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The Sisseton weekly standard. (Sisseton, Roberts County, S.D.) 1892-1929, June 25, 1915, Image 7

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c'Miivs, Ma-
The Exploits of Elaine
A Detective Novel und a Motion Picture Drama
I Thr. Well-Known Noceli.il and the
Creator of the "Craig Kennedy" Stories
Presented in Collaboration With the Pathe Playrrs and the Eclcctic Film Company
Copyright, lvl 1, t-y
St.-ir Cot: pn.ny
All three turned in rr.::"rlse.
"Oh, Mr. Hennett." cried Elaine.
"How you startled us!"
Elaine» hesitated. She was thinking
not so much of his words lis of Ken
nedy. To them all, however, It
seemed that she was unable to make
up her mind what, in the wealth of
her luxury, what she would like.
Susie Martin had been wondering
whether, now that Heimelt was here,
she was not dc trop, as she looked, at
her wrist watch mechanically. As
she did so, an Idea occurred to her.
"Why not one of these?" she cried
impulsively, indicating the watch. "Fa
ther has some beauties at the shop."
'l)h, good," exclaimed Elaine, "how
"Then let's all go to the shop," said
Dennett. "Miss Martin will personally
conduct the tour, and we shall have
our pick of the finest stock."
It was too gay a party to notice a
sinister figure following them In a cab.
Chatting with animation, the three
moved over to the watch counter,
while the crook, with a determination
not to risk missing anything, entered
the shop door, too.
"Mr. Thomas." asked Susie as her
father's clerk bowed to them, "please
show Miss Dodge the wrist watches
father was telling about."
I'nobserved. the crook walked over
near enough to hear what was going
At Inst, with much banter and yet
care, Elaine selected one that was In
deed a beauty and was about to snap
It on her'dainty wrist when the clerk
"I beg your pardon," he suggested,
"but I'd advise you to leave It to be
regulated. If you please."
Reluctantly Elaine handed It over
to the clerk.
A moment later they went out and
entered the car again.
As they did so. Slim, who had been
looking over various things in the
next case as If undecided, came up to
the watch counter.
•U'm making a present," he remarked
vonfldentally to the clerk. "How about
those bracelet watches?"
The clerk pulled out some of the
cheaper ones.
"No," he said thoughtfully, pointing
out a tray in the showcase, "something
like those."
He ended by picking out one iden
tically like that which Elaine had se
lected, and started to pay for it.
"Better have It regulated," repeated
,the clerk.
"No," he objected hastily, shaking
his head and paying the money quick
ly. "It's a present—and I want it to
He took the watch and left the store
In the laboratory, Kennedy was
•working over an oblong oak box, per
bapr eighteen inches In length and
Willi Ih ominoiiH foi'i'liiiRrr of hi.-«! I'milsoii.
llan.l I'Xti'iKif'iI,
Critninal 'nphani7.
'Mu* N» Ynrk fmlii-«- an- mvstitirl l»v a! siz'"d spoils of line \sire.
of muni'Ts ui«l olh*T rinu s. Th
ii! in ip i| clu«* hi thv rriinin «1 is tliv wurti
Inu li-li'-r which is S''Iit Hi«' \i-!ims. si^n'-d
with i. lut'-hhig I,-,Th- iust vie
Ilm uf the mysl- rluiiH ussn.ssin Is lor
1 Nitltrv, lliv Insuratic.: |»n-si|-nt. His
ilanKhi- r, Klahi«*, employs «'rain X» ni '.
Hi-- laimiis scii iil ilie dt I I -i I i. I 11 io
uiM'.iv-'l I!,. nj\Kt"T y. K« !,. ly n-
1 is P'I'I hy hl* l'iii'it«! .)ann'.«oii,
it lv-wsp pi-r titan llm:'^.« ,i ii ih'- «I« ,
uaticil wliich Mlanic anl K* n
rv'-ilv aiv makifiir to put an ctnl to liN
'lutchini I
ilU. us
fltranyv «:t iiii)n il Is Itimun. ivsoris t.. all
"f thv* most (liahdlii-al S '-I I I tu
'li »n mil n| thv wav. Ivirli ii:ipt
r»f tlv- siory t- lis of a. mw pi a^nnsl
tin lr livN-s nn1 of Ihr* way the un ni !'.
i«---'iV" .*- all lib. si ill .. saw this pvcl
-ty Kh'l .'Hul N 1 .-Hm .-atli.
