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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, November 06, 1914, Image 3

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The total number of patients
at the hospital for the year past
was 1071. Minnehaha county
has Oh patients, Lawrence, "i,
Brown 85, these being the three
high ones in the list- MePherson
Sully, Dewey each show but two
and Ziebach one.
By professions the showing is
that farmers lead, with house
wives next and laborers third in
the list. There were 102 male
patients and (Vj females admitted
for the year. Of these 103 are
American born, and 0'2 foreign
Among the foreign born the
Germans lead, with Norwegians
next, the rest being scattered
among many foreign nations.
Among the American born the
natives of Iowa and South Dalio
ta, are given at 18 each, with
New Yorkers next at 13, with
most of the states of the union
represented in the rest of the
Children Obey Your Parents.
It has become a habit for boys
girls to gather upon and around
the depot platform at train time.
Mr. Crosby, Mr. Cloutier and my
self have done all in our power to
keep them away without resorting
to harsh means. It is to the par
ents of these boys and girls I wish
to speak. I ask your co-operation
in keeping your children away from
the depot at train time. Kindly
forbid them to collect around the
depot or train at any time. This
I believe will greatly assist us and
may be the means of preventing a
serious accident.
Doctor Denton's
Ladies' gun metal shoes
Men's fine shoes
Pierre—The annual reliort of
the state insane asylum it \ank
ton shows that there was a po
pulation of 006 at the hospital
June :•)(), 19UJ, this has been in
veased to U2S on June A). 101 1.
Chief of Police.
Sleeping garnents only.-. VW
Cotton blankets per pair
Queen Quality Shoes
At $3 50, 4.00 and 4 25
I Ladies' patent leather shoes $2 50
Children's fiec-ced union 0£/*
suits, any size only vU
Boys' and girls' heavy union CA.
suits, sixes 2
Full line of ladies'
children's swca ters.
The third regular meeting of the
Zenith Club was held on Thursday
afternoon, October 29, at the home
of its president Mrs. Thompson.
In order that any member who so
desired, could attend the funeral
services at the Presbyterian church
the time of meeting was deferred
until 4 o'clock. One honorary
and eighteen active members were
present. The answer to the roll
call being current events, a variety
of interesting and instructive topics j'
were presented and discussed. At ithe
"The Roman Army—Its Develop
Club Reporter, pro tem.
Last Friday evening Oct 30, the
absent members of the Zenith Club
took the part of the entertaining
witches at the beautiful home of
Mrs. Jesse Cottingham. The in
vitations read as follows:
On withes night at stroke of eight,
Ere ghosts on earth are seen.
IA 7®^
j,%S V-'
$2-50, 3, 4, $5
Ladies' Fine Coats and Suits For Fall and Winter
Unusual style and value in our new coats and suits at
$12.50, 15.00, 18.50, 22.50, 25.00 and up.
Our present magnificent assemblage of coats are exclusive different, and yet
modest in price. The great number of late arrivals within the week enable us to
show many striking original effects in coats and suits.
Ladies' and Chil
dren's Underwear
16, special ÖUI
Ladies' fine ficcccd union
suits, short or long sleeves
Ladies' very fine heavy union
suits, long or short sleeves
Ladies' wool union suits, 75
long or short sleeves..
auics' silk mixed union
men and
1 0 0 1 1 1
the close of the usual business bats and fWing witches,
meeting bountiful and toothsome
by Mrs. Foss reading a well pre-1
'reshments were served by the
ment into a Professional army."
The lesson on Julius Caesar follow
ed. As an introduction to and a
preparation for the study of
Shakespeare's play of that name,
Mrs. Babcock had prepared a set
of questions which brought out
quite clearly the complex character
of that wonderful man. They
All gather here to learn your fate:
In rites of Hallowe'en.
A splendid collection of dainlv, ef
fective waists in wool, challies, crepe
de chcne and chiffon irom three waist
manufacture all new French blouses
ready for selection at very low prices at
$1 25, $2.50 to $4.95
Mrs. J. beingbraverthan the rest vestigation found that the I„ady
of the guests led the way up the Sentinel at the front gate, wearied
broad pathway and passed both by her long watch had fainted and
sentenels at the gate, which I'ay lifeless on the ground, and not
less harmful than at first they seem
equal to the crumbling of tlie
Statue of Lihert\', but upon in-
ed. I who could make anything but a
They were welcomed by th dummy out of her.
