux Kails by a majority of
72-?. carrying every ward in die
city but one. Some goer, ili.it
man Dickens, n.
The Soull' Dakota State
Orange will lo Id its annual
ing at Watertown on Oct. lo. 1(.
and 17.
Potter cuimy has
I hand mvstery.
Perkins county is shy
I id.il tos for he ofl ice ol
Xobodv seems to want
oil e.-in
le job.
judge." signs
inent. rea'd. "I am a candidate for
county judge." If it iis a f'tH
"brevity is the soul of w:t,"
these two gentlemen nmist be
regular screams.
1 ttith. the Methodists and Pres
byterians held their district meet
ings at Gorton, this year,- and
the town went, wet by ma
Itig Stone City b-a-ts a. "new
row of home-grown hitching
Geo. Weighert, a farmer on tin
Cheyenne. Indian.reservation, was
drowned in a, small creek near
LaPlant, while attempting to save
his team.
The Socialists have filed tlie'r
state ticket.
At the April, teaehel*' ex.»im
nations for second and tliii'
gra.de corti-ficat.es, throughout tin
state, 57 per cent of the appli
cants failed to pass.
Elmer Ladd, mayor of Sturg:
and cashier of the Meade County
Bank, was shot and instant!,\
killed by liichard Stoll. the^tra
g.edy occurring in the offi.ee of
Attornev ^IcNen.ny. at Stnrgis
'how not to do. it," thereby aim- The shooting was the outcome of
t.o induce the householders to
keep their promise.s in spick anVl After giving Inmself up and he
a disagreement over a lan'd deal,
ing. taken to the county jail.
Stell committed suicide by cut
ting his threat with a piece of
in the
men were
Black Hills
try and were men of families,
Ju'dge Elliott of the Federal
court sentenced a man named liar
penitentiary for five
fined him $5,000, which
he limit lie could impose,
sending all obscene letter thru
mails. The girl who received
letter is now an inmate of
lh" Yankton insane asylum.
Through llie inlluciice and a
tivitv of I{-v. IvUssell. tile ljpis
(ijia.l minister at Pierre, the
Northwestern railroad has set
aside a portion of its hol'dings in
the capital city as a public, play
ground. and a fund.is being raised
for putting the tract in shape
for that purpose.
Advertised Letters.
The following letters
unclaimed in this oft ice tor
week ending April 20, 1!H2.
Akeiiun.'d. Pastor K.
Baunan, Frieda
BowLes, .Mrs. -I. K.
Dokken, Oscar
Klllil, Peter
Krey Alice
I lainson, (He
1 11on,
rs. -J.
.loJmson. .lolin
•lohnson, l-j'ick
Mieke.lson, (He 2
Mai-|iiit. iiaii.
Ncste. .MissLeiiora
.lolles.S. S.
If not called for
weeks they will be
dea.l letter oft'ic.
-cut to
M. A. Knappen. P.
There is more Catarrnh in li
section of the country tlin all
other diseases put together, and
-•int it the last few years was sitp
pesi to be incurable. For a
great many doctors pronounced: it
a local disease and prescribed !o
•al remedies, and onstantlv I'ail-
proves Catarrh to- be a constitu
tional disease, and therefore re
quieers constitutional treatno'iil.
Hall's Catarrh Cure, ma.nufact it r
id by ]•'. .|. Cheney & Co., T. l.'lo
Ohio, is the only ConstLt tit ieti
euro on the market. It is t-ikeii
internally in .1. ses form 10 drops
to a tea.spoonfiil. It act.s duveth
on, the hloo'd and mucous sur
faces of tile system. They of
fer one hundred dollars for any
ease it fails to cure. Mend for
circulars and testimonials.
Address: l-\ .1. Checnev & Co.
Toledo, Ohio.
Sul'd by Druggists. Trie.
Take ilall' Family Pills for
The Hardest Work
Pays Least
wood, pumping
water, grinding feed, turn
ing a grindstone—these
are jobs for a:i engine, not for
a man. There is no money in
an3' of them when you do the
work yourself or hire a man to
do them. Buy a reliable gas
oline engine large enough to do
any work yon have, let it do
the work and enjoy the free
dom and comfort it gives you.
Gasoline Engines
arc made to do the work that
makes farming tiresome. They
put the load where it belongs.
The}- save hours of unprofitable
labor. They are money-makers
and money-savers. You can
verify these statements and get
facts and figures which prove
them by calling on the local
dealer who handles I HC
engines. Made in 1 to 50-H. P.
sizes and every engine
oughly tested
and guaranteed.
International Harvester Company of America
Chicago USA
I Service Bweau
The purpose of this Bureau is to furnish,
tree of charge to all. the best information
obtainable on better farming. If you have
any worthy questions concerning soils,
crops, land drainage, irrigation, fertilizer,
etc., make your inquiries specific and send
them to I II Service Bureau, Harvester
a S A
The body of .Major General Fred
D. (Irant, lT. S. A., lies in its final rest
ing place in the military eemetary at
West Point. As the coflin was lowered
into the cement crypt prepared for it
the battalion of cadets of the United
States military academy lired three
volleys over the grave, while the mili
tary band gave forth the strains of
"Nearer, My Cod, to Thee." An artil
lery salute of thirteen guns followed.
