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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, June 26, 1914, Image 8

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Little Mrs. Gray fluttered into her
•vest's room with a pasteboard box in
her hand.
"Helen," she said, "I want you to do
Isomethlng for me. See this perfectly
beautiful silk muffler I have bought
for Allan's birthday present? Well, bis
birthday is three weeks off, but I want
him to wear the muffler tonight Please
pretend that you have bought it for
one of your friends and offer It to
•Allan to wear. His old muffler is quite
shabby and he's going to an important
business men's dinner. It's necessary,
think, that he should look prosper
ous, and he can't look prosperous while
wearing a worn-out old muffler, can
"No, Laura, I suppose not," agreed
Helen. "But, really, wouldn't I be
sailing- under false colors if I—"
"Never mind that, dear. It's only a
Joke, you know. I do want Allan to
have the use of the muffler and I don't
wish to spoil the birthday surprise by
giving It to him now. He's out in the
hall this minute getting ready to start
out. tAt's go and insist upon his wear
ing It."
In a moment Helen found herself of
fering the muffler to her host with a
careless generosity that quite sur
prised herself.
"But I hate to take the new off a
present you have bought for some
friend, Helen," protested Allan, who
would really have preferred his old
•Ilk scarf.
"I'm very glad to have you try It out
for me," laughed Helen.
"Oh, Allan, It's so becoming to you,"
said his wife. "That soft gray just
suits your complexion. Don't you
think be looks nice in, It, Helen?"
"Yes, Indeed, Laura," agreed Helen,
"Allan, do be careful not to lose It.
Helen, you have no Idea how perfectly
feckless Allan is with his belongings.
When you have a husband you'll see
how much care a man Is. Now, Allan,
perhape I'd better fasten this muflleir
to your overcoat ooBar with a little
MfMr pin. I'm sure I don't want Helen
to be worried about It."
"I shan't have the least anxiety,"
declare* Helen, who marveled at heir
friend's gratuitous play acting.
"Well, do be careful^ anyway. I
should ,vo hate to have you lose it, Al
lan, the .iffhf you lose umbrellas."
"Paths ps I had better not borrow It.
I can usually be trusted, Laura, not to
scatter my wearing apparel about the
"Nonsense. It Is a great deal better
loq|h*th»^ roue old one. Pleassik^ep
It on. Helen will be hurt now If ydu
don't wear It. Won't you, Helen?"
"7«jyUideed, I ah all,"asserted Hei­
st» Allan,-trying t01o0c pleased and.
(rsclotas, thanked her again and went
t* the dinner, wishing with secret Irri
tifction that his wife, woylch not be quite
so anxious about his appearance.
itijB next morning while Helen was
PMglag. her trunk to leave Laura
came. Into the room with the muffler.
?How, wasn't It just like AUsn to go
to business without even thinking of
returning this to you?" she asked. "I
took It out of his overcoat pocket be
fore he was up, and he never missed
It Ton see, men are really awfully
careless, Do you wonder that 1 cau
tioned him not to lose It?"
"No," murmured Helen, absently.
She was a' little tired of the muffler.
"And wasn't it Just splendid that he
never suspected It was really his own
mufller that he was wearing? You
know, when he was thanking you so
effusively last night I could hardly
keep my face Straight."
"Nor I mine," sighed Helen.
Tire days after Helen reached her
own home she received a gray sl\k
muffler from Allan. It was a much
handaoiqer and more expensive one
thap that which he had supposedly
borrowed from her.
"My dear Helen," said the note
which accompanied It, "Laura was
right, after all. I should have cast
awsf mjr pride and allowed her to pin
that muffler of yours to my overcoat.
•I have to confess- that hev anxiety ms
not unfounded. I must, indeed, be the
nsmlsss creature she thinks me, for I
dlijlese your muffler. When I went to
tsks It out of my overcoat pocket to
N|jm It to you I was astonished to
laildt asae. I hope that the one I am
seeding will he a satisfactory substi
tute tor the beautiful muffler you so
kindly trusted me with, and that re
membering 1 am a mere man, you will
And It. In year heart to foiilve me.
"By thq Way, I shall be eternally
gratMnl it you wont Say anything to
Leei» abqut my leslng.yonr muffler.