111'' Master! ,'
Ills Inslnn
was saying. ".She and Kennedy an:
on 1 he cuts even yet. Ilul they
tnav in peine reconciled. Then she'll
have that fellow on our hail again.
that happens vre must, 'gl I' her
It was in the latest hendipiarlera
to which Craig had chased the crim
inal. in one of the toughest parts of
New York's great river front section.
Now," went, oil the Clutching Hand, I
"I want you. Slim, lo follow them.
See what they do—where they go. It's
her birthday. Something's hound to
occur that will give you a lead. All
you've got to do is to use your head.
Oct me?"
It was. as Clutching Hand had said,
Elaine's birthday. She had received
ninny callers and congratulations, In
numerable cosily und beautiful to
kens of remembrance from her count
loss friends and admirers. In the
conservatory of the Dodge house
Elaine, Aunt Josephine and Susie Mar
tin were sitting discussing not only
the happy occasion, but more, the many
strange events of the past few weekij,
"Well, said a familiar voice behind
tliem, "what would a certain blonde
young lady accept as a birthday pres
ent. from her family lawyer?"
IUghtH Keaorvcd
SYNOPSIS. half aa liigh. In tho box I could see,
besides other apparatus. two good
"What's all that'.'" I askoii inquisi
"Another uf tin.» new instruments
111 lit. Ii deteiiives u*e,'' he re
spoiideil, scarcely looking up, "a litll.)
niattiii Iic wizard, I In- hlegiuiihone."
lilcli I.V.'" I prompted.
S 111 If'
111 I ,R[
ti'-l «'('1
ivi'S lllipht u«y
lo liilii ilov-n ami 'can telephone con
versations ami oLijer* KUiii conversa
tion:- \v ,. ii it. is a'larlii-ii properly
lo a telephone, it records corything
that is said over 111» wiro. 'I he iwnri]
is not imn!- mechanically o.i a cylin
der. hill ul-i ro-inagiii Icaliy on this
Craig continued In tiiiki'r lantaliz
ini ly with lliu machine which liail
hci iiivuiituil by a Dam», Yultli.'inar
had scarenly lini 4ii'il testing
I i*ntieti, lier iawyev, is in enti red
favor again with Kliiine
ii when
lo his millions. opened and a eh an lit young man
a a
Kennedy, I knew, had found that the
voiilitn- work cf the ('hitching Hand
case was bcynmi his limited tim«' und
had retained this young man, Raymond
(.'hasv, to attend to that.
Ju.st now what, worried Craig was
the sit mi ion with Kkiine. and fan
cini that lie had given Chase some
commission in connection with that.
"I vo got it, Mr. Kennedy," greeted
Chase with quiet modesty.
"(loud," responded Craig heartily. "I
knew you would."
"Got what?" I asked a moment later.
Kennedy nodded for Chasu tu an
"I've located the new residence of
Flirty riorrie," he replied.
I saw what Kennedy was after at
once. Flirty Florrle and Dan the Dude
had caused the quarrel between him
uell' and Elaine. Dan the Dude, was
dead. Kut Flirty Florrie might be
forced to explain it.
"That's line," he added, exultlngly.
"Now I'll clear that thing up."
He took a hasty step to the tele
phone, put his hand on the receiver
and was about to take it off the
hook. Then he paused, and I saw
Iiis face working.
Finally his pride, for Kennedy's was
a highly sensitive nature, got the bet
ter of him.
"No," he said, half to himself, "not
Elaine had returned home.
Alone, her thoughts naturally went
back to what had happened recently
to interrupt a friendship which had
been the sweetest, in her life.
"There must be some mistake." she
murmured pensively to herself, think
ing of the photograph Flirty had given
her. "Oh. why did I send him away?
Why didn't I believe him?"
Mechanically, she put out her hand
to the telephone.
She was about to take off the re
ceiver, when something seemed to
stay her hand. She wanted him to
com«* to her.
Craig's eye fell on the telegraphone,
and an idea seemed to occur to him.
"Walter, you and Chase bring that
thing along." he said a moment later.
