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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, December 27, 1912, Image 8

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The Shout That Made Remington's In
dian Opfn His Mouth.
Frederic HvmingLoii's was
quiet. A stilluexs llial ijel ulo'iis
work pervaded the it I mosplivrv, mil
.the artist, working away «i( Iiis 0:111
,vas. "The Spirit of War," silently
•laid on Iiis col ort) of lie seurvliinir
eun and an Indian el lie I', rtiiseil in
his stirrups, shouting to Iiis braves,
inspiring thorn with courage lor Un
It was fJerome, and this was his
method of expression in this special
case. Iteming!on, in accordance
with his advice, "opened his mouth,"
visit at the home
on the following cvcni _.
lie had said good by io his iVi
calmly went !o bed ami slept
Remington had not heard a knock
the studio door or ilu entrance
an unannounced guest. Nor did
he realize that two sharp eyes were
scanning his work with that criileal
examination cliaracteristu „.o.f. the
man who "knows art."'
Suddenly there hurst from the
visitor suifh a shout as any Indian
chief would have been proiid !'.
Another and another shout echo
ed through the studio. Remington,
starting buck, dropped his brushes
and palette and turned in the direc
tion of the thundering voice.
"Ah, hah! My hoy, open hi
mouth. Make him shout. Make him
look it. Open his mouth. So—so."
And the stranger gave vent lo two
more shouts tit for the plains.
as a result, instead of the slight­
parted lips, there is a face sol'ull
enthusiasm, ,o expressive of a
great heartfelt throb giving vein to
cheer, that when one sees the pic
ture he is prompted to the action
Uerome, who made prohablv the
most unusual criticism ever given on
of Remington's best pictures.
Dramatic Detail.
Miss I'Yis-
author of "In
Sixties and
Seventies," in which volume ap
pears the following anecdote: '\My
mother often used to point out little
details that had been overlooked. I
remember one in 'The Bells,' which
mother told Mr. Irving on the
first night when lie returned to
house to supper. People who
seen the play may remember
first scene is
small inn
that there is supposed lo hive
been a
deep fall of snow. The inn­
Matthias (Irving), walked
on that lirst night in ordinary
boots, with
snow upon
My mother spoke of it, and
afterward Matthias wove high black
and stood on the mat while
snow was brushed off. Remarks
were mad
in the papers as lo .Mr.
Irvfyigs attention to the minuli
details, and this was eilet]
led as an m-
Mozart's Guide Werk.
On one occasion v.art was
ing merry with his friends at
night, when not a single note
written c.l the overtnrc io
I 'on
-t e-
I Will- 0 !c
•rid.- I,
in the morning. Aw.il.mg
refreshed, lie set to work the
overture, dashing oil'
sheet with ineredililc rapidiU aiul
dispatching them to the copyists.
opera was to,begin at 7 in the
evening, and a few minutes after
hour Mozart was in his place
•s conductor, baton in hand, while
the parts
with the ink still wet on
of them were being handed to
Perfect Confidence.
Among the humblest of shop
keepers in Cardiff there is a con
fidence in their poor customers
quite unknown in different circles.
One day the proprietress of a small
•hop stood on a corner gossiping,
and a lad approached.' "Please, Mrs.
he announced, "we have been
kicking your counter for ten min
utes. Mother wants a pound of
•oap." "Tell mother/'"wAs the' re
ply, "to take what ehe wants and
put the coppers in the saucer ^under
the counter." Cardiff Western
The Deg'e Kennel.
Damp is the greatest evü to which
the dog confined outside the house
in a kennel is liable. It will kill
the strongest dog and must be care
fully guarded against. If a dog is
to keep in health, too, it is neces
•ary that it shouid be able to enjoy
plenty of sunlight, and the kennel
should always be placed facing
•outh, except in the hottest parts pi
jtha day in summer, when it should
b* moved into the shade.
A Fine PtejUnattMi.
