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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, May 10, 1912, Image 5

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Organized. controlled
most entirely o\vn.
jipira! i:
.Mrs. Kahiey v." :.s a
ley \iiiitor. Monday.
Rev. and
,1. A, RlC'KKKT. 1'resivlc-nt. S. MKU!S, Vice Pn klont.
ana ii
iy home
The First National Bank has a!»v:r.vs endeavored to keep
in touch wirh the needs of the ceTimvinity and to jiivt.-
each one of its customers a square deal-
i! si
1 df
,1. A. Riokort. Kt.-.rv
nv.iis \"al-
J. O. Swi nninsoii i-am- up l'i"
spent Sun'day \v:
li is t'ainilv.
Mrs. il. \.
sp.-nt Mondav
M-. a1.:'-
of Mil hank.
city, gu. sis
Dr. P. 11. Thrown ar i\i
Tiles' !:iy fr. ill tell twin elf
where he ha'd been for a. cou
of ila.vs oil business.
Mrs. J. -J. Bilttertol) i-eturlle.2 .01
We^lne-dny .-veiling of last w-.-k
from is nil relatives anM
friends -it uni'apoli.s.
l)i'. D.mpe. of "Waubay. w:i^ :n
the city a eoup '.e ef days 1 his
week, on business Icfore lie
boarvl of county commissioner.*.
John McCoy returned Thurs
day evening lVoih 'iiii. apol
where he had heen for a eoup!-'
of 'davs on autojnohile business.
James MeGee, who has been
deputy .sheriff for the past tw
years has ten'dercd his resigna
tion. and will hereafter devo*
hi.s at 1 flit ion io fa rin nir.
Metcalf is tli-' new deputy
On Monday .Iid •!.
ceived a jK.li ii! from 1
lie e'en"l'ill
111 rt
for fine
S's-tion of Marshall county Ian
on wlreh he nia'de final prool last
('. Hermann. Norwiiy low
shir. is a n. ss visitor at
the unity se.'it Monday, .".lid look
dcciisi•'Il 11- i'IIIe 11 atld a -Id ills
li.am" Io iir ondaiilly crowing
subs, ript ion iisi
Miss Susie lldl, aeeouipanied
liv the three onng soils of r.
Ii'nd Mrs 1-'eli\ Hill, left Tuesday
morning, via Hrowns db-y. tor
l^iiirinoiit. Minn hi response to
ii. tele.gann sialing thai her bro
ther's colli I it ion bad changed for
ill- worse
Iv Siindberg, assi.st.ant cash­
ier of
the rs State Hank.
I ,. ,1.,. ,,-e'ith-bFa
was slightly under tn•-
ins is S5( a un
llf'pUSI ts r--'
Uu--! :k 1!! S t!'( I't 1'
v.. Oib.. rg.
aa ltuwarci
"tiih OT.D RKLIAIU,*:"'
I*.•. i: r.ishio
A-any two me
ist Satnrdav.
ilk Kaper,
Samuel C. Policy, the
seereTary of state and
date to sllecee'd Ju-dge
oil tie- supreme le.ir-h.
:nir tile voters of Sissrf r.
!l! -i:
it I
!(!Z 11
fru'.t. thai
'111a 11 I'-
II. II. Freese.
cr," the ia 111• jiari "t last
and the first part of this but
once more able to back on th
Miss Renner. a nurse from Sis
seton Who has been hero earing
for th*1 little- son of Mr. and Mrs.
Levi Foss. who was ill with, mg candidate ui fact. The col
spinal meningitis, returned toji^on*! is said to be a very el^iu-nt
home Wednesday evening.
mot Republican.
a eiandi
A e::!'lo id of fresh ggs was
1 0 :1.• t'.til's st.-itn..Tu- sday.
.il'pel I idell P)!'OS
id th consignee 1-,! d:g t!i- Ap
-t 31 Prodllee (').. of Ajipl doll,
"•ill. Tll'-re el'e 4' 1 'S ill
e.ar. aii'Lri'i e'iitiiiLr i. total of
For Sale—Tomato plain*,
(juitx- of Mrs. iV't'V--r.
