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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, March 20, 1914, Image 8

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Unintentional Frankness.
1 hv uisth|i (M Ijuiulon veoeuUv told
storv of visit ho (inld to Ituekliig
Lmin palace to wi? King Edward.
As hi' was going in lie [uihsimI thv
laU* Lord Bulinlmrv vomlng out. bill
ib* shttesimim did not Koom to know
hi tlu» fotir.it* of foiiversahon he
uwmlnmvd tto* niwling to King ImI
•'Oh. [ord Srtliz.Uur never reeotf
mzvs anybody, levelled the king. and
^olng to Unmiu he tonic out new
yhoUgrnph of himself and handed It
i.o the bishop. "WhiU. do vwi third of
ihat?' he ask«!.
"A very excellent likeness sir! re
tilled th«' bishop
"Weil, said the king, ••when I show
•'1 !i fi ^'tlislnirv he looked hard at it
tor a mini??«' «lid thpn said:
Instead of all giailnvs.s.
Come over: don suffer puin.
The Dread Alternative.
The long miflVnuK wilt- uf litiUil mil
nl linker in a Mlsnlssl|i[ii (own served
notice on (lie loenl driiinshop keepers
"this was in tin* old (Ih.vsi bei ore
hioition—that nli would iirosceulv any
»ne selling her imstiand mloxieiints.
So when the geiitlemim In question,
slightly waveroiiH on It in pins bm dig
nified and seiioliirly as always,
«Iropped into Ills favorite saloon that,
-evening und culled for toddy the
barkeeper only
Soothed Hie Nervee.
Hans von Bulow, the famous lender
and composer, was one of the most
ecctintrie members of a profession
wherein eccentricity Is common. It is
related that- one day. while walking
the streets of Vienna, Below came
upon a regimental'bitnd on Its way to
the castle. ttaimtflfatetyi lie ran to the
middle of the street and joined the
small boys about the drummer. Fol
lowing the hand, he kept 'bowing to
the surprised drummer, applauding
him at almost every i*at. .,
"That Is rhythm! Excellent! 'That's
the way I Hike to -hear It!'* hp con
tinued to ejaculate, f» the" surprise of
all and to the great delight of the
small boys.
Persons in the street began to recog
nize the famous .pianist and joined the
procession, so that the band had one
of the largest audiences to which it
had ever played.
Bulow listened attentively to the end
of the Inst piefe itnd then made a deep
bow before, the drummer and his
Ui'lh-r! I wonder if he
i•|hd us bulks!
Lc don Hie Ricjht Side.
u:. I fv lKi-1 (h
Mr I.: ill,- Mr.: ill sub*,
friii:!»!.-"-: v. il on..I. "i l.u^
1 u"! '!, I.« Iiliu- s:df
A:m1 Mm- trtr side.
The .»iif i*• i, cimi w*it!» song.
I ,«-:i vt» I ti!d wiong sub
An«l no i" lhe S'ittu s1111•.
Ti.-imnh li'Hh v-'iirv :i ml I t.
*.s slmll I" n.uliicd,
\our Int.i In» delicti h'(l:
Sortv^ p. I
:v to ess Inr :«ll hrre is her«
omo from Hu? lour sidv I
Arn! WiiH »u vour own dv.
Your share of tifv.s pleasures tu «am
our life is «II sudors*
Ills tiend.
"Can't do it, colonel.' lie said.
"Sorry, but you know how it is.'
"But, sir," said the cnlouel. "I am
.ii thirst. I famish for cooling dm ft!"
"All right then.' said I lie barkeeper,
"have a glass of water on the house!"
And he produced a cold, brimming
For a moment the colonel conlcm
$)lated the offering Hourly. Then lie
raised it tri
yujtl in ii
"Tlianlf von.- he said. "That was
refreshing! That puts- mv 'nerves in
It Is said tlrnl- xvllen the drummer
learned who his strange admirer was
he was the proudest man in the regi
'Fair Play.
Webster was once sued by his
butcher for- av- bill of long standing.
Before the-suit »y«s-settled he met the
bot her on the street and-to the. man's
great embarrassment stopped to a*
why. lie .had ceased, senfliitg. around for
U* order.