Hie hid had bad luck
hie way home be enfei
butcher shop and «aid to the dealer,
over tfcere and throw
tiie btigest of tiidee
aw fbe
"Throw 'emf •deed
A Distinction About Which Landsmen
Are Apt to Get Confused.
A nautical knot, and a nautical
mile are two different things, al
though they are l'rc|iieiitl\ eon
founded by landsmen.
The length of a nautical knot is
filtv feet and eight iliehe.-, while
thai o! a nautical mile varies from
the extreme length of (i, 10! feet
and III inches In the shortest, ,(MU
feet. This variation in the length
of a nautical mile is due lo the fact
thai it must conform to a line meas
uring one minute of are of the
earth's surtace at sea level, and as
the earth is not a perfect circle the
radii differ, and so must the are.
To avoid confusion, however, the
length of a standard nautical miie
has been fixed bv the I'nlied States
coast and ycodelie survey at 0,080
ü' the
indies, I hat boin.
one minute of arc of a
of a true sphere, hose
is equal to that of the
feet and
length of
great circle
surface area
The method of determining the
distance sailed by a ship at sea in
the early days of navigation was by
means ot a process called "heaving
log." The three cornered board
with lead attached, so as lo (loaI on
its edge that it, might not be drag
ged through I he water, was attach
ed to a long line, and 100 feet from
the log or three cornered board a
knot was made in the line, and
when the log was thrown into the
water as the vessel sailed awav from
it the line was drawn out of the
vessel by the log, which remained
stationary in the water.
As soon as the knot passed out
over the rail or stern of the vessel
Henry Irving was accustomed
half minute sandglass was turned
to show the time and the sand care
fully watched until the last grain
had dropped into the lower bulb,
and the log line was then instantly
stopped at the rail. The distance
was measured on the line as it was
hauled in from where it stopped at
the rail to the knot before mention
ed. As a bait' minute glass denoted
the one hundred and twentieth part
ot an hour, so the log line was a
one hundred and twentieth part of
the distance a vessel would sail in
an hour.
In order to make the computa
tion more easy knots .were placed
on t'ie log line every one hundred
and twentieth part of a mile of
6,080 feet, wlfflm placed the knots
fifty feet eight inches apart, and
the number of these knots which
tlie vessel sailed in half a minute
wore ho re I ore eijual to the number
of miles that I he vessel would sail
an hour if she continued at the
same rate of speed.
The knot received its name from
simple knot tied in the log line
was therefore not a mile, but
merely the one hundred and twen
tieth part of one.—St. Louis Globe
The Japanese Language.
The Japanese language has some
features which puzzle beginners in
its use. in Knglisli when one has
learned the name for rice that ends
it. Not so in Japan. Begin with
cooked rice, meshi. When eaten by
a child it is called mama. In speak
ing to another person of eating rice
you call it gozen. As a merchant
sells it, uncooked, it is kome, and
as it grows in the field it is ine. So
a carpenter's foot, or sliaku, is about
twelve inches, but a tailor's is fif
teen. A kin or pound of beef is
fourteen ounces, of flour twenty
one, of sugar over thirty. The ri,
or mile, varies in different prov
inces, and on the Fusiyama ascent
half a ri is maked a ri because it's
much harder work going uphill.
Iconoclastic Bareness How*.
After Pope's death the villa at
Twickenham belonged successively
to Sir William Stanhope, who en
larged it considerably to Mr. Wel
bore Ellis, afterward Lord Mendip,
and lastly to Baroness Howe. This
lady was so much annoyed at the
number of pilgrims who came to see
the place that she razed it to the
round, cut down the trees and en
to obliterate all vestiges
of its former distinguished occu
pant.—London Notes and Queries.
The Silence Cure.
Nerve specialists, it is said, are
now recommending a "silence cure"
for women who suffer from nerves.
The patients have to set apart a cer
tain number of hours in which no
word is spoken. A woman we know
tried this treatment, with a curious
result. She herself came out in a
rash, but her husband, who suffered
from headaches, recovered. Lon
don Punch.
