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I, A
it Eighth Grade O.'ii
will le hc.U
Senior el.
opera lions-.
Ot till'
join in llii
lansoii •will
Commencement Week
iience- Child" i:rv
opera I lent) i, ....
liou.se diiy evening, May 25,
at -l o'clock', The ad-mission
is twi-.nly-l'ivo cent^. The jfin~
eipal feature of the program will
bo a iuus:cfi 1 mock lri.nl in wliic.h
tlu? eiilr.
pari. I:i
jfi'fide v. ill
bors J:
Faust, it ml
'lvs :'.\'.i
grade V/iJ
1 I: 11 if.-'!
m'V. Cii
I in- Har-ca!
call' sermon, faking
''(^uit you 'ike men,
his If'Xt
Sti OI1L'.
^Monday evening, May 27th. the
Class Day exercises \vi|l be given
in the opera h-ui-\ Tl.e adnrs
sioi.1 is free. The pr .' a ai will
be as follows:—
("lass History- Kmaia Iv-ic.ksoii
Class Poem--M ild' e.! kelse-n
Class Prophecy In Chris
tian, Rosa Thompson,
Class Will—Hazel Spackman
Presentation of Peape Pipe—
Alfred Mcnnic.
Tuesday evening. May 28th, th
Annual Senior Banquet will be
served in the on era liou.se to the
Seniors and their guests. In ad-!
diti-on to the four courses served
there wll be given a program
toasts and music.
Wednesday, May 20, the (Sen
ior Class Play will be given in
fiio op-"- bouse. Tlie nlay to be
given this year is .Shakespeare's
"Midsummer Night's Dream."
The cast of characters follows:
.... El-fa
Piano Duet, Emma Walctich,
Mary IIoneysett .Recitaiton."Bar
ba a Bitie Niiui Shilston Piano
Duet, Gladys Lewis and Francis
.A large number of patrons vis
ited tlie exhibit of school work
on Friday and Saturday of last
The first out-of-doors assem
bly was held last Monday anorn
ing on the school grounds. The
following program was given:
Singing with accompaniment
by the Band, America, The
School Recitation, Wil'lard Tew
Recitation, Clarence Tallaeltson
Quick March, "Atoka," High
School Band Recitation, ITenr.y
AValetich Ripley's March, High
School Band,
A letter was received from the
Prang Company this week in re
gard to the book of drawings
sent them same time ago from
this school. The book was a £art
of their general display at the
speaking-of the work sent by this
Alfred Monniejp. m.. At eight, p.
Clarence An'dcrberg
Dana Babeock
Quince Wyllys Morris- program will be a.s follows
Boltun ..
Snout ....
School Notes
(Bj Supt. Mossman)
At tho Friday morning assem
bly the following program was
I Yaseblossitfa
yis't Iv/'i musical nmu
v, JI 'Yeedom
"Soldiers Chow-: from
a piano duct l-'.v Gla—
.• i-'r:ir"T. ariaw
.Yi I aniseed
Kaii if.s
A'ma llendi
Oi to, Anna
1 .iv
th" Thursday
Hie ivi'l give a
ne T!ie program will be :i\.ii:
-li«i selioci! groun':.'.* beg :in:n
to Yleck.
:-ist- Muse High Kehool
''iusic A:
.James I Ion ey.v:c tt Proecssio-tiial High School Chorus
Harvey Crosby Invocation
.... Saimer Rask
,. Jam^s Hanson
Mi'drcVl Mil:el«o.n
s'h-ol the letter sa.id: Your: sorry he d.dn
vent it anyway.
schools thrcngli their carefully
executed arid artistic work help
ed us grcatty and wo wish to
thank vou fer your generous aid
and to assure you that we fully ap
preciate it.'- The exhibit
next go to Baltimore and in July
to-t-Chieajgo to he displayed at, the
meetinr of t-tbc National Educa
tional. Association.
The Annual he« gone to press
a^d the Juniors are hanpy./They
havn nstned the book "The Li
lac," on the suggestion of Dana
Babco^kV The book will contain
lifty «r pages ot rea'ding
splitter pnd pictures and twenty
is to be
t»ntJ poated
jn dark
HiSSa» tw- to tHe ^rite-ups
!|..s Sa.terer/and
May 0!ii tin
-11 1
a the
11 ".vocation .... I\ev. '!i :-ist •. i.n
Memorial Address Th' m::s ti
Music "O Stai i-y k'i
Seventh Gra'de !i"!s
Exorcise "Our I'
Fourth Grade loy.s.
May Pole Drill Second Prim.
Recitation "Cover Them 0\ .
