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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, November 29, 1912, Image 5

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C. A- Stenberg and wife came
up from Webster to spend a few
days with their daughter. Mrs.
B. Thelin.
Maurice Schindler is busy this
week in the German settlement,
putting in eaves troughs and do
ing plumbing.
Miss Olga Anderson of this
city was married last Friday to
Bert Skjonsberg, Rev. Rudie
performing the ceremony.
that every up-to-date fanner should do
1st He should carry an active check ac
count in some good bank. It is the sa
fest and most convenient way to handle
money, and most -important it makes
the hank your friend.
2nd He should take out additional lire in
surance for a short time on his grain.
•Such a policy costs but little and the
fanner .is safe until he can haul the
grain to market.
The best insurance policy is one written in
the old time tried Sr.. Paul Fire & Marine
Insurance Company of St. Paul, and we be
lieve the best bank is
First National Bank
Mrs. Erich Dahl is visiting rel
atives at Corona.
Mead & Haines have added a
new office room in their building.
Frank Gruba of Hankinson, N.
D., formerlv of Wist, was in
town Saturday.
Charley Strand has gone to
Waubay to work in the Golden
Rule Clothing store.
Peter Berg of Bossko went to
St. Paul Monday with a car of
hogs for F. W. Whipple.
The stores all closed yesterday
at 11 in the morning and the
postoffice was closed most of the
Base burners and surface burners, guaran
teed as good as the best and lowest prices.
Heaters from $1.50 to $80.00. Cooks and
Ranges from $20.00 to $65.00 Our stoves
are guaranteed. Come in and let us show
you the new points on heaters and nickle
trimmings that will not tarnish and tuin
red or blue.
Corn Knives and Husking Pins
New supply just in
General line of
Specials on lamps at the Hack-'
et Store. (22tf)
Harry Leffingwell went to
Webster Saturday and remained
until Monday.
N. H. Nelson of the Radisson
restaurant has been spending the
week at Lemmon.
Spencer Marvick went to Far
go Wednesday with Verne Carl-
berg and
drove down his new
Paul Sievert of Hart has gone
to Minneapolis to consult an eye
Mrs G- E. Gale of Red Wing,
Minn., was the guest of Mr. and
Mrs. J-
Knapp Saturday and
F. W. Whipple was at Lidger
wood Monday to meet A. W. San
ford of the Long & Hanson Com-!
mission Co. of Chicago. He re
turned Tuesday.
E. C. Gamm is authority for
the statement that from 180,000
to 200,000 tons of coal finds mar
ket here in Sisseton every year.
He was in the business for 16
years and ought to know.
Friends of Mrs. H. C. Crosby
will be pained to learn that her
ailment has taken a turn for the
worse. Word to that effect was
telegraphed to Mr. Crosby from
Milwaukee yesterday.
Guaranteed High Grade Test
Hardware and Oils
Arthur O. Olson
Fred Burmeister was in Wil
mot Tuesday on business.
Miss Lena Olson went to the
Valley to spend Thanksgiving.
James Conlev of Effington was
a caller at the Standard office
Miss Gould went to her home
at Glencoe, Minn., to spend
Emil Sommers who has been
working for Wm. Peters has
gone to Minneapolis.
Miss Erma Stevens of Kelley,
Iowa, will take the place of Miss
Carmichael in the third grade.
Knut Egeholm of Dry Wood
Lake township left for Canada
Sunday to look over the country.
count of
around again.
"Dave" Stevens is again on
duty at the court house, after a
ten days' vacation which he
spent down the line-
Watches, clocks and juwelry.
The lowest prices for reliable
I goods, at the Golden Rule Store
!A. 0. Tostenson, Jeweler.
