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Vol. V:
Xew Road Nearly Com
pleted—on Paper.
The Huron & Northeastern
Railway, a proposed line from
Huron to Fergus Kalis, Minn., is
beginning to attract considerable
attention, in this part of the
state. Frank W. Henderson,
who is promoting the road, and
1j. A. Vik, the right, of-way man,
arrived in this city on Tiuirsday
and Monday a crew of survey
ors arrived here and established
headquarters, working from
this place to Wallace.
In conversation with a report
er Mr. Henderson stated that all
arrangements for the building
•of the line, and the entire right
of way had been decided upon
with the exception of that, por
tion between Wallace and Sisse
ton- The problem now before
the company is the selection of a
route between Wallace and Sis
seton, and tliev are undetermin
ed whether to build by way of
Wauba.y or Webster. If they
build to Webster they will strike
the Fainnount and Veblen at
Koslyn, but if they go by way of
Wauba.y the.y will strike the
latter line at Grenville. From
Koslyn or Grenville the.y pro
pose to run almost due east, pass
between Enemy fewim and
ckerel lakes and then turning
northeast to Sisseton. Mr.
Henderson states that it will not
require a. very heavy grade to
get onto the valley near Sisseton
but the heaviest construction
cost of the entire line will be
through the lake region in east
ern Day county and the hills in
western Roberts county.
The company's chief engineer
has been in the county the past
week and is making a close ex
animation of both the Webster
Koslyn and the Waubay-Gren
ville routes, and his decision as
to which is the most feasible and
satisfactory route will probably
be announced the last of this
week. There is general belief
that the Webster-Koslyn route
will be selected, as it will be the
cheapest and the easiest to con
struct. The route was surveyed
by Harry Hart and it was found
to present no serious difficulties.
Mr. Henderson is making no
effort to sell stock" or bonds or to
secure donations from the fann
ers who will be benelitted by the
new road. He informs us that
the project has ample capital be
hind it and that the contract for
the grading from Huron to Wal
lace has al ready been allowed to
a Chicago contractor. Work' will
With what you are getting
for your money
Store of 10,000 Bargains
Prices are Right
Racket Store
E. M. BATSON, Prep.
Sisseton. South Dakota
fieiwrtment of Histofff
be started at the Huron end in a
few week's.
The new line will strike the
following towns: Garden (.'ivy,
Wallace, Webster or \\'aubay,
Koslyn or Grenville, Sisseton,
Ellington, Wahpeton, and Fergus
Falls. The road will traverse
much country which is now
practically undeveloped, and it
must be admitted that it look's
like a good business proposition.
Reports received from disin
terested parties at both Huron
He furnished a bond for his
appearance and it is understood
lie will be transferred to the
custody of the federal authori
ties of Iowa for trial in the
United States court at Sioux
The United States authorities
here also have been advised of
was attired in a white messeline
bedding breakfast was served.
The remainder of the day was
spent here in appropriate festivities
and in the evening the crowd
We wish to extend
I'A'ifllcnt Program and
1 0 S
marriage at the Catholic church at ||. ,|. ,.
S o'clock Tuesday morning, Rev. Th,,'Handle Choir
l- Kettler officiating. The bride
There were about 200 guests ern Europe will naturally drift in
en and with them the Standard'
joins in extending the heartiest S
congratulations thought of thousands and hundreds
of thousands coming is a disturbing
Card of Thanks.
felt thanks to those who assisted there will be inevitable clashings
us during the sickness and at with the labor unions.
the burial of our beloved son and
The Tili I'd Annual Chautauqua
at Sisseton opened with a boom
Tuesuay morning. The day was
ideal and at eleven o'clock when
the big warade came olT the city
and Wahpeton state that in both was packed with people. The
those localities the new railroad parade was something immence
is regarded as practically assur- the finest ever put on in this
ed. They state that the route section. The parade was led by
has been definitely decided upon the Sisseton Hand followed by a
at both ends of the line and they delegation of the Sisseton school
expect, work to commence at any and Royal Neighbors. Among
time. In Iluron the opinion pre- the linest, floats —well they were
vails that the Northwestern is ail a credit t.o I lie firms rep re
in back of the proposad line and sented.
that the Northwestern company The Indian Hand were also
is endeavoring to capture some here and were a great assistance
of the North Dakota business. in the parade and their concerts
Webster Reporter and Farmer. Ion the street, were highly appre
ciated. The band is composed
of young boys, all of whom ire
well instructed and play very
warrant •. difficult music.
