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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, March 13, 1914, Image 7

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In Every
ES, Madam—a shine bet
than your stove ever
wore before. You get it
with Black Silk Stove Polish.
And the best part about it
Black Silk Stove Polish gi .es
on to stay—actually becomes
part o£ the iron. It's
Four Times as Good
as any other polish because it
stays on four times as lorg.
It doesn't rub oft' or dust off.
Brighten up your home by
shining every stove or range
If you don't find it the best
stove polish you ever used,
your dealer is authorized to
refund your money. Renu-ivi
ber the name and ask lor
Slack Silk Stove Polish.
Get a Can Today
Made in liquid or
paste—one quality.
Silk Stove Polish Works
Sterling, Illinois
Use Black Silk Air
Drying Iron Knamel
on grates, registers
and stove pipes—
prevents rusting.
Use Black Silk
Metal Pol ish for
silver, nickel, tin or
brass. Unequalled
for automobiles.
HE has !iv.(l lirr lift-- I'm- you, given
yon all ln-r host.
Toiled with you and droamt with
you and sung you to your rest,
Done without and saerillced
And waited time by time
She has lived her life for you,
Tender and sublime.
Maybe in her hair and heart «my is creep
ing on.
She has lived her life for you since her
love's first dawn.
Saved and imped to make ends
Planned and dreamed away,
She has lived her life for you.
What have you to pay?
What have you to nive her now. Have
you thought of that?
Have you dreamed and planned it out as
alone you .sat,
Measured with an honest will
Heaping measures full
Of the things that make a life
Glad and beautiful?
She has lived h^r life for you down through
all the years.
Patient, faithful, trusting, true in the
smiles and tears,
Waited, wondered, sung and borne.
Yielded, suffered, bled—
She has lived her life for you
Sine© the day you wed.
Baltimore Sun.
4 4
Are a Distinct Species and Are
Hatched In the Bivalve,
0\ti mill«, ii,«v liny, ,!aintv.
I'illk lilliil.«. fv ilcl R-iivy highly
prized a lid vuiti .-|it:nlmg|v
ivr. As I lie Vl','ill.« iii'li liiki'll
from their hum,'.« in oysiur «hell«
ii^e Inn a short timr. ciuh ilayV
i.aicii is hl.inriir.l at Im end of the
iia\ oi'k unlr:-« then* art* orders
J'"' ine Ii 11111. 111 to ailjawin
Thv Martially lioiled vi'al.i
is .«hipjii'd in gla«« .oniiiiner.«. in
whirh shape it inn he had at the
Mores. It is heiter mi. lor niall as
they are, I
nil ot
'.hey -11iu111 I ii ii lie raten unless
they are ali\e when thrown into
boiling water.
A geiiei-al idea is that the u\tvr
crab is a lialiv oft «hell, hut she
(for o\ -:'r era 11 i« always
a feinalel i« an entirely dill'erenl
s'Jieeies from I lie lillle mill, hich
is 1 lie soft «hell ,ii' rommet'ec and
after theater supper,«. She lives onlv
assueia I ion with the ovster and
ra vi'ies her egg« into the oyster
shell, her young being hatrhei!
there and r\ irinl by I he ov-ter onlv
when they heroine so ninnei'oiis and
lively a« to lie nui~anee to he
foster mot her.
The males then assume hard
shell and a dirty brown and «I lift,
for 11 111 ~e I es n« be.-t 1 iiev can.
'The female era I is. of a daintv pink
ish white hue. «elllTV about to es
cape their enemies until they reach
a Broadway restaurant in the oys
ter dealer.
'Uli« pt'.-ileeted Ii I makes 1 ii(
shell of tjie female o\«ter crab de
generate into mere membrane,
and her leg« beeoine so weak that
she eaniiot get eboul or survive
at all away from the friendly com
panionship of the oyster.
Whet her it is rue hat she is a
scavenger for and caterer to the
oyster is a question the scientists1
are divided over. At all events she
becomes a dainty morsel and
shrinks so in the cooking' processes
1 hat it doesn't seem si* if you were
getting much for your money when
you order an omelet, patty or salad
of oyster crabs.
lint what you do get is a sub
limated reminder of the daintiest
shrimp you ever ate, with about
the same relationship in flavor thai
a mushroom has to a brnssels
sprout.—I'mll'alo Express.