Wm. Stahl and Miss Dagmar
Ellefson, living near this city,
were married last Thursday af-
I ternoon by Judge Prindiville and
took a wedding trip to Madison,
Chas. W, Dade, who left
last September to run an
Miss Carrie Marsh is spending seats, the general appearance of
a few days with friends at South the interior and the class of
Shore, where sh° taught last pictures presented, to spend an
yei*r evening at the Star theatre,
.atorand lumber yard at Edgly. I,""""8 Jhanksgiring
N. D., was married Nov. 20 to! married.
Miss. Blanch Winifred Dubbel of
Watertown, this state.
I can now be found at my old
stand at. Christ Christenson's
feed barn, prepared to do all
urday. A hobo was engaged to
build the fire. He got up early
and built a fire which fairly
made things sizzle. Soon the
pipes began to pound furiously
and, thinking an explosion was
and all wish her an abundance of
happiness. The other girls gave
her a pleasant little surprise at
the Monnie home last Friday
evening and presented her with
a cut glass creamer and sugar
Judge Prindiville, O. P. Rask,
B. M. Hanson, A. P. Haude,
Mike Ernester, Theodore Man
nes, Pete Gravedahl, Jake Cast
nova. L. S. Babcock, Robert
Laing. Ed Laing, Geo. Lauer,
Dick Eggar and Geo. Gross went
out to the home of Mrs. Otto
Hamm Friday and stacked and
husked a lot of corn, banked the
house, etc. Tom Cahill took
them out with
gentlemen are
Woodman lodge of this city and
were kindly helping the widow
of their deceased brother. A
picture of the bunch was taken
by K- Bowe.
Bargiiuis in ladies' and chil
dren's undei-wcjii- ar the Racket
Store. (22tt-)
Mr. and Mrs- Hal Knight vis
ited relatives in Ortonville last
Seven dollars buys a 17 jewel
Elgin or Waltharn watch at A.
0 Tostenson's. the old reliable
The room occupied by Dr.Cook
in the Swedlund building will be
for rent Dec. 1. Steam heated,
city water and sewer suitable
for a dentist, lawyer or physi
cian. Enquire of Wm. Swed
It gives one the impression of
attending a real metropolitan
theatre, with its comfortable
Chas. Lindstrom who has been Fred Sheldon of Harmon was,
laid up for several weeks on ac-ja county seat visitor Saturday.
chopping his foot, is Mr. Sheldon is about 70 years
old and says he can stand more
cold than most young men. He
comes from hardy ancestors.
His father is 96 years old and
uses neither glasses nor a cane.
The masquerade dance given
last evening at the Opera house
was quite well attended. Some
good costumes were in evidence:
notably among them were those
worn by Mr, and Mrs. D. R.
Burt, who carried of both best
costume prizes, and Ed Sim
mons and Bud Miller, who won
the booby prizes, given for the
two most outlandish costumes,
kinds of horse doctoring and honor, with a linen shower. The
veterinary work. Home every friends of the newly weds wish
day. P.. A. H. Nygaard, Vet-j them much joy.
erinary Surgeon and Auctioneer.
board of
about to follow, the feilow ran ther spread of the disease,
up stairs and shouted for every
body to fly for their lives. In a
moment all hands were up and
doing and when it was discov
ered that there was no danger,
it was too late to go back to bed.
Miss Carmichael resigned from
the school faculty the first of the
week and left for her home at
Oldham, there to be married on
Thanksgiving day to Wm. Gab
bert, who has visited here in the
past. For the benefit of the la
dies be it said that the bridal
gown was white net over mus-
saline. Miss Carmichael was
popular with the other teachers
Miss Ruth Preston and John
urday evening the girls of the
Epworth League gave a kitchen
shower for Miss Preston, and
on Monday evening the Misses
Geneva and Flossie Brown en
tertained ten young ladies in her
Duting t|]e Dr
W. F. Carlberg is doing some! ble of the Government depart=
business in the auto line- Last ment of health visited the agen
week he sold Ford cars to be de-! cy and Government school. He,
livered. during the winter to'with the local Governmentphy
Spencer Marvick, C- R. Jorgen- sician, found a large percentage
son, John Barringtor, and Albert of the Indians to be infected
Hanson. Several orders were with trachoma, the disease of the
taken from parties from Corona, eyes that produces blindness.
