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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, January 10, 1913, Image 1

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Letter From Dr. Sverre
Written on Shipboard in the
Middle of the Atlantic Ocean
Mr. Featherston, Editor
Sisseton Weekly Standard,
Sisseton. S. D.
Dear Sir:
At mid ocean—half way over
the sea—I thought about my
promise to write, to your good
Sisseton and Roberts county
people from the steamship,
United States.
Well, there is nothing to see,
now but the big ocean—the At
lantic—everywhere, once in a
while a springer, and in the air a
few sea gulls following us, and
for a few nights bright stars and
a half moon in the sky.
We have had stormy weather
during most of the trip, with
snow falling frequently. In all
there are between 1000 and 1100
people on board from all parts,
including one of your Roberts
county farmers, Christian
We all are keeping from sea
sickness fairly well and amuse
ourselves in the best possible
way. The other day we had
fine visit from Santa Glaus him
self, all dressed up in fine style,
with two officers by his side, and
gave out Christmas presents to
every child on board. We have
elegant music which helps short
en the time very much. The
food is good and all kinds of
plays are indulged in on the deck
when the weather permits. Yes
terday, though, a very sad affair
happened, when a 23 year
old Norwegian boy, Tobias
Omlie, died on board. He had
been sick for a long time expect
ed to die, but wanted to die in
his native country. I never saw
a more impressive funeral than
this one. All the passengers
around officers and men in their
uniforms formed an espalier,
the Norwegian flag went up to
half mast, and music and
songs befitting the occasion were
rendered. The captain himself,
performed the ministerial ordeal
in a very dignified manner.
The coffin was decorated in the
We want you to be a Customer of
this Bank
WE Will Treat You Right
Citizens National Bank
LEO J. L0KANIT8CH, Assistant Cashier
most beautiful and tasty manner
with lots of fine flowers. Every
one felt the importance of the
solemn occasion, and while the
snow was falling heavily, the cof
fin was lowered, under the strain
of appropriate music—with very
few dry eyes. The mother of
the boy lives near Christiana is a
poor widow, but will be pleasant
ly surprised in her sorrow with a
collection taken on board amount
ing to about $200.00.
We are making fine time now
have had a most pleasent trip,
and will probably 'be in Christi
ania, Norway, on the 21st, just in
time for Christmas.
I take this opportunity of
sending to the good people of
Sisseton and Roberts county, my
best greetings, and thanks for
all kindness toward me during
the 12 years I had the good for
tune to bo among you. Good
luck, Merry Christmas and a
Happy New Year to all from,
Yours very truly,
Ingemann Sverre.
Thought They Were Married
William Borene, the general
manager of the Olson, Olin cloth
ing store in this city, spent last
week in Montevideo and other
Minnesota towns, and reports a
very pleasant time. He now
knows just how it seems to be
married .and have one's suit case
plastered over with sentimental
signs and other indications thatr
the owner is a newly wed. Is he
married? Oh, no! But at
Montevideo some of his old
friends played a practical joke on
him, because he introduced a
young lady as his wife as a
"jolly" on them. He had to call
in the aid of a blacksmith to cut
the old shoes from his suit case,
so firmly were they fastened to
the handle.
The fun didn't end when Mr.
Borene and his fair companion
(who happened to be traveling in
the same direction) boarded the
train, as the Sisseton teachers
were returning to their duties,
and helped prolong the joke. Mr.
Borene hopes the rest got as
much fun out of the affair as he
-^5f- -T—3x
The Kissewn Weeklg Ktandard
Cupid's Victims in 1912
Matrimonial Market a
Dull Last Year
Licenses to marry were issued
to the following couples during
the year just closed. There was
a slight falling off over the prev
ious year:
Wilhelm Krause, Henrietta
Emil Peter, Ottillia Schmidt.
Geo. L. Burnett-, Pleeta Ren
Clarence B. McCormick, Ber
neice Williams.
Alfred Witzig, Anna Meyer.
Harry Stearns, Carry E.
John Williams, Jennie Enoch.
Vernon Larrabee, Mable June
Edward Williams, Clara Barse.
Daniel Lungreen, Minnie
Chas. Quinn, Rebecca Williams.
Hans Hanson, Inga Sundheim.
Samuel Boyd, Lizzie Henle.
Theodore Larson, Elvida
Fred Fligge, Zella Douglas.
Geo. Sevenbrothers, Esther
Bobdu, Sophia Hupecawin.
Willie Gunderson, Lillie Rol
Thos. Wadholm, Lottfle Hart
Sam Woulph, Mary Parvinsori.
Harry Harrison, Fredia Am
Mathew Phelps, Ellen Blue
John Benolkin, Susie Hoss.
Richard McCoy, Stella McCoy.
E. C. Frederich, Glena Soli.
Geo. Nally, Pearl Brown.
Jacob Hougan, Tilda Risdall.
Charles Barker, Annie Shep
L. M. Risdall, Wilma Aldrich.
Lars Aadland, Clara Nelson..
Charley Bust», Ann«. Schma
Wm. L. Price, Maggie Sim
Hastings Dumarce, Eliza Stand.
Henry Kuhn, Martha Kaddatz.
Will C. Fligge, Nellie Tlione.
Joe Starlight, Nancy LaBlanc.
Martin E. Rogness, Lillie Cot
E.-M. Fedje, Louise M. Ren
Martin Madsen, Annie S.
Peter LaBelle, Mary Foster.
Albert Erickson, Alice Carlson.
Fred Kuhn, Mette K. Jorgen
Albert Jenson, Lillian Luene
Arthur Barse, Minnie Fitting.
Willie Vollmer, Maude Birdsall.
Smiley Supangi, Mary Hill.
