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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, May 31, 1912, Image 1

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Vol. 19
For Treasurer—A. 0. TorvL
For Auditor Alfred
For Sheriff—John L. Minder
For Register of Deeds—J. 0.
Republican Candidate for United States Senator.
For Clerk of Courts—0. P.
For States Attorney-C. E. Jo,v
For County Judge—J. W. Bax
For Member State Committee
A. 0. Overby.
For Constable—- Olaus Olson.
For Justices of the Peace
Thomas McDonald, D. J. Prinii
Mr. Gamble is entitled to the endorsement of the people of So'ith
Dakota. He is always found working t".r the interests of 'ie
state, and is the best representative S
the United States senate.
Lest You Forget
This week we again publish
the letter written by L. Win.
Foss, of Sisselon, to S. Houg
en, of Wilmot. in which the lat
ter is called to a small select
meeting," "for the purpose of
looking over and discussing the
political situation." the deliber
ations of which meeting are to
be "kept 'mum' as far as possi
ble." There is no question
about the genuineness of the
letter, as it nas not been denied
by the party who wrote it—L.
Wm. Foss-nor by the party who
received it-L. S. Hougen. As
stated last week in the Standard,
these "small select meetings"
have been held from time to
time in this city, the outcome
of which has been a frame-up or
political "slate," which is made
up as follows:
For State Senator— Andrev
For Representatives Tore
Bredvik, John Schad, S.
We don't need any self con
stituted bosses to run the poli
tics of Roberts county and dic
tate who shall and who shall 'not
fill the offices. The people are
fully competent to make their
own selections, and the primary
law was enacted for the express
purpose of giving them a chance
to do so. If you approve of the
primary law, you certainly can
not approve of the ticket placed
in the field by men who attend
"small select meetings" behind
locked doors, for the purpose of
Dak has ever had
selecting ofrieers for you to vote
Voters, you canjiave a "s'rall
select meeting" of your own—
when von gee into tne polling
booth. Keep it "mum." if you
want to.- but SMASH THE
L. S. Hougen, Esq.
Wilmot. S. D.
Republican Candidate for Clerk
of Courts
A nice present is as much
a part of graduation as the di
ploma. You are certain to find
a present that will please at Tos
tenson's, the jeweler. (46-49)
Republican Candidate for States
Thomas Alani, the young In
dian attorney or Sisseton, is
steadily gaining .support in Jus
campaign for states attorney,
ami is generally conceded to he
the leading candidate. lie is
undoubtedly the best qualified
attorney in the race today, be
ing a graduate of the Carlisle
Indian School and the Minne
sota Stale University, and hav
ing successfully practiced law 111
Roberts county for the past .six
years. 11: elected to the high of
fice to which he aspires, Mr. Man
will conduct the same in an ab
solutely fair and impartial man
ner. The fact that he is as
sisting in the prosecution of the
Indians arrested for the murder
of Roland .Jridish should go far
toward .disproving the state
ment being made by some of
his enimies that if elected states
attorney he won I'd favor the In
dians. Tom Maui will shew no
race preferences in the prosecu
tion of criminal cases, and it is
absurd fc* even suggest such a didatft
Suthprts GJmmtg Abstract Sc tittle (Eumpatty
£. ©at. Ifuss. Secretary
ha3 been suggested
Friend L. S It has been suggested that a small
be held here next Tuesday evening, Jan. 2d, for
over and discussing the political situation.
There i3 no special object for the meeting, except as first
stated above, to dis
If yo.ii Iik ring ruile. vote the
ticket endorsed by the machine.
A Fast Ge/me of Ball.
The Sisseton high school base
ball team and the team fnin the
Government Indian SqJjc.OiI cross
ed bats on the locail diamond yes
terday afternoon. The game was
a fast one from start to finish,
the final score being 2 to 0 in
favor of Sisseton.
GIRL WANTED—For general
housework, at Momeny Hotel, tf
Smash the slate 1 'Lv4"'*
iissrton fcklg gtantorb
SISSETON, ROBERTS COUNTY, S. D.. FRIDAY, MAY 31, 1913-8 Pases Horn,, t'rii.r
Sisseton, South Dakota,
kept "mua" as far as possible and think that so far as Wilmot. is
concerned you better mention only to Porter, John Minder and Levi,
however, will leave that all to you. As you doubtless know
the Road Committee, also County Commissioners, meet o:i that day
and same may serve as excuses for coming up. C. H. Lien will
be here for the road meeting and a couple of the other fellows
from ohere will come with him for the purpose of attending the
(roa.d) meeting.
Republican Candidate for Sheriff
the situation and exchange ideas
Yours truly,
thing. You should have no trou
ble in making up your mind on
the states attorneyship Thomas
Mani can and 'will look after
the legal end of the county's
business better than -any other
man now before the people as a
candidate for -states attorney, an. I
in a manner that will do credit
to himself and honor to the coun
ty, proving that your confidence
in hi.ni wa,s mot misplaced. Vote
for him.
The Standard believes that Or
ville A. .Johnson, of White Koek
township, is the logical candidate:
for sheriff of Roberts county, lie
has live'd in the county for the
past, fourteen years, and lia.s
never before sought an office.