Told of Turner.
Turner, the English painter, was
blunt spoken and often gruff, but
on occasion he unbent enough to
jest —occasionally at his own ex
11 is famous picture. "The Slave
Ship"—t lint wonderful combina
tion of flaming and gorgeous colors
—was once described by an exas
perated critic as "a cat having a
fit in a dish of tomato salad. Tur
ner had never heard I lie a but
once when a salad was passed to
him at a dinner he put on a critical
and considering air as he regarded
it and remarked to Iiis neighbor:
"Nice, cool green, that lettuce,
isn't it? And the beetroot a pretty
red. not oiiite strong enough, and
Solicits your flour trade
Dakota Pride
We Sell Hard and Soft Goal
Why not Subscribe for the Standard? It's Best,
tie dressing, delicate tint "of yel
low. that Add some mustard and
ben yon have one of my picture:
Obeying Her Physician,
'1 he old laily, says the Manchester
(iuardian. complained bitterly to
her visitor that the east wind.« bad
kept tier in I lie house for a week
"I bought that 1 lie wind had been
ue«terly." «aid the visitor. "No,
cast, due ea«l, and my doctor has
cautioned me against running 1 he
slightest risk with east winds." The
visitor left the house and faced a
wann west ind. Il.-incinLT at the
wcat iict'cork on lie hmic oppo.«ilo.
he saw. however, that it «ieadl'n-tlv
indicated east and 1 hat the -evereM
gust never moved it.
I lad it not been for his chance
di.«coverv thai the weathercock had
Mile! the I a Ii I it I oberer of doc
tor'« order« would have been a lil'e
loll" -l I-Olier.
Many Kinds of Bananas.
There a re
er known va rie-
1 ies of bana.ia-. with as ureal or
greater variation in character as in
he diil'ereiil kinds of apple«. Hawaii
i.« said to have «oinel hing over forty
'list met a riet ie« of 1 he fruit lilo -t
of which have 1 introduced bv
the whites. Some of these are of
extremely delicate and delicious
flavor, while other kind« are used,
if at all. only when cooked in vari
ous ways. There is scarcely a city
hoiii-e lot or country "kuleana" or
homestead which does not have a
chimp or two of bananas, which
grow with practically no care.
Few Old Maids In Japan.
Ac ording to I lie statistics of.the
Japanese blue book, there are very
few Japanese women who do not
marry. The majority of Japanese
girls marry at twenty-one years of
age. The men usually marry at
twenty-six, but marriage al the age
of fifteen not unknown. Prac
tically every Japanese man who
does not join a Buddhist monastery
marries. The old bachelor and the
old maid are almost unknown in
the land of the chrysanthemum.
Work of a Big Hotel.
About 1,000 persons enlov one
big New York hotel every day. This
figure is based on an actual count
made throe years ago. when 10,000
persons entered in nineteen hours
from ii a. tvi. to 1 a. m. Employees
were not included they are J,000
at ordinary times. Three thousand
persons lunch there every dav and
5,000 dine. To entertain the^e mul
titudes military precision and dis
cipline must he maintained in all
Poor 11, mi- vk nfii-ii :k. nu- laugh.
TI is ii'TVr In» t'ivs to sing.
He rails his wife his In lu-r half.
Though she
Bears the
Signature of
S Light co.
ihe whulr l»larn* thing.
-CMrieinnat Knione?\
For Infants and Children.
Two Sides of
insleaii ..
wail In' In'
HO 'iIKiell
in»- ii"U mI.i nil le gaIs.
V« .. 1.ii iv ii in' rutin'
L'li tu iTh'it. I thui'l halt
i" nuinieit. 1 got
uli uu a wash
ii'Uiin". What I
Wll Si I'll!,- -III,
boa'd al/ l, in .1 iniiiii
walit I" u'i iii.n-rit it in":"
"Oil. e-'ia w. A inn ('litne! Ymi'd
like In o-l hia ilieil el I ennii^ti if nil
had iuu-t...«i\ in Hiarry you. tlnw
almlll il fax l.-r. lie was voiul ing
on. 111:11 I' 11 i. ex .tunes Innk fl'nm ,\ nil
"Vo' aeiiiivi1 was inn' mistaken in vo'
life 'liora u. Vil tie -11111 to me one
•lay. a 11 lie -a\. sav- lie. 'lilne, yo'
iliiu't kiin al: .' uiil ihil nil Id like
take eaie lit. mx Imiise. dn vo":'
"I was n-x In' lia. nii xvtieu lie said
dat. au' I i"st t• Kt xx 111 a I'n'k in one
liand an ik eil up al de vi'ilin',
ilinimiiiIuI like."
