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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, April 10, 1914, Image 9

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Episode In the Life of an
Opera Manager.
The inuuagcr li:nl ni.ulc rapid strides
Sü Lis profession, lie wns only thirty,
yet lie was Hole proprietor of :i success
ful comic opurn troupe. Ih was wry
businesslike witli tin* mvinlivrs of Iiis
company, lint tln-y nil liUoil him.
One morning lie wns rec-eiviiiK nppli
cations of cundid.ites I'm- I lie chorus.
girl with brown eyes md comely
d'iice a nil lignre wns mliuiMrd.
"You are"— he nskeii.
"Leonnrctta '1'raver."
"You sing"—
After a trial 'of her voice she wns
Leonarvtta sang so well I h:il she was
soon cast for one of I lie inferior parts.
At the first rehearsal aller the assign
ment she astonished he manager liv
singing a deep contralto. I-V\\- women
could reach the notes she struck.
"What's the matter with your voice?-'
Risked tlx manager astonished.
"Don't know, sir."
"You have lieon singing soprano for
two weeks and now you have bloomed
into a contralto."
"Sometimes my voice is much lower
than at others."
"Your part, isn't written for a con
tralto. I'll have to change it or change
you. I don't want to do either."
"I may lie able to sing soprano when
go on in cost nine."
The manager studied I lie matter.
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looking the while at the girl curiously.
It was a very strange case.
Leonaretta sang contralto till the
evening of the first performance, when
she came to the theater looking pale
and thin.
"By Jove." said the manager, "you
look as if you'd been keelhauled! 1 hope
there's no new voice to provide for."
"I've had a sick spell." replied the
girl. "I think my natural voice has
come back.'"
"I shall sing soprano tonight."
The manager hurried off to attend to
another matter, but his mind was on
the girl and this remarkable change of
voice. When Leonaretta went on she
sang soprano like a bird and so delight
ed the audience that the manager was
delighted also and cast her for a high
er part at. the next performance.
One morning Leonaretta was in the
manager's private office drawing her
salary, when he looked up at her and
"I'm going to put on a piece next
week with a man's part in it that
would just suit that contralto voice
yon took on not very long ago Now. if
you could only call it up at will. I'd
cast you for the part and pay you $.10
a week."
"When is the first rehearsal?"
"On the 15th."
"I may sing contralto by that time."
"What makes you think so?''
"Weil, I'm liable to a relapse at any
time and haven't had one for a long
while. It's due now."
lie engaged a baritone for the part,
who deserted three hours before the
performance, leonaretta was with the
manager when he received the unwel
come news.
"I'll take I he part." she said.
"You? Has your voice relapsed?"
"Not yet, but I think it will before S
o'clock this evening."
"Well, upon my word! I you mean
to say that"-
"I'll he here ready for I lie part."
At S:4 o'clock she went on with one
of the finest baritone voices that had
been heard in that house during the
season. She had been announced ver
bally as Signer I'.arilli to take I lie part
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Dakota Pride
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We Sell Hard and Soft Goal
Why not Subscribe for the Standard? It's
of the man whose name xvas on the
program. At the end of each act Si
gnor Darllli was called before the cur
tain and at the end of the opera re
ceived a perfect ovation.
"Now. see here," said the manager
after the performance. "You're a won
der. You're worth much more than I
am paying you. A girl who can sing
soprano or baritone at will is worth a
fortune. We start on the road next
week, and if you'll go with me and
will guarantee to sing the different
parts as I may require I'll give you a
hundred a week and all expenses. You
see. I save the salary and traveling
expenses of mie principal role. I'll
make you another proposition." He
dropped Iiis businesslike tone and
spoke fervently. "You know very well
that you have long been my favorite
in the company. Indeed. I may say
that ever
I first saw you I've
been dead gone on you. Will yon
marry me?"
The girl burst: into a laugh.
"Come home with me." she said,
"and talk it: over."
