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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, December 04, 1914, Image 3

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Mink Sets
Mink Muffs
Martin Muffs
Manchuren Wolf Muffs
Marmot Muffs
Red Fox Sets
Coney Muffs
Sisseton, November 10th 1914.
The Board of County Commission
ers met as per adjournment all
members present. There being
notices sent out for hearing of
school petitions at this date. The
Board adjourned as a Board of
County Commissioners and met as
a Board of Education, Miss Bonnie
Andrews County Superintendent
of schools calling the meeting to
order. Petitions from freeholders
and resident voters ofGenneseo dis
trict number one and four petition
ing that the west half of section
three of Genneseo Township num
ber 122, range 48, be transferred
fiom district No. 1 and made a
part of district No. 4, on motion
petition granted.
Petition signedhv freeholders and
resident voters of White Rock
school district No. 3, and Victor
School district No. 1, petitioning
the Board of Education to transfer
he East half of section No. 1 Victor
Township Number 128-49 from
Victor School district No. 1 to
White Rock district No. 3 pro
test was heard from interesting
parties from Victor district number
one, and after due consideration,
the Board of Education upon mo
tion granted petetion, all members
voting aye.
Per Copy Only
Dependable Furs
It's not the price you pay.that makes furs dependable,
but the careful selection of prime skins. Our entire stock
is made of quality skins, in new styles at moderate prices.
Muffs this season are more in demand than ever. We have
about a hundred extra Muffs and Scarfs this week that you
will want to see.
Co issioner's Proceedi gs.1
Regular «November Session.
sections 13-24-25 Norway Twp "tory hereinfore described,shall and
and sections 18-19 and 30
The Board of Education adjourn
ed as a Board of Education and
thereto have been fully complied
with, and that the question of
Petitions signed by residents corporattng said town has been
and freeholders of Claire City
1 fairly and lawfully submitted to the
itioning the Board to form a segre people and that a majority of the
gated school district to be known resident legal voters are in favor of
asthe Claire City School district to
include the following territory,
incorporating the same- Now
therefore it is ordered that said ter-
the same hereby be an incorporated
sota Twp. A protest was made by own by the name of Rosholt,
all resident owners of land included with all the rights, powers, duties
in the above mentioned territoryj and liabilities of towns organized
except one outside of the town of under the
Claire City, and after due consider
ation and upon motion, petition
was rejected.
laws of the State of
South Dakota, On motion, the
above order carried all members
voting aye.
The balance of the day was spent
in canvassing general election re-
Fur Sets up to
Winter Coats for Women and Mis
ses. Price tag show them mark
ed as high as $20.00
Special Clearance on
this lot only
met as Board of County Com
The matter of incorporatingthe
Town of Rosholt was taken up
and whereas, Application having
been made to the Board of County
Commissioners, on the 9tli day of
October 1-J14 petitioning for the in
corporation of the following terri
tory to-wit: the East half of the
South East quarter (Ei SEi) of
section 13, and the North one half
of the Northeast quarter of the
North west quarter of section
twenty four in township one 'ninti-
'Boaftl actjdtlftie&'to 9?00 o'clock
A. M. November 1 Ith,. 1914.
November 11—Board met as per
adjournment, all members present.
The day was taken up with can
vassing election returns.
Board adjourned to 9.00 o'clock
a. m., November 12th 1914.
November 12—Board as per
adjournment all members present.
The forenoon was spent inspect
ing the heating plant and buildings
at the poor farm.
One o'clock p. m.—Bills were
allowed or rejected as follows
Richard Ohm,electionexpen-
red and twenty eight north of range j. \\7. Mussetter election expense
forty-nine, west, and the west half I Long Hollow township 27.10
of the west one half of the sovth Ben Richards election expense
west quarter being the east half of Agency township 27.50
west half of lots three and four, (j_ p_ Harris election expense
section IS and the north west Sisseton 3 rd ward 30.no
quarter of the north west quarter of !,]. Hegna election expense
the north west quarter, or lot one Lawrence township 28,3"
of section 19, in township 128north I Qle Ulstad election expense
of range 48 west, of the fifth P. M. Minnesota township
in Roberts County S which p. a. Dahl election
ad application was in all respects Lien township
as by law required, and the board Howard Squires election ex
of county commissioners having pense White Rock vil-
ses, Summit village $41 SO
carefully examined all the steps
taken in the matter of incorporating
siad town and being satisfied that pense Bryant township
the provisions of thestatue relating
Moeller, election exp-
Harmon township 32.40
R. Crooks election expense
Spring Grove township
H. Oien election, election
Peever villiage
Stephen Henderson expense
White Rock township
Ed. N. Isralson election ex
pense One Road town
Iver. N. Hägen election ex
peses Goodwill town
•*»»w.risr -Ji.. L—~.i ^-M ms M?— .n
The^ people's, StVeI^p^^
On Goes this Great Sale With It's Won
derful Bargains Continued to Dec. 10
Special Showing of Furs
I)an Danielson election ex
T£nse Norway township 27.70
Aasness election ex
pense Sisseton 2nd
Arne Loite election expense
Bossko township
Andrew Shield, election ex-
k. h.
