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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, November 01, 1912, Image 3

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For County Offices at the Elec
lion November 5.
State Senator
Andrew Marvick of Siss eton is
the republican nominee. Mr.
Marvick is one of the best known
men in Roberts county today. He
was born on a farm in Grundv
county, Illinois, and lived there
with his parents, attending pub
lic school in a county school
house nnl did general farm -.vurk
until he-was nineteen y.'.-.rs old.
At (.hut. time his fat her quit farm
where. And', ew a'tended a vm
m»rci:it •.-".•hoo! aio..!. a year.
Later u• slarteu farming on a
fui'u. near hi .IWmer wne which
or'up:i ion In-1 ued !'.*r ten
y-'a until i.e nv.ved fi ihei'ts
in 'J.-.nd uiud K: :he
real e.-sraus
ii' is
been his rni- tseoii .ation evei
since. M)'. ,\i i:v ck i.s j.vn
as .1 i, i.(vr.iy and oi' a nul.
coniin ia sense view.--. 11 is the
kind a ma who could be de
pended on to fight for the rights
of the people at Pierre, because
he knows the needs of the people
and is thoroughly in sympathy
with them.
County Auditor
Ole E. Lien, of Lien township,
is the nominee. Mr. Lien is one
of the early settlers ci the ccuntv,
where he has been engaged in
farming for over20 years. Dur
ing all that time Mr. Lien has tak
en an active part in the affairs of
his township and school. He
came to this county when a boy,
has received a.good education in
the schools, and his practical ex
perience and sound business judg
ment admirably fits him for the
'DR. P. ir. BROWN
Republican candidate for
County Coroner
County Commissioner
M. L- Sateren, republican cair
didate for commissioner from
the first district, was born in
Norway in 18fi2, and his parents
1 moved to Goodhue county.Minn-,
in 1866. Mr. Sateren came to
I South Dakota in 1S83 and was in
the mercantile business at Wist
up to 1896, when he moved to
Sisseton., Here he started a
store which he conducted until
1903, when he sold to Stavig
Bros. He was in the milling
business four years and then
bought the A. Hanson farm
two miles east of thiscity, where
ne has v.iufv resided. He was
ivpres, n! V" (Yam Uav omnty
inhSiJI. He was ek-ci .-d cuunty
coiiimiinner i.-.ir years ago and
a: 1 iie press. I,i tune is chairman
tiie board and a x'ery valuable
member. .dr. Saicten is a wiy
conscientious otiicial, he takes
great interest in the duties of his
oJfice and is clearly entitled to a
second iir.n-
Coun fy Super in tendent
Miss Bonne F. Andrews i.s the
republican i.oniinee for the office
"i Count .-'tperiniendent of
Schools. It a!ioids me a grtfat
(leal ol ploasuie to have the op
portunity of writing up this
vi iiirt lady who is so highly
qualified for this position, one of
the most important in our conn!}.
Miss Andrews was born in Iowa,
but when two years of age moved
with tier parents to South Dakota,
and ten years ago moved to Rob
erts county. She is a high school,
normal and university graduate:
aiso holds At. A. degree from the
University of Minnesota holds a
teacher's life certificate for the
State of South Dakota, was prin
cipal of lie Sissefon High Schools
several years, and before elected
to the oflice of County Superin
tendent of Schools, was teacher
of English in the State College at
Brookings, this state. Miss An
drews has made a good sunerin
tendentand is surely entitled to a
second term on the splendid rec
ord she has made in the past two
State's Attorney
At the June primaries the re
publicans nominated Thomas
Mani, of Sissaron- Mr. Mani has
been practicing law in the coun
ty for the past ten years, and dur
ing that time has established a
reputation for square dealing,
second to none in the county. As
a lawyer he has always faithfully
represented his clients, even tho
he has made personal enemies in
doing so. As State's Attorney of
Roberts county he will give the
same careful and conscientious at
tention to the business of the
county that he always has to his
clients in the past. As a lawyei
he is equal to the best in the state,
ai.d the voters of Roberts uxr,
wili make no mistake in voting
for Toinas Mani on Nov.--mhe
•John L. Minder, the nominee'
for Sheriff, w-s born in Carver
County. Minn in J869. He re
moved with his parents to what
is now Roberts County the fall
of 1379 and has continually been
a resident here to date.
He held the office of Sheriff
from 1904 to 1908, after which he
became cashier of the German
Savings Bank of Vv'ilmot and
when that insitution was amal
gamated with the First State
Bank of Wilmot he became as
sistant cashier of the latter.
Mr. Minder is exceptionally
3 4 6
10 11
U!IM* 4PRar£CTlV£ TAKIffi
October 11-79/2
ter i-*x
18812 NOV]
EM !8I£
I & a
fo. •,