Lawrcnee Stavie,
Flag Drill .. First Ora' Ci
Recitation Gettysburg Ad l.'c
Charles Grover
Music tSclecte
Male Quartette
Recitation Selected
Edith Swedluml
Song "Flowers for the Hrave''
Ijighth Grade
Mrs. Jesse (!ottingh,ani
Recitation .. "The Better Way."
is At wood
Exercise ....
Fifth Grade Girls,
held at 9 a. in. The promo-
Emma Erickson tion cards will be awa.i'iled a.t
the regn-
tar Coinmetveiiient exercises will
be held jn the opera li.oti.se. The
.ius:c .Commencement Son?
High School Chorus
Coamnencement- Address
Presentation of Diplomas.
be a calendar of four or five
pages of jokes, a history of otii-j
city and an advertisement for
the town in. general. The price of
the book iis one dollar. Any
Junior will take your order or
you can phone it in.
The final examinations in tin
eighth giv.de wiJ-l be given in the
school br.ilding today and tomor
Western Drawing and Training-mentioned in the last issue, but
Conveniotn at Cm^nnat, In
P. C. Johnson spent the greater
part of last week at Wauba.y arid
Webster on business.
0. E. Loin, candidate for nomi
nation for county auditor, was
a guest at I. J. Johnson's, Tues
day evening.
Services were held in the Beth
el church Sunday afternoon, con
ducted by Rev. Ilylla'nd, of Wi.l
James Rathilnin and wife, ofj
Webster, made a few hours sto-p
in this locality Wednesday.
Mrs. Mary Jlaugen i« visiting
her daughters, Mrs. Ivcr Nelson
and Mrs. G. Gilbertson.
Thos. Ifovl.and: informs: us thai
his brother Christian is not the
inventor of the device which he
is intreducing to dentists, as
ral agcnt for 1 he same
i,„ jm„
district on Monday.
School Entertainment
Miss Wilma Aldricli closed
,u- ton postoffice on Satui da.v. June
will yery successful term of school in
the Danielson schoolhouse Nor-,va
way township last Friday. An
exceHent program was rendered
alter which delicious refreshment
were served and the large crowd
attendance went home well
pleased with the evening's enter
tainment- Aramg the visitors
was Oscar 0. Odegaard, of Home
Two Bad Brothers
Sheriff Swans-en and Deputy
U. S .Marshal McVeigh
.Mikelson Wednesday evening arrested
Liu-lie (Jlii-iwtian brought to this city Asa and
Spa-vknian' Jolui'i.i:, Hvo brothers, the first
.1 Mines
-of wlit -in
charge'! willi
ll'e last named with mtrodue-
a a a a t
11.-ne Gainin -iiient. .Asa and Isreal are In
Anna Palmer 1 Litis, and were therefore federal
1 ii Wo-l I'i prisoners. They were taken lie
a Haiti) fore l". S. Cnniniissioiier Croa,'.
I a -M a n- a a
it-kson, .Marjraret preliminary hearing, and that of
hurston, Thof- i"ic*i:il hound them over to the
October term of federal oourt at
Aberdeen. In t-li.e meant iiiue. they
will languish in the llenei't
county jail.
Got Our Goat
Milbank high seluvol
playetl against the
•n'.l The AlilOanR lugli
-a team playetl against
high school team in this eit.v, -on
Wednesday afternoon, Ibe ganiej
resulting in a victory for the
visitors by a score of lo to S.
Hugh liatterbury officialetl as|
umpire, and gave gootl satisl'a.c-i
ion to both sides?' The high
Adjudged Insane
Successful Social.
A basket social was held ail, tlie
Government Indian School last
Saturday evening, which was- a
most successful affair in every
reespeet. After a very interest
ing program had been given, the
baskets were auctioned
bringing i-n thee neat sum
$G5, which will be used for
benefit of the school. Dr.
Mrs. Brown, of this city, wore
among those who attended the
stead, N. D„ who taught parooh- has dissolved by mutual con
.al school the Dantejson bs- :8ent,been
Arthur Q]&on
£f, S T"I •na!l!Cr 'N-
term of parochial school in that
Now is the time to buy your clerk,
genuine Grimm Alfalfa Seed, at
Schindler Bros. (45-48)
-liool band heralded the game
giving a street concert—but
.-.vi not '."ipccssful in getting o-ut
a crowd—and the gate receipts!
wore considerably le?-.s than the
expenses of the visiting tevn.