:8ke Is weh a punctilious lltle woman
that she would be quite upset over my
jtanlt, especially after all her warn
.'tags. So, with more apologies, I threw
myself upon your mercy"
"Oood gmekmsl What shaU I do
IwKh the thing?" groaned Helen, at
J*» looted at tM muffler with dew
arrakm. "I feel llke a doublfrdyed
ftmi. lor if inyoAe ever »obtained
lioMto aM«r false pretenses I oertainli
ee ie this ease."
Same Old Orouch.
Mt'M lady who saw "The Merchant
?MMee" -many years ago recently
a modem production of th«
When asked how she liked
•to nglUd: rWeU. Venioe
spntosd np a^tt
I mv flhr
Normal Summer
School Well Attended
Total Enrollment on Thursday
Up to 128—More Coming.
The Normal Training school is
adding numbers to its enroll
ment every day and now has a
total attendance of about 125
Conductor Myers is a live wire
ar.d his assistants, W. S. Rupe,
H. Howard Biggar, Supt. Guth
rie, Miss Joyce Berkin and Miss
Neta Winston Davis, are all at
work with energy and enthusi
asm. Some splendid lectures
have been given and all in atten
dance are receiving great benefit
in the various subjects taken.
Miss Davis has completly capti
vated the little people, many of
whom have not yet attended
Following are those so far en
rolled in the Normal Summer
Kzrri Lewis, Sisseton.
Ella S. Schreiner, White Rock.
Miiulsi I.ien, Uritton.
Inez Otto, Sisseton.
Margaret Otto, Sisseton.
Klizabeth Croat, Sisseton.
Preben Thogerson, Corona.
Caroline Wikander, New l/indon, Minn.
Krnie Maeller, Diamond.
Sylvia Maeller, Diamond.
Kldora Robinson, Sisseton.
Minnie Moeller, Diamond.
Josephine Wikaw'.er, New London, Minn.
Cora Humpfner, Sisseton.
Anna Rooney, Madelia, Minn.
Edith K. Glass, Hroadfield, Minn.
Nellie Oliver, Sisseton.
Mable Peteroon, New Itflingtoii..
Harriet Nelson, Sisseton.
Carry Crocker, Wilmot.
Anna Dahlin. Sisseton, £V,
Anna Thurston, Sisseton.
Zell Larrabee, Sisseton.
Rosa Stapletoii, Sisseton.
Emelia Blauquest, Sisseton.
Emma Schmidt, Sisieton.
Malilie Grnvdahl, Sisseton.
JeamieUe Nergaard, Sisseton,
Margaret Schmidt, Sisseton.
Otis Mahle, Montsville.
Anna M. Hanson, Sisseton.
Rosy A. Klivell. Sisseton.
Gladys Larson, Sisseton.
Mabel Voss, Vehlen.
Amltt McC.uckin, Wilmot
Susati iiorby, Appeltou, Minn.
Clara Axness. Sisseton.
Dororthe DeWolf, Peever.
Alma Kuutson, PteVer.
Elvina Cukson, Sisseton,
Glady* Johnson, Browns Valley, Minn.
{Catherine Otto, VeMen.
A"giye»$«indsirom, Peever.
Olive Dean. Sisseton.
Francis Warring, Sisseton
Ellen Gross, Sisseton.
Mary Bue, Grenville.
Mabel Bue, Grenville
Isabel Fonder, 1*e*ver.
Hazel Martenson, Peever.
Clayton Schmidt, Sisseton.
Qlin V. Dunn, Sisseton.
Millie Köckler, Sisseton.
Ella Lobbe», sisseton.
Prebeii Thogeroon, Corona.
Ralph Thurston, Sisseton.
Olga Sundahl, Rffington.
Alice Johnson, Roslyn.
Minnie Palm, Sisseton,
Jay Spink, Corona.
Anna Tesnes, Victor.
Ella Satre, Claire City.
James Oliver, New Effington.
Ellen Young, Wilmot.
Ellen Bergstrom, Rosholt
Signe Johnson, White Rock.
Lola Daniels, Wilmot.
Luella Carey, Twin Brooks.
Blanch Sanby, Browns Valley.
Alice Miller, Diamond.
C. Marie Robinson, Sisseton
Julia Darling, Sisseton
Laura Stavig, Sisseton.
Hannah Rask, Sisseton.
Harry Drenttel, St. Peter, Minn.
Minnie Dennis, Bird Island, Minn.
Matilda Teigh, Bird Island, Minn.
Pearl Crocker, Wilmot.
Mildred Mickelson, Sisseton.
