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Mildred Hicks and Anna Palmer are
the Winners—Fine Program.
Fifth Annual Declamatory Contest of the Sisseton
High School, Opera House, Friday, April 23, 1915.
6. "A Shaker Romance"
Mildred Hicks
7. "The Silver Cup"
Otis Marvick
8. "The Rescue of Gavin"
Anna Palmer
10. Decision of Judges.
will be equally bene­
fited if they take their defeat in
Twins Send Latter to President,
Who Promptly Replies,
&• Washington.—An exchange of letters
between President Wilson and two lit
tle Belgians in Brussels, In which the
children thanked the president for
food sent by Americans and the presi
dent expressed his appreciation of
their gratitude, has been made knowu
•t the White House. The children,
twins, nlue years old, wrote:
Dear Mr. Wilson—Thank you very much
the good bread. The poor people In
ear villages were starving, for they have
nothing to eat, but now that you have
Mnt over to our dear little country a big
provision of wheat, both rich and- poor
ean live—thanks to the Americans. Best
love and wishes from little
Pussy's brother added, "I join In
With my sister In thanking you, too,
tor It Is Jolly good bread, enough to
satisfy any schoolboy's hunger."
In reply the president sent this let
ter In his own handwriting:
My Dear Little Friends—Your letter
touched me very deeply, and I thank you
for It with all toy heart. It makes me very
happy to think that what generous Amer
ican^ have done to relieve the hunger
end distress In your country has brought
yeu .the help you needed and given you
little happiness in the midst of these
terrttie days of war. I hope that you
Will jgrow up to be strong to do the work
that #111 have to be done In the days of
peao»' that are coming. It would be a
meet pleasure to me If some day I might
ate you both when those happier times
fcave oome., Tour sincere friend,
Wantffl. Comfortable Footwear and
Quilt In Coffin.
LOB Angeles, Cel.—In case he was
murdered SfcOOO was to be taken from
his estate to aid to hunting his slayers.
TM« wae the provision BS. F. Kellner,
lAxtaoha bAnker and pioneer, who died
IB Teniae, Cat., made In his will.
In rivipjt miauls.«ÜSFISTTFLNA aa to the
1. Song, "In The Gloamine" Harrison
High School XLtle Quartette
2. ''The Fall of Pcmbcrton Mill"
Esther Preston
3. "The Inmate of the Dungeon"
Archie Lowery
4. "The Last Speech of William McKinley"
Anna Mikelson
5. "Mistress Sherwood's Victory"
Zell Larrabee
9. Vocal Solo "Angel's Seranande" Brage
Gladys Lewis
Miss Jo God da rd, Principal Milbank High School
C. C. Con ley, Superintendent Waubay Schools
The Opera House was comfort
ably filled Friday night to hear
the above program. Mildred
Hicks and Anna Palmer carried
off first and second honors in
the declamatory contest. They,
as well as all of their competitors
did splendidly,and are a credit to
themselves and an honor to the
school and their instructors. As
the real and lasting good does
not consist in winning the
honors, but rather in the pre
paration for the contest, all who
topk pact
J. Willard Thomas, Supt. Roberts County Schools, City.
the right spirit.
The musical numbers wore
enjoyed by all. The High School
Male Quartette maintained their
reputation as fine singers and
were enthusiastically encored.
The program closed with a solo
sweetly sang by Gladys Lewis.
Winning first place in the
above contest entitled Mildred to
go into the district contest which
will be held at Aberdeen, May 7,
under the auspices of the North
ern Industrialand Normal School,
and her friends all hope she will
also prove a winner here.
method of his burial Kellner directed
that a coffin be secured of copper from
fj'.obe. Ariz., where he resided many
years: that he be dressed In a gray
suit and comfortable slippers and cov
ered with a quilt without decoration.
French Air Men In 10,000 Reconnois
sances Have Lost Heavily.
Paris.—An official statement giving
statistics concerning the aerial flights
of the French air men during the eight
months of the war says:
"Approximately 10.0(H) aerial recon
tioissancos have been made, amounting
to IS,000 hours In the air. The dis
tance covpivd was 1,800,000 kilometers
(over 1.110,000 miles).