They had an early breakfast! movement is on foot by the local
at the Commercial hotel last Sat-
health to protect the
population from infection,
no cases
have been found
among the whites. With the co
operation of all the authorities
and some precaution on the part
of others, there will be no fur-
A local man or woman is de=
sired right now to represent the
Pictorial Review in this terri
tory—to call on those whose sub
scriptions are about to expire.
Big money for the right person.
Representatives in some districts
make over $500 a month. Spare
time workers are liberally paid
for what they do. Any person
taking up this position becomes
the direct local
the publishers. Write today for
this offer of Pictorial Review,
222 West 39th Street. New York
Last Sunday evening Dr. I.
Sverre entertained a few friends
at the Commercial hotel, where
a fine banquet was served, un
der the direct supervision of Miss
Mary Renner, manager of the
place. The table appointments
were all that could be desired.
The decorations were cut flow
ers and at each plate was a
dainty buttonhole bouquet. The
guests were A. A. Peterson, O.
T. Axness, John Barrington, Leo
Lukanitsch, T. Fedje, A. Mar-j
A.Nixon and E. C. Gamm.
In a few days the doctor will
his auto. These 'Pectation
for New York, whence he
sail Dec. lQth for his old
in Norway, with the ex-
members of the: nentiiy. He has been a resident
of this
I Tile
city something like 17
and has many friends who
regret to have him leave.
If you have an item of news
tell 1 ho Standard about it.
A WINTER may come sooner tnan you
think. The prudent squirrel stores away nuts
when he (tan get nuts. He has them when winter
comes. To HAVE MONFY you must save as
you make it, and put it in the bank where it will
be safe.
Make OVli Bank YOUR Bank.
We pay liberal interest consistent with safety.
The Methodist Ladies' Aid will
hold their sale and Chicken Pie
Supper December 11th in the
Chausse building. A special
arrangement is being perfected
to make this Chicken Pie the
best ever served in Siaseton. If
possible the delicious flavors of
the Leghorns will be added to
the bright colors of the Buff
Rock, and the tender flesh of
the Barred Rocks with the juicy
game taste of the sprightly
Wyandotte, while the huge pro
portions of the Rhode Island
Reds will assure each patron of
their money's worth.

Beauchamp, Humorous
Lecturer. Second number
course, Opera House, Wed
nesday, December 4th, 8:15
Seats on sale at the Red
representative of Cross Drug store. Monday,
December 2nd, 8 a. m.
a a
Work, PlMsur* and Automobllu
The aim of life should be work
and pleasure. I say work and
pleasure to make myself under
stood, but I mean all pleasure.
Everything pleasant and enjoy
able. Work of any nature should
be a pleasure, the more work the
more pleasure is properly mixed.
The more one can accomplish the
greater the satisfaction. The
idle person is not a satisfied be=
ing. To plow a day or two for a
change is really an enjoyment,
but to keep this thing up day af
ter day and week after week
without a break becomes a
drudgery and one is apt to be
come a slave to the work or real
ly a slave to one's self It is
enjoyment and work together
that drives away drudgery.
In choosing a means of enjoy
ment, is there anything on earth
that your mind can conceive of
that will give you more pleasure
than would an automobile? Is
there anything that you can in
vest your money in that will give
you more lasting satisfaction?
The automobile will be the cause
of the greatest advancement the
world has ever known it will be
the means of bringing country
and city closer together. We
will all bcome better acquainted.
If it is true that an automobile
is your only wish, then why de
ny yourself this enjoyment if you
can arrange means to purchase
The "Ford" is the car you
want. Touring car, $640 F. O.
B. Sisseton. W. F. CARLBERG,
Stoughkoft Wagon
Hoover Snction Electric Sweeper
Rickert-Ophiem Co.

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