Elizabeth Mickelson, Sisseton.
Minnie Peterson, Sisseton
Myrtle Coolc," Sisseton.
Mary Claiw, Sisseton.
B. E.Myers, Redfield.
Hazel Sauby, Browns Valley.
Eloina Bergstrom, Rosholt.
Lois Walker. Wilmot. 1
Krna Christen
sen, Wilmot.
Winnie Chrlstianeon, Wilmot.
Edith Peterson, White Rock,
Rosa Maclnerney, Wilmot.
Laura Aillard, Browns Valley. p.
Laura Anderson, Browns Valley.
Marion E VanTassel, Browns Valley. 22
W. S. Rupe, Burlington, Kansas.
Howard Biggar, Aberdeen. .'
Neta W. Davis, Kansas City, Mo.
W. J. Guthrie, Sisseton.
Joyce Berkin, Kenmare, N. D.
Blanch Matteeon, White Rock. .. 1 r:
Bonnie Andrews, Sisseton.
Llssie Andrews. Sisseton.
Alice Jackson, Diamond.
Fred Stanley, Vebien.
Opal Otto, Sisseton.
Pearl Robinson, Sisseton.
Theodore Grimsrude,Sisseton.
Roae Caroon, Mankato. Minn.
Emma McDonald, Luflman.
J. Willard Thomas, Corona.
Hasel Brewster, Sisaeton.
Edna Van Scharck, Summit.
Emm* Smith, Wilmot.
Lena Olson, Sisseton.
Cora Jacobson, Sisseton.
Clara Mehollln, Sisaeton.
Clara' Hine, Sisseton.
Mrs. J. M. Stevenson, Sisseton.
Mary Baton, Lnltman.
Anna Geagan, Johnson, Minn,
M. A. Tucker, Slseetoe.
Margaret Mössman, Sisaeton.
Violet DeMarriasCflisaeton.
W.H.Stevenson, Sisaeton.
Alma Thogren, White nock.
4 Miss Andrew expresses her
self as greatly pleased over the
success of the work so far.
There is an abundance
of interest.
energy and enthusiasm, and re
sults are being accomplished,
Visitors wit! find the morning
lectures well worth the time!
spent in hearing them.
A Feast of Good Things
Chautauqua One Continuous
Round of Pleasure.
Chautauqua opened Tuesday
very auspiciously. The parade
was the most beautiful ever seen
in Sisseton. It was composed
mostly of automobiles, decked
out in a variety of colors and de
signs. Many were so handsome
that it would be impossible to
say which should be given first
The parade formed near the
Ben Eck place, came west, turn
ed at the Courant corner and
passed down Main street in the
following order, under the escort
of Capt. Kelly and Lieut. Strand:
Mayor Knapp in the Gross car.
Old Glory held aloft by Barney
Canfield in a car, the Cornet
Band on foot, municipal float
drawn by four horses, W. J.
Thomas, automobile, the laundry
mule, the Produce Co., Teigen
Bros., Stavig Bros., Erickson's
Auto Livery, Thompson's Hard
ware, the Marvick car, Northern
Iron Works, O. T. Axness car,
Commercial hotel, Racket store,
Pioneer Livery, Bollenbeck store,
Maldaner drug store, the Golden
Rule, the Ball team, Carlberg's
auto, First National Bank, First
Savings & Trust Co., the W. C.
T. U., Lampert Lumber Co., the
Red Cross drug store., Mead &
Hains, Citizens Bank, Rickert&
Opheim Co., the Royal Neighbors,
R.F.D. No. 1. All had vied with
each other in the way of beauty
or uniqueness, and the results
were very pleasing.
The Chautauqua itself opened
at 2 p. m. with the largest atten
dance this management has had
so far this season. The enter
tainment was most excellent and
people are much pleased with
what so being given them. The
evening performance onTuesday
could not be given on account of
the tent blowing down, but since
then everything has been run
ning along very nicely.
Wednesday afternoon Mme.
Morreail's Quartet gave an enter
tainment of a very high order
and the singing was received
with storms of applause. In the
evening, after several more selec
tions by this quartet, the drama
of "The Music Master" was
given by Arthur Kachel who held
the audience spell bound for at
least an hour and a half.
The Chautauqua lasts until
Sunday night. Sunday after
noon Josef Konecny, the great
Bohemian violinist, and his com
pany will give an appropriate
musical entertainment. This
will be followed by an ad
dress by John T.Barker, attorney
general of Missouri, on the
subject of "The War Between
the People and the Trusts."