Enterprise township
H. L. Cortelvou election ex
pense Sisseton 1st ward
Prank Carlson election exp
ense Lee township
R. H. Aney election expense
Hans Lien election expense
Victor township
Clias. Hartman election ex
pense Summit township 31.50
Herman Ammann election
expenses Lake town
R. E. White election expen
se Wilmot city
L. N. Raabe election expen
se Springdale townshio 30.50
R. C. Johnson election exp
ense Geneseo township 32.10
Geo Montag, election expen
se Lockwood township 32.50
John Webster election exp
ense, Becker township 29.10
W. W. Horr election exp
ense, Garfield town
I ship 38.50
Louis Zacharias election ex
pense, Easter township 27.80
Prank Grimm election exp
ense Dry wood Lake
township 27.30
(*. J. Mündt election exp
anse Ortley township 32.30
Knut Tasa election expense
Hart township 24.70
O. A. Turvick election exp
ense Sisseton township 22 50
Oscar Mi kelson election
expense Alto town.ihip 30 50
Board adjourned to 9 00 clock
a. in., November 13th, 1914.
November 13—Board met as per
adjournment, all members were
Bills were allowed or rejected as
28.00 11. H. Eromelt, election exp-
I ense Ortley village £31 50
40. 40 R. U. Lowry registration
board expenses Long
Hollow- township,$16 rejected
29.10 Tiegen Bros, work on boiler
at court house 43 25
J. M. Allen M. I): quaran
26.25 tine and fumigating at
$2.00 Value in
Big Girls Sweaters
this Week
$100.00 Will be Shown
Ladies Coats and Suits
Suits up to $22.50 at $16.75
One lot of fifteen brand new Winter Suits including very
latest, up to the minute styles in such materials as all wool
Cheviots, Poplins, Carbadines and Broadcloths. The best
Coats up to $15.00 for only
C. Kettelson's
1 1
Suits up to $30.00 at $19.75
Choice of twenty-five brand new Suits, the most desirable
materials and styles that are absolutely the newest to be
Ten difiercnt models all brand new and up to the minute
in styles, winter weights, Chevion, Scotch Plaids, Persian
Cloths, and the latest plaids and checks.
NOTICE—Our shoe equippment
has arrived and we are now ready
to do all kinds of shoe repairing.
First-class work guaranteed.
13 00
Thomas Xtfani, expens to
Agency, etc.
August Larson, dragging
the road, White Rock
J. M. Allen M. 1)., quaran
tine and fumigating 13 Oo
S. L. Remuud, per deim.
mileage and overseeing
work at poor farm 63 90
M. L. Satern per deim mile
age and overseeing
work at poor farm 44 60
Gilbert Mfg. Co., culverts 29 40
1 1 2 2 6
Sullivan Lumber Co cement
11 96
50 00
Bossko and Enterprise
townships 29 oo
C. W. Hills hauling culverts
and other work $25 rejected
Ed O. Lund grading road in
Enterprise township 48 15
Victor township grading
road across Dry Run 750.00
J. L- Minder cash advanced
in liquor cases 143 29
Golden Rule merchanise
for Nels Hoi berg, poor 10 00
News Printing Co. office
supplies, auditor register
of deeds and clerk 15 31
Wilmot Republican office
supplies and poll books 119 00
Summit Signal legal notices
published 29 80
Parnam Printing Co .,
supplies for treasurers
office 2 60
Oscar Helgemo posting not
ices $2.00 rejected
Joe Labauch concrete work
at poor farm 1 50 50
Will.A. Beach Printing Co
election supplies 311 05
S.P. Ireland & Sons coal for
N. Pry or, poor 6
News Printing Co., rubber
stamps for treasurer
Brown &Saenger, office sup
plies 55 88
Alfred Aasness, work on
poor farm 107 00
Rickert &Opheim, machine
repairs for poor farm 6 JO
Bonnie Andrews, mileage
visiting schools 37 6 0
Earnham & ,Liiidquist mdse
for poor
Schindler Bros., mdse for
court house
Oscar Helgemo, dragging
roads Goodwill twp
J. A Rickert, chickens for
poor farm
W. E. Glasier, medical ser
vices Ed Kelley, etc.
Bonnie Andrews, freight,
express, etc.
Swan Nelson, colt fees poor
farm 15 00
3 40
16 00
30 00
33 50
11 50
15 95
On motion hoard adiourned un
til nine o'clock, November 14th„
November 14, 1914.—Board met
as per adjournment, all members
The following bill were allowed:
Golden Rule, mdse for court
house 3 50
Edwin Hägen, wolf scalp 2 00
Dakota Central Telephone
Co. telephone rent and
messages 22 65
Dr. E. Schefller, medical ser
vices T. Hagrin, poor 25 10
C. E. McGowan Lumber Co.
cement and sewer pipe 51 30
Schindler Bros, hardwaie
for poor farm 5 06
J. O. Andrews, salary muni
cipal judge 100 00
Great Northern Bridge Co.,
balance on bridge three
miles lie Sisseton. 916 57
Esther Johnson, reporting
municipal court 5 00
J- O. Swenumson, postage 3 65
Nellie Connely, wages at
poor farm 25 00
Squires & Hanson, official
printing$286.35, allow
ed 196 35
Wilmot Republican, official
printing, $304 35 allow
ed 214 35
W.L. Johnson, official print
ing and election supplies
$639 10, allowed 549 10
E. E. Hendrick, grading
road, Lake township 50 00
Chas, Hanson, witness fees 3 00

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