'lilne. didn't you an­
ders! and 11 in was a |no|ii isal
""I'i-•]'. —.11 in me: "I'xvan't no secli
iliiiiLT. Xi.i kiiexx well 1111 IT I kin inak'
my own liliin'. an' lie wouldn't insult
n:i' Ii.x askiii' nie tn I nine in an' mal
ile I'e'l an i-iink de Xit I Ies an' set
mini' an' Innk In 1 i'ty de rest nil de
time, lie wanted a lazy ual to' dat."
"Well. ^1 111 witli ynnr story."
"Itinii'tiy I think til 1 I'inkey Jones as
de nms xx n't Ii less mil 1 knnwed. eonse
kendy dc inns' iiki'ly gal IV to get
married Su I tote Nat 'limit her, an'
lie a is kid a lot 0I1 ipiest inns. I wa'n't
goin' In 111aIi" myself 'sponsible I'D' tier,
so I ju-l Sili.I she war a line lnokin'
gal when she war dressed up. I
knowed dill wnu Id please liini hel
ler'n if said she war a good cook
an' washer an' ironer. an' it did. lie
arskeil ine where she war. an' I (nie
him. an' lie went right off an' hegun
de eon'tin ."
"Aunt Cliioe. you're very smart.
Y011 know you are. You know well
enough lie wanted you. lint yon didn't
want the job yourself, and you turned
him aside on purpose."
"Vah. yah:" laughed Cliloe kin*wtng
ly. "Iteckon I didn't want de job my
self. Nat war bery good mull too.
But what 1 want to git married fo'.
anyway? My husbaii' 'ml pay fo' tie
uiarr.vin'. but who gwine to pay fo' de
divo'ee, I like to Know? Do yo' s'pose
1 can alTo'd to travel way out to some
o' dem west'11 towns an' lib dar a yen'
or mo fo' to git separated from some
wo'thless niggali dat couldn't white
wash a stone wall
"Well, how did Nat: come out with
his suit.'/"
"How Nat eoine out Why. become
out wid a tlatiron folio win' him. It
hit him sijua' on de back ob le head.
Mighty lucky dat. lOf it hit him in de
back it might 'a' broke it. Kf it hit
liini in de side it might 'a' stopped de
heart a-beatin". De safes' place fo' Nat
In git hit war in de skull. You
couldn't break it wid no trilliu' thins
like 11 tlatiron. an' (lore hain't no brains
in it to joggle."
"I thought you said Nat was a good
ma 11."
"So he is: so he is gnnd man. bill I
didn't say he war a siua'l man. i-'.l
he'd been a sma't man he xvnuliln't 'a
married I'inkey .tones."
"Hilt didn't you recommend tier
"Dat's jist what Nat said, lie nunc
to me wid his head all bandaged up.
an' he say. Vliloe. wlia' yo' recom
mend dat dibbil to me fo"/'
1 didn't recommend her.' I said.
I tole yo' she war a line lookitV gal
when she war dressed up.'
"What was the trouble between Nat
and I'inkey"'"
"Nat tole me 'bout dat. He said he
went home to supper an' dere wa'n't
110 supper—(le butcher didn't send home
de po'k chops. Nat asked I'inkey why
she didn't go get de po'k chops.
I'inkey said she didn't git married fo'
to carry home provisions. Nat said
dat ef lie worked all day cuttill' peo
ple's grass an' beat in' rugs lie didn't,
know why his wife couldn't be sho to
hah lie supper ready I'inkey said she
couldn't cook de supper when de sup
per wasn't sent home in de deliberv
"Hen Nat asked I'inkey ef when she
war a Georgia nigger de delibery wag
on stopped at de do' ob her residence
wid de provisions. Dat made Pinkey
mad. an' she war reachin' fo' de flat
iron. Nat saw blood in her eye, an'
he started out to git his supper some
whar else, but de tlatiron tuk him in
de back ob de head an' putty nigh
knocked him down, lie turned to
I'inkey an' tole her ef she did dat ag'in
he'd hub her arrested.
