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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, April 30, 1915, Image 4

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L- Johnson
Subscription Si.50 Per ear. men.
Advertising Rate?:
Display 15c per inch one
Special rate on conn.^.-
All hail to peace
gets here.
O V.
"Rivers of «»i.
an ocean
Local ad. 5c per line per issue, .—_
Official Paper of Coaatj and City
The robins are wish sa
—as likewise the hol».
Chin? is wuii it.
Jap: dmi: :-v
Austria bask
trality. Possibly
Drefer our bullets.
Lots of men brag of having
hon?v sense, which is some
thing of a compliment to the
The fact that a man is well
!educated does not necessarily
In this ejunsrv every fei-i Admiral Peary assert? that
low thinks for hunse-'.:—unless a hundred years hence the
hi= wife does for him. United states will either be
obliterated as a nation, or we
Failure to wv--n:sr is like
Did you ever notice the
fidelity of a 200d dos? An
object lesson to some men.
As another evidence that
America is drifting toward
war, we now refer to baseball
suits as "uniforms."
&f& 4.
setting a bull dog *a a eusto- American continent. In
mer at yo**r «•'•»re I either ease. it won't worry us
ja particle—a hundred years
that he is using his
to bet
:risn arvhduke
I)o it today—tomorrow
long way of!.
Euroiv into the oloodiest war,
of ail history. And countless
shots have been
.1-.: to A
Hi kX.
v. neu
ttiiue: was L".irn
oar Beu
he *'T viild
A year -ag we
ixirk it» the other day. The
vsniei. vou know, takes
2 ...
CRIL N in n:::v dnv
occupy the entire North
A good wviiiaii command- city on business Tuesday,
a man's respect, but it takes
a doll to make him prance.
The first duty of society is
the preservation of society.
But that has no reference to
high society.
We believe in the spirit of
peace, but it will require
something more than belief
to anchor it down.
Banker Anderson and Barber
Thompson of Vehlen were in the
Surprise For Policeman.
Policemen skirting alleys and
peering over fences will observe
the back vards of Minneapolis
homes to see whether the premises
have been "spring cleaned". Chief
Oscar Martinson issued orders to
day that officers notify those whose
places are unsightly to clean up.
This notification, it is believed,
will be sufficient to call forth the
household rake and shovel squads,
but where people are stubborn and
decline to renovate, patrolmen are
instructed to notify police head
Legal blanks at this oftice.
The Full Variable Drop Planter
The Most Accurate Planter Made.
Come in and examine our No. 999
Ask the man who owns one ..
»v 4
Federal Court Sits May Fourth
Depiitv United States Marshal
William Hoaley ivtumod Satur
day morning from Sisseton.
where ho took into his vustody
George Lew IS. on ai. order of
removal, committing him to the
Brown county jail, where he
advantage. Uwaits trial at the May term
——r rrr |the United States district court
hot laid an Aus upon the charge of introducing
plu 1:4X0x1 -iqnor last February on the Sis-
etonAVahpeton Indian reserva
tion. The May term of court
will open here beginning May 4.
—Aberdeen News-
Governor Proclaims Cleanup Week.
Lroni^iV o:nsts ajv
because a baby Bismark. N. D.
Governor L. B.
1 Hanna has issued a proclamation
appointing Cleanup Week from
-pi api'vi.iiiiüi.
May 5 to S. This is the first time
North Dakota has had such pro
1 clatnation. The Governor says, in
|part: "I earnestly recommend and
Quite frequently an edit or |request that the men, women and
criticised for expressing his
pinion. And then lie is
vised 11 .Tit doing so.
eitlu-r 1
children of the state make special
efforts to promote the cause of
cleanliness in our surroundings,
thereby tending toward a neater.
cleaner and more wholesome as-
:s lie is criticised
And both way-—and pectin our cities, towns and homes.''
rambles alonn as bliss
:ijy muni ere in a .luck 111
A DeLaval Day May 11. 1915.
To give a more thorough ex
planation of the working parts of
the DeLaval Cream Separator, both
for the benefit of the prospective I
purchaser of Cream Separators,
and for the many, who are now
using the DeLaval, we have ar
ranged with the DeLaval Co. to
furnish competent help to assist in
this work and have set aside May
11, 1915 for this purpose.
It is world wide acknowledged
that the DeLaval Cream Separator
has done more for the development
of the farm and dairv than any
other piece of machinery. The
DeLaval is the original Cream
Separator, and the one from which
all other makes are copied.
Remember the date, Tuesday,
May 11,1915 at,
Thompson's Hardware,
Come in and let this man show
you why the DeLaval skims cleaner,
wears longer, and runs easier than
other separators. If your old De
Laval is not working exactly as 1
you think it ought to, bring it in on
the day mentioned and have it ex- I
amined and repaired, free of charge,!
except charge for new repairs put
Sisseton, S. D.
Fords Gaining Friends Every Day.
The enormous sale of Ford cars
is conclusive evidence of Ford
friendship. Men who buy Ford
cars have actual knowledge of their
Ford cars are busy buzzing at
every corner, on city streets and
country roads. What other car
could be put upon the worlds
market in Ford quantity, that
would equal Ford quality and Ford
service, and satisfy the classes and
the masses, and that would have
the unanimous praise that the Ford
is now enjoying?
The Ford has no equal and never
will have as long as Henry Ford is
the head and brain of the Ford
Our contract this year calls for
80 cars. At the rate of 1800 cars
per day, (being the daily output of
the factory) it would take about
20 minutes to put out 80 cars, and
yet we are short of cars, and the
public is giving the factory a merry
chase, and demanding more cars
than they are now putting out.
The 1915 car is a beauty. Boost
for the 300,000 mark and push it
as far over as possible. Ford is
giving the buyer a dividend of his
profits, so give us your order early.
For Sale—My residence and four
lots located on the north side of the
street, first house east of the Farm
ers elevator in Sisseton is for sale
at a bargain. For particulars write
Mrs. Erick Erickson,
Rl, Bx. 35 New London, Minn.
Arthur Okel und spent Sunday
at his home in Lien township.
h* .*i\"
is®* f*0£
r-fi "i ,td
House Paints—We
Builders' Hardware—We
n*. 4 ,1.
Hay Carriers
In hay carriers we are show­
ing the Myers and Advance
makes, either one reversible,
can be used with double or
triple hoist. We also sell
the Milwaukee, 8 wheel car
same as sold by the catalog
Our price $6.00
IOC per cent pure Red Barn Paint contains more pure
linseed oil than any other barn paint on the market today. It is not
the cheapest, but it is the best.
have a full line of house paints, both for outside and inside.
Carriage and Wagon Paints. Dry Colors and Colors in Oil, White
Lead and Oakers. Linseed oil by the gallon or by the barrel.
or inside, for noors. doors and casing, for carriages and
automobiles. Japalac and Alabastine. everything you want for mak
ing your home beautiful and attractive.
be it the humble cottage or the rich man's mansion.
for the farmer, machanic and carpenter.
Sisseton High School
have the appropriate thing in hardware trimmings,
Pipes and Pipe Fittings
Heating and Plumbing
We cannot only supply you with all your wants, but we can save you money.
Huron High School
Sisseton Opera House.
This debate is for the championship of three of the four
districts of the state, Sisseton having won the championship
of the North-eastern District and Huron the championship
of the Black Hills and the North Central Districts. If
Sisseton beats Huron next Friday night, then it will debate
either Madison or Sioux Falls on May 14th for the
Admission: Schoolchildren 15 cts., Adults 25 cts.
If you have any sporting blood, come out and boost for the home team

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