^•Why. Mr. Webster," said the trades
omd. I did not think you would want
to dwl swllh me when I've bienght suit
"Tnt tut!" paid Mr. Webster. "Sue
ail .vwi wish, but tor beeren'« sake
4aa'ttt7toab|trTeneto fleethr
I lie all irnei had been anuhl un
awares a I lirsl. but I»'«' lie loiunl
breath In impure in Ins slow drawl.
Im role il
I lie ol her paused t.i -1 ud Iiis tim
I'onileseendinglv lor a mouieut. liv.
HB FACEli Till-:
tone of voice said:
"If the great philosopher Socrates
?ould drink hopilock without shud
der I suppose it. qui sw.allow this!"—
Saturday livening I'ost
Not For Sole.
Henry A. KraueU, the aiillioi'. telling
uf a trip down the spine ol South
America from liogota to I Suction Aires
"Eggs are plentiful, though In the
-Glides, when you enter a shop with
four bushel baskets of them sitting
•around in various corners the Invari
able reply is 'Tliey are not lor »ale
The proper and a la mode answer to
this is to say in your most fluent and
regal Queeha: 'Of course I know verv
well they are not for sale. No Andlne
lady who considers herself a ladv
would think ol selling eggs —mean
while you are tilling your basket or
sacks with the fruit In i«estion-'but
I have taken three dozen. How much
•do I owe you?
"The answer is sure to lie a meek
''Dos reale«, senor
Value of Money.
Wealth is no sinecure. Moreover,
the value ol inonev depends partly oil
knowing what to do with It. partly on
the manner In which it Is acquired—
Sir John Lubbock.
Was .t the Front.
Question That Moved First to
Pity and ien ta fw/.
Severn! vc.-irs a^. vvln-h t'li'sl
deill M:irsli:ill «iisjilii.li All"l lii-l loin
-Mir-li.-iI! il IikImiii!.
a ii I ii.'iirly
si-ed\' .1 ml il'itvn ill I lie licel ii.-ii\ ulllill
eluded lie utin-e In\
iimI I
In si*-iioui-ii-
plier and insinmileil Imnself mlu IIi«
linvvers briek utlire.
"Mr. Mmshiill. tie beg.ui glib!.» in
tlint bliinil piolessioiiiii m.-tniiei- that
makes mie long tor Hit- po"d uliI ilnvit
ut blood. I lieu id a great deal of
^(ill us a elmreli uoiUer lit re, und I
kimw voll Ii be Interested in a new and
ul'solutclv up to dale edition ol I lie
I'ngbsli I'.lble. lull itii'iiveii binintl.
nil sC'iiied. annotated, lie linrned
on. flipping the pages of Ins honk, and
laced upon I lie market at a price
which bnrelv covers rust ol publica
tion. shipping and
I guess you iluln tindcrslaud me. Mr.
Marshall. lie explained pitviuglv.
This is a I'.lble
I.iit I did understand, dm led the
littU* man. Ills tticc i-iilmlv curious.
"And I ask voll, who wrote it
The agent slutted Ins teet nneasilv,
ran a suspicious eve over I he man at
the desk, tell ol Ins collar anil cleared
his throat in an annoyed wav "Hut,
Mi. Marshall. !ie Insisted palientlv.
it. a Bible- I'.-i-b-l-e. he added hope
fuliv. "ISible. von know.
•AN hi. wrote it.- demanded the fu
ture vice president, irrave as a east
iron monument ol one ol the earlv
Christian mart vis.
1 lie visitors blow was moist now.
.lud Ins eve searched I he lour cornel's
of tile room despairmirlv. NN II Ii 'i last
eflort he braced himsclt. looked at his
man again and. Iindmu: no encourage
mi lit there, retreated to the doorwav.
I h'* knob under Ins lingers seemed to
stir Ills I altering courage, tor once
more lie threw hack his Shoulders and
faced the man in the chair.
'NVIiy, voll blithering, pin headed
I vol,' lie shouted »vi theringl.v. "it's a
I'.lble! I.lppmeotl s.
A retired army officer was in his
back garden one day when a tramp
came round the end of the house.
"I've bee'n at the front," he began,
"and"— The old ofllcer beamed on him
as he Interrupted to ask: "Nave yoti
Indeed, my man? And were von
wounded?" "No," said the man "no.
sir. not exactly. But I couldn't make
no one 'ear. so I come round to the
Meekness of Mose».