Aln-iim Variis.ii iarmerof Dry
Woo'-1 Lake township, was ar
raigned before Justice Prindivilh
last Friday, having been arrested
on c.omplaint "f Jol-n (Jcorge. a
neighbor, who charges Varus
with atli-.nipl ing to shoot him. Tin
defendant waived examination1
and gave bonds for appearance
at the May term of circuit court.
Tile trouble arose over a.
ibonndarv line.
a young Sioux
business man. is in the-, eit.
-, _•
looking after the interest- of Col.
Melv Grigsy. eandidato for T'ni
te'd States senator, who will de
an address at the opera
house in Sisseton on Saturday
evening. Mr.
is very en­
thusiastic over the prospects of
Col. Grigshv—savs
's the lead-
Bivtzke. ol Wilmoi,
:iv Wednesdav.
in I in.-
1 i-iwaru
I cv!111
trallSH'ti .1
Thursda v.
o. p.
1 !ab-ock
I. I'.llgstrciis
ia lie eit v.
(i .v
itv from
a'tirnoon. on busin
uat ]••.
of a u:i 1
Miss S.-ua (iulscth In'i
day evening i'ur her hcju.
.Minn., au-'i- a wn
Sisseton friends.
L. Sp'ii-kn.an and Mrs.
ikel-t left ln|- tlie W 11
ti sday. wh-'ie 1 hey will
ends for a week.
i. -i. i1
m.i o.
'••illgto!) iVtU
from Pieri
(Hi lillsilh
A i:
|'a ar!
S 1
$ a pres.
-lis. ill
ii'.i-r. •.!,
was the e'iiy yester­
day. tile jrursl of 1 is old till!-'
niend. A. M. Kniirln.
cei-tain to
-1- a-e al
ler. 4G-4
id thr
li. in
a nee, llnirstlay. an'd heg'ii.s li
look as thoiich the uneertad
days of speing were just
1-". A. Xyln'i'g. of Corona, va*
:n tile city a. couple of 'days thjs
week, in the interests of hi.s e:m
dkhicy for ihe repnb!ie in noinina
tion for sin-riff. Mr. .Vybei-e-
has air
Ouilt l.unf-1:
The board id' county coin.mis
siouers convem'd ii the eoart
house. Tuewtoy iifternoon. all of siss,'ton ami la:d lo
the members being present. A ]0 ]lt 1)0lv ,,
number of impvirtanl matt• rs
have come up for eon«Klera ii
at this session, and the hoard wil
nrobabiy not complete their ii IsS UeS'-'e Ar, oc
boi'S liltii SiUurdav.
John Renner arriv. 1 from
seton. S. D.. Thursday id"
wi'ek and will visit with relatives
!i. is-
sometini". Mr. Reamer
s'.iil.s lb.!! oar' ol South l.'a.
kota had not received too muvh
moisture this spring, but tluit fai
mers wer-' expect ng a good cr
-.ids year. ('nin'rey Olinn.
Mossiiian aeeom]ian:ed t!:«
W"dr.( si'ay. here they
llilts Willi tile high sel e.
of hat citv. 'I'll- gam
ted 'n M-oi-e '-.I' Il I" i-.i f.-'vor
•s«f Miibiiiik. A return gam-- will
lie p'.ayed at Sisseton HI tl'n' 11 'i!i'
future, wlo-ii it is hopi that
tiie result will In- different.
conduct dig a thorough ei&'iipin"!'.
•a'dv ills
fer ol Adolph Peter, cf f'ovina
I died, luir.s'diiy of hist wei-k. am
eoill\ f.jt),,,,. lu-ono-bt the b'ttb1
death occurred
Tvliss Bes^^ Arroc,
McGep. of KfRrgton.
|among the o..r nf town young
ppople who attended the Kelle'v
Local Boy Carriees Off a Pair
of Goi.l Medals in the Declam
atory Contest Held at Aber-
MillianK, James Oiiver, a junior in the
jSissetoi! liiuh school, won two
gold medals in vhe declamatory
Summit.' contest held at Aberdeen last
tj)' ui
Friday evening, to which city he
was accompanied by Prof. Moss
man. To save the expense of
I two contests, the committee in
this district combined the dis
trict contest with the state con
test given by the Aberdeen Nor
mal. James Oliver not only won
the district contest but the state
Thin» contest as well, and so added two
at Ap- gold medals to the trophy list of
our school.