He is a farmer, and is the only
farmer who is running for the
office of sheriff. He is a man
of strict integrity, good ju'dgmcnt
arid fair education, and if nonii
nate'd and elected sheriff of Rob
erts county he will give 1.he of
fice his close personal attention
and has the ability to conduct the
same in a manner that will be
above criticism. Your vote will
count if you cast it for Orville
Johnson for sheriff.
Senator. A. II. Dahl, of Vernon,
and 11. M. Fellbaum, of Alinnc
sota township, who is a prominent
republican candidate for repre
sentatives, were visitors in the
citv on Monday.
Vote against the machine can-
December 30, 1911
select meet
the purpose of
We want it
Republican Candidate for Clerk
of Courts.
against the machine can-
Smash the slate!
Republcian Candidate for Coun
ty Judge.
Hal .M. Knight, republican can
didate for coiunty judge, is well
known throughout the county,
having lived here ever since
he graduated from the .Minne
sota state university eleven yeans
ago, and we have yet to hear
anyone say a word against liinn.
lie is an attorney at law, hav
ing been regularly admitted to
practice in all the state courts,
arid is well qualified to conduct
the office of county judge. Mr.
Knight, has been actively engag
ed mi farming, having held down
and proved up on a claim in One
Road township, and is therefore
in a position, to appreciate the
consideration that is due thfc far
med', and whaft his rights are.
lie has always taken an active
part in all matters of public in
terest. As secretary of the re
publican county committee lie
.succeeded in getting a rural
mail route established south fnmn
Wilmot. after the. matter had
been drugging along for a, num
ber of years. It was just ten
days from the time the proposition
was taken hold of by llal Knight
until the route was ordered estab
Used by the postal department.
The customary period for a man
to hold a county office is two
terms, and as the present inciiim
bent of the county judge's of
fice has already held the position
for four years, Mr. Knight feels
as though some other taxpayer
should be given a chance to re
lieve the present judge.
llal M. Knight is a man who
is thoroughly quajliil'ied for the of
fice to which lie aspires. He is
an old resideent of Roberts coun
ty, arid has never been a earn!
date for any public office. Place
a cross (X) in the square to the
left of his name on the official
ballot on the 4th day of .June,
and by so doing prove that you
are in favor of the square deal
arid equal opportunities for all.
Republican Candidate for Regis
ter of Deeds.
As the campaign approaches
its close. Frank W. Murray, re
publican candidate for register of
deeds, appears more and more to
be a winner.
The county is to be congratu
lated on this fact, as his nomina
tion will be equivalent to elec
tion, and we will be fissured a
county officio- for the next two
years who will be capable, indus
trious and conscientious. Frank
has made a clean campaign
throughout, has not indulged in
any mud-slinging at his opponents
arid has made many friends.
The Standard predicts Arr. Mur
ray's nomination by a good -t
Class Day Exercises.
The (Mass Day Exeeises of th•
Sisselon Hb'li School were given
at the opera house on Monday
evening, .May 27. when the fol
lowing pwgra,m was most 'de
lightfully rendered by the mem
bers of the graduating class:
Class History—Emma Erickson
Class Poem--—Mildred Mikelson
Class Prophecy—Luc.ib- Chris
tian, Rosa Thompson.
Class Will—Hazel Spackman
Presentation of Peace Pipe—
Music. I £t
nf r*" -1
of History
NO. 49.
Hon.. Clias. II. Murkc has made
the best congressman :'i South
Dakota, has ever had. lie has
given his entire time and exer
cised his energy until hie* health
lias been seriously threatened, by
working for the people of this
state. lie has been in congress
at the opening day every session
and stayed there until the clos
ing day. He never took a day's
vacation during any of the years
that he bias been elected by
the people, at a time when con
gress was in session. AiM factions
and all party men of whatever
party admit that he is a man of
his word and has never fool
ed an individuall or a. constitu
ency. His enimies are taking an
advantage of a temporary illness
to bring outside spellbinders and
personal enemies of Air. Burke
to campaign this 'district during
ttiie closing days, but the Stand
f.nd has too much confidence in
the intelligence.of the voters of
Roberts county to believe.that the
campaign being mn.de against
(Jhas. 11. Burke will have any ef
fect with tlieni. A vote for ('has.
II. Burke is a vote for the best
interests of South Dakota.
If you like ring ru/e. the
ticket endorsed by the machine.
Republican Candidate for Coun
ty Treasurer
One Ro.ad township wi,ll be
represented on the republican
primary ballot, this year, by Iver
•I. Johnson, who is a candidate
for county treasurer, Air. .John
son settled on a homestead in One
Road township in 1900, and has
lived on it ever since. During
his first year of residence in the
township, he wsa elected a mem
ber of the school board, has been
r-elcected at each1 succeeding
election, and is at the present
time treasurer of the school board
and also the township board,—
pretty good evidence of the fact
that his neighbors have complete
confidence in his honesty and in
tegrity. He as twice represented
Roberts county in the state leg
islature, arid is honored and re
spected bv all who have the pri
vilege or his acquaintance. Mr.
Johnson is a man of good educa
tion and excellent judgment, arid
would make a painstaking and ef
ficient guardian of the county
strong box. If nominated and
elected he will .give the office his
personal supervision.
Vote against the machine can
Smash the slata!

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