At last we came to the apartment
house at which Chase had located the
"Now, Chase," he directed, "you
needn't go in with us. Walter and I
can manage this now. 13ut don't get
out of touch with me. I shall need
you any moment—certainly, tomor
Kennedy slipped on a badge in
scribed "Telephone Inspector."
"Walter," he smiled, "you're elect
ed my helper."
We entered the apartment bouse
hall and found a negro boy in charge
of the switchboard.
"You look over the switchboard,
Kelly," he winked at me, "while 1 test
out the connections back here. There
must be something wrong with the
wires or there wouldn't be so many
He had gone back to the »witch
hoard while the negro, still unsuspi
cious, watched without understanding
what it was all about.
"I don't know." Craig muttered final
ly for the benefit of the boy, "but I
think I'll have to leave that tester,
after all. Say, if I put it here, you'll
have to bo careful not to let anyone
meddle with It. If you do, there'll be
the deuce to pay. See?"
Kennedy had already started to fas
ten the telegraphone to the wires he
had selected from the tangle.
At last he finished and stood up.
"Don't disturb it and don't let any
one else touch it," he ordered. "Bet
ter not tell anyone—that's the best
way. I'll be back for It tomorrow,
"Yas, sah," nodded the .boy, with a
bow, äs he went out.
Back in the new hang-out, the
Clutching Hand was laying down the
law to his lieutenants and heelers,
when Slim at last entered.
"Huh!" growled the master crim
inal, cohveying the fact that he was
considerably relieved to see him at
A, 11
gut ba-'k."
Slim apologized profusely.
sir," lie replied hastily, "well,
I went, ow.r to the Dodge house, and
I saw them !ljyi!y. I followed them
into a jewelry shop. That lawyer
bought a \\ri wait ii. So I bought one
just Ii!\o it. I thought perhaps we
"(live it tu ni'\" growled Clutching
land, K'-i/inu it the moment Slim dis
plaxed it. "And don't !ui.:. in -see?"
From the eapaeiutis desk the mas
ter criminal puhed a set of small
drills, \ises. and other jeweler's tools
ami placed them on the laid«'.
"All rivht," h- relented "Now, do
you sec what 1 have just thought of-
no? This is jusl the chance. Look at
I'arefullv h« piled his hands to the
job. regardless of time.
"There," he exclaimed at last, h'.'d
Ing the watch v. h. re they could all
M-C it "See!"
lit pulled out the stem to set. the
hands and slowly iwihted ii between
his thumb and finger. Ho turned Hie
hands i:: tiI they wealmost, at the
point o! three o'eloel-.
Thea he held the ih.lt out where
all could see.
As the minute hai. 1 touched three,
from the h.vk of rase, as if from
the chasing itself, a little needle, per
haps a quarter of an inch, jumped out.
It seemed to come Vom what looked
like merely a sival! insect in tlv* deco*
rat ion.
"You see what, will happen at the
hour of three?" he risked.
No one said a word, as he held tip nil address en
a vial which he had drawn from his 'he river front,
pocket. On it. they could read the. la
bel, "Ricinus."
"One of the must powerful poisons
in the world," he exclaimed. "Enough
to kill a regiment!"
They fairly gasped and looked at it
with horror, exchanging glances.
Opening the vial carefully, he 'rail was hot
dipped in a thin piece of glass and
placed a tiny drop in a receptacle
hack of the »medic ami on the needle
"I've set my invention to go off at
three o'clock." he concluded. "To
morrow forenoon, it. will have to bo
delivered early -and 1 don't believe
we shall be troubled any longer by
Miss Elaine Dodge," he added, ven
Calmly he wrapped up the appar
ently innocent engine of destruction
and handed it to Slim.
"See that she gets It in time," be
said merely.
"I will, sir," answered Slim, taking
It gingerly.
Flirty Florrie had returned that aft
ernoon, late, from some expedition
on which she had been sent.
Rankling in her heart yet was the
death of her lover, Dan thv Dude.
Thus, when »he arrived home, she
went to the telephone to report and
called a number, 4194 Greenwich.