*v Her Question,
"Our cause is just and must tri
umph,w concluded the suffragette in
ringing accents. "And now if any
lady cares to ask a question I shall
be pleased to answer it."
"How do you get that smooth ef
fect k»ver the hips?" asked a lad
the rear of the haH.—Kansas
Commissioners Proceedings
Sissi-ivn. S. [., 10,
The board ul county commissioners inrt a:
per adjournment of Novcrr.bitr Knit. Mt»mburs I
present, M. I.. Suture», M. |,. Miclu-lson,
Julm Meland and Harry Urnriboi:«. Thy day
was spent, on this Work.
Tlie board took up the work ot clit
uvitsurer's :iwi auditor's hooks for
ypar t-nding .1 ulv lirst.. 1912.
A fest.:
,1. A. lias
It row it Säender. ozlie«' sii jjples....
Bern er Loftlield, poM.a^e and ex
press on blue prints lor county
•lohn II. Lewis, post ige, express, etc.
H. (2. Mushier, dtayin« for vuuvi
C. J. Whii.etooi.' cour: script
N. K. osborn. wood for court house.
Hammond & Stvuhens.otlice supplies
Jack Egan, overtime at the electric
light plant for the court house....
1. Stadoutd. pvr diem in court
O. T. Axi)ass it Co.. insurance prem
ium on court liohse and li tares.
Piist National 1$ uilt,insurance prem
ium un court house and tixtures
O. Ltasu. itis'irauce premium on
court iioust? and lixvures
Citizens National Bank, lnsumnee
premium on court iiouse ami fix
J. W. Jian iugton, msuraiiue prem
ium on court house .1
ml fixture*...
H. AI. Kniglit. insurance premium on
court house and fixtures
J. A. Ray, County Audiior.
ly in
ktnjr u»c
tli#' Unit
On miitit/n ihe hourd adjourneJ to I *•»*. 111
Siirnt'd L. .SA'l'KK KN,
.1. A. Kay. County Auditir. ..
Sisseton. S, II.
The board of count.y commissioner- invt i
per adjournment. Mem be re present. M. L.
Siiteren. S. L. Kemnnd, M. F,. Mickrlsou .lotm
Melantl and Harry (irnnbols.
The tv was spent in chocking the tie a
suier's and auditor's hooks.
On motion the hoard adjourned to Dee. I'Jth.
Signed Al. h. sATUKKN.
mnly Auditor.
Siaseton. 5. J).. Dm\ 12t!i. 1012.
The bunrd ol'county commissioners met
per iidjournmi nt. All members present.
The lollowlng bills were al.owcd:
Sisse'on Stone Co., cement, wings lor
county culverts
T. S. Osinun, wood for the poor farm
A. K. Taplin, assistance in thawing
jury lui the December tcvm of cir
cuit conrt
W. .J, ltreizkc, salary of superin
tendent of pom farm and hired
.V! 00
12 no
Mary Strang, wurk at poor farm
•I. A Kay. office expenses 7
Lamport. Lumner Co., cement for
culveri und county bridge, asked
*28 in), allowed ,»»
.lohn Anderber^. mdse for poor farm I tin
0. T. Axness X- Co.. coal for uoot
Hi rni and and cnurt. 211* -'7
Honnie Andrews, postage and trip iu
.Mitchell ,|T KI
Zion Office Supply, ofljoe supplies
Michael Hisur. court script ... i»0
Kanribrs' Co-operative Society, coal
for Nels Iloibcrg. poor uo
Zton Officct Supply, oflicc supplies,... 1
Daniel Wing, court script
Iterner LofilieM. superintending the
construction of county bridges
Hi?rner I.ofMichi, witness and mile-
r: UU
On mot ion the .board adjourned tu
her i: P.»J2.
Signed M. L. SATHKKX.