William Babb, a farmer living
four miles south of Wihnot, was
to this city by Deputy
Sheriff Metcalfe, Wednesday evenj
ing, and lii.s case was immediate-'
ly taken under consideration by
Sixth (!rade Girls. I giotis
Benediction Rev. Shearer
Friday, May '!1st, the final
assembly of the school year
Rec. .. "These Things Sha.ll Be" 1 adjudged insane, anwl was order
Ly-le Carter °d committed to the mental liors
Pantomine "The Vacant Chair'"
inanity. Bn.bb was
Yankton. Excessive reli-
fervor i.s said 1o be the
eau.se of the unfortunate man's
Relaesed on Bonds
After spending two weeks in
the county jail, Matilda and
Lizzie Hucinpfner were released
from custody yesterday afternoon!
on the furnishing cf bail. Their
bail was originally fixed by
Judge MclNulty at $5,000 each
but was reduced to $1,000 each,
through the efforts of defendant's
council. The bondsmen are J. F.
0'Grady and J. II. Mead of this
Installing Lighting Plant
F. II. Slack, of Omaha, is at
the Government Indian School,
where lii-s workmen have been in
stalling an acetylene gas plant
of two hundred lights. .The plant
and fixtures are of the latest and
most approved style and make,
and will supply the school with
a most complete arid satisfactory
lighting plant.
Pcst Card Shcwsr
Mrs. T. W. Rat- had a birth
day, last Saturday, and was the
recipient of a post card shower
of unusual magnitde, friends and
relatives from different parts of
the country each helping to liinke
the occasion a memorable oiue. A
very pretty custom.
Rural Carrier Examination
There will be a rural carrier
examination held at the Sisse-
the of fuiim
in the nu.al cai.1.i
vice at Corona The examiuation
is to aU male citl5iens of
the Unitcd States w]k) ccm_
with tho requircmcnts
Dissclved Partnership^
Tlie firm cf Obcn & Miller
nePS undcr
eontinuiing tlie busi-
the name of the N.
Hardware. Ira Berider will
continue to officiate as chief
'he Standard for News.
Prcf. Mobsman Resign.
Prof. IIur!ttri-J L. Mossman after
c-on'Juctin.g tlie -Sia^ctson schools
in a mast sueeofrslud manner for
tiie past t^vo years, and after
having been employc.'J at a sub
stantil increase in salary for an
other year has tendered his resig
nation to the board e-f education,
and will depart for Omaha as
scon as ischo-iv! closes and com
mence the practice of law. Prof.
Mossanan is already admitted t.o
practice in Nebraska, and will
be associated with Montgomery,
Hall & Young, one of the leading
law firms of Omaha. Everyone
who lias the welfare of our
schools at heart will be sorry to
lose Prof. Mos-smar as lii.s work
here lias been of the highest qual
ity. Personally, the editor of the
Standard feels that the departure
of Prof. Mobsman and hi's-estima
ble wife from Sisset.un will circa to
a vacancy that will be hard to
fill.but we are certain that they
will both ".make good" where
ever they cast their lot.
Killed by Lightning-.
Last Friday afternoon, May 17.
while Rob ret Wilson a young man
17 years of age, was -operating a
gang plow on the farm of his
grandfather,Win, Wilson, of Ilar-i
mon township, lie was struck by I
lightryng and instantly killed,
The four horses he was driving
were knocked down by the shock
of the bolt, but were uninjured.
Funeral services were held at the
Wilson bonne Monday morning,
and the body of the uu,fortunate
young man was taken to Mason!
City,Iowa, for burial, his grand
parents and Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Sheldon_ accompanying the re
mains on the journey. The de
ceased was an exemplary and
popular young man and hi.s un
timely death will be mourned
all who knew him.
Death of Felix Hill.
Felix IliD, after a lingering
illness -of several months dura
tion, passed away on Tuesday,
May 21, p.t the homo o" relatives
at Fairmont. Minn., where lie had
been for the past month. Ilis wife
and children, and bin mother and
sisters were at his bedside when:
tho end came. Funeral services
were bold c,n WoV.nor-'day, inter
ment taking place at Winncba.go,
Minn. The bereaved family have
the heartfelt sympathy of their
many Roberts county friends in
the hour of their great sorrow.
Run Over b3r Wag-on
A young son of Nels Jenson,
who lives in Long ITollmv town
ship, was quite severely injured
about the head, last Monday
morning, by falling off a w-aigion
and having one of the wheels
pass over his head, tearing one
of lii.s ears loose a,nd injuring the
skull quite severely. He is re
ported to be getting along nicoly
under the care of Dr. Glasier.
Senator Gamble Will Speak.
Sena-tor Rolbert J. Gamble will
be in Roberts county on Monday,
May 27. He wiill speak at the
Agency art 2 o'clock in the after
noon of that day, and at the court
house in Sisset-on, at 7:30 p. m.
dome out and hear what the
senator has to say to you.