The evening will be devoted to
Council Proceedings.
City Council Cbatnber, City of Sisseton,
June 22.11U.
Council met in regular session. Present
Mayor J. c. Knapp, Aldermen Casper Ken
nedy, E. W. Erlckson, H. A. Morrill. C. F.
Harris, B. M. Hanson and Frank Parker
Minutes ot meeting held June 1 read and ap
Moved by Casper Kennedy and seconded by
H. A. Morrill that the bond ok Claud Derrick
as policeman be approved end adopted. All
voting aye. Motion carried.
On motion duly made and seconded the fol
lowing bills ware audited and allowed:
Joe Kennedy, hauling sod on streets..
Jas. Stapleton, hauling sod on streets
Chas. Mullen, removing refuse from
|I0 38
Torviek's farm
Pittsburg Meter Co., for meters
William Fox, work and materials
M. J. Hägen, witness fee« and mileage
•Moved by Casper Kennedy and seconded by
B. M. Hanson that resolution for hearing on
sidewalks proposed be adopted.. All voting
aye. Motion carried.
19 60

Moved by Caspar Kennedy, and seconded
by B. W. Erlckson, that Ordinance No. 6$ pass
Its second reading. All voting aye. Motion
Moved by B. M. Hanson, and seconded by
Frank Parker, that Ordinance No. 6S be ap
proved a»d adopted. All,voting aye. Motion
Adjourned fo meet In regular session. July
.. city Auditor,
Church Notes
Pre:. W. S. Rupe of Burling
ton, Kansas, will have charge of
the service next Sunday morning.
The professor is one of the in
structurs in the Summer Nor
mal school and is a man of schol
arly attainments. His subject
will be "The Abundant Life."
Miss Joyce Berkin will have
charge of the music. Everybody
)tegular services next Sunday
at 10:30 a. m.
Luther League at 6:45 p. m.
Prayer meeting every Thurs
day at 8 p. m.
Confirmation class meets in the
classroom every Saturday after
noon at 1:30.
There will be no Sunday School
during the term of parochial
school now being held.
Bible class at 12.
Services in Lakeview at 3 p. m.
Saron Ladies Aid meets with
Mrs. J. R. Bendickson Wednes
day, July 1.
'lhe Ladies Aid of Sisseton
church will hold their annual
sale Thursday afternoon, July 2,
on the church lawn. All are
vi ted.
The Bible study class next
Tuesday will study Matt. 20:1-16.
Stereopticon slides for a lec
ture on "Dangers of the House
Fly" have been ordered and the
lecture probably will be given
some time next week.
The Eupworth League dele
gates gave an excellent report of
the Dist. Meeting last Sunday
The service next Sunday morn
ing will be in the hands of Mrs.
Shearer, President of the ,Wo
mens Foreign Missionary Society.
The service opens at 10:30.
The Junior League will hold its
last meetipg befv, i.,,. v. -., on,
next Sunday.afternoon.
The evening service at 8
o'clock will be in charge of the
pastor. Everyone cordially wel
Owner Had Good Reason for BeUig
Glad at the Recovery of Hie
Lost Coin.
An elderly man who lives in Fitch
burg, Mass., walked up to the desk
at the Hotel Manhattan, New York,
the other morning.
"I've lost a penny," he said to the
room clerk.
If it had been $10,000, or $1,000,
or even $100—any of the sums usu
ally reported as lost by hotel patrons,
the clerk would have known at once
what degree of sympathy to express.
As it was, he didn't know what to
say. He listened attentively.
"Yes, sir," said the man from
Fitchburg, "and I would pay $20 to
recover it."
The clerk realized that this lost
coin was "different." He called Bell
boy 17, who was standing by, and
told him to go and look carefully on
the floor of the room occupied by
In a few minutes the bellboy came
back with the coin in his hand. The
man from Fitchburg looked as if a
fortune had been restored to him
Immediately he drew out a roll of
bills, stripped off a "twenty," and
handed it to No. 17.
The penny was an old Newfound
land coin, set with rubies and dia
monds. In a semicircle at the top
were five red and white gems, alter
nating, and in the center of the coin
was a good-Sized diamond. The
penny was about the size of an Eng
lish penny.
Cruelty to aniiyals is sometime**
justified with, the plea that man waa
made to have dominion over them.