"Hello, chief." she repeated. "This
is Flirty. Have you done anything
I 1 .^1 W 1\ J\ 1,1 IX 1
last. "Whore have you been? I've by Flirty, recovered the telegraphone
off on a little job myself, and Together we carried it to ihn labora«
There he set up a little instrument'
that. looked like a wedge sitting up oil
end, in the fare uf which was a dial.
Through it he began to run the wire
from the spools, and, taking an ear
piece put another on my head over
my ears.
He turned a switch ami we listened
First came several calls from peo
ple with bills and she put them off
most, adroitly.
Then we heard a call that caused'
Kennedy to look at. me quickly, stop
the machine and start at that point
over again.
"That's what I wanted," be said, as'
we Ifstened in
"(•ive ml! 11:»1 Greenwich."
"Hello, chief. This is Flirty. Have
you done anything yet in the little
matter we talked about?"
"Sav—-be careful of names—over
I he wire."
"You know what 1 mean."
"Yes, the trick will be pulled off at
hi"" o'clock."
"flucti! Good-by. and thank you!"
Craig paused and considered a min
ute, then moved to the telephone.
"There's only one thing to do, and
that's to follow out my original
scheme," he said energetically, "in
formation, please"
"Where is ßrcenwieh HIM?" he
asked a moment later.
The minutes passed. "Thank you.
sir," he cried, writing down on a pad
the West side, near
Then turning t.r. me,
ho exclaimed. "Walter, we've got him
at last!"
Craig mse and put. on his hat and
coat thrusting a pair of opera glasses
into his pocket, in case we should
want to observe the place at a dis
tance. I followed him excitedly The
Kennedy ami I came at last to the
place on the West side where the
crooked streets curved off.
Instead of keeping oy until he came
to the place we sought, he turned off
and quickly slipped hehivd the shelter
of a fence. There was a broken board
In th" fence ami he ben down, gaz
ing through with the opera glasses.
Across the lot was the new hang
out. a somewhat dilapidated, old-fash
ioned brick house of several genera
tions back. Through the glass we
could see an evil-countenanced crook
slinking along. He mounted the steps
and rang the bell, turning as he
From a small aperture in the door
way looked out another face, equally
evil. Under cover, the crook made
the sign of the Clutching Hand twice
and was admitted.
"That's the place, all right." whis
pered Kennedy with satisfaction. He
hurried to a telephone booth, where
he called several numbers. Then we
returned to the laboratory.
From the table he picked up a
Craig Kennedy Seized Elaine's Arm, Broke the Beautiful Bracelet and
Ripped the Watch Off Her Wrist.
yet in the little matter wc talked
"Say—be careful of names—over
the wire," came a growl,
"You know—what I mean."
"Yes. The trick will be pulled oft
at three o'clock."
"Good!" she exclaimed. "Good-by
and thank you."
With his well-known caution
Clutching Hand did not even betray
names over the telephone if he could
help It.
Flirty hung up the receiver with
satisfaction. The manes of the de
parted Dan might soon lest In peace!
The next day, early iu the forenoon,
a young man with a small package
carefully done up came to the Dodge
"From Martin's, the jeweler's, for
Miss Dodge," be said to Jennings at
the door.
Elaine and Aunt Josephine were
sitting in the library when Jennings
announced him.
"Oh, It's my watch," cried Elaine.
"Show him In."
Elaine put- the watch on her wrist
and admired It.
"Is it all right?" asked Slim.
"Yes, yes," answered Elaine. "You
may go."
Early the same morning Kennedy
went around again to the apartment
house, and. cautious not to be seen
small coil over which I had seen him
work'ng and attached it to the bell
and some batteries. He replaced it
on the table, while I watched curi
"A selenium cell," he explained.
"Only when light falls on it does it
become a good conductor of electrici
ty. Then the bell will ring."
Just before making the connection
he placed his hat over the cell. Then
he lifted the hat. The light fell on
it and the bell rang. He replaced the
hat and the bell stoi«ped.
Just then there came a knock at
the door. I opened it.
"Hollo, C'hase," greeted Kennedy.
"Well, I've found the new headquar
ters all right—over on the West side."
Kennedy picked up the selenium
cell and a long coll of fine wire,
which he placed in a hag. Then he
took another bag already packed, and,
shifting them between us, we hurried
Near the vacant lot, back of the
new headquarters, was an old broken
down house. Through the rear of it
we entered.