Kimball Man Under Arrest.
Sioux Falls O11 a
from the office of United States
Marshal fanbinan in this city,' pnigram of the Chautauqua con
Max lvossove of Kimball, was sisted of it grand concert by
arrested yesterday 011 the charge I Castellucci's Italian Orchestra
of violating the provisions of the ,| tine lecture by H. Y. Adams
national bankruptcy law. Following the afternoon pro-
The afternoon and evening
He had filed a petition in bank- .. the best ball game of the
ruptcy, and it is alleged that, reason was played between Sis
with the intent to defraud Iiis
creditors he shipped a quantity
of goods which had been listed
among Iiis assets to Sioux City,
with the alleged intentions of
concealing them there.
seton and Beardsley, resulting
in a victory for the home team,
4 to i!. 1'
The prog., for Wednesday
afternoon by Horte sc Creede
and Helen Iiadley was very
pleasing and the evening enter
tainment by these you 11 ladies
and lecture by Rev. Miles was
highly appreciated by an im
mense audience..
Thursday afternoon the audi
ence was entertained by Dnstans
Opera Singers and E. .1 Powell,
a splendid lecturer, and in the
the arrest of Deputy United evening b.v the Das tan Opera
States Marshal Hickney of Henry Singers and Wiilard Gorton, the,
Jacobs of Chamberlain, 011 the wonderful impersonator wiili
charge of selling liquor to In- I his crayonsketcnes and cartoons,
dians. As a result of his pro The Chautauqua is being well
limiiiary hearing before United [attended and all numbers of the
States Commissioner Tid rick program have been excellent, yet
the defendant was held for ap- we have the best in store for the
pea ranee before the next federal I last three day.
grand jury. The defendant I The program this afternoon
furnished a bond ofS200 for his! will be given by The Russian
appearance at the proper time. Quartette and Morton I'rember
If indicted he will be tried at ton, the famous humorist. 111
the next term of United States the evening yon will again hear
court in Sioux Falls. the famous quartette and Dr.
Miss Anna Trantner, daughter, Saturday the famous Kiltie's
of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Trantner of I
this city and Mr
Ben Hannascii of
township were united in
Hand will appear in their popular
concert, and in the evening they
ballads anil
will appear
in both the afternoon and evening
Dr. Driver will speak-
in the afternoon. The program
is arranged with due regard for
the spirit and traditions of the
silk trimmed with shadow lace and
carried roses and lilies of the valley
and the groom wore the customary
black. They were attended by
Miss Tracy Trantner and Mr. Frank
Hannasch. Immediately after the
ceremony they returned to of the present war in Europe there
Trantner home where a sumptuous
It is expected that with the close
1 0
1 0
gathered at the Hannasch home country. There is not much in
where the wedding dance was held.
Kt'eat number of im­
to this country, and in
a 1
cities plans are even
incubated to direct the
away from the cities to the
immigrants from north-
southern Europe
the cities, but the
I one. The tendency will be to re
duce the rates of wages, both of
skilled and unskilled laborers, and
Hazel Bennett arrived home
brother. Saturday from Browns Valley
Mr. and Mrs. John Gravdal where she spent the past three
and family, 'mouths.
S1SSKTON, KoBKRTS CUVN'n, s. 1)., FRIDAY, .11 NT, im:,
A Boy's Kssay on l.imburgcr Cheese
they both went into the front room,
but did not speak for some time.
Mother spoke first and told father
to put the cat out of the room as
she was afraid it was going to be
sick It was sick before father
could get it out. Mother then
turned around, and noticed that
the canary was dead. Mother told
father not to sit so near the stove,
as it made matters worse. Father
told mother to go smother herself.
Mother told father she thought
she was smothered already. Just
then the sei vant came in, and asked
if she could open the windows, as
the room felt very close. Father
went up stairs and changed his
clothes, and had a hot bath.