That there was competition of
the keenest kind is shown by
the following list of contestants
Blanche Williams, Summit, "The
Honor of the Woods James
Leon Oliver. Sisseton, "The
I Lost Word Fern Baunigarten,
Bowdle. "King Robert of Sicily
iVlertis Geil, Groton, "A Scene
veiling from Romoia:" Ray Lee Aney,
had ii'' Peever, "The Boy Orator of Za_
siij.!--'iii!' pata City Everett Nelson,
••i'. S
sp.-tiding a ti \v \v
•. of h:-! sell
as In* ,:i
I to Irs subscription to the In the evening. "Jimmie" was
(ii .,,..,,,. I Standard ahead au-dlor \ear. the guest of honor at a banquet
given by the high school.
., Sixty covers were laid for the
ci" eii Midi's am:
11 in
ieed t.i
I Centerville, "A Wild Olive
.Brand Edna Siebel, Lang
i,! fora, "The Corsican Roger
duat i(.n as 7!i-' Campbell. Aberdeen, "Sparticus
11 to the Gladiators George Ed
munds. Salem, "The Honor of
the Woods Elsie Schmidt,
"The Gipsy Flower Girl."
li'i-nner lniis gone io hi
The judges were: Supt. W. H.
Beckivian, Redfield M. Plin Bee-
be. Ipswich: Supt. L. F. Slocum,
•. The school turned out en masse,
sativ-'s. Monday morning, to greet the
victor on his return. The school
Martmi Rand, from up Kfung- band led the crowd and mingled
rain fell I t«n way. was in the eity on in.isi its music with the cheers of the
I iii'ss. Wednesday, an'd drop]), d:! students as the train pulled in.
Bros, dance a* the oprra hou*e alleged injury to her person and
!Tuesdav evening. character Ihe case is the out
come of a hcrse-whipping which
was administered to the com
plaining witness by the Huempf
ner women on Tuesday, April 30.
A. M. Knight returned Wcd
'n'-sdayfrom a business trip to
North and South Dakota and
Minnesota points. He came back
by way of Browns Valley, where
Hal ir.oi him
with the
,. E. L. Abel, of Huron, whose
cand:dacy for the office of 'lieu
tenant govern- is meeting wi:h
an enthusiastic
thro ghout the state, was a dis
tinguished visit, in the city.
Thursday. Mr. Ab-d is well
known in bus'cos? and political
circles, and is a man who is
thoroughly imbued with the!
South Dakota spirit of push nr.d ^1:~seton
energy. He will undoubtedlv
be successful in his race for the't
nomination to the office of lieu-i
tenant governor, and the state''
fiA!'-113 Yern°"
Wil-1speaker, and will undoubtedlv all in favor of Thomas Mani for new buildings and in making
I draw a large crowd. states attorney. general improvements.
evening breathed the spirit of
loyalty to the school.
In speaking of the contest, the
Aberdeen News said: "James
Leon Oliver of Sisseton was well
tlu* star of the evening, he re
ceiving two gold medals, having
won first place in both the dis
trict contest and state contest."
This is the second consecutive
year our school has won the dis
trict contest. The winning of
I this district contest will give
I young Oliver the right to enter
another state contest to be he'd
„i,t,.„. ,iii, at Vermillion on May 16.
i£m«vn months OH! \r
Lzra Vance Lewis and Harvey
Crosby left yesterday for Yank
nn Saturday the griet'-freken honor of our school in the two
contests given in that city today.
ton, where they will uphold the
Arrested on Serious Charge.
Matilda and Lizzie Huempfner
were arrested on Thursday, un
der an order of the court in an
arrest and bail proceeding
brought bv Edna Lovelett, for
Bail was fixed at $5,000 for each
of the defendants, which up to
this time has rot been furnished,
and Mrs. Huempfner and her
daughter are confined in the
county jail. Attorney Rix of
Milbank and Attorney McKenna
of this city have been retained
as counsel by the defendants.
