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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, January 08, 1915, Image 6

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A- ). Bunde returned Friday from
a business trip trip to points in
Pat Reardon went to Graceville
this week to undergo an operation
for hernia.
Mrs. esse Cottingham went to
St. Paul where sheexoects to under
go an operation.
Henry Helvig and C. K. Jor
genson transacted business at
Raleigh. N. I), t.iis week.
Wishing fou A
?Happg and Pros
porous Nnu Uenr.
Frank Whipple left for the Mayo
Bros Hospital at Rochester for an
operation on his nose and throat,
John Munro, Anton Foss and
editor Hau gen were up from
Wilmot on business Tuesday.
The little six year old daughter
of Ole Tassa had the misfortune to
fall and break her femur bone.
Dr. Scheffler was called to set it.
Chris Paulson who has been em
ployed at the Thompson hardware
store the past year has resigned his
position, and his position is now
being filled by Ole Ellingsen.
O. E. Lien, son and daughter
returned Tuesday from a ten
days' visit with rs. Lien and
sou Hobert, at Denver. Col. Mr.
Lien reports Hobert improving
in health nicely.
Ortlev now has a second weekly
newspaper. It is named the Ort-
Skeveland of Hand ly Falls, Vlinn.
who is visiting here.
Mrs. Clinton Wicks of Bossko
is visiting Miss Prudence Otto
this week.
The Old Nelinblr
First Nattonal
Hisseton. K. Dakota
Irwin returned inonday
from a two weeks visit with re
latives at Raymond S. 1).
S. K. Olberg of the First Na
tional Bank is in the cities on
business this week.
The Unique Orchestra went to
New Eden Monday night
play for a dance.
Miss Mary Paulson has been
on the sick list but is able to be
around again.
Glasier is recovering.
Mr. and™Mrr~wIletich
Blaine Kruger returned Sat- Mrs. Wayland, Miss Dunor and
urday from a ten days' visit with Mrs. Geo Wooley returned Mon
liis parents at Fergus Falls, Minn. day night from a visit at the
Wayland home in Waubay.
Fx-States Attorney Maui has
rented office room in the tiyverre Misses Irene Gamin and Typh
huilding and is now nicely located
there to practice law. and Frank McDanials took in
Misses Josie and Mabel Cmlscn eration for appendicitis. He
returned Saturday from spend-
Miss Julia Otto left Saturday,after a two weeks' visit at his
to attend business college in parental home in this city.
Joyce Cook has been seriously freshments were served and all
ill but under the care of Dr.
Miss Margaret Otto has accept-,
daughter Emma returned Friday |son
noon from a week's visit with
relatives in Minneapolis.
Joe Schriener of Watkins,
Minn., is making his sisters, Mrs.
Herges and Miss Mary Schriner
a visit.
Lewis and James Honeysett
the dance at Milbank Friday
Mr. and Mrs. J. Cooper of
Rockford, Iowa, who have been
visiting at the Clinton Cooper
home of thid City, returned home
Monday night.
Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Carl berg
and son returned from the cities
Saturday night where they have
been spending a two weeks' va
Good positions secured for all
garduates of the Sioux Falls
Business College. Enroll now
and you will soon have a fine
ley View. It is expected that Ort-, gtavig Bros.' store went to her
ley soon will secure a second rail-1 |,ome jn Home City, Minn., Fri
road, there being every prospect She expects to be absent
that the Fairmont and elileu will about two months.
extend its line to Uitluv and con
nect with the South Dakota Central, ,Joe Waletich went to Minne
apolis Friday to undergo an op-
ing their vacation at their home j0hn- At last reports he had
near Peever. They were accom- had his operation and was getting
panied by their., cousin Arthur
J0s'"e London, a clerk in
accompanied by his brother
rier on route 6, is taking her an
nual vacation and substitute Rob
Mrs. Mose Arrowsmith spent
New Years with relatives inVVau
Miss Emma Boyd of Roland,
Iowa, is the new music teacher
of ihe Sisseton schools.
0. P. Rask left Friday noon for
Twin Valley, Minn., on real es
tate business.
Hazel Sprank who has been
in the cities the past months is
visiting Sisseton friends.
Wilson Walch of Claire City
has been visiting Sisseton relu
lives and friends the past week.
Miss Wilde returned Saturday
night from her home at Wilmot
where she has been spending her
11 vacation.