Tbete was no love lost between a
certain pupil and the teacher of a col
ored school in Richmond. Moses
thought: the teacher was too vritical.
to which «'iloct he expressed himself
more than once,'With the result tlnft
he had been disciplined.
You should never say 'I is. ad
monished tile teacher one day during
the course ot a talk to her class.
"Yes, teacher, I Is pavm attention,
'deed I is.' Moses hastened to saw
"You should not say 'I is,'' again
admonished the teacher. "I have told
you a thousand times. 1
on know the
I correct form. There are no exceptions
to Its use. ilve me two examples at
"Yessum." said Moses meeklv. "I am
one of the letters of do alphabet. I am
a. pronoun."—Harper's.-Magtmnq..,
Three Cups .ef Tea.
An open lire. blue, tea things on the
table and a tea .kettle singing a little
soiig of comfort are.the proper stage
settings for this little.anecdote.
An Irish.. hostess when she asks If
you'll have sugar In yoir "tay,'" holds
out the bowl and ulisentmlndedly goes
on with her conversation or stirs the
•fire, allowing you to help yourself.
An English hostess askt, "One lump
-or two?", and cnrefuily drops the sugar
Into your tea.
If you should
a Scotch hostess
for 'a little more sugar In your tea she
would demnnd with a note of surprise,
"And hae ye stirred It yet?"—Chi cage
Now. prettv Miss hi vlv:^ lor my sn would
slu* was and win v. not ii:t v.
iiut her party il split on one hill.- thing.
And that was thv split in Ijr-r sMrtv.
Anil closed up lho split in the party.
When dpi von bud out thai hi" had
a spiritual side
ben 1 broke a buttlo in In- po k
vl. Si. 1 .uuis lobt.» 1 leiiiocra I
Flossy—Quick! Call a taxi!-I:irt
mouth .lack o* Lantern
A committee n[»«in tin- lair lad\ did call.
And Iht-v ya hv: sonic pinnvi'S- Hi
Wild- lit* volvi admit vd oei Ij.-:* 'il\' and'
I law nt'Vi'i would sla'id for tin» pht.
Km at I lit» ti*'\t meeting ihov ^i-et her!
with snub?«
And t.'hfer I or their choice ions and
I-or she had hvfti hns\ with m'fdl«* and
If i'h'f.tvd, iu»th sh«\ will il: «SH as I
Ami she lau^hs at I he lhoiit»ht ood and
lica rtv.
VX ith a pair ot sharp sicyrs I'll net busv
at tnet»
Ami reopen the split 1.1 he partv.'
--Mrs. William Ibmrv AtUin in .us An
-a limes 1
A Discovery.
Saving Cigars.
W must iM'oiMfinr/.v il wi* a?•«» to be
marrivd soon. .«»or? «', said I lit-* sweet
.vunug thinii
I know it. d» ar. replied her rum
paniun on the sofu as he moved up
And are von Irving to save on vonr
«•i^ars. dear:
Oli. .ves! lon I von set*. I just l"k
those i.wn eigars on! of m.v vi»at pocU»»i
and placed em on the mantolppMN?.
onkers Statvsnian.
How Did She Know?
They wer«* onI with a partv vneht
ing. 4
.'on versat ion Hugging, he re
marked, twisting his labial ornament*
I deelare! Tin? brmv brooze has
made mv mustache taste »put«* saliv
es, tiinocentlv said she. "I think
it has
Ami then she wondered why ihev all
tillered.-- London telegraph.
Crazy to See the Show.
Ilam (tee. but our andienet* was
mad last, niubt!
Lei-Sore, ell?
11min Niiw we played at tin* insane
asylum. -Stanford haparral
Mossy —Mow do von like tin new
Harry—It is ripping!
On Guard.
•'Didn't you ever eonteniplate matri
mony ?M
my boy." owned up the o'd
Imehelor, "but always frotu safe dis
tance. '—Life.
