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Vol. 20
Death of John P. Schloe
He Departed)this Life on Friday
After being sick abed for about
three months, Mr. Schloe passed
last Friday afternoon, at the age
of 63.
He lias been sick during the
last six years, consulting many
physicians and undergoing an
operation at Rochester, Minn.
Last summer he felt better again
and was out on his farm most of
the time, working hard. He suf
fered from a complication of
stomach and liver troubles and
died after a painful struggle for
He leaves a widow, four sons,
John, Otto, Fred and Hugo three
daughters, Emma, Martha and
Clara, all living at Sisseton one
brother, Fred of Perry Iowa
one sister, Emma of Jackson
ville, Florida and three sisters,
Margaret, Mathilda and Martha
of Germany (Hamburg) and seven
grandchildren, Meta and Alice
Schloe, Gladys and Vera Spen
cer, Mabelle Spencer and Rich
ard and Kenneth Schloe. Both
his parents, one daughter and
three brothers died before him.
John P. Schloe was born Oct.
11, 1849, at Fried rickskoog, Hol
stein, Germany. At the age of
nineteen he emigrated to the
United States, spending one win
ter in Davenport, Iowa, and then
working on a farm in Benton
county, Iowa. Soon after the
big fire in Chicago he Loved to
that city and worked for eleven
months with the carpenters.
Having returned to Benton coun
ty, Iowa, he farmed and threshed
till 1874. He then started a
butcher shop in Dysart, la., and
found time to visit his home in
the old country and bringing his
brother Fred along. Having
then spent a short time on the
farm he went back in the butcher
business until 1883, when he
moved to Wheaton, Minn., having
traded his butcher shop for a
farm. From 1887 to 1892 he en
gaged in different kinds of busi
ness an Reinbeck, Iowa, and
then returned to Wheaton to
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farm again. In 1897 he came to
the Sisseton reservation and
bought a farm two miles east of
Sisseton. Another journey to
Germany and sold his farm three
years ago to make his home in
this city.
The funeral was attended also
by Henry Steffen and wife of
Waterloo, Iowa, sister of Mrs.
Schloe Hugo Fabrickins, broth
hr in law, of Reinbeck, Iowa Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Schloe and son
Adolph, of Perry, Iowa.
Funeral rites were held at the
home at 12:80 o'clock Tuesday
and at 1:30 at the M. E. church,
Rev. E. C. H. Peithmann of
Webster officiating. Funeral
exercises were conducted also by
the Masonic lodge at the church
and cemetery.
Arranging For
Teachers' Meeting
Five Hundred Teachers Expect
ed here at a S. D. Associa
tion Meeting in March
Already plans are well under
way for the meeting of the
Northern South Dakota Teach
er's association which is to be
held in this city on March 20 and
21 and Prof. E. C. Woodburn of
the Normal, who is secretary of
the association, is a busy man
these days getting the arrange
ments completed.
There is usually an attendance
of from 400 to 500 teachers at
this convention and the session
has always been an enthusiastic
one in the past. The program is
now being arranged and promises
to be by far the best that has
ever been arranged for the occa
The teachers in the thirteen
counties east of the Missouri
river and along the northern
boundry of the state comprise
the association. This includes
the following counties: Brown,
Campbell, McPherson, Wal
worth, Edmunds, Marshall, Day,
Roberts, Grant, Clark, Spink,
Faulk and Potter.—Aberdeen
Tlzr Nissewn Weeklg Ktandard
One Car Load of Drills Unloadec
And More Coming
Do you know that I am in the
drill business? Of course you
know, but do you know that I am
?oing to sellyou adrill this spring
The only way you can avoid buy
ing a drill from me is for you to
keep it a secret and then some
day rush to town and buy from
the other fellow without me know
ing anything about it. If you give
me the same chance you give the
other fellow I will sell you a drill
You must admit that I have a
good drill and some of you that
know will say I have the best
drill made. Then if I make you
the right kind of a price what can
stop you from buying from
me, it is up to you to
make the best deal. Just
write me a line now and let me
know the size drill you want or
telephone me. Do it right now
while you think about it. The
drills that I sell are the Monitor
and Ideal, take your own choice.
W. F. Carlberg.
Sisseton, S. Dak.
Zenith Club
The club met in regula
sion at the home of Mrs.
Swenston on January 23,
with seventeen members
Mrs. Vera Rickert read a very
interesting paper upon the play
Hamlet as presented by the most
notable of present day artists,
and Mrs. Vinnie Lien conducted
the lesson on the second scene of
Act II of the play. Next meeting
of the club will be with Mrs.
Ella Babcoek on February 6th.
Lease of Common School Land
Notice is hereby given that on
March 21, 1913, all of the un
eased common school land in
Roberts county, will be offered
for lease at public auction be
tween the hours of 10 o'clock a.
m. and 5 o'clock p. m. at the
court house in said county.
Commissioner of School
(31-39) and Public Lands.
brings reealt«.
in the Btandrad
Much interest is being mani
fested in the revival meetings
which have now been in progress
'or a week. Rev. Parvin is a
strong preacher and always
gives an interesting message.
His experience as pastor and
subsequent work as evangelist
give him special equipment for
his work. His musical director,
C. A. Kemp, well fills his impor
tant position in the work. They
make strong team and one
much appreciated.
The following services will be
held during the next few days:
A special service for business
men Thursday at 7:30 P. M.,
subject "Good and bad bar
On Friday at 7:30 P. M-, sub
ject, "God is at the door, or
how to open the door and
let God in."