Miss Anna Kelly came up from
I Ortonville Saturday night to as
sist in the Citizens Narional Bank
tor a tew da
Remember the Lecture Course,
Dr. Byron W. King will deliver
I his lecture at the Opera House
Friday night, Jan. 8th.
Misses Meta Lepler and Edith
I Peterson returned Monday noon
from a five days' visit at the
I Andrew Andersc home at Pee
Henry Burmeister returned to
his claim at Hillandale, Sask.,
Mrs. A. Sebion and daughter
Romania of Waubay are visiting
Mrs. Sebion's daughters Mrs. T.
Mannes and Miss Gertie Sebion.
A large crowd attended the
to! Luther League Watch Meeting
at Hans Stavigs Thursday night.
All enjoyed a fine time.
The Young Ladies' Sewing
Club met with Miss Ella Peter-
son Monday night. Dainty re-
a good time.
I The young people of the Stavig
s^ore were
ed the position as teacher for the Axel Holgerson home New Years
2nd and 3rd grades at the Gov-,night A delightful six o'clock
ernment School. supper was served and the young
entertained at the
people say Mr. and Mrs. Holger
royal entertainers-
Dr. Towle had the misfortune
to fall ana hurt himself one day
last week. He was confined to
his home for several days but is
able to be around again with the
aid of crutches.
Mrs. J. W. Thomas is enter
taining her sister, Mrs- S. Ü.
Stafford and two children of
Stanley, N. D. They will remain
here for a few weeks.
Leif Glossimot returned Mon
day from a visit with Aberdeen
relatives and friends.
Charlie McGee was down frotn
Eden for New Years.
Mrs. Mabel Marsh came up
from Minneapolis Tuesday for
an extended visit with her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Babb.
Mrs- Henry Helvig is receiving
a visit from her father, O. S
Hegland of Roland, Iowa, this
Miss Caw
ley returned Satur
day from a ten days' visit with
relatives at Carthage, S. D.
Mrs. K. N. Rudie and child
ren returned from Minneapolis
last week where they have been
visiting since before Christinas.
The Ladies' Aid of the M. F.
Clin roll will meet at the K- N.
Judkin's home next .Wednesday
Jan loth. This is the time for
the monthly business meeting
and the president asks that the
work of each committee be re
ported. Roll call will be respond
ed to by giving New Year Reso
lutions. From five o'clock until
all are served Mrs. Judkins will
Florence Peters, the mail car-1serve a fifteen cent lunch to
Lowry is serving the patrons on of the ladies and the young peo
that route. pie of the church.
which a general invitation is ex
tended, especially the husband»
Wli.-n it Wilms to a vlioiv» of s.'iniMlors
General Ifardwai
The death of Mrs. .lohn Tew
occur rod at the Sisseton Hospital
Wednesday evening from a com
plication of diseases. She was
conti nvd to the hospital for about.1
two week's, and till services that
loving hands ould do for her
were rendered.
Barbara Ebenste!ner was born
in Sauk ("outer, Minn. Dec. 2nd,
lbsö where she lived until about
three years ago when she was
married to .John Tew, of this!
city, and has since made her
home here. She was in good
health until about two weeks ago,
when she was taken suddenly ill.
She is survived by her bus-!
band, baby boy, father, two sis
ters and one brother.
Funeral services will be held
today from the Catholic church
at 10 a. m.
Death Of Mrs. Babcock.
Marriage ties which had bound
Mr. and Mrs Samuel B. Bacock for
61 years were sundered today when
the aged wife died at her home,
3824 Marquette avenue. Her end
came after a heroic rally which] had
carried [her through the holidays
when the couple celebrated the
anniversary of their wedding on
Christmas. Together they had been
pioneers of Minnesota.
The Bahcocks were married at
Am bridge, N. Y., in December
185.i and came to Minnesota ten
years larer. They took up a claim
in Blue liarth county and endured
the rigors of pioneer life in the
wilderness until other settlers came
In more recent years they moved to
Vernon Center and then they came
to Minneapolis.
Mrs. Babcock grew ill more than
three months ago, and fears for
her life were felt then, but she
said she would live through the
holidays. She was 82 years old.
Surviving her beside Mr. Bab
cock are two children, Lyman Bab
cock and Miss Vinnette Bibcock.
—Minneapolis Journal.
The deceased was a mother of
L. S. Babcock of this city. Mr.
Babcock went down Wednesday
evening to attend the funeral,
Paul Linster returned to St.
John's "U" Tuesday night to re
sume his studies after spending
two week's at his home here.
