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Vol. -_'0
The following letter from State
1'^njtriiii• t_-1- Lea should iu ik• the
.Meridian Road boosters feel good
They worked I)iini but did not
.lecoinplisli is much as they Iiad
httjK'd. This lettit shows thai tIn
work was appreciated by the
I uternafional Meridian party
whirh passed through this city
on the 12th ilist.:
.Mr. Howard Babcock,
Sissrtoil. S. 1).
D-ar Sic
I .have just returned to this
ol'fiee from Oklahoma City near
which point we ended our trip
ittcr having gone alioiit I'JOll
,'uiles overland on schedule time.
We found alone the entire
route a spirit of hearty co-opera
tion and good wi.ll toward the
Meridian Road. At many places
in the several states along the
line effective work is being done
and thi' siM'eess of the .Meridian
jKoiad is now assured. We tra
veleil Iiv aiiltonioliile as far south
as Perry, Oklahoma at this
point we were informed that fur
ther pr-ogress would lie prac
tically impossible on account of
the bad condition of the high
ways. We tli.eJi went by train
to liuthrie and Oklahoma City
where we conferred with tile
respective Boards of Trade of
those places and urged early ac
tion toward constructing the ^Me
ridian Road Ihroiigh Oklahoma.
We were assured that I he road
woujd be constructed through
that state in accordance with tin'
required standards in from j()
•to !M) days I am quite h,0|pefu.l
that some effective work will be
Perhaps it will interest you
to know that the worlc done in
South I)akota received high
praise I roiii .Mr. Nicholson and
other members of the Interna
tional party. Reference was
made to tJlie splendid work done
south of Sisseton through the
Coteaus and, also to the fin**
stretch, of road through Coding
ton ('ountv. These pieces of road
work were held up as models by
our speakers at the various towns
and cities through Kansas. Ne
braska and Oklahoma where ad
dresses were made by our party.
I have been requested toprepar
for publication in .Motor of New
York a full account of the Me=
rklian Road trip this is to be
illustrated with characteristic
.views. I expect to prepare the
article immediately after my re
turn from the Xationa.l Irrigation
Congress which meets at Salt
Lake 'i1y September •'{((•and Octo
ber 4.
Yours very trjlily.
—Samuel ri. Lea,
State Engineer.
Pierre. Sept. 22.
Rev. Shearer is at Mich,ell
attending the .Methodist confer
JMrs. .). O. Andrews enter
tained a number of Jadies at her
home Tuesday afternoon in honor
of her guest, .Mrs. Munroe.
Misses Kva and .Mae Grovel*
returned last week, from an ex
tended visit with relatives and
friend at .Marietta and .Madison.
"Lucy" Dunn has been in th,e
city several days this week, and
with his winning smile been pre
stiading people to take out insur
ance in his company.
Cecil Karl Herring returned
from South Shore, on Saturday
last, resigned his position at the
Star theatre and again departed
Ifor the point on .Monday.
Robert (.'lark arrived in the
city from Pierre, on .Monday, and
will hereafter officiate as pharm
acist at the Economy Drug Store,
he having taken over Harry Ba
con's interest. .Mr. Bacon left
Tu'-sday evening for Brookings,
•"where lie will reside in future.
Joe Class has leased the Pry or
Livery barn and has already taken
possession. .Mr. Class reeciitily dis
posed of his farming interests
near Kffington and moved his
family to Sisseton. Joe. is a first
iclass horseman and a good fel
low, and should make a success of
his new venture.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Gilbert,
of Minneapolis, have been visit
ing their daughter. Mrs. Peter
IHogan till is week while Mr. Gil
bert has been looking after the
threshing operations_on his farm.
©Iff itHartnn
Filled the Silo.
The silo- pregnant with pro
mise of future prosperity—has at.
last made its appearance in this
immediate vicinity, and it is only
question of time until there will
be one on practically every farm
liu Roberts county.
The particular siijo referred to
above is th.e big l-'iU-loti affair
erected by Mead & I tains for
W. F. Miller on the southern oiiit
skirt of th.e city. A large force
of men and bo_\s were busy J'il
Iiii"- this'silo, on .Monday after
noon and Tuesday, and now it
is loaded to rhe lilll/./.le with sil
ug'e ol the first class, i. e., corn.
And it took a whole Jot of corn
fodder lo fill that silo, too, and
tlie operation of filling it was a
most interesting one. espeeialily to
those of us who had never before
seen a silo filled.
The silatre cutter is. of course,
the principal fad or in sijo fill
ing This little machine which was
driven in till is instance by Bert
Mussetter threshing engine, with
Pat Reardon at the throttle, took
'care of all the corn stalks that
several men could fed to it, and I
was always hungry for more. Ant
the way it slliot the prepared sib
age up through the long spout
•nto the tall silo was most beauti
ful to see.