Judge Andrev.-s 111
Judge J. 0. Andrews, who re
cently recovered from a severe
attack of pneumonia, lias sufferec
a relapse and i,s lying ill at his
home in this eitv. We.are pleased
to state, however, that hk con
dition is not serious.and that he
is improving steadily, i-
Will Deliver Address.
Rev. S. Johnson Oldfield, pas
tor of the Congregational church
at Milbank, lias been, secured, to
deliver the commencement address
at the opera house next Friday
evening. Rev. Oldfield Is de
scribed as a very eloquent and
forceful speaker.
John Webster, who tills a fine
half section of land near Wilmot,
was transacting business! at the
county seat, Tuesday. The Stand
ard acknowledges a very pleasant
call from the gentleman.
LOST—On the rpacl between
Sisseton and Peev.er, one tire
pump, two inner tubes, one vul
canizer and two automobile
wrenches. Finder please return to
Thomas Mani, Sisseton, for re
Ilave the Stan'dard print it
Not on the Slate
Among the republican candi
dates who are o-pp'Cived by the
Foss Marviclt Jorgenson-Prest
wiek machine, an'd whose picrture.
not appear in this keue -of tlie
Standard, a.re:
For state senator, Anton
For representatives, II.
Fell.ba.Utm, Andrew Peterson.
For states attorney,
For county judge,
Knight, E. J. Turner.
For sheriff, W. D. Wilson.
For register cf deeds Frank
Frank 11.
Ilal M.
For justices of the peace, By
ron Canfield, 0. .J Oi ion.
For constable, D. O. Baker.
For member state committee, S.
E. Oscarson.
Bonnie Andrews for superin
tendent of schools, and Dr. P. II,
Brown for coroner have no oppo
F. E. VanSchaick for represen
tative is recognized as member
of the gang, although he is not
included in the\slate.
John Tearc and Nelson Wil
cox, candidates for register of
of deeds, both signed tho petition
to the county auditor, and both
have decided "leanings" toward
the gang that made up Mi? slate.
Important Events of Itio Week
in Condensed Form.
Roosevelt men held absolute sway
in the Minnesota Iiepublican delegate
convention at Minneapolis, beat down
the efloits of the La Follette dele
gates to start a second choice move
ment for the Wisconsin senator iind
to insert La Follette policies in tlio
resolutions and c-lected six delegates
at large to the national convention at
Chicago under binding instructions to
fight for tho nomination of Colonel
Roosevelt to the last ditch. Frank U.
Kellogg, Republican national commit
teeman, will be succecJed by I. A.
Caswell, clerk of -the supreme court
and stats Roosevelt manager. Cas
well's name was the only cno pre
sented to tho convention.
In a most bitter and scathing de
nunciation of Colonel Theodore Roose
velt, President Taft, in a statement
Issued at Cincinnati, declared that the
"certainty ot his defeat for the Re
publican nomination must be a source
ot profound congratulation to all pa
triotic citizens declared that his
predecessor in the White House would
wreck the Republican party if ho is
not choscn by the Republican national
convention and compared Mr. Roose
velt to Louis XIV. of France, who
said, "the state, it is I."
Colonel Roosevelt, in a speech at
Canton, O., renewed his attack upon
President Taft and the men prominent
in directing the president's campaign
for renomination. He referred to
Senator Lorimer of Illinois as "Mr.
Taft's lieutenant." He strongly criti
cised Representative William B. Mc
kinley, manager of the president's
campaign, for referring, the colonel
said, in a public statement to the mer.
who opposed President Taft in the
Maryland campaign as "the rabble of
the cities."
In the opinion of Theodore Roose
velt the campaign for the Republican
nomination for president has now
been decided. He dictated this state
ment: "The number of delegates nec
essary to nominate is 539. Of the del
egates already elected, without count
ing the contested delegates, I have
more than r00. Of the delegates ye!
to be elected 1 am confident 1 will re
ceive enough to insure my nomina
tion on the first ballot.."
Colonel Roosevelt has served notice
that he would resist any compromise
at the Republican national conven
tion. "There can be no compromise,"
ho said. "Some of our opponents arc
saying that neither Mr. Taft nor I
should bo nominated. I'll name the
compromise candidate. He will be
Republicans of Washington split
and held two state conventions, sup
porters of Colonel Roosevelt's candi
dacy for the presidency controlling
one and adherents of President Taft
tho other. A complete list of dele
gates to tho Chicago convention was
named by each gathering.