"lie seems to tie nlwavs ehasmg rain
5 es. That appears .to. be bis meth
od of .providing for a rainy day."—
Tired Eyes.
you have been straining
$ your eyes, probably a little rest
S ''Hid sane treatment ot them will &
matteis. II the strain is
move set Ions the oculist must be &
immediately consulted. Frequent
I.v the uearing ot eyeglasses for
4 kew months during the time A
ben 3 on are reading or sewing
oi doing other work which tries
the eyes will put vour eves in,
5 again. Perhaps the com
plete rest ol tin» eves and the
application oi some simple reine
dies recommended bv an oculist
are what your eves need- At nil
events, it your eves trouble you
or if you sutler from unusual S
headaches, don put off seeing
an oculist. The sooner you see &
him the more hope there is of
the permanent restoration of
health to your eves. When vour
eyes become tired stop working
If possible. Bathe them An
eyccnp ts almost a necessity for
this. It costs fi or 10 cents It
should be scalded before and
after using each time. Put lit
tie boric or boraciv acid in
it fill it with water arid bathe
the eyes thoroughly. Hot wa
ter Is far' more restful to some
eyes than cold, and vice versa.
Use whichever sort soothes your
eyes most quickly.
Gems In Verse
And the skies of suniirter are tender
In fubness of life and S'.rentith.
Atid rich is the a ut umn splendor
Rut winter corm-s at length.
'I ell me. what spell shall charm us
When the «olden davs expired
W hat is there left to warm us
Save loves most sacifd ttrs?
While on the soul high altar
Its clear light burns socuie
1 houyh the step of |ov may falter
And the «lad years are no more-
I he frosts of a«e are nauyht. dear
I clasp thy hand mine
Forally as when youth sought, dear
I be thv valentine.
A is la*» nme world wortt
W asaiiihi Jove snd
Sweet is me spring to the
»-a th. deai
Bright is I he ldo*om of outh
vlia Thaxter.
il. HI» and mv t.ampaspe played
At caids tor kisses—Lupid paid
Me stak»-s his quiwr. h»iw and ar
11 is mother dove.» and team of
Loset» them too: then down he
'1 he coral his lip. the roso
Grow mg «in check thut norse
knows how):
With thete the crystal on his brow
And thon the dimpl-
a iree bv a river a little tomtit
Sang. Willow, ut willow, titwillow!"
And said to him Dickev bird, why do
you sit
Sinking Willow, titwillow. titwillow?*
is it weakness of intellect, birdie," 1
Or a rather tough worm in your little
With a shake of his poor little head he
O willow, titwillow. titwillow?"
T_T slapped at his chest as he sat on the
binüinti. W illow, lit willow, titwillow!"
And cold perspiration bespangled his
O willow, it willow, titwillow?"
He sobbed, and he sighed, and a gurgle
tie gave.
1 hen he threw himself into the billowy
And an who arose from the suicide's
O willow, titwillow. titwillow'"
Flu savs there.s not.Uinv:
in Ins ble now I bat. lie can manair«»
verv tucelv.
rabshaw Nalurallv. lie sold his
ear when his wife eloped with bis
ehauflour.-- IMicU.
OW, feel uist as sure as I'm sure
thai mv name
Isn't willow, titwillow. titwillow
That was blighted a flection that made
him exclaim.
O willow, titwillow. titwillow!"
And if you remain callous and obdurate 1
Shall perish as he did. and you will know
1 hough I probably shall not exclaim as 1
O willow, titwillow. titwillow?"
From "The Mikado
broad Potomac's silent shore
Better than Trajan lowly lies
Gilding her green declivities
With glory now and evermore.
Art to his fame no aid hath lent:
His country is his monument.
grandfathers clock was too
large for the shelf,
So it stood ninety years on the
It was taller by ha!f than the
old man himself.
Though it weighed not a pennyweight
It was bought on the morning he was
And was alwavs his treasure ahd pride,
But it stopped short, never to go again.
When the old man died.
Ninety years, without slumbering (tick,
tick, tick. tick).
His life seconds numbering (tick. tick, tick,
It stopped short, never to go again.
When the old man died.
In watching its pendulum swing to and
Many hours had he spent while a boy.
And in childhood and manhood the clock
seemed to Know
And to share both his grief and his joy.
For it struck twentv-tour wh«n he entered
at ihe door
With a blooming and beautiful bride.
But it stopped short, never to go again.
When the old man died.