Mr. Miller informs us that he
expects to prepare at least forty
head o| cattle for the block with
the contents of his sijo, which
should be evidence enough that
tlie silo is a paying proposition.
Very Satisfactory Sale.
The Fred Southwiek auction
sale, last Friday was a very satis
factory one in every respect,
everything being sold at "ood
prices and more than .$4,500 be
ing realized. Tlhe horses aver
aged about $200 each. II. IX Alas-
siii'diam had charge of this sale.
MU'd. the prices obtained are pret
t.v good evidence that the old.
auctioneer knows li.is business.
Indian Fair a Success.
The third annual Indian fair,
"witich was held at the Agency
oil Friday. Saturday and Monday
was a decided success, the e^liib
'.its being better than ever. The
attendance was not quite, as large
as could be desired, owing to tlie
busy season, but was neverthe
less quite satisfactory.
County Auditor Ray and At
torney Tlios. Mani autocd to Ort
lev, Sunday morning, and spent
the day in that village and the
adjacent country.
-Miss Sina Kulsetll,. of Apple
ton, Minn., lias accepted a. posi
tion as waitress at the lialdisson
Retaurant. Miss luilsdh former
Iv held the same position at the
Chaiusei' restaurant.
Mr. and Airs, lngersol, of Deer
River, Minn, who were called
here by the death of A. I. lnger
sol, returned home Monday, by
thi way ol llankinsoii. Andrew
Marvik taking them to that place
in his car.
.Manager Uhausse. of the Star
theatre, reports a very satisfact
ory attendance at his performan
ces, during th.e past week. The
•crowds arc beginning to be too
great for the lower floor, and the
balcony has been pressed into ser
vice on several difercllt occasions.
Billy Porter, the sweet singer
from the shores of Lake Michi
gan, who warbles the illustrated
song at the Unique and, jncideiu
tally, holds down a mechanical
position in the McCoy automobile
liosnital, left last Saturday for a
visit with the home folks at little
okl. Chicago.
The Erovernment Indian Boar
ding School beef contract for the
fiscal year ending June •'!((. 101
jliiis been let to A. J. Hanson.
The contract calls for 2o,000
pofunds of beef at 11 cents per
pound. 'When fill ere is anything
licr in sight. Bert is there to get
the business.
Mrs. Cooper and son, accom
panied by Airs. Cooper's fat.her
indaw. arrived from Iowa last
week and are visiting Mrs.
Cooper's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
C. W. Wicks on rural No. 3 and ex=
peet -to remain for several weeks.
Air. Cooper speaks in glowing
terms of our corn crop and says
that Iowa corn in many sections
of that state cannot compare with
One of the most horrible acci*
dents which ever happened in the
history of the city occurred about
six o'clock Wednesday evening,
when Charles Grover, the I I vivir
Sold son of .Mrs. G. T. Ju vela ml.
met a terrible death.
It seems that young Grover
had been employed by C. Brews
ter. local argent for the Standard
Oil Co., to unload a tank* of gaso
line that stood on the track, lie
was working there alone and for
sonic unknown reason had cliinb
ejd into the man hole at tjlie top
of the tank and had evidently at
tempted to climb down tlie lad
der and had been overcome by
the poisonous gases, and was unl
iable to climb back out and had
fallen to the bottom of t,he tank.
Failing to come home to supper,
inquiry was ma'd.e for him
land as lie was last seen a1 the
tank. Mr. Brewster
.made a search
and learned the dreadful truth.
Help was summoned and lln body
gotten out and taken to 'ahilf's
undertaking rooms.
On Thursday a coroner's jury
was impaneled, consisting of X.
II. Miller, Fred Burineister and
Nels 'Hhompson. and a verdict
brought ill that death resulted
from t.lie effects of gasoline and
gasoline.vapor in.y tank owned by
the Standard Oil Co.. and tin- coup
p.any were "ensured foivniploy ing
a boy of immature years to do
work of a dangerous character
and also for leaving the tank
open unnecessarily.
The funeral services will be
held from the Methodist church
Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock
and will be conducted by Rev.
(Jharles R. Grover was born
.May 22..18!KS, at Chesterville.AIe.,,
He has lived with, his mother,
.Mrs. G.. T. Juveland, for tflie past
two years and attended tin pule
lie schools. He was a bright boy
and will be greatly missed by his
The Standard extends sympthy
to the bereaved family.
Economy Barb 'Wire Liniment
will cure the horse.
M. E. Gordon transacted busi*
ness at Browns Valley, Alonday
See Dr. Lepler about your
Eyes, Friday and Saturday, Oct.
11-12, at Cooks Office.
Air. and Airs. Felix Cloutier,
who have been living at Havana,
|N'. D.. for the past few months
[returned Saturday evening and
will again make Sisseton their
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Overcome by Poisonous Vapor,
Boy Succumbs at Bottom of
Gasoline Tank.