In a state convention marked by
bitter attacks upon President Taft,
North Carolina's four delegates ajt
large to the Chicago convention were
instructed to vote for Theodore Roose
velt "first, last and all the time," as
long as his name is before tho con
Eight delegates at large and
twenty-four district delegates, each
with half a vote, were elected to the
Democratic national convention by
Maryland Democrats pledged to sup
port Speaker Champ Clark "as long
as there is a chance for his nomi-
The Standard for News
Resorting to the Lowest Depths
in Effort to Defeat Popular
Ilie deptJi oi political deprav
ity to which the .supporters of li»a
O. Curtiss are willing to descend
:n the effort to secure the nomi
nation of their ciandidate is shown
by the iact th.a.t they are spread
ing a report that the illness of
Reprsenta.tive Burke ks due to ex
cessive indulgence in strong drink.
As a matter of fact, Nep.rcsenta
tive Burke is a teetotaler, and
never partakes of intoxicants.
I The attempt to take advantage
I of a sick man in this manner i.s
but another instance of the de~
spicable nature of the campaign
.against Mr. Burke, Ilis congres
sional record cannot bo attacked,
and no sincere effort li-iis been
made to attack it.
For a long time his opponent's
chief claim to support consisted
in a charge that the newspaper
men of the .Second district were
liars and gratters, pups and
thoiyes and he challcenged all the
''lying, graft,ing.newspiiper men"
ojf the district to- meet hian in a
joint debate. Finding the voters
of the Second district failed to
become impressed with the logic
of rejecting a man like Chas.
II. Burke and replacing liiim with
a demagogue like Curtiss because
the latter had qarreled with the
newspaper men the candidate and
his satellites are now spreading
the rumor that the congressman,
om a sick bed, is there because of
It is not a. square deafl. and the
man who will resort to suclr tac
tics, or permit his supporters to
resort to them, is undeserving of
the supporter or confidence of de
cent men.—Aberdeen News.
Such lying as the News refers
to is certainly the limit. Every
one who lyj}ows.Mi\.Burke person
ally knows that he does not drink
a drop of any kind of liquor. In
fact for several years he has been
careful of all liis diet and this
kind of campaign ought to make
decent people hustle harder for
Mr. Burke.—-Pierre Capital-Jour
Won't Repeat the Mistake.
Senator Gamble is the chair
man of the senate committee on
appropriations, lie is a member
of the comnyttee on buildings and
grounds, on privileges and elec
tions and on public lands. He lias
served in the senate long enough
to have Avon some high places
on committees and to be a most
useful and effective senator. A
man of equal.ability with Senator
Gamble would not be able for
years to get himself in a position.
to do half as much for South
Dakota as the senior senator can
do. South Dakota, the last time,
made a very poor trade, and lost
heavily in prestige in the upper
house. It is not at all likely that
the voters will repeat this mistake
in the coming primaries. It would
be odd if a senator who had vo
ted in senate on all sorts of
questions for twelve years had al
ways vote'd to the pleasing of
everybody. No one could expect
this but the voters will mea
sure a TO,an efficiency by a care
ful study of his whole career
and when this is done fgr Senatoi
Gamble, it is certain to result in
safely landing him the re-nomina
tion and re-election.— Sioux Fa lb
Notice is hereby given that Lhe
City Council of the Ci1 of Sis
seton, South Dakola. will receive
sealed bids for painting the wa
t°i tower of said eitv. That such
bids must be fil.pd in the office of
the City Auditor, on or before
the 1st day of June, 1912. Speci
fications and information regard
ing same ma-y be bad at the
ldayor's office. The City Coun
e.il reserves t,b.e right to reject
any and all bids.
0. T. AXNESS, Mayor.
(4i-4S) City Auditor.
Have the Standard print it.
Notice for Publication.
Department of the Interior,
U.S. Land Odire T.tnljir ^nlc, S. D.
April 20,1912
Notice Is bori by plvnn that, Ar rircw Ucis-m
bfsseton, S. D.. who. .itjnt* 21 iro.n mad*
Momeeteiut Eotiv. No 2r^fo. SprWil sv. nTii,
IS™ *,ec»Ion 23. township J2f. N. ran£«»
55 W. r»th Prtrripjil Meridian, Sis?e»on and
vyjihpetrn Indian Reservation, has ilW'd nniico
or initiation to in*ikn final flvo vear proof*
to establish claim lo the !?u.d a rv»- described
J. P. Cron], l\ p. crmmJtsioner. at
SiRscjor, 8. Dak, oil the23thl»y of Mnv, 191-'.
Ualm»nt namew n* witnesses: George
Knnto Tverson, Ansrstus Hnzelden
and Raffle Sonde nil of 6. Sisstion. 8.
P. D. KRIBS, Register.

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