1 started back In astonishment as
we entered and found eight or ten
policemen already there. Kennedy
had ordered them to be read-.- for a
raid, and they had dropped in "me at
a time without attracting attention.
"Well, men," he greeted them, "I
see you found the place all right.
Now, in a little while Jameson will
Vit k«v 6 it lit 2-
return with two wires: Attach them "Pas the watch purchased for Miss
to th .• bell which 1 will leave here. Klaitv' Dodge been delivered?" he
When it rings, raid the house, .lame- ask 1 the clerk.
son will lead you to it. Come. Wal- "No," tamo back the reply, "the
ter." he added, picking up the bags, v.a' Mr. Hennett bought is still here
He wen- up and peered through the watch."
rook inside saw it through the
aptrturc and opened the door. The
Suddenly a noise at the door startled
him. He listened. Then he backed
away from the door and drew a revol-
tered another figure, hat over his eyes.
collar up, a Handkerchief over his
face. the exact counterpart of the
ure, hoarsely, moving the gun and
closing the door with his foot.
W .th a quick movement of the other
hand thv first sinister figure removed
the handkerchief from his face and.
straightened up.
It was Kennedy!
omo over to the center of the:
room," ordered Kennedy.
Clutching Hand obeyed, eyeing hi^
1 use
calmly remarked, \ouve got ME all
tute than Kennedy. Suddenly there
flashed over Craig the words: "THE:
I being regulated."
"n iuini'«f-H later, outside the new Kennedy hung up the receiver. He
headquarters, a erouched-up figure, wa- si tinned.
e-irrying a small package, his face "The watch will cause her death at
hidden under his soft hut and up- thr«-.? o'clock," said the Clutching
turned collar, could hav- been --eeu Ha:.d. "Swa.-ar to leave here without
slinking along until he came to the di-a overing my identity and 1 will tell
steps. you how. You can save her! In that
There was no fake about that. Ken-| trinket
nedy frowned menacingly. If he
killed Clutclling Hand, Elaine would
die. If he fought he must either kill
or be killed. If he handed Clutching
Hand over Elaine was lost. He looked
at his watch. It was twenty-five min
utes of three.
"What do you mean—tell me?" de
manded Kennedy with forced calm.
"Yesterday Mr. Bennett bought a
wrist watch for Elaine." the Clutching
Hand said quietly. "They left it to
be regulated. One of my men bought
one just like it. Mine was delivered
to her today."
"A likely story!" doubted Kennedy.
For answer the Clutching Hand
merely pointed to the telephone.
Kennedy reached for it.
"One thing," interrupted the Clutch
ing Hand. "You are a man of honor."
"Yes—yes. Go on."
"If I tell you what to do, you must
promise to give me a fighting chance."
"Yes, yes."
"Call up Aunt Josephine, then. Do
just as I say."
Covering Clutching Hand, Kennedy
called a number. "This Is Mr. Ken
nedy, Mrs. Dodge. Did Elaine receive
a present of a wrist watch from Mr.
"Yes," she replied, "for her birth
day. It came this forenoon."
Kennedy liung up the receiver ami
faced the Clutching Hand, puzzled as
the latter said: "Call up Martin, the
Again Kennedy obeyed.
aperture ot the doorway. 1 hen he sotv-d in a spring that will be
tang the bell. Twice he raided his
ha:-d and clenched it in the now fa
miliar clutch.
As he came to the room Iron, w.iich shoutul. starting for the door.
Slim had been sent on Iiis mist-ion,!
"You fellows ch ar out," he growled.
The v.',
figure gazed about the
that he was alone
room to be
When Craig and I left the police he
had gjvvu me mo.-t minute instruc
tions which 1 was now following out where was Craiu?
to the letter.
"I want you to hide there," he said,
indicating a barrel back of the house'
next, to tile hangout. "When you see a
wire come down from the hendquar-'
tors, take it and carry it across the
lot to the old house. Attach it to the
bull then wait. When it rings, raid,
the Clutching Hand joint."
I waited what seemed to be an in
terminable lime back of the barrel.
Finally, however, 1 saw a coil of fine
wire drop rapidly to the ground from
a window somewhere above. 1 made a
dash for it, as though I were trying to
We waited.