On Law Relating to Damages by
Trespass of Stock.
At the election this fall the
voters will be called upon to vote
'"ycis" or "no" on an act to re
peal Sections 10, 11 and 12 of
Chapter 244 of the Session Laws
of 1907 relating to damages by
trespass of animals.
The 1907 law provides that
west of the Missouri River no
damages could be collected for
crops dctroyed by trespassing
animals. The country west of the
.Missouri river is generally set
tled lip by struggli'iLg sett lei's,
and it is the custom of the cat
tlemi'ii to pasture tOieir herds ill
the settlers' crops, and under the
existing law. they cannot be
made to pay damages.
The law on which yoiu will vote
this fall repeals the old law
and will, if adopted, compel each
cattleman to take care of his
cattle It wilj make no differnce to
us in this county. I ut we ought
to vote, "yes" on this law as a
duty we owe to the settlers west
of the river.
Record Changes Hands.
Kmil Fredrick, who for some
time lias been connected with the
mechanical department of the
Roberts County Record, pub
lished in this city, has boniglit
out that paper and took posscs-
sion. Monday, .Mr. Prestwick re
tiring, and moving to Summit
where he will reside.
.Mrs. A. Wilbur and daughter
are moving to Sisseton this week,
froim tli.eir home iu One Road
Rev. Christianson is attending
Synod at Brookings this week
and there will be no services at
the Presbyterian Church next
Alfred Nelson, cashicr of the
Fanners Security Bank at Pee
ver. and candidate for election
to the office of representative!
from Roberts caunty, was a busi
ness caller in the city Wednes
day evening.
J. W. Lauipert has rented his
farm in Enterprise township to
John Hanson, and »xpects Jo leave
here next Tuesday for Makoti.
N. D.. where he has a homestead,
and where (he has other land
which he has purchased.
John Doyle left for Minnea
polis last Wednesday and Airs.
Doyle will leave for that place
tomorow after spending a few
davs in the cities they will go
to St. Oflotud wher# tiliey will at*
tend the wedding of a cousin.
Latar Airs. Doyle will go to
Rochester to visit with Mrs. Anns
Reardon, formerly of this place.
Fredrick Morton left for .Mil,
nor. X. I).. Monday.
The dance held at Lundgreeii,
Saturday niirht. was largely at
tended and all report a good time
(-lias Alcdee came out from Sis
scion. Saturday, to visit friends
jand returned Sunday.
Miss Alma Lund left I'Viday
for her home near Applet on,
Air. and Airs. Ole lleglie visited
at Airs. 11. llelldriekson's. Tiles
S. R. Ta.ies, of Vernon, was in
J-j 1't'in«_rton mi telephone business,
.Mr. Hart a traveling saleman,
was selling goods to our mer
chants,' Wednesday.
Ada Olson was calling on
friends, and sihopping in 1 his
town. Thursday.
May Rapllie visited Mable
Lund. Fridav evening.
A1 mi if and Xettie Dalil were
taking in sights at Kffington,
Ali ss Ksther Lund from Apple
t.on. Aliiin., is here for an
extended visit witili her sister,
Alable Lund.
Clara and Alfred Prigan, Ada
I leiulicksojj and Lot tie Paulson
attended the basket social at P.
IX. Peterson, last Sunday.
Nearly every one that owned
a gun was at the "Big Slough"
limiting, Sunday.
Abe Welcjh bought a fine bunch
of oats from Dominick 0'.Brien,
Airs. O'Brien was an Kffing
ton caller. Wednesday.
Air. Johnson cut corn for Abe
Welch, last, week.
Sheriff Swanson was through
Uuese parts", Tuesday, and made a
•'haiiiJ on the "Grade''.
Airs. Needitoain was calling at,
LMr. Welch's Saturday.
.Mr. Riviland bought, a load of
fine shoats last Tucsdiay.
The Auction Sale at Joe Class'
was well attended considering tli
weather. Every thing brought, a
(good figure amd. the stock sold
Th.ose who were confirmed
from this vicinity, at Sisseton,
Friday, were: Johnny. Cclia ami
Susie Valentine and the five
Primantgeii children.
Charles Thompson did business
in Sisseton, Friday.
A/ibcrt. Welch took a load of
wlhcut and cabbage to Browns
Valjley. Alonday.
Louis Reick and the hired man
were occupying the "pass" Suu
day, trying to stop the passage
iof the wild ducks.
Air. Riviland went to Sisseton,
Alonday. with a fine load of hogs
1). O'Brien bought a fine two
year old colt, last Saturday.
J. R. Xeedham and family were
calling at William Nieland's. Sun
Aliss Cclia Valentine and Airs
Pullman were calling at Airs.
O'Brien's. Alonday.