Attorney Howard Babcock has
charge of the case for the plain
Gun Ciub Elects Officers
At the annual meeting of the
held last
faCulty and board of
ajipear- education. The toasts of the
,th.e hawing officers were
ct.e. tor...?-'ie
and the republican paity will be secretar-y and treasurer, Maurice
honorpd bv his pWtirm Schindler, captain, J. E. Wilson.
honored bv his election .cmnoier captain, j. th. wnson, ence in this country, having
Lijii^eiectioi!. directors. Jas. McLaughlin. Nick been employed on some of the
O a
for the past twenty-eight years ent of the Sisseton Indian Agen
and hasn't any bad record to tx- cv, received official notification,
plain or any sad inexperience to on Wednesday, to the effect that
apologize for, and he is going to an appropriation of $13,000 has
surprise some of the wise ones been made by congress for the
when the votes are counted next government Indian school con
4th of June. If long residence, ducted in connection with the
clean and upright manhood and agency. This sum will be avail
first-class legal ability count for able during the present season,
anything, then the chances are and will be used in constructing
Attorney Thomas Mam mad-- and F. P. Maldaner. It was also The excavation for the new
White Rock. ednesday, in the two-day tournament at Pickerel work on the foundation has al
interests of his candidacy for the lake on Aug. 3 and 4, and a com-1 readv commenced
disputed office of states attorney of Rob- ittee was appointed to make
erts coun'y. Mr. Mani is mak- the necessarv arrangements.
infe splendid nrogress in his
campaign, and is a
strength every day. He as Gets Appropriation.
been a resident of this county Mai. E. S. Allen, superintend- ship, was struck by lightning
St a rliii'ti 1 i)l lit. ..Mil ion i,' tli-'
At Sisvt.OJ). S 1» at the
Will Meet in Sisseton.
The Roberts County Union
Sunday School Association will
meet in this city on Wednesday,
May 15, at the Presbyterian
church, and it is anticipated that
a large crowd will be in attend
ance. F- P. Leach, general sec
retary of the South Dakota Sun
day School Association, will be
present, and will make two ad
dresses, one in the morning and
one in the evening. Arrange
ments have been made to have
Wednesday evening's train held
here until
pi is.
I-: i) i- la'Ks
at'ni (lis(\»u:.ts
War ran is
(venl ra lis.
•]'ax IV titir it»-v ..!!
Dlher real t-s ati- !.*.
Hlu i'roi'vrty
ilousn aiul Fixtures
troui Hanus $tr»,74'J i7
'..'hecUs ami Drafts for (*!ear
1'^' 1M5 s2
(.'ash on liacti iileinn
i.rreiii-y mi
7?r» CO
Silver 3.*)
Mmor t'oin mi 2r,
ri.o.Sli (Vi
Vash itetuf i2i»
Total Cash Assets
('oilolv of Uoberts i'
Effington Creamery Accepted
Tne Effington Co-operative
Creamery Company held a meet
ing at Effington, on Tuesday,
and formally accepted the new
building and machinery. The
building was erected by J. W.
Hoy, of Minneapolis, who also
installed the machinery, which'
is of the latest and most up-to
date pattern. The contract price
of the new creamery, complete,
was exactly $3,000, and the far
mers and business men of Effing
ton who compose the company
feel that they have received full
value for their money. The new
enterprise was promoted by Mr.
Hoy, ably assisted by Elias Mon
son, John Loken, Nets Beito and
Joe Class, and the success whicn
0 far has attended the venture
is due in a large measure to
these gentlemen. Gilbert Olson,
of Kinseth. Iowa, who is a but
termaker with an excellent rec
ord and long experience, has
been employed to take an active
management of the creamery,
which will begin operations
about June 1.
so as to enable
delegates from the south end of
the county to reach their homes
without unnecessary delay.
Will Build Chausse Building
Alexander Walker, of Aber
deen, arrived in the city Wed
nesday, and will have charge of
the construction work on the
new building about to be erected
by F. I. Chausse- Mr. Walker
is a builder of considerable abil
ity. having learned the trade
jdent, Wm- F. Glasier vice Scotland, where they teach you
,* Barrington ,, to do things thoroughly
rer, Maurice has also had considerable
decided at this meeting to hold a building is about completed and
M4.C.7-J fit!