Dr. Daniel K. Pearsons, the age'
philanthropist, is dead in a sanitarium
at Hinsdale, 111. He was ninety-two
years old and in recent years had
given away more than $5,000,000 to
small colleges, chiefly in the Middle
West. He died a comparatively poor
Justin McCarthy, novelist and his
torian, and for many years a member
of the British parliament, is dead.
Born in 1S30 .Justin McCarthy wa?
cue of the most prolific political and
historical writers of the time,
was an ardent home ruler and
•ng to cure with local tivat:me.nt, twenty-five years was a political writ
pronounced it incurable. Ke.ieii.
er for one of the London daily papers.
Dr. Fayette C. Thompson, general
secretary of the Methodist Brother
hood, died at Hast Orange, N. J. His
health broke down during the winter
after an exhausting service in the
campaign of the Men and Religious
movement, of which he was the asso
ciate campaign leader.
Bonnot, the leader of an organized
gang of automobile bandits who have
been terrorizing Paris and the sur
rounding districts for months past, and
Dubois, a notorious anarchist, were
shot to death in one of the most thrill
ing encounters in the annals of French
crime. A garage at Cloisy-le-Roi, six
miles south of Paris, in which the ban
dits had taken refuge, was blown up
by dynamite after these two men had
kept at bay for hours a large part of
the police force of Paris, a contingent
of gendarmes, two companies of re
publican guards and a company of en
gineers. Ten thousand spectators
viewed the battle from points of van
The massacre at Fez. Morocco, in
which a large number of French offi
cers, soldiers and citizens were killed
and wounded, has given rise to consid
erable criticism of the government au
thorities for not foreseeing and pre
venting the occurrence. It is pointed
out by the Paris newspapers mat the
French troops occupied tne Moroccan
capital more than a year ago.
The convention of the Irish Nation
alist party at Dublin voted unani
mously to accept and endorse the As
quith home rule bill proposed in the
house of commons by the Liberal gov
Substantial falling off in the
amount of money sent abroad, attrib
utable, it is claimed, to the establish
ment of the postal savings system in
this country, and great expansion of
she money order service, are shown
by the quarterly financial statement
submitted to the treasury and postof
flce departments by Auditor Kram of
the postofhee department.
The torpedo boat destroyers Preble
and I'errv, the largest vessels of the
flotilla, slipped out of the harbor at
San Diego. Cal.. and went to sea with
sealed orders. That they are bound
for the wpst roast of Mexico is the
genera] belief, although naval officials
decline to discuss the probable desti
nation of the destroyers.
Twenty towns were struck by the
tornado which swept northward from
Texas, through portions of Southwest
ern and Central Oklahoma. Two of
them, Butler and Foss, were literally
wiped out and forty-one persons killed
and 100 injured. Torrential rains in
the wake of the tornado swelled
streams out of their banks.
Seventeen thousand persons, it is
conservatively estimated, are homeless
in Northeastern Louisiana, due to the
floods. In another week, it is believed,
twice that number will be driven out.
By that time the waters will have be
gun to return to the MlsslKglppl
through the Rod river.
Dr. I). K. I'enrHoriH, agd philanthro
pist, who has given to Bmall colleges
a fortune of between $0,000,000 and
$7,000,000, is critically ill at his home
in Hinsdale, HI., with pneumonia.
The World's
Good feed ear corn,
Used Exclusively by
98% ol World's Creameries
Ten years ago there, were a dozen different makes of
creamery or factory separators in use. To-day over 98 per
cent of the world's creameries use Dc Laval separators
When it comes to buying a separator why not profit by the ex
perience of the creameryman, which qualifies him to advise you
He knows which separator will give you the best service and
be the most economical for you to buy. That's
why 98 per cent of the world's creameries use the
De Laval exclusively.
There can be no better recom
mendation for the De Laval
than the (act that the men
who make the separation of JK Easiesf
milk a business use the De Mr to turn,
Laval to the practical
exclusion of
from ex
Thomas Thompson
Sullivan Lumber
Dealers in
Brick, Lime and Cement
Western Coast Lumber a Specialty
See us before you build.
Estimates Cheerfully Funished,
Benard fc. Nelson,
5 After February 15th 5-
Roberts Co. S. D., Climated Seed Corn
6 Can be Had on Personal inquiry.
Scliindler's Early Yellow Dent, Minn. No. 13.
Cartel 's Early Dent, Early White Dent,
Early W hite Cap Dent, Northwest
em Dent also White Flint and
Yellow Flint.
A A N E E E S 9 0 O 9 5
Have You Ord red Yours From
SCHINDLER BROs, Sisseton, S. D.
cents a
wash, skims
the cleanest
ill other
knotv lasts the longest
Lath, Shingles, Mouldings. Sash. Doors.
Blinds. Screens, Huikling Taper, Fi-r.ce I'osla
Lime, Cement, and Hard Wall Plaster
South Dakota
3 GEb
Lumber Co.
Local Manager
For all kinds of laundry
bushel. Andrew Erickson, I Phone 299. A man will call for
(^5) Sisseton. and deliver your goods.

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