'In the first place, the dominion
which was given to man was jvithin
himself and over all his thoughts and
feelings. In the second place, if it
were true that he should hold the
animal world in bondage to himself,
should remember
Whore**, it is deeuitid necessary to con
strue# a sidewalk along ttie following describ
ed iocs and parcels of Innd in the City of
Sisseton. C.iutuy of Roueris, Stale of South
Dduota: Along the west side ot Lots A and
and intersecting part or the C. M. & St. P.
iM:iway righb-ot' way, 111 titouk 56 that it.
a lung the east side of 1st Avenue ATest be
tween Maple and On.it StreeiS such walks
t« be six *6) feet wide alsj a »idewulK, four
14 t"«t wide alou-r the south aide of Lot 24,
iu block 8 and a sidew ilk eight (8l ieet wide
tlont the west side of Lot I and Intersecting
part of the C. M. & St. P. railway right-of
way. in Rioek 90 that is. along the east side
of 1st Avenue East between Asii and Waiuut
Streets: all to be tilled in according to grade
and of cement as hereinafter stated. There
Be it resolved by the City Council of the
City of siisaeton that said sidewalk be con
structed along the lots and parcels of land
herrmbefore described, at the expense of the
owners of said lots and parcels aud that said
siae^alk be constructed of cement and of the
respective widths hereinbefore stated, shall
coutoim to the established grade of the
s.reets ot said city and to the heights of auy
adjoining cetfimn sidewalks now constructed
and in the manner ana with the materials
following: The earth shall first be leveled oft*
and brought to a true and even grade six tG)
inctted below the finished grade
of the proposed sidewalk this earth
shall then be thoroughly rammed and then
covered with a bed of sand or gravel of from
two to two aud one half (2 to 2^1 inches in
thickness utter this fouudaiio.i has oeeu
thoroughly compressed by ramming there
shall be spread thereon a bed of concrete
three V*) inches iu thickness this concrete
shall be thoroughly stamped untiil free raor
tor appears auu shall be composed of the toi»
towing porportionsof cemeut, saud and gra
vel: One »Ii part by measure of the best
Portland Cement equal in quality to Alpha,
vulcanite or Wnitehall brands, to live
parts by measure of good clean, sharp sand
and gravel: this material shall bd tirst mixed
dry in a thorough manner by turning at least
two times: It shall tuen be wetted to the con
sistency of a thick mortar after being put in
place this cwicrete shall be struck off with a
straightedge to an even surface and a IOP
coat placed tnereon consisting of one part of
said cement 10 two parts of clean, sharp lake
saud and at luast one inch thick this top coat
shall then b* trowelled into the concrete
thorougluy and smoothed otf to an even sur
face with the trowel and cut into squares or
rectangular mocks not exceeding four ft et
the largest way this top coat shall then be
given a rougn finish with what is commonly
known as float at least one barrel of cement
shall then be usedio constructing each sixty
(60) feet of sidewalk, four feet wide, and
proportionately more for the wider side
walks which sidewalks shall be built wttnin
the time to be fixed on the bearing of this
resolution, which will be entertained and
acted upon by the City Council of this City
at the council room in said City of Sisseton on
July tith, 1914, at 8 o'clock P. M.
Dated June 22. 1914.
should be exercised in love and
mercy, and not
in cruelty.—Unify.
Attf-st: Mayor.
Carston Eggen,
City Auditor. (j.2)
Notice of Hearing Resolution.
To ths owners of Lota A and B. Block Fifty
six (56). Lot Twenty-foar (24), Block Eight (8).
Lot One (1), Block Ninet« (90). and the Chi
caero, Milwaukee fc St. Paul Hallway Company.