"Dat war de end oh de mlsunder
standin'. Nat he boa'din' at a low down
boa'din' house, a 11' Pinkey she libin' In
Nat's rooms mighty comfalum."
"'Twns all your fault. Aunt Chloe.
Nat eame to you to ask you to lie Ills
wife, and you turned him over to the
most worthless woman you knew."
"Wo'thless! Yah. yah! Don't yo' be
liebe it. 1'inkey's conslderin' weilder
she gwine to study fo' to be a teacher
or to write I'o' de magazines. She
hain't got no eddieatlon. an' she ealn't
do teachin". so she's gwine Into de lit
erary business. I reckon."
"If you had married him lie would
have been all right."
"Reckon he would 'a' been all right,
but what- lid I 'a' been'/ I been gibln'
you de man's side ob de |iiestion. Kf
I'd 'a' married Nat I'd 'a been gibln'
you de woman's side. De woman,
when she gits a wo'thless Imsban' or
don't agree with him. gits lot of
trubble with the alamonia an' nil dat.
I ruther fry bacon an' do washln'."
8 5 ifr
Monthly Payment Ftist Yea'
At is
Head Castle of Brotherhood of American Yeomen at DJS Moines,
Iowa. N. Wilcox, Deputy. Call and see him for lowest rates on
nsurance. Sisseton Homestead meets 2nd and 4th W »1
.9.-. 1.15
.9*i 1 20
1.00 1.2.)
1.1)0 1 1.30
l.(H)j I.»0
1.0ft 1 3f
I.Oj I I 40
-^T,- Tflx'i
)W3SC ice of u:
11: a
15 Fdäi-
SOMEONE in So. Dakota
Is Going To Be Given Tilts
and a
YOU may be the one to GET IT
There is no question as to the value aud nHofulncss of the Motor
Cycle. There is no question as to the value of a li&riey
-Davidson Motor
(/ycle. There is no question us to the squareness aud fair dealing of the
Farm, Stock and lionii Co. who is making1 this otlbr.
Fill Out This Coupon Today.
iet full particulars of this oder. Leari)• about' Uie Jilicral cash com
missions you can earn in addition to the motor cyclo.
A good hustler can make from $3.00 to $10.00 & day.
Do not wait a minute before filling oat this coupon.
It will give YOU a credit of 10.000 points toward the Harley David
son Motor Cycle.
H:» 1 Ivnnopln Avorm«*,
CivnUenuMi —Plczise s»inl
IN.* IN!!
Vyviv and l'rmii ^3.0-J lu 310.' day.
Pn.sf n/ficr.
Jiurnl Mate
'J'his ctjupuii c'otniih fur lU.tKK) potntH. A0flrri«/n.»
similaiiiigihcl'oodantl Regula
ting (lie Siomaclis andßowdsof
Promotes DigestlonJChcetful
ncssand Rest.Contalns neiter
Opium.Morplune nor Mineral
Itea'pe of Old.
Boofikia Seed"
jllx.Sama 1
jtoiscSttd I
lUl'arteaale$3da+ I
IthrmSetd- ft
C/arißcd Stmr 1
Aperfect Remedy forCottsftjis
tion. Sour StomaclvDIarrtra
ness antlLoss OF'SLEEP.
Facsimile Signature of
At 0 rn 1 1 t'ld
J5 )J
Monthly Pay vi» it After First Yd
two |$I0IV) l$j(KX)
$ A* $ .Iii $1.i0
.•15 .V, \.\h
.45 .7«) 1.25
.50 1.35
.HO t.4n
.fJ .80 1.45
.50 .s5 1.55
.IK) 1.65
•s 2S incluslvo
fl.iK) $2 10
I 41
a llarley-Davidsou
imhvuliiiil will not count unyt
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the1
Goaranue* «Wdtftt« Koodi
»5 4]
1 1
A 1
.1 'M
1 1

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