•tlti tV
t'.fl US
so ro
:»oo oo
3.07a iHt
r.-n:» oo
21.081 4l
77 844 VI
Capital Siock
Surplus Kuml
l'inllvided Protits
liills Payable certilii'Mes
issued lor horro\vo«t money) ...
Deposits suti.jeet lochtck.. 140 47
Cashier's Checks H.ldt f,«i
l»eiiu»iid Ceruticates 4.000 00
Time C'ertitieates 1M.7W 22
lO.tKK) 00
li.ooo 00
1.0 IV l.'n^v. riibliier ot the above named
b.jhK, do M]noient sv «r ihut '.be above
statement is rue to ibe heM ot rnv lumwjedKe
sirul belief. t) p. Casbier.
dubsenbed anil mvuih tu belore me llii?
m\i ilaj- «.f Ajinl 1j»i^.
I Sea
J} Nor.i Kreeoi.uj.
Nolnry Public
('orre Attf-t:
II. I Spark man
HowumI Itab'-oi-U.
Destroyed by Fire.
A large barn on the farm of
Ole Simpson, in Harmon town-
Thursday afternoon of last week
resulting in a fire which burned
the structure to the ground.
The contents of the barn, which
included several tons of hay, 90
bushels of grain, several sets of
harness and a six months old
calf, were also reduced to ashes
The loss is estimated at $1,400.
partially covered by an insurance
policy in the Farmers' Mutual
Insurance Co. for $850.
An Abandoned Effort'
Over $]t000 was raised lost
wick among our business nun
lor the purpose ol' having a. good
ball team a.n.d we umlerst.-inl el
drag-net i.s now out for the pur—'
pose of e.iipturing some first-cliMS
ball player*—none others needL
Later After raising over
$1,000, it has been decided fcoi
itilwindioii the effort to put i,n a
team here tlrin waami. Jt. is to
he regrettui, of eour.se, for wc
belic\e go-:id t\ann is a winiiiiiip
card for a town, but where:
Ihere Ls not it, unanimity o:f spirit,
in ii matter of thiis kind, nothing
much can be done. The work
generally .all devolves otn a few
an!d i.l iit iis niti/t successful, t.liey
get tin b], i,me good and strong.
Hrowns Valley Tribune.
Piles for Register of Deeds.
John J. Cohan, of hi.s city,,
has fi'JiMl.hiis.petition.as eand.idiute
lor reg,inter of deeds on he demo
eriit u' ticket. Mr. ('oh,an us
resiied in Roberts county for the
past twenty ye irs.ii.n.d..h iN.a wider
circle of acinia int-ane.s. 11 i« free-
l.v prei
1 ic.tejit t.liat he will win out.
over the ib'iiiocr tti- siLiite candi
Won't Make the Run.
'orter rc|ue.si.s tlto-
Stan-dai'd to aiiriounce that he
Iris decided not to run for sheriff.
hiiN just discovered tha.ti hc
sn its young a.s lie u.sed to bt
and do-sn bejieve lie could slJinH
the grief and hards-hips of un ac
tive county campaign. Mr. Por
ter hoist of frieiiids will I lie sorry
no! to have the opportunity ol'
voting for Itiin.
Re n't Fin ii'-hi room-.
Mrs. I'eevel*
Mrs. Hazel Sprank I'l.-turned on.i
Weilnesdiiy evening from Alier
(leerij where, she .appeared.- a.s
witness before the fcdenil court..
A representative of the South'
iXakota Anti-Saloon League willl
'deliver an illustrated b-clure on
"Ten Night.s ill Hiirroom" it
the K. church next Sunday,-
Orvilb- A. Johnson, whose cam
paign for the office of sheriff of
thi.s county i.s gaining strength'
every day. was looking over fhtv
local situation. Wednesday, and!
mot. with much encouragement
Tt, begins to look a.s though .John
son i.s a sure winner.
John Thompson, from near Pee
ver. brought a box containing
nine dead wolf whelps to the
county auditor. vest-May. ant?
put in a claim for £1S. The lit
tle fellows looked hartmless
enough, but it i.s a foregone con
clusion that if thi ,- hadn't, been*
cut off in their infancy they
would have been capable of doing
a lot of damage.

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