You are hereby notified that on the 22nd day
of June. 1914, the City Council of the City of
Sisseton I South Dakota, duly adopted a resolu
tion wherein and whereby it was deemed neceit
sary to construct a sidewalk six (6) feet wide
•Ion* the west side of Lota A and S and inter
secting part of the C. M. 4 St. f. Railway
right-of way, la Block Fifty-six (56). aside
w«lk four (4) feet wide along the south side of
Lot Twenty-four (44). in Block Eight (8). and
i5 wide along the west
•Ida of Lot One (1) and intersecting part ot the
®j»t- P. Bail way right-ot-way, in Blook
Ninety (90). of- said City of Sisaeton »aid side
walks to be construct of cement and at the
expense of the .owners of said lota or laud,
fronting or abutting upon the proposed walks
as hereinbefore described. Said sidewalks
shall o»n(ohn.lo:the- established, grade ot said
Ctty .and to th» height- of any adjoining eid»*
constructed snd* In the msnoer and
with the materials following: The earth shall
be levelled öff und brought to a true and
etfch-grade eix (6). inches below the finished
thl/8 earth th»n
shall, be thoroughly rammed :aqd bWcovered
with a bed of sand and gravel of from two to
two and one-halR
to 2Yt) inchei itfthickitoAs
awer this foundation has been' thoroughly
nnmed. then there shall be spread thereon a
bett of concrete three (8) inches in oiicknees
thw concrete shall be thoroughly stamped un
l.tl free mortar^appears, and snail be composed
of the following ,proportions of cementvsand
hKI(Impart by ime*m«e of,the
best Portland cement, equal in quality to Al
pha, 1 ulcanite or Whitehall brands, to five (5)
parts by measure of good, clean, sharp lake
sand- or gravel: this material shall first be
rnixad dry. in «thorough manner by turning at
least two times it shall then bi wetted to the
consistency of a thick mortar after being put
place thie concrete shall be struck off with a
straight edge to an even surface and a top coat
placed thereon, consisting of one part of said
cement to two parts of clean, good, sharp lake
sand and at lew« one inch thick this top coat
sh-ll be trowelled into the concrete thoroughly
and smoothed oft tv an even surface with a
trowel and cut into squares or rectangular
blook«, not exceeding four feet the largest «ay
this top coat shall then be given a rough coat
with what is commonly known as float at least
one barrel of cement shall be used-in construct
rag each sixty
feet of said sidewalk four
feet wide, and proportionately more for side
walk of greater width.
And J,?a,a!e further
sive, Block 17 the said sidewalk to be four feet
in width aud shall conform to the established
gn|rie-of said city and to the heighth of any ad
joining sidewalk, and to be constructed in the
mawner and-with tbe.materials following:
The ea.rth shall firat be le
elled oft and brought to a true and even
grade six inchee below the finished grade of
lhe proposed sidewalk, this earth shall then be
thoroughly rammed and then covered with a
bed of sand or gravel of from two (2) to twoand
one-half (2M)inches In thickness after this foun
datura has been thoroughly compressed by ram
ming there shall be spread thereon a bed of
concrete three (I) Inches in thickness: tuis
concrete shall be thoroughly stamped until free
mortar appears and' shall be composed of the
lvlluwinK prbportlona of cement, sand and
ravel! one (1) part by .measure of the best
cement equal in quality to Aloha
Vulcanite or Whitehall brands, to five parts by
measure of good, clean, sharp sandand gravel
this material shall firpt be mixed dry in a thor
""«h mum or by turning? at least two times it
shall then be wetted to the consistency of a
thick mortal after being put in place this con
crete shall bo »truck off with a straight edge
an even surface and a top coat placed therein
consisting of one part ot aaid cement to two
parts of clean, aharp lake aand and at least one
inch thick this top coat shall be trowelled
into the concrete thoroughly and smoothed off
to an even surface with a trowel and out into
squares or rectangular blocke not exceeding
four feet the largest way this top coat shall
then be given a rough finish with what is eoi
5°"= leest one barrel of
sU?y (Ät%f rideU & «ach
An ordinance providing for the Cutting aud
Destruction of Grass ond Noxious Weeds within
the City of Sisseton, South Dakota.
He it Ordained, by the City Council of the City
of Sisseton, South Dakota:
Section I. That no owner: occupant or other
person in the charge of any lot, lots, tract, parcel
or any grounds in said City shall permit any
grass or weeds to grow upon said lot, lots, tract
parcel or any grounds along any sidewalk ad
joining the same, to a height exceeding ihrer*
inches above such sidewalk or in any such man
tier as to impede, obstruct or render ittconven
lent to travel upon said sidewalk nor shall any
owner, occupant or person iu charge of any lot
or grounds in said City allow any weeds, grav,
or other vegetation to grow thereon to a height
exceeding ten inches, and it shall be the duty
the Chief of Police to see that all lots aiul
grounds along all sidewalks are kept free from
grass and weeds as hereinbefore provided and *o
notify all owners and occupants orpersons
ing any such lot, lots, tract, parcel or auy
grounds, or whose duty it may become to cut or
remove the same. And in case of default thereof
by any such person within five days after being
given written notice to cut or remove such weeds
or grass, the Chief of Police of the City of Sisse
ton, South Dakota, shail cause to be cut, mown
or removed such grass or weeds and shall cause
the cost for removing and cutting same to be
taxed and assessed against the said lot, lots,
tract, parcel or grounds, and shall file with the
County Auditor of the County of Roberts and
State of South Dakota, a statement of the costs
incurred in cutting and removing such grass or
weeds to be taxed against such property, and
that the same shall become a lien upon such
property immediately after the filing of such
statement with the County Auditor as herein
Section 2. All ordinances and parts of ordi
nances in conflict with the foregoing provisions
are hereby repealed.