My grandfather said that of those he
could hire
Not a servant so faithful he found,
For it wasted no tune and had but one
At the close ot each week to be wound
And it kept in its place, not a frown upon
its face.
And its hands never hung by its side.
But it stopped short, never to go again.
When the old man died.
It rang an alarm in the dead of the night.
An alarm thai for-years had been dumb.
And we knew that his spirit was pluming
tor flight:
That his hour of departure had come
Still the clock Kept the time with a soft
muffled chtme
As we silently stood by his side.
But It stopped short, never to go again,
Whyn the oid man died.
—Henry C. Work.
TVil.NK ii mast to Cupid
And to his captive trains.
ix i.e ne ei desert Uiem
'S Nor treak Uieir golden chains
-.William Blak*.
rpHE man who won't grow up, but ataye
•L A great bis youngster all his days,
la more the kind of man we need.
Than all the men of blazoned deed
And haughty mien that walk the earth.
Because we catch his golden mirth
Jiiat-t* we did the measles when
We hadn't ourselves grown up to men..
Look out for Roorbachs!
Roberta Beach has returned
from Minneapolis.
Editor Stefflre of the Peever
Pilot called on the Standard Sat
Miss Bonnie Andrews visited
the Peever schools last week and
the Corona schools this week.
She is pleased at the school work
being done throughout the coun
Circular letters have been
sent to the pastors, superintend
ents and vice presidents of the
Roberts county Sunday school
association to meet in this city
next Thursday, Mtfch 26, at 2 p.
m., to prepare the program for
the June convention.
Mesdames L. S. Babcock Jas.
McGee, Otto Hanson, A. J. Otto,
Roy Steele, and A. Gross gave a
delightful social at the Shearer
home last Friday night. On the
program were an instrumental
ot his ohm-
All these did mv mrnpaspe win.
At last he set her hoth his eves.
She won. ami upul blind did rise
O Love, hath she done this to thee?
What shall, alas, become of me?
-John Lyly.
by Mrs. Shearer, solo by Dr.
Cook, piar duet by Frances
Carlaw and Mabel McKeever,
quartet by James, Henry and
Dewey Hanson and Mr. Camp, a
piano number by Miss Brewster,
and a solo by James Hanson, all
of which were warmly received
Other amusements were indulg
ed in and refreshments were
served. The committee extends
thanks to all who assisted.
State of South Dakota, County of Roberts, ss
In Circuit court. Fifui Judicial circuit.
Alice Ironheurt. Plaintiff.
Thomas Ironheurt. Defendant.
The Siate of South Dakota sends greeting
to the above named deieiidant.
You are hereby summoned and required to
answer the coinpiatut ot the plaintnf In the
above entitled action, a copy oi which is
hereto aitacned and herewith served upon
you, and lo serve a copy of your answer upon
the undersigned at his oftice in the City of
SiMseton. County ol Kobertd and state ot
South Dakota, within thirty days after the
service, of this Summons upon you. exclusive
"f the day of such service and It you fail to
answersatd complaint within said time as
required, the plaintiff will apply to the court
for the relief demanded in said complaint-
Dated at oissvton,South Dakota, this 30th
day ot August. A. D. 1913.
Attorney for I'lainull, Msseton. S.
N te: -Vhe above is published in pursuance
to an order of the court now on the in the of
fice of the clerk ot said court.
(J3-39) Attorney for olainulT
Default having been made in the conditions
of a curtain mortgage, made, executed and
delivered by Mane A. Vayne and L. XV Dayne
her husband, mortgagors, to ii. K. C.ilb«rt
mortgagee, dated Novi.mber löth. 1910. and
duiy recorded in the otlice of the Register of
oeeds and for Roberts county, youth Da
kota, on November 15th. 1910. at 0:10 o'clock
p. m.. in book -wi of mortgages, ou pa^e 102
conveytns and mortgaging the toilowing de
scribed lauds situated, lying and being in the
County ot Kobcris and stale of South Dakota,
to wit: Lots twenty H.) twenty one (21»
tweuty-two (^2.) twunty-tbrce (28.1 twenty
tour Ut.) ana the west half (w1™) et lot nine
teen (19.» in block forty mx (IG.) in the town of
Sthseton, according to the plat therenf on
tile and of record in the teirlstry ot deed* in
said county and state.