Witch in Waiting at the door and this moment the months of the
ascended to the room above, the pumpkins opened wider, the eve-
leader being first to be caught by 1'ds began to close, the sunflowers
the armed sentinel at the head of I to nod good night. 1 lie black cats
the landing. After winding-through I from every crack and crevice in
the hallway, they swept down the I nom mewed a fond farewell and
stairway to the reception
'°w. I he pi evading colois
ot the room were yellow and black,
decorations being black cats
black and vellow streamers and
a a
steps. The lesson period opened yellow pumpkins and flowers, which the closet, departed in that wierd
a a
pared, comprehensive paper on! Ko'den lays of the moon,
I'lett\ ladies bowei
Lighted the Witch on her way,
Flying through, riding her broom
And told the fate of each that day.
And many things I deem it not
wise to reveal. The party indulg
ed in witch stories and ducking for
apples. It is needless to say that
also, in connection with the sum- washed.
marv given by the leader, served There were apples hanging in a
to reveal the sccial and political
conditions in Rome, and the turbu
lent spirit prevailing at that time.
Supplementary to the program a
humerous anachronistic account
of the death of Julius Caesar was
read. The article, a clipping from
the Minneapolis Journal, was
written by James Gray. The club
then adjourned to meet with Mrs.
Paul Rickert in two weeks.
Candles made the pumpkins glow
Flying bats and witches every
Black cat music in the air.
There was mischief to be seen
On this mystic Hallowe'en"
doctor in town could be found,
hen too, at
more funny things than 1 can tell,
The bats flew to their roosts, the
man in the moon hid it face be-j
1 hind a screen, as if ashamed of the
pranks it had seen. The guests I
feeling the festives were ueai ing a
yellow eandlebray and close, after hil ling the skeleton in
the apples were the only thing that Velsa's chief attribute would be that,
were ducked or the black cat was once seen, she cannot be forgotten.
the only one that had her face
The guests were then led to the
dining room where along, beauti
fully decorated table was laden
with the following menu:
Elves Salad Broom Sticks
Goblins Food
Black Cat Cream Lucky Cakes
Witches Brew Mystic Sweets
After swollowing the Broom
Sticks and licking the cream off
the cats tail and revealing their
fate by the contents of the Lucky
night, feeling that the witches had
left nothing undone and that they
now had nothing more to be afraid
The absent members were: Mrs.
Mildred Cottingham, Mrs. Monica
Spackman, Mrs. Mattie Parker.
Arnold Bennett's Yacht.
Possibly for some folk my sloop
She is a lovely object, and not less
unusual than lovely. She is smart,
also, but nothing more dissimilar to
the average smart, conventional Eng
lish or American yacht can well be
conceived. She is a magnet for the
curious. When she goes under a rail
way bridge while a train is going
over It the engine driver, of no mat
ter what nationality, will invariably
risk the lives of all of his passengers
in order to Btare at her until she is
out of eight. This I have noticed
Cakes they were startled from the £nnia familv.
table, by a most terrible crash
The fine8t
ment her appearance ever received
was paid by a schoolboy, who, after
staring at her for a quarter of an
hour as she lay at a wharf at Kings
ton-on-Thames, sidled timidly up to
me as I leaned in my best maritime
style over the quarter and asked:
"Please, sir. Is this a training brig?"
Romance gleamed in that boy's eye.—
The Century.
"This plant belongs to the be-
Ah! You are taking care of it
while they are away."
Children's Coats
In Bearskin, Boucle, Zibeline nnd
Scotch Plaids at
$1.95 2.48 3.48 to 4.95
Outing Gowns
Children's heavy outing AQz»
gowns, special
Ladies' Furs and
Neck Pieces
In all the fashionable furs will en
joy increased popularity this season.
Wc carry a handsome variety of the
latest novelties, also in sets with muffs
to match.