Mother took fathers clothes and
offered them to a tramp, who said,
"Thank's, kind lady, they are a bit
too high forme-" Mother threw
them over the back fence into the
creek Father was summoned
afterwards for poisoning the fish,
Just then father had a note sent
him. Father came to wish me
"Good night" at ten o'clock in the
evening with a note in one hand
and the razor strop in the other. I
got under the bed. The folks next
door thought we were beating a
carpet in our house. 1 cannot sit
down comfortably yet. I have
Judge Frank' McNulty re
turned Saturday night from
Britton, where he assisted the
state in the prosecution of War
ren Butts, cashier of the New
ark' bank', charged with making
a false report to the state bank
examiner at the time the Newark
bank' went into bankruptcy last
Mr. Hütts was found guilty
and the jury recommended cle
mency, but as the sentence has
not been pronounced yet by
Judge Bouck, it is expected
that he will take the suggestion
under consideration.—Aberdeen
Mother sent meto pay a bill at
the grocer's last Saturday. The
boss behind the counter made lyc a
present of sc.mclhing wrapped lip
in a piece of paper which he told
nie was a piece of limburger cheese.
When I got uiit side I opened the
paper and when I fell what was
inside I felt tired. I took it home
and put it in the coal shed. In the
morning I went to it again. It was
still there Nobody had taken it.
ather and mother were getting
ready for church. 1 put a piece
in the back of father's rants and Sy verson and I'). I'. Sy verson
another in the lining of ma's muff, father and son, foralleged rong
1 walked beiiind when we started till acts in connection with tin
for church. It was beginning to failure some months ago of tin
get wann. When we got in church I Bancroft Slate I Sank at. I lau
father looked anxious an-1 mot her rroft, of which hey were presi
looked as if something had happen, dent and cashier, respectively.
Alter the llrst hymn 111a told father The father and the son deny
not to sing again but to keep his: many of the irregularities charg
111011th shut and breath through liis ed against them and are prenar
liose. After prayer, prcspiratiou ed to make a hard tight for heir
DcSmet Bank Was Closed
lw I'xnmincr.
DeSmet An adjourned term
of state circuit court for Isings
Im ry county, which will convene
here next Monday, will be of un
usual importance for the reason
that file term will beheld chiefly
forthepnrpo.se of trying E. A.
stood on pa's face, and the people acquittal. They be rep re
in the next pew lo ours got up and
went out. After the next hymn
father whispered to mother that
she had better go out and air her
self. After the second lesson
some of the church wardens came
around to see if there were any
stray rats in the church. Some
sented by leading attorneys of
the state and the trials will lie
notable in I,he judicial history of
South Dakota.
Before engaging in the bank
ing business at, Bancroft, the
Sy verson were residents of
Watertown, where they were
more people near our pew got upj rated high in financial circles.
and went out, putting their hand-1 They conduetod a bank in Water- Lerprisc that 110 relief was offered
kerchiefs up to their nose as they |t,own, which they sold before go
ing to Bancroft. It. is charged
that when the loans of the Wat
ertown l^ank which the elder
went. The parson said tliev had
better close the service and hold a
meeting outside to discuss the
sanitary condition of the church.
Father told mother they had better
go home one at a time. Mother
told father to go the nearest was
home and disinfect himself before) to make good to the pur
she came. When they 'got home chasers of the Watertown bank,
Sy verson \had guaranteed be
came dno many of them proved
worthless and lie transferred
good paper from the Bancroft
replacing it with the alleged
worthless loans.
It is further charged that the
Bancroft bank received deposits
up to a short time before it clos
ed its doors and that the oUlcers
in receiving their deposits with
the alleged knowledge that, the
bank was insolvent violated the
state statutes. Other alleged
a a a
against the two defendants.
The report of the Bancroft
bank' published a short, time be
fore it failed listed cash 011 hand
at about i?ii,00( and including
cash in bank's the total cash as
sets were listed at
dei'osits were given at
The bank' had 10,000 capital
and at, the time of failing hao a
surplus fund of !?2,000 and Ss: ,
07^ in loans and discounts.
The trial of the two defendants
will extend over several days
and promises to have a 1111
of sensational features.
Sad indeed was the death last
Saturday morning of Opal, old
est daughter of Mr. apd Mrs.