John Butala, Mary Hannasch.
Stephen E. Evenson, Cecelia
Allen Stewart, Nora Stapelton.
Ralph Hamilton, Lucy Ehrle.
Abel Hopkins, Elizabeth Ring.
Richard A. Schulte, Mary
John Otto, Opal Chambers.
Ingvold Bentson, Sophia
Charlie Soulak, Annie Lang.
Edward Wahl, Alma S. Hougan.
John K. Larsen, Mathilda M.
Geo. W. Miller, Edna Otto.
Lewie Jacobson, Mabel Thomp
Wm. S. Kimm, Anna V. Hoard.
Joseph A. Larson, Emma C.
Alexander Lampke, Jennie
Henry L. Lake, Ellen J. Wood.
Ole O. Kvernes, Inga Lomness.
Mason House, Mary Trudell.
John M. Cloud, Bessie Derby.
Fred S. McDonald, Jennie
Andrew Kurkowske, Beulah
Andrew Hanson, Clara Thomp
Wm. Stole, Dagmar Tallefson.
Bert Skjongberg, Olga, Ander
John Willems, Ruth E. Preston.
Simon A. Mazakanyunana,
Henry Fonder, Martha Restan.
Aloise Cromheecke, Inga
Ole E. Howg, Lena Westing.
Evan Hilland, Ovidia E. Eide.
Andrew Shepherd, Cora Wil
CarlHartvig, Sophie Simonson.
Eppah Robbins, Ella Welch.
Jos. C. Opie, Frances Walker.
Emil C. Johnson, Matilda A.
Herman Pom renke, Josephine
Julius Torstenson, Nora E.
Mikkal Skjelstad, Christine
Sverre Drug Store Opened
Dr. Morton and his son Rich«
ard, of the Morton Mercantile
company, Effington, have bought
the drug stock in the Sverre
building and the place is again
open to the public. Richard is a
registered pharmacist, a gradu
ate of the pharmacy department
of the state agricultural college,
and of late has been employed in
a drugstore in Portland, Oregon.
He will have charge of the busi
ness and will be pleased to re
ceive the patronage of the pub
Schindler Bros, are receiving
daily orders for their good Rob
erts Co. S. D„ grown and tested
corn. (29tf)
Hare the Standard print it.
New Faces at
the Court House
Old Officials Say Good Bvu
New Ones Sworn In.
There have been many changes
at the court house this week. The
new officials, with the exception
of O. E. Lien, auditor-elect, have
taken office. r. Lien does not
go in until March first.
The old officials have all served
four years and in every instance
an enviable record has been
made and each retiring officer
has the confidence and esteem of
the people of Roberts county
whom they have served faithfully
and well. The new men have
their records yet to make in the
offices to which they have been
elected, but the people have un
doubtedly chosen wisely and
each office will continue to be
well cared for.
Hal Knight takes the place of
E. J. Turner as county judge
and Thos. Mani has succeeded
Judge Batterton in the office of
state's attorney. Clerk of Courts
Iver Stadstad retires for D. F.
Stevens, who simply steps across
the hall from the office of regis
ter of deeds, who in turn is suc
ceeded by J. O. Swenumson.
Iver J. Johnson is in charge of
the treasurer's office, John H.
Lewis retiring. In the sheriff's
office, in plaeie of John Swanson,
is to be found J. L. Minder who
is already familiar with the du
ties devolving upon him from
previous experience in the office,
which he held from 1904 to 1908.
Dr. Brown is the new coroner,
in place of Dr. Taplin. All of the
officers will, with the exception
of Mr. Stevens, retain the
deputies of their predecessors.
Mr. Stevens has no deputy as
There are no changes in the
board of county commissioners,
which is made up of a lot of con
servative, level headed men. The
board is in session and it is
doubtful if they get through this
Judge Batterton has taken pos
session of his new office building
opposite the court house and is
very conveniently located.
Department of History
Love, hope, fear, faith,
these make humanity these
are its signs and note of char
NO. 29
Anderson Landed Jai
Ortley Man Disregards Court
Order and is Guest of
Wm. Anderson of Ortley was
ordered by the Circuit Court to
pay his wife certain alimony and
expenses in securing her divorce
from him. This he neglected to
do, and Judge Mc.Nulty ordered
him sent to jail for contempt and
until he sees tit to carry out the
decree of the court. Anderson,
it is claimed, sa.f he has not the
wherewithal to make good, but
it is also alleged that he has writ
ten certain letters which show
that his intentions are not right
in the matter.
Black Eye For Primary Law
The Supreme Court handed in
an opinion last week on the man
damus case against the Secretary
of State in which the court de
clared the Richards Primary law
provision regarding endorse
ments for office to be inoperative,
and denying the writ, Corson
concurring specially while Haney
dissents. This sets at naught
the provisions of the Richards
Primary adopted by the people
recently so far as endorsements
for office are concerned.
Zenith Club
Zenith Club met in regular
session December 20, 1912, at
the home of Mrs. Rena McKee
ver. Twenty members answered
roll call with a quotation from
Shakespeare or a current event.
A long and interesting letter
from Mrs. Mossinan to the club
members was read by the presi
dent, Mrs. Knapp. Communi
cations from Mrs. Gee and Mrs.
Hammond Bailly, also former
members of the club, were read.
Mrs. Axness read a paper on
"Genius and Insanity," and Mrs.
Foss conducted the lesson in
Hamlet, which covered scenes
four and five of Act I.
The next meeting of the club
will be with Mrs. Vennie Lien,
on January '.), 191".
For Sale—New No. 5 Oliver
typewriter for $50. Inquire at
this office. (29-tf)
—Robert Browning.

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