Ladies' neck pieces at
$1.95 3.00 3.50 5.00
$10 $15 to $28.00
Ladies' muffs at
$1.95 3.00 5.00 7.50
$15.00 to $25.00
Also Suffer Repulse
Ladies' outing gowns 50°
Sertrc Dresses With Collar and Cuffs of Pique. Unusual
Values at
Ladies' heavy outing gowns AQ.
special vOC
Some Smart Styles in Ladies' Dresses and Skirts
French serges and silk poplins dresses in big assortment of styles, red-
ingotes, semibasques, circular tunics, etc., in all colors. Special.. .. OeOU
All wool serge skirts in plaited tunic effects, navy and black, only, special
Report Gains Along Long Line
From Coast to Lorraine.
London, Nov. 4.—On the Wit wing
of the long battle line in Helgium
and France the invaders seem to have
completely abandoned the lelt bank
of the River Yser below Uixrmide, a
cording to the French official state
ment, which adds that points of pas
sage across the river have been re
occupied by the allies, detachments
of which made reconnaissance on the
highways of the region recently Inun
dated by the Belgian troops.
To the south of Diximide and In the
direction .of Ghelnuvult the French
assert their advance was particularly
perceptible. They also have held
their lines to the north ol the River
The Calais correspondent of the Dai
ly Mail says the British wedge which
Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria
and Grand IJuke Albrecht of Würt
temberg tried to crack between them
still puts lorward a veritable bayonet
thrust at the heart of the German
line at Ypres and finally has wrecked
the attempted raid on Calais.
Germans Back With Losses.
"in the last three weeks the Ger
mans, who had advanced fifteen miles
from Ostend, have been beaten back
five miles with losses estimated at
from 36,000 to 50,000 men," says the
Mail correspondent. The losses of
the British flotilla, which played an
important part in the battles among
the sand dunes of Belgium, are said
not to have exceeded a score of men
killed and Kbout. fifty wounded.
d* £A
.. $4-95
Latest advices would indicate that
the tiiiniiIt. of bailie has rolled back
from I lie Helgiau coast and that the
Germans are diverting I heir attack
toward a more southerly point.
I Heavy lighting was reported alor.g
1 he Ysser river and a Times dispatch
said the battling apparently was to
(over a movement of troops south
ward with a view to attempting ail
I advance over a new route to Calais,
It is evident the invaders have not
exhausted all the resources which are
I being brought to bear In the campaign
to cut their way through to Calais,
The repulse of the German assault at
Ypres lias been at terrible cost to
lie (lower of the British arm v.
Sure German Move Will Fail.
I Confidence is growing in Paris that
the latest offensive movement of tho
'Germans in Helgium, whereby they
hope to gain a clear route to the
I French channel ports, will fall. Paris
reports indicate the German objec
live is the route to Saint Omer, In
the department of Pas Calais. If this
is the case the Ypres front will he
the stonn center of the lighting In the
western wing for a time at least. The
allies have occupied the village of
Passchendaeie, eleven miles north
I east of Ypres, and the latest advices
would indicate that the allies have
met with other successes in the vi
French officially report that fresh
attacks by the Germans on the en
virons of Arras and against Lihons
and Le Quesnoy-en-Santerre have re
sulted in failure. On the center, in
the region of the Alsne, the French
report progress. To the east of Vail
ly, however the allies, who held posi
tions on the slopes of the plateaus,
have been compelled to withdraw In
to the valleys.
Employes of Turkish Embassy at Pe
trograd Demand Pay.
Petrograd, Nov. 4.—Charge d'At
faires Fareddln Bey, with the entire
staff of the Turkish embassy, left for
This action followed the emphatic
rejection of the partial apology of
fered by the Turkish grand vizier for
Turkey's warlike acts.
There was a sensational incident In
connection with the departure. The
embassy staff employes demanded
payment of their wages, which were
four months In arrears. Fareddin Bey
declared he would pay just as soon
as the Turkish fleet took Odessa.
This enraged the clerks, who were
Russians, and they asaulted the Turk
ish representative, one of them strik
ing him a violent blow on the jaw.
Fareddln Bey raised a cry for police
assistance, but the police refused to
respond, and he was finally protected
by members ok the embassy staff.

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