Sunday at 10 A. M., a love
feast service for everybody, fol
lowed by preaching, subject of
sermon, "The power of the
Sunday school will meet at the
usual hour. Rev. Parvin will
make a short address to the
At 3 P. M., Sunday, a service
for parents and their children
will be held Alf parents invit
ed to bring their children.
Sunday evening service will
be held at 7:30, subject, "The
hand writing on the wall."
Singing Evangelist C. A. Kemp
will sing at these services. He
will be assisted in them by the
series of meetings
Everyone is cordialy invited to
attend all these services.
Beginning next Sunday mor
ning the pastor will preach a
series of Lenten sermons on
the seven sayings of Christ on
the cross. The theme of the
sermon next Sunday morning
will be "The mercy of the
Remember there will be no
evening services next Sunday.
Mrs. Ferdnand Otto is back to
her old home in this vicinity
again in Bossko township. Mrs.
Otto's daughter, Prudence, is
hello girl in the central office,
and son, Leslie is also in Sisse
ton, freight manager at the
L. E. Markeseth's children are
on the gain, under the care of
Dr. Hogeland of Vehlen.
James Wooly purchased a Ford
car from W. F. Carlberg of Sis
seton last week. Look out for
the rocks Jim.
Wheat is going down again,
and the farmer's lower lip is be
ginning to sag in this vicinity.
Have patience neighbors, Job
had patience. There will a
good time coming.
Mrs. Henry Otto is on the gain
after her tussle with Jack Frost.
Beware of the north-west breeze
Mrs. Otto.
Everybody is pleased to hear
Mrs- L. Ruckdaschel's voice
again over the phone as she has
been unable to speak out loud all
Mrs- C. W. Wicks has been as
sisting at G. W. Wooley's,during
Mrs. Wooley's illness, also Mrs.
Fred Otto. Many thanks to both
Mrs. G. L. Wooley is recover
ing from her siege of the grip.
Quest Otto was shopping at
Otto Tuesday.
School Notes
Everyone come to the girls'
basket ball game Jan. 31st -Sis
seton vs. Browns Valley.
The sophomore boys have been
busy arranging for a basket ball
game with the freshmen for this
evening, Jan. 31st.
The next Literary program
will be given by the Forum soci
ety. The date lias not been de
The seventh grade will soon
hold a mock trial. The pupils
take up this work with interest.
The seventh grade was the
banner grade last week in at
r. Thomas and Rev. Shearer
visited the grades last week.
Have you noticed the studi
ousness of the freshmen of late?
Friday afternoon some of the
lower grades assembled in the
high school and the following
program was rendered:
Song, "Snowllakes," Miss De
tert's grade.
Lullaby, Vivian Lien.
Song, Frank Payne and Evelyn
Red Riding Hood, Miss Hecht's
Song, "Slumber Boat," Beatrice
Song, "Miller of Dee," Boys of
Miss Simmons' grade.
l^ast Friday we, the honorable
Sophs.,changed our various loca
tions in the assembly room and
are now located in one body,
which of course enables us to
study better.
Agriculture has succeeded
'physical geo»'j™.ij)liy in nie sopti
omore class. A number from
the other classes are also taking
it. The work Will be made
practical as possible in
Hsve the StMtiMd print it. c&s&xsgs&g&g&xg
ir A 12.1x1x6«, «. 1-
Department of History,
Harold Schmidt is missing
fi'om the freshmen class, but
Selmer Markesseth has returned
to school after two weeks' ab
sence on account of sickness.
Weekly enrollment and attend
ance report by grades, Jan. 20
to 24, 1913:
Grade I
Grade 11
Grade III
NO. 32
Attendance 27
Grad»' III a Enrollment
Grade IV Enrollment 4
Attendance A 1
(Iradv Enrollment
Grade VI Enrollment
Grade VII Enrollment -t
Attendance 5
Grade VI11 Enrollment
High School Enrollment
Attendance '.i
Total Enrollment 4S'.I
Total Attendance 372
Little Gffl Dies
Clara, the eight year
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. CI.-is.
Besieck of Lien township, di
last Saturday from the effects
Nels Nor elan ft. 5
A. W. Nelson!
Miss Alma Pedergon.
Mrs- Hans Peterson.
Miss Mabel Peterson.
Mrs. Kaseya Sintemni.
Mrs. Nettie Webber.
Miss Anne O Varenden.
Not Satisfied
Sad will be the day for any
man when he becomes abso
lutely contented with the life
he is living, with the thoughts
he is thinking and the deeds
he is doing—when there is not
forever beating at the door of
his soul some great desire to
do something large which he
knows hewas ment and made
to do be cause he is a child of
—Phillips Brooks.
Bright's disease which fist
made its appearance sometime
last summer. The child had
parentl.v been getting better, ml
the final attack came on sudden
ly Everything possible wasdr ne,
but to no avail. The rem» is
were taken to Lowry, Minn., s. nt
the funeral was held at 1
church there on Tuesdav.
Advertised Letters
Sisseton, 8 D. January 2l.ih,
Frank J. Cox.
Mrs. Sessie Dahl.
Mrs. Minnie Deiken.
Hannah Grey.
John W. Haney.
Swen Harldson.
Miss. Mary Jewett.
M. A. Knappen, Postmaster.
Water! Water! Water!
The best the world effort's,
Pure Spring Water by the ag
on tank load delivered in cist n»
at I the Regular Retail Price, by
the Water Specalist. Car leads
at Reduced Rates. Phone Call 11 '1.

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