Attest. .hairmun
SissoLon. Decuiuber 13, 1U12.
The boari of vounty itom Issiotiers mui as
per iKJiournmuiii. All mcmtn:rs resent
Tho limird limshec.1 checking Ihe trtasur
erS and uuititor's buuus u.nd found them O.
Tlie tuiiuwmg Wils were atluweil:
Ureal Nuriheru, KrUlge Co., balance
on two steel ami ouiivreie bridges
Gram and l.uny llulluw K.wnshiiiB 21J-I 8."J
M. K. Cioekvtt. oitice s:i. ies ^-t
(.1 eorge Seliiuti'i r. work at. court
house on wiudows 5 :,u
Tlie Hppiieaulon or.Savali ti. Mulloii, a
In» 101" It'an or irom the permanent
school luiul. k, be sceurcd by liie t'.E'/i ol sec
tion zn, township 12f, range r2. tin motiou tho
application Was apgroved.
The application of Kdwarcl (jeorge Crocker
asking lora loan of *1(100 from the permanent
school fumi. to he secured by the üEJi ef sec
Liun-I, t()\vnship l'JZ. ra ge "il. On motion the
application was approved.
Tliu application of John W. Mussctter, ask
ing lor a loan of $tiOO from the permanent
.school land, to be secured by the WVi NEVi
NEJ^ ot ction 24.township 120. lange to aua
lot -I of section Iii, township iSö range 51 On
motion tiie application was approved.
The application of Thos. Malion, asking for
a loan from the permanent school lund of
*700, to be sevured by the SV4 SE% & NES4
SE'4 of section 24, township I A, range 52. Oil
motion tte application was approved.
The application of Susan S. Mussetter, ask
Ins for a loan of $500 from the permanent
school fund, to be secured by the NEU NW5»
& Lot 1 of section 30, township 13«, range 51.
On motion the application was approved.
The application of utto Wenachlag, asking
for a loan of $900 from the Permanent School
fund, to be secure! by the EJ4, NEX & NEVi,
SE'4 of section 11, township 128, range 52. Ou
motion the application was approved.
The application of a. W. Jonhson, asking for
a loan of $1800.00 from the Permanent School
fund, to be secured by the SEJi NWJ* & lot 1
ant) 2 of section 18, township 185, range 51 and
the SEX NEM section 13, township t# range
52. On motion the application was approved.
The affidavit of F. B. Newel asking for an
abatement of $1.00, personal property tax in
Bosako township for 1910. On motion an
abatement of $1.00, the school poll for said
township was ordered.
The affidavit of Robert White asking for an
abatement of $6.98 for personal property taxes
In Boesko township for the year leio. On
motion abatement ot W.ee was ordered.
The affidavit of Nels Carlson, asking for a re
bate of $1.00 from Harmon township for school
polls for the year 1(0$ and W10. Having paid
said poll taxes in Bryant for said years. On
motion a refund of $1.00 was granted for
school polls for the years 1800 and leio, Har
mon township.
The aEdavlt of Prank MCKee asking for a
refund of $M0, for an illegal laturast charged
en personal property tax*«, White Book «own
ship for the year 1910. c* motion the $M0
wae refunded,
*®laTlt of W. H. Spearbaek (made by
Sheriff Joha Swaneoe), aeUna that the ner
sonsl property tax
(•rtheyearini.oBthegrcmadsthathels s»
pour thiLt he is unable to pay said taxes. On
motion ilie taxes lor mil was abated.
On motion the lioavd adjourned to Decem
ber Hill, I'.'lL'.
Mgueil. M. I. SATEKKX.
Attest: Chairman.
.1. A il.'iy, County Auditor.
Sisseton, S. II.. Dec. I4lti, 1912.
Tiie Hoard of County Commissioners uiut as
adjournment. All members pressut.