Our mail carrier failed to make
his route, Alonday, owing to the
disagreeable weather and heavy
Messrs. Carl and Hans Green
land were doing business in Sisse
ton. Saturday, and didn't return
until morning
Airs O'Brien was stopping at
Kffington. Friday.
Ole Nelson took a load'of pump
kins to Sisseton, Saturday.
Owing to the snow-storm and
rain, threshing was suspended for
nearly a week.
Air. Jolmson, the liveryman,
was in our midst, Saturday, look
ing after croD-s
Quite a number of pcopile from
around Kddy went to Sisseton,
Thos. Flaws transacted business
at Lidgerwood, Friday.
Adrea Gunnarson lias been as«
sistinsr with work at A. Brak
stad's, the past week.
Air. Satre was an Eddy visi
tor, Monday.
Mrs. Henry Ernest returned
home, Saturday, after a week's
The Caldwell school started,
last .Monday, with .Myrtle Cook,
of Sisseton, as teacher.
Mrs. Adolpli Jejlinson was an
Kddy buyer, Monday.
Who sa\s you can't raise ap
ples in Roberts county. Mr. W'a.1
stad had one apple tree that pro
duced three barrels of apples.
Quile a number of Kddyites
toiok in the dance at Joe. (.'lass'
place, last Saturday night, and
all report a very good time.
Airs. I F. liill spent Spin day
with, her parents.
•Mr. and Mrs. Otto Wenschlag
were given quite a surprise,
last Fri'day, cveiihig wlheii, a few
of their relatives and I'rind.s rush
ed iu on them, bringing witll
them presents and, of course,
sonic refresSiineuts. The surprise
was given in honor of Mr. and
Mrs, Wenschlag's Crystal wedding
anniversary. Kveryo'iie th,cre eu
joved a very plcasent, afternoon.
Nannie Olson is working for
Airs. Xate Alanlcy.
Ed Gleason made a trip to
iSisseioii, Saturday.'
The Iver Hammer family visit
ed at (lust. Klevcn's, Sunday.
Albert, lirakstad was an Ed
dy visitor, (Wcidtiesday.
Miss Mable Thompson i.s visit
nit -iii lie .-sieve liariictt home,
til IS Week.
-Hiss Isabella Fonder arrived
home, .Monday, from Aiilbauk,
where she has spent tli, past
It'ew weeks.
The inlant. child of Air. and
Airs. John Fonider passed awa^
last Friday, having Jived biut
short, time. Funeral services we're
held from the Catholic, church iu
Sisseton ou Siiinday afternoon,
and interment took place iu the
Sisseton ccinetel'.V.
-Miss. Kimball was
shopping in
Sisseton, Monday afternoon.
Airs. Bert Wilson, of Peevet",
and Mrs. Lester Getchcll, visited
at John Larsons last Sunday.
Alic.hacl Barrett who has been
working at Kimball's for Homo
time, began teachi'ng a term of
school in Agency township, Alon
Miss R"gina Xigg is working
for Airs. John Fonder, during tho
School commenced in t'he Malm
school house, Monday, under tlie
supervision of Miss Lucile Chris
tian, of Sissetini.
.Michael Barrett and Irene Ki'tn
ball took in the Star Theater, in
Sisseton, Saturday evening.
Aliss Ha/el Marteiison spent
Saturday and Sunday under the
parciitaj roof.
Mr. iind Mrs. Tons' Nigg are
the parents of a seven and a
half pound baby bov. All con
ccrned are doing nicely.
Joe Rosman, wilio has spent
sonic time in 1)1)is vicinity depart
ed last, week for his home at St.
Joseph, Alinn., to look after the
home interests.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rhodes,
ol Aiilbauk, are guests of the
("has. and Jolm Fonder families,
this week.
•Michael Barrett and Irene
Kimball and also Miss Mae Bar
rett, ot Peever, 'drove up in
Agency township, last Sunday af'
Airs. John Larson was shopping
hi Peever, Tuesday afternoon.
Aliss Ida Stai is assiting Airs.
Steve Bice with the threshers.
•Mrs. R. L. DeF
ranee arrived,
home .Monday evening, from a
visit in Minneapolis, and other
Mrs. John Larson attended
lodge doings in Peever. Tuesday
Grandpa Getchell is staying at
the home of Air. Bert Wilson in
Airs. R. L. DeFrance was the
iguest of her friend, AIVs. Sey
mour Knight, last 'Duesday.
Mrs. Chas. Fonder arrived
home, this week, from a week
visit at the parental home in Mil
Mrs. Joe Fermite visited the
east- school, taught by Mrs. Hack
berth, Tuesday.
Mae Hill and friend, Mable
Thompson, were Browns Valley
callers, Tuesday.
NO. 15
visit with friends at Sisseton.
Mr. Andrew Odland was a
county seat visitor Saturday.

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