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His Seventieth Birthday Anniversary
Last Saturday, Jan. 2nd 1915,
was the day when T. K. Axness
celebrated his seventieh birthday.
Mrs. Becli and Willard Coff came
up on the morning train to help
grandpa eat the birthday cake, and
Mr. Becli came Sunday to give him
an extra handshake. Mr. Axness
is still enjoying good health. Mrs
Axness will be seventv years old
next March, an.lby next fall they
mav celebrate their fiftieth wedding
anniversary.-—Cont ribitted.
Brown's Tennessee Minstrels.
At the Opera House, Sisseton, S.
I)., Ja». 12. 15 people. All colored.
14th successful season, bigger and
better than ever. The show that
never fails to please, a real show
with real performers. Listen for
the hand each afternoon and even
ing. Don't forget the show is free
from all vulgarity and we guarantee
to please or refund your money.
4 buck and wing dancers, 4 funny
comedians, 3 big novelty acts.
Mv. and Mrs. Tony Dale and
child spent New Years at the
Thelin home.
Comity Treasurer Iver J. Johnson
who has been confined to his bed
since Dec. lltli with pneumonia is
able to be up again. His many
friends will be glad to see him
back at his old post again,
Dr. Ii. Ii. Cook moved his office
furniture and supplies to Vehlen
this week where he has decided to
locate. Doc has been a resident of
Sisseton for the past six years, and
has enjoyed a good practice, but at
Vehlen he expects to cover the
towns along F. & V, The family
wilt remain here until spring.
From New Effington Record.
Mrs. Wm. Glasier returned
Wednesday from Rochester,
Minn., where she has been re
ceiving meidical treatment at
the Mayo hospital. Her friends
will be glad to learn that she is
much imp oved in health.
The F. & V. will start carrying
the U. S. Mail to towns along the
extension on Jan. 11. All the
new towns except Lake City
have post offices. A miil clerk
will handle the mail after the
eleventh, and mail will be sorted
and made up between stations.
the contrary, you may buy a DeLava
1 Cream Scp-
arator NOW and save halt its cost bv sprin
any reason, you van conveniently pay cash
buy a De Laval on such liberal terms it will
pay lor itself.
As to your need of a separator, if you have the milk of
even a single vow to cream you are wasting quantitv and
quality of product every day you go without one. This
waste is usually greatest in cold weather and with cows
old in lactation, and it counts most, of course, when but
ler priccs are high. Then with a separator there is al
ways the sweet, warm skim-milk and saving in time and
labor, in addition.
I.iv.tl sujiyrim-ity is now univ.Tsnll.v rtsco.fi nztul. Those who
g. If, for
you van
Sisseton, S. D.
Herman Engel had a narrow
escape on Saturday. He had
started the engine at the feed
mill, and was shifting a belt on
the main shaft when his coat
sleeve was caught in a pulley.
There was a buz z-z and he
counted three bumps as that
hard Dutch head of his knocked
splinters from the rafters, so he
thinks he went around three
times. Then his coat was torn
off and he was thrown bodily
across the building to the floor.
He got up found his hat, stopped
the engine and went home.
Beyond a large number of pain
ful bruises and a general stiff
ness he is apparently unhurt.
The sleeves of his coat were tor*
off and there is not enough left
of the rest of it to tell that it
had ever been a coat.* The won
der is that he was not instantly
In the new federal tax bill
there are twenty sources of rev
enues. Those who pay are shown
in the following list:
Those who buy and sell bonds
of shares of stock.
Those who give proxies for
voting their shares.
Those who buy and sell produce
and mercandise on the exchanges
Those who borrow money on
promisor) notes.
Those who ship goods by
freight or express.
Those who do long distance
Those who sell real estate.
Importers of goods through
the customs house.
Those who insure their goods
or buildings.
Those who go abroad on ocean
Those who use perfumery and
Those who brush their teeth.
Those who chew gum.
Those who travel in parlor and
sleeping cars.
Those who do business as bro
kers, including pawn brokers.
Those who drink beer, wine or
Those engaged in banking, ex
cept mutual savings banks.
Commission merchants.
Proprietors of theaters, mus
eums, concert halls and circuses,
except the managers of Chautau
qua courses.
Tobacco dealers and manufact
In most cases, however, the
taxes in the end. are paid by the
general public.
Wheat $1.18
Du ram 1.37
Rye- 95c
Barley 49c
Oats 4ic
Flax. $1.50
Butter, lb 25c
Eggs, doz 30a

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