The petition uf tho freeholders of Sissetun
township asking for an appropriation 110111
the county of S125 for the purpose of grailing
the section line on the west side ol tot-Uuii
21, of said township. The appropriation hau
been prouised tile petitioners h: 1911. O11 mo
tion the approptiation ol $12.1 was allowuu.
l'lie alHdavit of Otto Radde asking that a
rebate of $51.84, Iteal estate taxes paid, with
interest and penalty 011 the seJ/J ot section 1
township 128. range 49. for tlis year 1910, said
quarter was assessed in White Kock township
and White ROCK village, making a double as
sessment. On motion a refund order was
g.-unted for $51 84.
The alHdavit of S- N. Lohre, asking for a
refund of $0.32, on personal property. Sissetou
City for the year 1910. Ou motiou a refund
of 46.32 was ordered.
The affidavit ol C. Ciiristeasou, asking for a
rebate of 351.0U for a school poll assessed .ilm
in Dry Wood Lake township for the year
1911. Having paid school poll Jn Dry Wood
Lake township and Sisseton City for tlie same
year. On motion a refund of $1.00 was grant
ed for Dry Wood Lake.
The affidavit of H. B. Carter, asking for an
abatement of his school poll tax of $1.011 for
the city of Sisseton, tor the year 1H08. On
motion an abatement of the $1.00 was granted,
for year 1908.
The affidavit ot Ever Larson, asking for a
refund of $1.00school poll for Lake township,
having been taxed tor school poll in Sisseton
township and Lake township for the year
1911. On motion a refund of the $1.00 was
The affidavit of Peter Quande, asking for a
refund ot $1.00 for a dog tax, Sissetou City for
the year 1911. On motion a refund of $1.00
was grasted.
The affidavit of Albin Hakanson, asking for
an abatement of $6.82, personal property tax
in White Rock village for the year 1910, on
the ground that he did not own any personal
property in said village. Oa motion an abate
ment was granted for $6.31.
The following bills were allowed:
0. J. Radde, service as deputy sheriff
asked $8.60, allowed
American Sanitary Products Co
supplies for Court House
G. KT. Miller, auto trip to county
P*»se Co., blue print for county
1. Stadstad, elerk of courts fees, for
Sisseton Mill and Light Co., lights
and light fixtures for the Oonrt
S»avlgBros„ Mdse. for poor, poor
tera aad court house
W. r. Miller, meat for poor (arm....
**ather»toa, oBcssupplies...,
O. C. Croat, eourt script..
Jeha Olhoug, repairing road ptow
Joha Melaeti, commissioners
diem aad mileage ..
7 00
5 00
74 80
MS 44
10 $0
On (notion ill« Hoard adjourned sine die.
Signed. M. I.. SATEKKN.
Attest: Chaitman.
J. A. Hay. County Auditor.
$7.50 to
Tailoring, Pressing and
Cleaning Neatly and Quickly
M. L. Sateveu, comiMistionvrr
Utem und mileage 2»» 3o
hurry Uranbois. commissioners per
dit umt mileage :u uu
8. L. Kv.munti. commissioner» pvr
diem auci mileage is »0
M. L. Mickelson. commissioner» per
diem and mileage 29 no
Notice of Mortgage Sale.