.lohn Evans of Luke township,
aged II years and (I months. I'D!-
given my little sister what 1 had lowing an illness of only a few
left of the limburger cheese. 1 days. On Thursday she sub-
thought it a pity to waste it- So
then I went to see an old and re
spected friend.—Fx.
mitted to an operation for ap
pendicitis and later other com
plications set in which would not
yield to medical science.
The funeral was held from the
home Monday forenoon, Rev. Ho
yer conducting the services, and
the little body was taken to I
Council Bluffs, Iowa, near where
she was born, for burial. The
family and Sam and Julius Ke­
in und accompanied the remains
to Council Bluffs.
Little Opal was a bright child
and a very apt scholar and was
loved by every one who knew
her. The family have the deep­
est sympathy of the entire com­
munity in their sorrow.—Wilniot
Roger Oscarsou, while in the
cellar at his home Tuesday after
noon pumping water, received an
electric shock which might have
caused very serious consequences,
lie was on the cellar steps and his
forehead must have come into con
tact with au exposed part of a
switch nearby, tor he was found
unconcious, lying on hi- back in
the water at the fool ,of the steps
his head just above the water. Jt
was fortunate, indeed. that his
I 'll and investigated immediately.
Marks of a small burn on his fore
head indicate the method by which
lie received the shock and the force
of the impact on the back of the
head when he fell tendered him un
conscious, Rogers is all right
again now hut does not care to re
peat the experience.
For pure, unadulterated perse
vcrancc against the knocks of an
unsympathetic world, commend
us to the hen. between the Journ
al building and the adjoining one
a hen made her nest and undertook
to set. The water from two roofs' khe jewelry line but watches
deluged lie-r at every rain: it came
down in torrents on her 11 protect
1 1 I
cd back, but she kept 011 the job.
Everybody was so thoroughly con
vinced of the asininitv of her en-
in her distress. At every rectirr
ing rain storm, she would compress
her beak, take a firmer grip oil
those eggs with her protecting
wings and hang 011 like grim death. ...
horrible accident.
Old fool hen! Hut what was our
surprise the other morning when
she came off that nest clucking
merrily with four blooming chicks.
If a man was half as constant iu
his business undertakings as the
hen, what a wonderful succcess he
would be.—While Rock Journal.
I'osters are out advertising a big
4th of July celebration at Claire
City which will be held 011 the 5th
as the -Ith conies 011 Sunday. That
hustling bunch of businessmen of
Claire City have arranged a first
class program of races, ball games
and other sports that will make
something doing eveiy minute of
the day. They will wind up in the
evening with a grand display of
fire works and a dance-
Make Their Getaway
the splash when lie jewelry and made good tlicit
tile Goods.
Early Sunday morning robbers
gained entrance to the Mergons'
I a a a a
round hole through the plate
glass front and helped them
selves to more than 100 worth of
cape. About. 100 rings and ill) to
wat ches were taken. Win.
Kit tuer. watch repairer and
jewelry was a heavy loser, losing
articles that were left with him
for repairing among which was a
very valuable diamond ring.
No definite clue to the robbers
could be had, but it is supposed
the theft was committed by the
parties that raided a store at
Mantador the night before. The
robbers hit the till ami secured,
about !-.-10 and overlooked $10
close by. Nothing was missed
rings, abundance of silver-
ware was at hand which they
could have taken, but it may
have been too bulky for them to
carry away. —Fainnount News.
Farmer Victim of Horrible Accident
Lake Norden Andrew Hor
sted died at Iiis home near here
us the result of an unusual and
While plow­
ing, Horste«! fell baakward from
Iiis plow, striking the lower part
of Iiis spine 011 the furrow wheel
crushing the spine and paraly
sing hiin. He was unable to
to move, and laid in that condi
tion in the field all night and far
into the morning of the next day,
when his neighbors, wondering
why his horses stood so long in
the field, went to the scene of
the accident and found him.
Hoisted was conscious when
found and remained in that con
dition nearly all the time until
death came, the following day,
and was able to tell just how the
accident occurrvd.
Henry Strand is up from Mil
ban this week visiting relatives.
South Bend Watch Agent

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