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Vol. 20
Supt. McDonald
Delivers Address
On 'The Modern Church and
Social Service."
Supt. McDonald of the city
schools gave the closing address
in the series which has occupied
the attention of a number of the
professional and business people
of this place the past few Sun
day evenings, at the Presbyte
rian church last Sunday night,
and a larga congregation was
out to hear him. The subjuct
assigned him was 'The Modern
Church and Social Service," and
following are a few of the
thoughts presented:
The attitude which the church
of today is taking with reference
to what might be called outside
activities, is 3imply in keeping
with the attitude of society in
general toward its fellow man.
The individual citizen, the
church and the state are today
assuming obligations and per
forming functions which a few
decades or more ago were scarce=
ly thought of, much less to be
given application. It is there=
fore proper that the church
should take its place in this ad
vanced movement of social serv
ice. No other organization can
do so more effectively. No other
is so well adapted to assume
such,burdens nor can any other
reap greater nor more perma
nent rewards.
We are generally agreed that
the church of today is perferm
ing a noble work. It would be
useless to deny tha^ its condition
cannot be improved, its general
sphere of usefulness enlarged
and its work made more efficient.
What are some of the reasons
Women's Silk Hose
®br iiHaj?t0n
or conditions which makes the
modern church inefficient or less
efficient than it ought to be?
What are some of the indica
tions or manifestations of its
lack of doing what it might do
Jin comparison with what it is
doing? How efficient it might
be. in comparison with how ef=
ficient it is, in the giving of so
cial service or the solution of so=
cial problems?
One of the reasons of its in
efficiency may be found in the
relatively small number of the
masses of the people which the
church is able to reach through
the ordinary channels of relig
ious worship. It is a safe esti
mate that the number of people
who attend divine services in
our own community is not more
than one-fifth of the entire pop
ulation. If this is true with ref
erence to the average small
place, it is even to a greater ex
tent true of the larger places.
In fact, in some of the large cit
ies, so far as rendering social
service is concerned, the church
going classes are those who need
such help the least: while those
who need it the greatest, are
practically churchless.
Another reason for its inef=
ficiency may be found in the rel
atively small amount of the use
of the church property in coim
parison with the use that might
be made of it. Why should the
church of today be open to the
people only a day or two in the
week? Why should it not touch
the lives of the people at more
points and in more ways than it
does at present?
These two reasons are perhaps
the principal ones illustrating
the weakness of the present day
The time was when the church
considered itself the censor of
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Another great social problem
the morals of the community as
well as the judge of its spiritual
welfare. Comparatively few to
day would welcome a return to
the old days of church and state.
Yet it is certain, so far as the
solution of social problems is
concerned, the pendulum has
swung back too faip the oth
er way. Is it not tijme then to
call a halt and ask ijurselves if
the church should notlook after
the temporal as well ais the spir
itual welfare of its people? Why
not have a week day church as
well as a Sunday church?
life. The supremest he
A of
spiritual endeavor canr.att be at
tained on an empty stomach.
What, then, are some of the
social problems, or somq of the
things, which require socjjal ser
Without attempting toiconsid
er them in the order of tKeir im=
portance, or to go into the
treatment of any of them in de
tail, there is first the great prob
lem of labor and capital, a prob
lem so great that its attempted
solution has called into existence
a great political party great,
not in numbers, but in' high
aims and noble purpose, whose
I program, if it could be carried
into effect, would, they claim,
solve all the others. But'aside
from that it is certainly within
!the province of the church to
take a hand in its solulutioh. It
I is, niorover, one where the spir
itual influence of the church has
been used in times past whifere
its material influence 'can be still
is the problem of charity, and
here perhaps is where the
church can do its most effective
and material work. The church,
if it must, might neglect all the
other problems mentioned, but
it cannot avoid its stewardship
Other problems mentioned
were: The temperance question,
the white plague, child labor,
the social evil, treatment of the
criminal classes, and ?o on, and
a number of remedies were sug
gested, chief of which were the
formation of neighborhood and
municipal churches, purification
of the ballot, etc., the closing
thought being of a very practical
nature as follow:
By whatever method the solu
tion of social problems is at
te/npted, why not make the
work practical? Why should not
the church in every community
look after the welfare of its peo
ple on week days as well as Sun
days? Why should we not have
a week day church as well as a
Sunday church Every town has
its pool hall problems, its dance
hall problems, its blind pig or
hole in the wall problems, as
well as others. Why not treat
these practically? If your boy
or girl will have a form of enter
tainment under improper envi
ronment, why not accept the
lesser of two evils—if it is the
lesser of two evils—and give
them form of entertainment, or
at least something that will take
the place of it, under proper en
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Ot' School Officers ami iVaHie rs
ofliohpi'ts County.
An annual joint meeting of
School officers and teachers of
Roberts County has bten called
by the County Superintendent to
be held in the Opera House in
Sisseton on Wednesday, Decem
ber 19th, 1912, at the hour of
10:30 o'clock A. M. for the pur
pose of discussing questions rela
tive to the betterment of our
State Superintendent C. G.
Lawrence will be present and
deliver an .address in which he
will discuss some of the most
vital educational needs of today.
An important feature of the
day's program will be the Round
Table for the consideration of
practical matters concerning
schools and school work.
All parents and others inter
ested in the public schools of
Roberts County are invited to be
present and participate in the
A full program will be given
in next week's iseue.
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NO. 23
Cohan Under Arrest
Former Siss«toiiinn Wants to Kill
Wood row Wilson.
John J. Cohan, well known in
this city and Roberts county, is
under arrest at Colorado Springs,
Colo., for declaring that if he
had the chance he would kill
President-elect Wilson. -v!
Cohan says he was arrested at
New Orleans by secret service
men when President Taft spoke
there, and in Chicago when
Roosevelt was there. An exam
ination will be made as to his
Mr. Cohan was a democratic
candidate for the office of Regis
ter of deeds at the primary elec
tion in this county last June and
has been a resident of this loca
lity for a good many years. He
has always been considered "pe
culiar. "y He has a great pen
chant for sending out postal
cards pertaining to himself, his
political and religious beleifs,
etc., but has always been con
sidered harmless.
Nineteen members of the club
met at the home of Mrs. Croal
on Thursday, November 26, 1912.
Roll call was responded to in the
'usual manner, with quotations
from Shakespeare or with cur
rent events. In connection with
the study of Hamlet, Mrs. Bown's
paper on "Pathological Laws
Governing Insanity" was well
received, and proved to be in
tensely interesting. The lesson,
which covered Act 1, Scene 2 of
Hamlet was conducted by Mrs.
The next meeting of the club
will be with Mrs. Parker on
December 12. Reporter.

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