Passed first reading, June 15,1914.
Passed second reading, June 22. 1914.
Approved and adopted, June 22, 1914,
Attest: J. C. KNAPP,
City Auditor.
Default having been mude In a certain
mortgage containing a power of sale, made,
executed and delivered by Marietta B. chau
sse und P. D. Chausse, her husband, of Sisse
ton, South Dakota, mortgagors, to the
Citizen» National Bank of nisseton. South
Dakota, mortgagee, dated October 10, 1912,
and duly recorded in the office of the Register
of Deeds of Roberts County. South Dakota, ou
the 27th day ot December, 1912, at ten
o'clock and live minutes A. M. In Book 75 of
Martgage« on page ZU aud describing tbo
following described premises, to-wit: Lot
numbered üv« (.") of block numbered Fifty
eight (58) and Lots numbered Eighteen and
Nineteen (18 and 19) inblocx Forty three (43) lu
the City of Sisseton, County of Roberts and
State of South Uakota, which mortgage was
given to secure a certain promissory note
dated October 10.1912, and due April 10, 1913
for Two Thousand One Hundred (8910U.001
Dollars, with Interest at eight per cent per
annum from date until maturity and twelve
per cent thereafter until paid, and no part of
said promissory note or interest has ever
been paid except the sum ot Three Hundred
(1300.00) Dollars and Interest puld thereon on
the 13th day of January, 1913.
That said mortgage further provides that
the mortgagors agree to keep the building
upon said premises safely insured for tbo
benefit of the mortgagee in the sum of Four
Thousand ($4000.00) Dollars against loss by
fire, and if the said mortgagors fall to pay
the said Insurance premium for the insur
ance of said building, tbe said mortgagee
may do so, and the amount so paid with tea
per cent interest from date of payment shall
be added to aud deemed a part of the money
secured by said mortgage.
That there has been a default In the pay
ment of the promissory note described and
secured by said mortgage together with a
part of the Interest on »aid prommlssory note
and the amount of the principal and Interest
due upon said promissory note at the date of
this notice Is Two Thousand One Hundred
Thirteen ($2113.00) Dollars, and the amount of
Insurance premium paid by tbe mortgagee
under the terms and conditions of said mort
gage is Thirty-three and 80-100 ($33.801 Dollars,
ana tne total amount due and owing the
mortgagee a* principal, interest and insur
ance at the date of this notice la Two Thouti
aud one Hnndred-Fortv-elx, (S214ti.00 Dollirs
and no action Uaa been'
instituted at lawto
collect said debt or any portion thereof.
.«ow, therefore, notice is hereby given that
by virtue or the power of sale in said 'mort
gage contained, and of the statute Hi such
case made and provi*»0, the said -mortgage
will be foreclosed adiFtbe ibove described
premises will be sold at public auetlbb by the
sheriff of.Roberts County, South' Dak'tta. at
'he front door of the Court Hous6 in the City
of Sisseton, In said county and state on the
2»th day of June, 1914, at the hour of one
clock inthe afternoon of that day, for the our
Pose of satisfying said mortgage and the note
sSQtifed »hbreby and interest ana accruing
^terertend attorneys fees and dlabursmeutfS

notiiied that July #th.
1»14. at 8 o'clock P. M., atihe Council Boom of
said City Council, in the City of Sisseton, South
Uakota. has been fixed as the time and place
for the hearing of such resolution by the (5ity
Council, at which time and place said matter
will be acted upon.
... J. C. KNAPP,
Attest: Mayor
City Auditor.
Notice to Construct Sidewalk.
To the several owners and occupants of the
lots and parcels of land hereinafter described
You and each of you are herebylnotified that
at a meeting of City Council of the Citt of Sis
seton, South Uakota. held the 25th day of May.
