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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, October 11, 1912, Image 5

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that every up-to-date farmer should do
In the shock is very im
portant, but it is much
more important to the good
housewife or cook to have
it made into GOOD flour.
1st He should carry an active check ac
count in some good bank. It is the sa
fest and most convenient way to handle
money, and most important it makes
the bank your friend.
2nd He should take out additional fire in
surance for a short tune on his grain.
Such a policy costs out little and the
farmer is safe until lie can haul the
grain to market.
Good Wheat
Good Flour
is essential to make good
a a
Therefore, your trouble
may be in the flour you use.
[Try a sack of our famous
and you will then know.
For Sale.
House on east side of town,
near school building. Inquire
at this office. (13-llp)
7 2
The best insurance policy is one written in
the old time tried St. Paul Fire & Marine
Insurance Company of St. Paul, and we be
lieve the best bank is
Guaranteed High Grade Test
If you want values in coats go
to the Golden IJiule.
Mis Margaret Reardon is the
new teacher in Norway township.
F. Ghausse is building a
•coal shed at the rear of the Star
•Judsre Batterton was at Abcr
d'eien Vhe first of the week on
Miss Bonnie Andrews, county
superintendent,, has been visit
ing rural schools, this week.
O. C. Olson and daughter were
in from Veblen, Monday, shop*
ping with the Sisseton merchants.
Base burners and surface burners, guaran
teed as good as the best and lowest prices.
Heaters from $1.50 to $80.00. Cooks and
Ranges from $20.00 to $65.00 Our stoves
are guaranteed. Come in and let us show
you the new points on heaters and nickle
trimmings that will not tarnish and turn
red or blue.
Corn Knives and Husking Pins
New supply just in
General line of
Hardware a
ad Oils
Arthur O. Olson
Miss M. J. Cawley, of Howard,
has accepted a position as steno
grapher in the First National
Eddie Bassinger went to St.
Paul, Tuesday morning, where he
will make his home with his
Miss Julia Hennessy, of Little
Falls. Minn., has taken the school
in district No. 1, in township of
Mrs 'W. B. Robinson and child
ren left Tuesday, for Max, N. 1)..
where they will join Mr. Robin
sou. wilio is condiucting a reastau
rant at that place.
7 2
Economy Barl) 'Wire Liniment
•will cure the horse.
Adolph H-endriekson is report
ted en t!he sick list this week.
Just renieinber, we buy every
day. Gordon Bros.—Phone 229.
•N. F. Osborne 1ms his new j.»veck.
rig ready to do grinding.
E. A. Xvherg was up from
Corona a couple of da\
II. '. 1011 is, the horse sales
man, lias lieeii spending the week
in Die eily.
Howard Babcoek transacted
business at Aberdeen .\londay
and Tuesdav.
Mrs. W
lady friends
a number of ht
yesterday afternoon.
'JHic Methodist Ladies
will meet with Mrs. E. C. I
\Vednesday afternoon.
Rev. Christianson returned the
first of the week from Brookings
where he attended synod
Mrs. M. A. ftVarring. of Lake
City, Minn, is visiting at the
home of her son, L. V. Warring,
in this city.
The friends of Mrs. George
•Smith will be pleased to learn
that she has been appointed cook
at the Goodwill Mission.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Maldaner
and Dr. and Mrs. Glasier spent
the latter part of last week at
the Rov Lake hunting resort.
The entertainment at the Star
next Friday night will be givien
for the benefit of the Presby
terian church,. Watch for bills.'
Hans Stavig made auto trip to
LLdgerwoo:d, Monday, 1o meet
Mrs. .Martinson, a si*ter of Mrs.
11. L. Stavig, who is vis'iting
Emmet Kennedy, who has held
the position of waiter at the
:Pnjlace Lunch for a number of
years, has accepted a position at
the Radisson.
Mrs. L. Lightfoot, who was cal
led to 'Weslhank, la., a couple of
weeks ago by the illness of her
father, writes that, her father pas
aed away last week".
Anton Prestwick and familv
moved to Summit, Friday, where
they will make their future home
and where Mr. Prestwick has
engaged to teae.h school.
The Sisseton Mill & Light. Co.,
are selling the best patent flour
to consumers at the regular
wholesale price $1.30 a sack. Now
is the time to lay in a supply.
The republican candidates for
county office held an enthusi
astic meeting Saturday night at
tlreir new headquarters on 1he
upper floor of the Star theatre.