Whereas, default has bveu made in the con
ditions of a eertain mortgage containing
power of sale k'iveu by H. Ii. Smith and Ella
E. Smith, his ivlfe, mortgagors, to (J. K. Gil
bert of Giencoe Minnesota, mortgagee, da
ted March 1«. I'.KW. and recorded II' the office
of the Register of Deeds uf Roberts county,
South Dakota, on March 18. Ili02. in Hook 2s
of mortgages, at page 5(52, mortgaging the
real estate situate in Roberts county, State
of South Dakota, described as lots one (1)
anil two (2), of block fifty seven (57), in the
town of Sisseton, to secure the payment of
one certain promissory note of even date
with said mortgage for the snm of Twelve
Hundred Dollars und interest at the rate of
eight per cent per a .num, executed and de
livered by »aid mortgagors to said mortgagee
and which said mortgage and the debt se
cured thereby was by said mortgagee on
tue »lt,h day ot March 1909, assigned and
transferred to the First National Bank of
Sisseton, South Dakota, by a written as
signment which was on the 20th day of De
cember 1912. duly recorded in the office of
the Register of Deeds of Roberts county
South Dakota, in Book 69 of mortgages, at
page 159 which default consists in the non
payment of the debt and interest secured by
said mortgage which became due on the 17th
day of March, 1907, and tiie nonpayment of
the taxes levied and assessed against said
property amounting to One Hundred Fifty
four Dollars and Twenty-eight cents, which
were paid by the assignee of said mortgage,
and no proceedings at law orotherwise have
been had to collect said debt or foreclose
said mortgage, therefore,
Notice is hereby given that said mortgage
will be foreclosed oy a sale of the above de
scribed real estate by the Sheriff of Koberts
county, South Dakota, at public auction to
the highest bidder for cash on Saturday, the
15th day of February, 1913, at the hour of
two o'clock in the afternoon of said day, at
the front door of the Court House, in the
City of Sisseton, in Roberts county, state of
South Dakota, to satisfy an indebtedness of
$1,561.00 which is now due upon said mort
gage. together with Interest and said «um of
$1M.!8 taxes, and the costs allowed by law.
Dated December iR, mt.
First National Bank of Sisseton, S. D.
Assignee of Mortgage.
Howard Babcoek, Attorney. (27-$3)
tim m. 91.
V" ..
Th Minneapolis Dollar-Hotel
Located in Heart of Business District
$1.22 SINGLE RATE $1.2£
The Sisseton Weekly Standard
lias «it. least G5 per cent more cir
culation than any other newspa
per printe'd in Roberts county. If
you have anything to advertise,
you cannot afford to overlook
this fact. Our subscription list
In the District Court of the Uni
ted States, District of South
Dakota, Northern Division.
In theraatUiyof Leroy Sprague. Bankrupt."!
lo the creditors of Leroy Svrague. of Sum
Sf!, County of Roberts, and district
aforesaid, a bankrupt:
Notice is hereby given, that, on the 24th day
of December. 1912, the said Usroy Hprague.
WHS Culy Hdjiideed A bankrupt, and the first
meeting of creditor» will be held at my office,
lo the city of Aberdeen, In said district, on the
6th day of January. A. P. 1013, at 10 o'clock A.
M.. at, which time und place the creditors may
attend, prove their claims, and appoint a
trustee, and transact such other business as
mav properlv come before said meeting.
Dated this 24th day of December. A. D. 1912
Referee In Bankruptcy
Sheriff's Sale.
°'|a" execution Issued out of and
«IL 5. .° nbeC|rcuit Court in and for
an?«h i? ®°n Homme, and state of
th« MJS?SS' IP0" a Judgment rendered on
safd nnurt nn th^A90?' "nd dooketed in the
®aia court on the 20th day of Auirust IQOO in
nPo^!»iiÄ 1! defendant, in favor of the
plaintiff and against the defendant for the
?lth Interest thereon from the
5 Jl 5Pen1,
execution was
^"vered to me assherill in and
195 Roberts, South Dakota, I
did, on the 23M day ot December. 191! levy

title and interest of the said de-
fendant, Joseph Haiia In and to the following
described real Property, to-wit: All of the
W.« of «eiition 2# andthoN. V4 of the N.
y*section 38. township 182, range SI,
Roberts County, South Dakota.
.Notlce ls hereby given that I. the under
•igaed, as sheriff as aforesaid, will sell the
above described real property to the highest
Ä* ^»«le auction at the
Houw in Sisseton. in
•5sf 5ru' ¥»5 8täte Of South
Dakota, on the 28th day of January. 1913, at
hour of odook P. ||., of toat day to
Another with the ac
i£SSFÄF'8Lt5a50,te thereon.
day of December,
A. D:,

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