"Unfortunately those results were
not obtained without serious losses,
which equal and sometimes even sur
pass other mctlinds of warfare."
They Used to Be Made of Silver and
Were Worn In the Hat.
The employment of toothpicks is very
ancient. In Crete's "History of Greece"
we find that Agatliocles, "among the
worst of Greeks," was poisoned by a
medicated quill handed to him for
cleaning his teeth after dinner.
Toothpi ks were in common use in
the time of the Caesars. Martial tells
us those made of a chip of mastic wood
(lentiscus) arc the best, but that If you
run short of such timber a quill will
serve your purpose, and he ridicules an
old fop who was in the habit of dig
ging away at his gums with his polish
ed lentiscus, though he had not a tooth
left in his head.
Toothpicks occur early of silver, but
pieces of wood or of feathers with a
red end as quills in our day were most
usual. The toothpick is the Anglo-Sax
on tothgare., The old name was pick
tooth. It' was Imported by travelers
from Italy and France, and the using
of It was long deemed an affected
mark of gentility. It was worn as a
trophy in the hat, and Sir Thomas
Overbury describes a courtier, the pink
of fashion, "with a picktooth In his
Bishop Barle says of an idle gallant,
"His picktooth bears a great part In
his discourse."—London Telegraph.
Elmer Eddy's hired man got lost
Sunday evening. Elmer called up
his neighbors, but could find no
trace ot him. Later in the night
he was tomid by Alt red Otto at
Ed Yasen's place and lie was not
alone either.
The dance at Fred Shaker's was
well attended and all report a good
C. R. Jorgenson has bought the
Fred Otto farm and he intends to
get a lot ot breaking done this
spring and seed it to flax. John
Ready has the tarm rented this
Henry Otto was visiting at John
Ready's Sunday. He is feeling
much better now after having been
laid up with a lame back.
There was church and Sunday
School at the Otto school house
last Sunday and they were well
attended. Elmer Eddy's hired
man was there too.
Civi League Notes
A regular meeting of the Civic
League will be held 111 the Com
mercial Club rooms May 4th.
Every one interested in the League
is urged to be present.
Now in house cleaning and
papering be cautious about letting
scraps of paper blow about. It not
only spoils the appearance of your
own yard but also your neighbors.
Burning baskets may be secured at
C. L. Preston's. Get one and burn
all old paper.
Next week is cleanup week in
Sisseton, and all garbage, etc,
must be removed by May 8th. Af
ter that date the chief of police will
notify the occupants of buildings
and owners of lots, regarding
cleaning to a certain date, after
that date the city will hire the
work clone and it will be charged
against the property.
For Sale- Four new monitor
breaking plows at Si6 each.
An Interview With Mr. Ford.
The following interview was
given by Mr. Ford to one of the
aggressive Ford agents, who re
turned to his home and gave it to
his territory in the following news
paper advertisement.
On a personal visit to Mr. Henrv
Ford I broached the subject of a
possible August 1st, rebate.
(The Ford Company announced
last year, as you well remember,
that if their total sales reached
300,000 cars between August 1st,
1915, each purchaser during that
period would receive back a refund
of from $40.00 to $60 00.)
''Mr. Ford," I suggested, "is
there anything I can say to our
people with regard to the Ford
Motor Company's 300,000 car re
bate plan?"
•'We shall sell the 300,000,"
was the quiet reply, "and in 11
months, a full month ahead of
August 1st."
"Then a refund is practically
"Yes, barring the totally unex
pected. We are 50,000 to 75,000
cars behind orders today. Factory
and branches are sending out 1800
I then said to Mr. Ford: "if 1
could make a definite refund state
ment we would increase our local
sales 500 cars."
"You may say," was Mr. Ford's
deliberate and significant reply to
this, "You may sav that we shall
pay back to each purchaser of a
Ford car between August 1st, 1914
and August 1, 1915, barring the
unforeseen, the sum of $50.00.
You may say that I authorised you
to make this statement."
What can we add to the above?
$15,000,000 cash coming back to
Ford owners, and to prospective
Ford owners up to August 1, 1915,
it actually means—Ford Touring
cars for $490—less the $50 rebate,
Ford Runabouts for $440—less the
$50 rebate. What is there left for
us to say?