L. Warner and A. Smith, of
Aberdeen, and -I. P. Gorman and
wife, of Britton, were in this city
over Sunday. Th.e gentlemen of
the party were doing a little poli
tical work.
Mr. and Mrs. Bollenbeck went
to the cities, Tuesday, where Mr.
Bollenbeck will do buying for his
store. Mrs. Bollenbeck will visit
relatives at Madison, 'Wis., before
her reluirn.
Bert 'Willard. of Gibson, Mont.,
livlio lias spent several weeks in
this vicinity looking after thresh
iug operations on his farm south
of town, returned to his home in
Montana. Monday.
Howard Larabee is taking the
place of .James McLeod on rojite
five until the regular substitute,
'G. A. McDonald, finishes up his
other work, when he will charge
•and serve the patrons on that
route during the winter
O. T. Swenson, of Lucas, la.,
is in town this week visiting
with ihis brother. C. A. Swenson,
of the Golden Rule Dry Goods
stdjrei. He was on his way home
'from Montpelier, \. D., where
ho has been visiting a sister.
LOST—Two brown horse colts,
coining two years old, one with
white feet and one with star in
forehead. Any information lead
gin to recovery of these animals
will be suitably rewarded.
Address Severt Nodland,
(15-16) Sisseton, S. D.
The temperance lecture by
II. Hector, last week, was lis*
tened to by a full house. His
financial plea was for money
to pusih a case aimed to test the
constitutionality^ of the liquor
business. He received $30 for
his work.
Sheriff Swanson, assisted by
H. P. Knappen, took George Leo
nard, the man who attempted to
rob the First National bank at
"White Rock a couple of weeks ago,
to Aberdeen, Tuesday morning,
where he will plead guilty to the
charge made against him, and
from there he will be taken direct
to Sioux Falls to commence serv
ing a five year sentence.
Line Uotiswortli is spending th
week in the cities.
Standard calicoes, 5 cents a
yard at the (Joldeti Utile.
Max Dady enjoyed a visit from
his sister the jlatler part of last
It' you want
the newest
dresses, go
coats and
this the Golden Rule.
II. M. Fellliaum was down fron
his home in Minnesota township
Wednesday, on business.
D. J. Learv and Miss Grain,
were over from Browns Val|ley,
Monday on probate business.
A marriage license was issued
F. Ghisier entertained uesda.v 1" Richard SchulU a no
Miss Mary Xe.hael, both of
The Zeniidi (vub will lie enter,
tained next Thursday afternoon
«at thie. limine of Mrs. P.
Mrs 'W. O. Torviek lost a suede
hand bag, last. Thursday, contain
ing $2.(10. Finder please leave at
this office.'
Anon Arrowsmith and family
have moved into their new home
on the east side, recently purcha
sed from Mis. Veeder.
Van Gordon and a party of
friends were over from Browns
Valley, Wednesday afternoon, in
Vans new .Inter-State
Hal Knight went to Barney, N.
D., Wednesday, by automobile,
file haid: some threshing to -look
after in that neighborhood.
H. M. \Val'!aser. of Charles
City, la., one of the direetiors of
the Fiirst National bank of till.is
city, is spending the week here.
Sam Marviek returned to h.is
home at Morris, 111., Tuesday, af
ter having spent a week here
looking after business interests.
Ed I lolman and wife, of Dry
'Wood Lake township, are rejoic
ing over the arrival of a girl
which arrived at their liome
Tuesday, Oct. S.
You will find the biggest val
use in children's underwear
at the
oil den Rtule.
There vf.II be English Lutheran
services in the Guild Hall next
(Sunday morning, October ].'i, at
11 o'clock. Sunday school before
services. All are welcome. Rev,
P. Kilness.
Mr. and Mrs. 1. L. Ojtsal and
grandson, Eddie Bassinger, arriv
ed here fhe latter .part of last
week from Brookings, where Mr.
Opsal recently disposed of the old
homestead, and will make Sisse
ton their home in he future.
I Mrs. Ella Fink, of Big Stone
City, socialist candidate for state
superintendent of schools, and
Robert Hunter, of Ortonville,
.were in this city, Thursday and
Friday of last week and attended
the socialist speech and meeting
Thursday evening.