Republican Nominee for States Attorney
13 l4|I5j 16
IT 18 19 20 El £21 33
O'ycscR 11- s93
a ffo.Sp
%zUi(K£/f$. £.6*
awe/**-- \J
—".t. |P-TV-
well qualified for the office to
which the voters at the Primary
selected him his previous splen
did record in the administration
or that office is ample proof to
the voters of Roberts County that
in casting their votes for Mr.
Minder they will be assured of
electing an efficient officer to one
of the most, important offices in
the County.
The Honorable J. H. McCoy,
now a member of the Supreme
Court of South Dakota, who dur
ing the time Mr. Minder was
^herifl was Circuit Judge and
whose unsolicited opinion should
he a guide to the average voter,
sneaks of him under date of April
29th, 1912 as follows:
"I am glad to learn that you
are again a candidate for Sheriff.
You can say to the fellows that
I regird you as on of the best
Sheriffs 1 ever knew and one who
was always looking out to save
money for the County wherever
possible. 1 have no objection to
you using this letter.
bounty Judge
This is the new picture of Hal
Knight and a mighty good one,
but it isn't any better than the
man it represents, for Hal is un
uuestionably one of the best, men
in Roberts county. Hal Knight
was nominated by the republicans
at the -lune primeries for County
Judge. He was born in 1877, at
Gleneoe, Minn., and received his
garly education at Stevens Sem
inary, graduating there in 1897.
That fall he went to the Univer
sity of Minnesota, graduating
from the academic department, in
1901. Returning there in 1903 to
complete his law course and was
admitted to the practice of law in
South Dakota by the Supreme
Court, He came to Roberts coun
ty in 1901, and has resided here
since, engaged in the land and
loan business with his father, the
late A. M. Knight. His fine edu
cation has fitted him for the office
of county judge in a manner that
no county judge was ever fitted
before in Roberts county.
Clerk of Courts
Dave Stevens, the present
county register of deeds and re
publican nominee for clerk of
courts, is a modest man, which is
proven by his general conduct and
by the fact that this is the first
season his picture has ever ap
pered in a newspaper. But
what he lacks in conceit he makes
up in ability. Dave has been a
and satisfactory official in the
clerk of courts office as he has in
the register of deeds office.
County Treasurer stfeTJ.
"Honest" Iver Johnson of One
Road township was selected by
the republican voters of the coun
ty as the party candidate for the
office of county treasurer. Mr.
Johnson is a man of ripe experi
ence and has also served Roberts
county in the legislature. His
public record is 18 karat. He is
an old resident of the county and
is well known to the majority of
the people of Roberts county. If
elected to the office of county
treasurer he will make a through
and capable county official.
Register of Deeds
John O. Swenumson of Peever
i.s the republican nominee for the
office of Register of Deeds for
Roberts County. Mr. Swenumson
received a very large vote from
the people of the county as an ex
pression of confidence in his abil
ity to fill the office for which he
aspired. He is a middle-aged man,
well educated and fully competent
to fill the office of register of
deeds, is careful and thorough in
everything he undertakes, the
work of the office will be kept up
to the present high standard un
der his management.
Prairie Fire Sweeps Over Section of
South Dakota.
Driven l)y ii liluli wind pralrlo llrt?
which wits si rl eil In I he norllii'i pnrt
of 1-liiml ('(Miniy, southwest or Origin,
swept ii|i IhmiiKh Wonlcni Kanlk coun
resident of Roberts county for a
good many years. He has a good
education, is quiet and unassum
ing, and courteous in his treat
ment of all. He would give his
careful attention ta the duties of
the office and there is no doubt
but he would be the same capable
far north
llnrlimere, whtr It
fin,-illy exliiiKiiiKhod.
The (ire covei-rd :in nreu
Aggressive Guest Shot.
When J-iarry Nash went to tho
WriKht. hotel at Aberdeen and was rc
luHed a room because tlin hotel wan
full he Krew an^ry and aliUHlve. The
landlord, Charles l/atnar, hHlevlni'.
Nash intended to shoot, fired at him
with a revolver. The ball struck
low 011 the left side and paKHed
through iiiw body, but did not strike
a vital spot, and he was able to be
about, (own tlio next day, apparently
none the worse for his experience.
All Stores Burned but One.
Davis, a town on the fireat North
ern railroad south of Sioux Kails, was
swept by a lire which burned an
tire square of buildings except
store in the business district
caused a loss estimated at $25,000.
The Hurley and Ixmnox fire depart
ments responded to calls for assis
tance, but could do nothing to prevent
(he names from sweeping the block.
The only buildings in the block saved
was the store of F. S. Smith.
Child Burns to Death
Hazel McGuire, four years old, of
Mobridge, was burned to death when
some hay In a dog kennel in which
she was playiag was Ignited by
miles In width imd (Ifteeri nillyo In
iind deHlroyed UioiiHiindK of
tons of liny.
No toss life Ik reported. It In Raid
tho flro
Htnrtod ly a cook cur.
of Kaulltion and orient
turned onl in body to tlRlit tin
flnmcs. This IR tlio second pnilrie tlrr
which has mvept through Western
Faulli county this fat).
Sentences Old Schoolmate.
James MnAleer, who was urrp«li(l
at Webster after ho had purclinsod
quantity of dynamite and who ac
knowledged he Intended to "coolt"
the dynamite and make nitroglycerin
from it with which to rob BHvernl
postofllees in Hinall townw I11 North
ern South Dakota, wan Henlenced
six- months In tho Day county Jail
Aleer's two coiiiiiauioim were dlBminB
ed. A dramatic, phase of the case wan
tho fact that McAlccr and .fudge Car
penter, who heard the cane, w»r#
Bohoolmates in their younger day#,
Apathy Marks Campaign.
In many respects the present cam
paign is the most unique in the his
tory of Madison and l^ake county.
It is almost impossible to And a voter
who will express an opinion on the
outcome of the election. The same
conditions are reported to prevail at
numerous other points in the state,
making the present campaign one of
the freakiest for many years.

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