For a small bungalow at low cost
this cannot be beat. Every room
in it is well lighted and ventilat
ed, and it makes a comfortable,
artistic little home for a small
6 Rooms and Bath. The arrange
ment of this house includes a re
ception hall, living room, kitchen,
Julius Aasness, Mgr.
Maybe you are a 'Movie Fan"
and maybe you are not. It you are
not it is all the more reason you
should see "The Spoilers" which
will be a one day engagement
at the Unique Theatre. Movies
may come and go, but those who
see "The Spoilers" will always
remember it as the best, bar none,
ever seen in the City. One wonders
how the Producers could take Rex
Beach's popular books, by the
same name and reproduce it so I
faithfully on the screen. To des-1
cribe the picture and cio it justice
is impossible. From the time that
Helen Cheeter arrives in Alaska
and takes such a prominent part
in the business and personal affairs
of Glenister and Dextry, to the
final scene, which is beautiful in
every sense of the word, "The
Spoilers" is a vividly told story for
those who appreciate red-blooded
men and women. Every phase of
human emotion is shown and in
such a manner that it gives a last
ing impression.
The coming of the Law, the law
that replaces the old "six shooters"
Happens just before one of the dra
matic points of the story. Glenis
ter, driven to desperation in trying
to save his mine from the political
crooks of Washington, goes to the
gambling hall and gambles in a
vain effort to drown his troubles.
He wins until huge piles of chips
are on the table before him. At
this point Cherry Malotte and the
Broncho Kid plot to stop his mad
winnings. The kid takes the
dealers chair in the faro games
while Cherry assists him. Glenis
ter loses all. It is an intense mo
ment when he rushes from his
chair and otters to bet his share in
the Midas mine against the Gamb
ling out fit of the Broncho Kid. As
the Kid turns the fatal card which
takes Gleniöter's last cent, Cherry
dramatically comes to his rescue.
The trouble is you can't ap
pretiate it unless you see it. Wil
liam Farnum as Glenister and Miss
Kathlyn Williams as Cherry Ma
lotte take the leading parts. There
are others prominent, such as Dex
try, Helen, Slapjack, the crooked
Judge and Politician, and the
Broncho Kid.
At the Unique Theatre May 3.
Save Money, buy your Lumber
and Mill Work direct from the
Factory. We pay Freight to your
nearest R. R. station. Write for
further information. Send bill for
Estimate. A. S. AMUNDSON,
(43.-46) ......... Georgeville, Minn.
There is no Home Like a Home of Your Own.
An Estimate May Help You Decide.
Cost is an important item to a house builder. You won't decide until you
know the price, An estimate on any building you wish to errect will be cheer
fully given at our office free of cost.
When you buy materials at our yard you can inspect your purchase and
know that you get what you pay for. Also, you save time and freight and have
the advantage of the superior service only the man on the ground can give.
We can furnish you a complete set of blue prints should you intend to buy.
Lampert Lumber Co.
The Home of Quality
two bedrooms and bath. The
front enterance is located in the
center and opens into a reception
hall, which connects by wide cased
opening with the living room to the
right. On the left side of the house
are the bedrooms and bath.
Size—Ground dimensions of house
are 39 ft. 6 in. 28 ft.
Special Machine Sale!
We have a few first-class Sewing Machines
on hand that we want to dispose of at once
and will sell at a big discount. These ma
§jj chines are all standard makes and covered
with the manufactures guarantee.
$40 New Home Sewing Machine only $30
$40 Free Sewing Machine only $30
$25 Ruby Sewing Machine only $20
$15 Pathfinder Sewing Machine only $12
If you are interested in getting a new
machine come in and see us to-day.
When you want beef stake you go to
the butcher shop.
When you want to buy a suit of clothes
you go to the clothing store.
No matter what you want to buy you
go to the man that sells it.
That's the way when you want livery.
Go to the liveryman to get it. We are here
in the livery business and make it our busi
ness. If you want a car or team to get you
there and bring you back, no matter what
kind of weather or roads, go to
the Pioneer Liveryman, and get his service.
Phone No. 58, barn or No. 180. res
For All Livestock
Sisseton, S. D.

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