And whereas, there is claimed to be due at
the date ot this notice the suui six Huo
d. vd Seventy hvc and 47-100. (*075.17) dollars
on said premise». And no action or proceed
lug ha» been lusuituteu at law recover tbe
debt secured by said mortgage or any part
Now.therefore, notice is hereby given that
by virtue of the power of aale in said mort
gage contained, and of tno statine in such
case made and provided, said mortgage will
be foreclosed, and the above described pre
mises will be sold at public aucttou by the
sheriff of Roberts County. South Dakota, at
the frontdoor or the court house in town of
Sissetou, in said county ot Roberts, on the 4th
day of April. A. D. 1914. at two o'clock p. in.,
to pay said mortgaged debt and interest and
taxes, if any, with tweniv-flve ($25-00) dollars,
as attorney fees and disbursements allowed
by law.
Dated at Sisselon, Soivh Dakota, this 5th
day of Februarv, 1911.
.. Mortgagee.
Ii. M. htught. Attorney for Mortgagee.
(»5 41)
Stale ot South Dakota. County of Roberts
In Couuiy Court.
In th« mutter ot Uiu csiato of Nils l,irson
Noticu is hereby.Kiveti: That tin- admlnis
t,tutor of sind us:ate on the 2vih dav of
1' ubruarv, A. I). 1914, caused to be tiled with
the vlerk ot ibis court a return and report of
sale of certain real estate belonging io -.aid
o.-ian\ us shown by said report, and return
and whim real estate is described as follows
to wit: l.ots one (1 ami Two ii) and til"
Souih half (sVir) of the north east quarte
(ue'/i) or see. 4, in Township One Hundred
lwcnty-Hevcii 127.. range (19.) in Roberts
county, -tale of South Dakota and which real
esutc was sold by said adminlstiaior lur the
sum ortraiO.OO, ami reference is hereby had lo
said report and return Tor greater certainty
and I'artiuularitv.
/T-Nonce is also hereby given that, hearln»
«•'111 be hail upon said report and return in the
above entitled action before this court O'i
the eitb day of March A. D.I9M. at oneo'clocli
p. tn of that da.v at winch time app.ication
will be made by the administrator of said es
tate to have said report and return of sale up.
proved Uy this court, and im order coniiruiiiiL'
sanl sale, made by tins court, and tor other
proceedings herein as is deemed necessary
and prayed tor in sttia return and report of
sale, as is ret] ui red bv law.
Dated ut sissetou. south Dauotu. this loth
dav of March. 1811.
By the Court.
11. M. KNIGHT.
Sale anil Lense Notice
N.itice is hereby nivun that on April 7th
1914. a sale of Common School Lands Will foe
held io Roberts county. The lands selected
will be offered.for sale at. public auction, be
tween the hours of 10 o'clock, a. m., ana 6
o'clock p. m„ at the court house In said coun
ty: and on April'Sth, 1914, all of. the unsold
Common School Lands not under lease, win
be offered for lease at public auction between
the hours of 10 o'clock a. and S o'clock p.
m„ at the court house in said county.
Dated at Pierre, 8. d„ January 80,19X4,
Commissioner ot School and Public Land#.
Wbm-as. de'imlt ha# been made in the con
diUuiis ot a n.origHKC dated JAuuary 20, 19U.