Fred Warren, the editor of
Appeal to Reason, spoke 1o
a packed house at the Star last
Thursday evening. While the en
tire audience was not of his poli
tical belief, the average man ad
mires another who stands for
some principles and has the back
bone to figiht- for them.
The Walker Construction Co.,
finished the work on the school
jgrounds of putting in the cement
iiwalks and a cover over the cess
jpool. This is a reliable company
land well thought of by the busi
ness men of this town, as they
always do as they agree to
do.—Peever Pilot.
Rev. Frank Brehme, formerly
pastor of the Pi'esbytcrian church
of this eily, was here during the
week for a visit with his dajugh
ter Hut 11, and on Sunday evening
he occupied' the pulpit at the M.
E. .churcih. Mr. Brehme is loca
ted at Raymond, S. D.. hut has
been spending the summer in
New York state.
E. M. Batson, of the Racket
•Store, left Monday for the twin
cities, where he will spend some
time in selecting goods for the
heavy trade that is sure to fol
low the excellent yield1 of grain
being threshed. He was accom
panied by his son Forest, wilio
•submitted to a minor operation
in one of the Minneapolis- hospi
tals, Tuesday morning.
Jaanes McLeod, who has served
the patrons on route five for a
number of years, left this week
for Colorado, where he expects to
hnake bis fiiture home. Mr.
McLeod has made Roberts county
his home since the opening of the
reservation and thinks there is
no place like it, but is forced to
seek a change of climate on ac
count of his failing health. The
Standard joins with many tjie
friends of the McLeod family in
wishing them godspeed in their
new home.
Minor Coin
(•asb Heme
It i\
On motion the board adjourn.
I'd to October 2nd., 15)32.
Attest: Signe'd:
J. A. R-'.y, i.. Sat.eren,
County Auditor, Chairman.
Sisseton, S. D., Oct. 2nd 1912.
The Board of County Conimis=
sioners met as per adjournment.
Members present, M. L. Satern,
S. L. Wcmund and Harry Gran
bo is.
The hoard appointed the jud
ges for tilie No vein tier fth, gene
ral election for the various pre
icincts, which are as follows
Loekwood,—Ed Broich, chaiir
ji'man Belknap, and O. B. Slentz.
Geneseo ^-George Stelt.z, Paul
Johnson, and John G. Gerdes,
Garfield,—W. W. Ilorr, chair
man D. J. Iteil and YV. S. Dewel.
'VVilmot, -A. Minder chairman,
S. Ilougen and A], F. Cu.m
Spririgdale,—John Crocker, chair
man, YV. .1 llaabe and Kd l(]asl
Summit Tvvp., -Albert licrreid,
chairman. Martin I
{lining amd
Mons Songstad.
Summit Vil.—Anton Jydstrup,
chairman, S. Ditmanson, and A.
M. Ilouck.
Oi-tley Twp.—Andrew Johnson
chairman, C. J. Mundt and O. .J.
Ortley Vil.—C. J. "Whitefoot,
chairman. F. K. Long and C.
Lake,-—-Ti'iuman C.'onrad, B. S.
Walker, chairman, and Carl
Lee,—D. M. Howell, chairman,
Soren Madson and Albert Fjelb
Spring Grove,— Aaron Crooks,
J. W. Clark, and li. S. Good ell,
Alto,—E. 11. Steel, chairman,
Charley Gilliland and A. H.
Becker,—H. J. llourke, chair
iman, Robert Ironside and Nels
Lawrence,—S. A. Kniglht, chair
man, S. LaBatt andi J. V. Sykora.
Peever,—F. E. Dudeck, chair
man, R. H. Aney and C. E. Hull.
Agency,—A. H. Hunter, chair*
,man, A. Erickson, and Thomas
One Road,—John O. Johnson,
ehairman, Ed Isralson and Ole A.(
Statement of the Condition of llio
At Sisseton. S. D„ at tlie close of
business on Sept. 4th, 11112.
l.oans and discounts
Tax Certificates
Other real estate .... ......
Other Property
Hunkliif House and fixtures
from Banks $ 5.22
7 84
Cheeks and Drafts for Clear
„,ng 466 40
Cash on hand (item* below)
.... »2,62ti(»
$r0,454 29
2,'JttT sr.
1,371 74
180 SO
2,n0!i 2S
500 00
:,»» 81
5.415 CO
835 00
837 :o
ft! 45
Total Cash Assets
4,3«l 95
:m 50
Total ....