UM. it was proposed to construct new side
walk along the following described lots and
parcels of land in the City of sisaeton, to-wit:
along the south aide of lots 12 and 24, Block 20
along the south side ot lots 12 and 24. Block 19
along the south side of lots 1$ and 24, Block 18:
along the north side of lots I and 13, Block 83
and along the east side of Lots 13 to
ifay'mh, 1914.
of Sisaeton, South Dakota.
By ifirW. Barrington,
Its Attorney, (47-1)
County of Roberts.
are notified that pursuant to aaid resolution
you are hereby required to construct and com
plete aaid welk in accordance with said specifi
cations and along the above described lotsand
parcels of land at your own expense not later
than July 28th, 1814 and that uhleas the same
is so constructed within the said time, the aame
will be built and constructed by the City of
Biaseton, S. p., and the. costs thereof assessed
against said lots and parcels of land according
Dated June 88,191«.
Street Commissioner of said City,
If you here He* at
tdl the SteaÜUfcid about it.
In' County Court
In the matter of the Estate of Caroline
Schuetz, Deceased.
£e is
«'X®0 that Robert Miller
the ot the Estate of Caroline
Schuetz, deceased, of the County of Green
end State of Wisconsin has filed with this
Court a petition praying that this Court make
an order admitting to probate the proceed
Ingj had in the above entitled Estate iu the
county of Green and State of Wisconsin, to
probate ln the Couuty of Roberto and State
of South Dakota and that said petition
l"^ys that this Court admit the said
¥mi t&te in the County of Green
Wisconsin as the final probation
of said hstate In the County of Roberts and
State of Soutn Dakota. And that there was
also filed with said petition a certified copy
of the petlon for letters testamentary, order
appointing Administrator, Inventory and
final decree on said Estate.
hereby further given that the
5 said petition will be held at the
office olt the County Judge In the City of Sis
seton, County of Roberts and State of South
®27thdayof June, 1914, sit ten
forenoon of said day, when any
^'Persons may appear before this Court
and show cause, if any they have, why said
Dated this 28th day of May,

Attest: D. F. Stevens"
C°Unty Coert-
Clerk of County Court.
Whereas, default has been made in the con
eerta mortgage executed and
ellvered by Charles E. Bergstrom, mortgag
or, to Gustav Ellason of Montevideo, Mlnneso
ortgagee, dated on June, 29, 1910 and
riiSASS"?» o/ stie therein contained, duly
reoorded in the offlce of the Register of
Sjj1'nsndforthe County of Roberts and
Dakota, on the 7th day of July,
clo£* p-
M. and recorded in
82 of Mortgages on Page "410", and
Whereas, there Is clamed to be dtae and is
due on said mortgage at the date hereof the
sum of Three Hundred Twelve Dollars and
Nlnty-five cents ($312.«), and
Whereas, the power of sale in said mort
KSe«^.nln become operative and no
!air^r «ThPrYieed.ln8
heen instituted at
law or otherwise to recover the debt secured
mortgage or any part thereof.
'therefore, notice is hereby given, that
by virtue of tbe power of sale in said
mortgage contained, and pursuant to the
statute In such case made and provided, the
said mortgage will be foreclosed by a sl.le of
'he premise» described in and conveyed by
namely all that tract ot pa»
5_,°J ltnd situated in the County of Roberta
and Stite of South Dakota described us fol
ihü'x?0*.1?"1 The Northeast Quarter of
fhi,?iorf£Sa8t. Quarter (neJ4), of Section
Thirty (80), In Township One Hvtidred
L"eSSr«s,e„ven. F- North of Range Plfiy-
West of the Fifth Principal llerlal
:n .8^orty acres more or less ac-
cording to the United States Government
üfSTü?. e'eof, together with all the beredl
SESüi- »"d^appurtenances thereunto be-
ea*e Wl"
mSL j914,
he made by the sher-
mn'.Ä" .?11»"' South Dakota, at the
of the County court House In the
'»Iu ,lheCount*of Robeitsand
Monday the
at one
o'clock In the after-
Pnblio. auction to satisfy
Z?.f52onilt,Sh'£h Wl then be due on said
secured thereby, to-
,^2?, statutory attorney fees In
inmto Ȇ222S8K"iaod 'he costs and disbars
lHSvYd2d b^u4eW'8UbJect
^»^«SlMetoB, South Dakota, June 10.
B. J. Turner, Mortgagee.

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