made, executed and delivered by David Red
thunder or Tacotankhwaxten». a single man,
to the First savings Trust Company, a Cor
poration of bbsetou, Souih Dakota, wort
gauee, on he pieces or puree!- of land situat
ed and ivinu In the Vounty of Roberts and
State of South Dalmi a. described as follow»,
Lot Eight (8.) of Section Thirty one (31.) Lot
Two (2.) the Muihwest Quarter (swW* of tne
Northeast Quarter (netV and the northwest
quarter (nw?{) of the uoutbe*st quarter
ise!*j of Section Twemynlne ($9)
ami Lot Oue (I) of Section Thlrtytwo
(8$#i in Township One Hundred Twenty six
(1261 North ot ltaii^e orty nine (49) «Veatof
the Fifth I'r.neipul Meridiau. which s»id de
ta It consists in the failure to pay three In
stallments of Twentv-biur Dull,-us ($340Ufc
each, due January !2U. 1912. and January 20,
1914, and a tailuve to pay an tust illuieot of
interest due on a prior mortgage ot Suventwo
Dul.ars (S72.0D.) on January 20. 1912, and ao
ins ailment, oi interest due oi aaid prior
mortgage of b»*ven-two Uoliars ($72.00,) on
January LO. 1V1I. aim in accordance with the
cuodiuons ot .inld movtgago. ibe mortgagee
bas declared tbe whole amount of said mort
gage due and payab'e and there cue on said
mortgage at the date of this notice tbe sum of
Une Hundred Two I lobars and Twenty-lour
cents (#102.21.) principal and interest, to
which amount should be added the amount
of interest paid on said senior mortgage by
ilie mortgagee, being the euiu ot Oue Hun
dre«i Sixty-two ilnlt.ir.s and Seventy-two
cents *lb,.7^.) makn.g tli^ total amount
claimed to he cue oil said n»"rti?age al the
date hereof, the .sum ol Two Hundred Sixty
four Dollars and Nmely-six cents (2tM.V6.)
which said lnort-gaue was »in tiled tu the
othec of the lt»uiMer ol Deeds oi Hoben*
couuiy. .south Dakota, on January 20- 1911. at.
11 10 «.» clock a, ut.. and terortlvd in Ltook "CT»
ol Mortalities on Vitue ^jl."
hvreas. no a lion or proceeding at law
ha«» hemi uiitituivl or begun lo recover the
debt set-ured by said mortvauv o~ any part
Now therefore, n-JtictMs hereby given that
by irtue of the power of sale in said mort
j? igi* contained, said mortgage will be fore
ciCM bj a .-me of said pii unses and said
I premises wi.! be sold al pubtn*. auction, to thu
hiebest bidder for ca^li. on tiio day of
Anni, 1.U. atone clock in the afternoon ot
sa-d day at the tront door of the Court House
In the ut,\ of Sisseton. C/Ounty of liubirts and
Stat of ho it Dauotu. to satistv th«* amount
due on »aid luovigage. with Interest, and an
attorney feu of Twenty-live Dollars ($2)00-)
vwih co.ts ,ind ux j.en.xvs ut ale. as provided
by law.
Dated March p.dt
MHSL bA\ IMi-i & Tit 1:ST COMl«VV.Y
I" 1 urner, Attorney for Mortgagee
(88 441
W her* as.
default has been made in the con
ditions of a certain real estate mortgage con
taining a power of sale, given by Anna O
Sjerven ami William J, Sjerven, her husband,
mortgagors, to John 1\ Ooid, mortgagee
date»i on the t-Jtli day of July, 1906. and filed
for recoi in the office of the register of
deeds of Roberts County, and state of
South Dakota, on the 8th day of August
1906, at 3.25 clock p. m.. and recorded
in book 50 of mortgages, page 55. which
said mortgage was by an Insruuient
duly made in writing, dated on the 18th dav
of August, 1906, and tiled for record in the of
fice of the register of deeds of said Roberts
county on the 4th aav of February. 1914, at
2 50 cloek p. and recorded in book 77 of
page 2i, assigned by the said John
l.Uold to Gold Bros. Security Co., a coroora
tion of South Dakota, describing said mort
gage and the land therein mentioned and
which said mortgage was thereafter duly as
signed by said Gold Jtros. Security Company
a corporation, to Frank L. Stone- by an in
strument in writing describing satd land and
said mortgage for value received, dated Feb
ruary 2nd. 1011, and filed for record In the of
fice of the register of deeds of said Roberts
county ou the 4th day oi February, 1914, at2-55
cloc p. m., and recorded in book 7S of mort
gage?», paye 200, ootli of which assignments
were duly acknowledged, the said Frank
Stone beng the present owner ami holder of