10.30? 19
.9 79082 SO
Capital Stock JO
Surplus Fund 2V
Undivided Profits 41
Hills Payable (Including certlflcntea
issued for borrowed money)....
Deposits subject to check.. 23.318 08
Cashier's Checks 2 902 74
Demand Certificates 4,000 00
Time CertiMcates 27,261 58
County of Roberts
Commissioners Proceedings.
Sisseton, 8.D., Oct. ,1st., .1912.
The Board of County Coimmis
sioners met as per adjournment.
Members present AI. L. Sateren,
S. L. Reniund and Harry Gran
The bridge petition of the free
holders of Long Hollow township
asiking for a steel bridge for the
Long Hollow creek, where tike
intersection of the east and west
section line running between sec
tion twenty six and section thir
ty five of said township.
The hoard went and viewed
the location of the bridge. On mo
ttion a steel bridge was granted
with concrete floor, backing and
wings, bridge to be 18 feet long,
.16 feet road way, and 16 feet
higlh from the bottom of stream.
,000 00
,000 00
602 04
5,000 00
57,480 3T
Total 711,082 30
1. H. L. Spackman, president of the above
named bank, do solemnly swear that the
above statement is true to the best of mv
knowledge and belief.
». .. H. L. Spaokman, Preaidont.
isubseribed and sworn to hulorc inn this
I4tb day of S«pt, 191#.
LSeail 1
.[inra Raek
Notury l'ubllc
Correct Attest:—
O. I'. Husk
Howard Habcock,
Easter, Adolph Lundstrom,
chairman, John Fonder amd L.
GoodwilH,—O. K. Clnlson, duilr
man, lver Hagen and L. Larson.
Dry Wood Lake, Thomas
Mallon, chairman, J. A. Jerde,
and J. P. Aasness.
Bryant,— Henry Bartz, chair
man, August, Jenson, and Otto
Grant,—-John Neirgaard, chair
man. Paul Sivert and llerlman,
Sisseton Twp.,— O. A. Torvik,
chairman, Geo. H. Croft and
S T. (iiinderson.
Sisseton, 1st ward., 11. L.
Cortelyou, chairman, Geo. Hen
drickson and J. II Memd.
Sisseton, 2nd ward., II I).
Massinghain, chairman, Julius
Aasness and. Joseph Pint.
Sisseton, Urd. ward., E.
(!. Gamin, chairman, 11. D. Batter
bury, amdi YV. J. Thomas
Long Hollow,—J.(W. Mussetter,
chairman, Robert. O. Lowery,
and. P. S. Bothiimi.
llaririon,-—Fred Slwldon, chair
linan, M. A. Leversee and Will
Hart,- O. K. Satlier, chairman,
J. P. Nordqmst and Knute Tasa.
El'fington, Marry Harnett,
chairman, Elias Morison and Her
man Olson.
Enterprise, J. B. Kapihael,
chairman, Chas. Da III and M. J.
Bossko, Jolin Melami, .cJuiir
man, A. W. Thompson, and L. S.
Wihite Jtock Twp.. Stephen
Ilendrickson, chairman, Fred
Swanson and Matt Paul.
White Rock1 V11,—'YVrn. Stocbe
chairman, !Wm. Bergman and O.
J. Radde.
Victor,—George Bapp, chair
man, R. S. Oat.es and Sevct Paul
Lien, Tliore Bredvik. Ofce J.
'Holm, chairman, and F. A. Rus
Minnesota,— A. M. Leen, chair
man. O. M. Ulstad and 11. Bird
Norway,—W. J. Green, chair
man. J. H.B'erjiidt. and Ohrist
The bids received, bidding for
tihe contract to furnish the coun
«ty with 100 tons of steam coal,
were opened and were as fol
O. T. Axlness & Co., Yaugh
eog.heny screened lump, fr6.00
Sullivan Lumber Co., Yaragh
eogheny lump, $6.25.
C. E. McGowen, Yaugheogheny
lump, $5.98.
Sisseton Mill and Light Co.,
Yaugheogheny lump, $6.30.
On motion 4ie bid of O. T.
Axness & Co., for Yaugheogh
eny screened lump was accepted.
The board went to the poor
farm to install the new superin
tendent. |¥m. J. Bretzke. and to
take inventory, The board spend
ing the day at that work.
On motion the board ad
journed to the 7th of November,
J. A. Ray, M. L. Sateren.'
County Auditor, Chairman.

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