The manager consented, and when
hey reached Leonard la's lodgings she
excused herself for a few moments.
She soon returned hand in hand with a
young fellow, the very counterpart
herself, her twirt brother.
"I am Leonard Travel-." said the boy.
"and this is my sister, Leonaretta.
When she fell ill some time ago 1 took
her part, though I couldn't sing so
prano. Tonight 1 sang the baritone
part and received your proposition of
marriage. My sister wou'.il answer it.
but now thai you know there would he
two salaries and expenses to pay in
stead of one I presume it is with
"You I let: it isn't," said the malinger,
clasping Leonaretta in his arms.
A German city lias prohibited Isa
dora Duncan from dancing there. The
old fashioned countries are hard to
A Chicago court has decreed that
"ladies without escorts milst not loiter
in saloons" Have Chicago "ladies"
being doing ii
1« sack
9 9
Create Public Ideals of Civic
Results In Town Improvement Can Be
Accomplished Only by Community
Effort—Nothing Should Be Neglected
Which Affects the Life of the People.
The object of a city plan is:
To stimulate the people as a whole
to a realization of the advantages of
civic betterment.
To create in Hie public mind ideals
of civic order and convenience.
To encourage co-operation among va
rious civic bodies and groups of indi
viduals to achieve results which can be
accomplished only by community ef
The plan itself should embody:
The study and the record of the main
considerations upon which the well be
ing of the community is dependent.
Nothing should be neglected which af
fects the life of the people of any class
or age. whether at work or at play,
and the subject should be presented in
such a form as to make the most direct
and convincing appeal to those for
whom the work is undertaken.
The interdependence of all the ele
ments which go to make up a city
must lie realized. The physical as
pects of the city should be the embodi
ment. of the ideas of the community,
and conversely that city plan will be
liest which best expresses the ideas
and aspirations of the people anil
which provides for the very liest con
ditions of living for every class In the
The most Important consideration of
the city plan and one to which every
thing practically leads in the end is
the street system. To the streets relate
all circulation but that, of the railroads.
The street system includes:
Vehicular traffic.
Pedestrian traffic.
Traction—Surface, subway and over
Drainage and conduits of gas, elec
tricity, telephone, telegraph, etc.
And on tile disposition, width and
treatment, ol' the streets depends the
livable character of the city—its air,
light and even temperature. Seen in
the large, the streets are the corridors
of the districts they penetrate. The
mere fact of opening up the many im
passes throughout: the city and con
necting them with wide streets and
parkways removes the stagnation from
tIn-ill, letting in the light, and air. and
aids the movement of its life. With
this is coupled a consideration of the
development of the street, congestion
which is encountered.
Coupled with the street, problems is
the problem of the river—its frontages
and bridges. What can be more de
moralizing hau the influence of the
disorderly conditions of the Chicago
river? And yet. this sight affects to
•10 per cent of the population daily.
These same people are affected at the
•usli hour by the confusion and con
gestion in the struggle to reach the ele
vated stations, the street cars and the
railroad stations. At the end of a day
of toil what but demoralizing can be
the influence of these conditions?
Many similar examples of lack of
order may be cited. These are typical
and are applicable not only to the
main center, but, in a less degree also
to the subcciitei's and are basic condi
tions underlying the study in city
planning in its constructive sense.
The limits of occupancy of territory
by the railroads for purely railroad
purposes are suggested.
The advantages resulting from this
study is obvious, since to a large ex
tent the location of the railroads ill
and surrounding a city determines the
location of the zone of industry. Study
•if tlie growth of cities has shown
that where many railroads radiate
from the city in different directions
the triangular shaped areas lying be
tween them for a considerable dis
tance out from the center of the city
are reduced to a low level of utility,
even though they may have compara
tively high value in the real estate
market. This leads to the use of this
market in an intensive and wretched
manner, and It is in these pockets we
And the wonrt tenements and slum«.
18 2tt inclusive..
43 Cl
44 45
it .rtlW
0ßiti |Hl

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