said mortgage and tl debt secured thereby
in which mortgage and assignments the lol
lowlng deseub lauds in the county ol Rob
erts and state ot Swuth Dakota were de
scribed. to-wit: tne southeast quarter of Uio
northwest quarter and the south
west quarter of the northeast quar
ter oi section nine. in township'
one hundred twenty two of range fifty
oue, containing eighty acres, more or luss
aceotdmg to the government, survey thereof
I heruas. the nature of the default is he
failure on the «art of said mortgagors to pay
the interest on the indebtedness secured bv
«'»ui mortgage anri the principal debt at ma
luiity oi at all. and the taxes on said lands
and ,u.criH .i intei« st as follows: interest one
hundred hfteoti and W-100 dollar--- taxes
forty-four aud n.i-100dollars: principal four
hundred lifty and no 10c dollars, making a
lolul itmouiu due ut the date or this uotict" ot
six hundred nine and UJ-10J dollars
Notice is iierib.v mvt'ii. that said mortL'HL'H
will be ton-closed by tlie sale or tue lauds
and premises above described covered
thereby. by thv sheiitr of ,,»
p. tuiiiy o, Roberts, or hit deouty. on the
Eta of A,jril, 1VI4. at two clock p. of
Bftld din, ,ii the front door of the court
house 01 said county IN the city of Slsse-
io euid count and state, to satisfy
said indebtedness of six hundred nin« 'irit
60 100 dollars, which said sum is duo"s afore
said, besides the costs and disbursements al
lowed b} law, including therein twenty-live
attorney fees and you are further
notified, that no other proceeding has been
had for the foreclosure of said mortgage or
the oollociioo of said debt-
Dated this 2nd dav of February 1914
r. I-
Judge or C.miitv Court
-E. Anderson, Attorney for Estate
Wlieaton. Mu n
Aitept: 1). 1'. Stevens.
(•IS-.19) Clt-rk of County Court-
Thai! L. fuller. Attorney for Assigns
Milbatilc, S. D. (14-10)
State of South Dakota, County of Roberts, ss
Uity ls5cto
Frank B. Scott. PlaintiIV
vs. ..
Alltfu A. Allen, Defendant.
The State of South Dakota sends greetinir
to the above named defendant
You are hereby summoned and reouired to
.uihwei the complaint of the plainiitf herein
a copy ot which said com plaint is herewith
ser\ cd upon you, and to serve a copy of vour
»?*wero» the subscriber at his ortlce in the
ofSisseton, County of Roberts, and state
o. outh Dakota, »ithin ten days after the
service of this summons upon yotv exclusive
of the d»y of service, and If you fail to an
':0mVlaii!t within that time the
plaintiff «Iii. take judgment against you for
the sum of $!2ti.5S with Interest thereon sinV-i
the 29th day or August. 1913
0 slnLL
Uatc-d at Sisseton. SoiTth il.ikota, this»91h
day of October, 191«.
Attorney for 1'ialntilT
... SiRsetou.b. Llak
lo thv Above Named 1'lalntilT
I lease t.ikc notice that, the sumnions Pom
plaint AllKUvIt und Order of Pub beau
l1 Ule(l 1,1
the olltce of the Clerk of
the Muniupal Court, within and fur thu City
ot Sisseton, County oi R.iUei-is and Sritn lit
South Dakota, und that s,»d Summons
lll,llü:itin put'ünunt to suld Order
ot Publication. FRANK R. .McIivINNA
Alt iriiey lor VlulntilT.
State of South Dakota. County of I,it|s s,
InMunlcipaU.onii City of S.^eto» bout?,
E. F. Pl.iuf, Plaintiff,
Allen a.Allen, Defendant
lue State of Smith Dukot sends -rceth.i.
to the above named defi'udnnf
ou ate heivhy summoned and renuired to
aijswer he complaint of the ti?UndlA herein
.1 copy nf which complaint is liureivitn served
up.jn ou, and to serve a copy of vour answer
on thesubsclber at, his oillcc In-' til- CItv of
sisseton County of Roberts and State of
-V J1
V1 ICu
•I.U of this Summons upon you. exclusive of
he day of service: and if V"u lu,i to answer
w'ih "ala^judgme^i'i11against"'yojV'i'r ule'siim
at Sisseton, South Daeotn.
day of October, 1913.'
Attorney for Plaintiff,
•^•^ove Named Defendants'
Pe Summons, Coin
-plaint, Affidavit Order of Publication
ed ln th offlce
of the Clerk of the
Municipal.Court, within and for the.City of
on lu of
Roberts and State of South
nnku5aHAD ^dat said Summons is served by
Filiation Pirwiant to said Order of Pub-

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