Not a sound from the bell.
hUsed, "1 have set a poi-
reb .ised and will plunge it into her
arm at exactly three o'clock. On the
needle is ricinus!"
Craig advanced, furious As he did
r),,te!:ing Hand pointed calmly to
figure entered and almost before the the clock. It was twenty minutes of
door was shut tied the masking hand- three! I
kerchief over his face, which hid his. wnh a mental struggle Kennedy
identity Irum even the most trusted controlled his loathing of the creature
lieutenants. The crook bowed to the before him.
liief, who, with a growl as though of "All right—hut you'll hear from!
recouniTion. moved down the hall. me—soo.ier than you suspect," he
group was seated in the hr.t, hiding as nv,::h as possible III"
thick tobacco smoke. ^..h-nitun cell, letting tile light fall
"I want to be alone. "Or.lv Elaine's life has saved you.'
"I lie e!.I man is peeved, muttered With p, last threat he dashed out
one. outside, as they left. I n, in'ih .] a cab, returning from some
b:,c-k and lifted his,
steamship wharves not far away
"Quid he ordered, giving the!
Dodge addref-s on Fifth avenue.
Minute utter minute the police and
I waited. Was anything wrong?
Just then a tremor grew into a
tinkle, then came the strong burr of
the hell. Kennedy needed us.
With a shout of en-ouragement to!
the men I dashed out. and over to the
old house.
McanwhUe Clutching Hand himself I
had approached the table to recover
his weapon and had noticed the queer
little selenium Cell.
a I a S
rush the trenches, seized my prize. Clutching Hand slammed shut his
and, without looking back to see where door and pulled down over it a heavy
wooden bar.
it came from, beat a hasty retreat.
Around the lot I skirted, until at
last I reached the place where the
police were waiting. Quickly we
fastened the wire to the bell.
At the desk he paused and took out
a piece of cardboard. Then, with
heavy black-marking pencil, he calmly
printed on it, while we battered at the
barricaded door, a few short feet away.
He laid the sign on the desk, then
on another piece of cardboard, drew
I in the room in the joint the udely a hand with the index finger
hunched uj) figure stood by the table. pointing. This he placed on a chair.
He had taken his hat off and placed it indicating the desk
caretully on the table and was now
a a
y| and bulging
door gave wav, Clutching Hand gave
a I 1
Roul in tlle room
'"Hands up! shouted the first fig-
up—his get-
He closed it with a sardonic smile
xr' I in our direction, just as the door
As the door slowly opened there en-'
Pras let
We noke(1 about There wag not a
nothing but the sele-
nium c(1 tlu hairSi tlle desk
"Look!" I cried, catching sight of
For a moment each glared at the, the index linger, and going over to the
ollecl back the top There on
Ule flat was a slgn
Dear Blockheads:
The newcomer slowly raised his Kennedy and I couldn't wait,
crooked hand over his head, as the bluej Then came that mysterious sign of
steel revolver gaped menacingly.
the Clutclling Hand
We lnlnle( over he roo bu(
coul(i fiml nothi that showcd a c]ue
Where CUltching Halld? where
was Kennc dy?
the n(?xt house
*x his handkerchief, slouch hat, old coat
Now lay your weapons on the ta
lie tossed down a revolver.
The two still faced each other.
"Take off that handkerchief!"
It was a tense moment Slowly ,,
Clutching Hand started to obey. 1hen|
clutching Hand
had litPrally come out or an u|)rigllt
piano into the room corresponding to
a a a
and trousers. A neat striped pair of
trousers replaced the old, frayed and
baggy pair. A new shirt, then a sporty
vest and a frock coat followed.
As be put the finishing touches on
ooked for a]
world like a be-
whiskercd foreigner
he stopped. Kennedy was ]ust aboutj At the door of the new headquarters,
to thunder. Go on when the cnmina
a few Beeondg
0 0e
right, Kennedy, but in twenty minutes -Xot
Elaine Dodge will be dead!"
He said it with a nonchalance that
might have deceived anyone less aa-
with the
a sign of him anywhere,"
growled one of the officers.
Elaine sUUng the ib
rcading when Aullt osel hin
0 ler
William F. Glasier, M. D,
Physician and Surgeon
"What time is it, dear?" she asked,
Elaine glanced at her pretty new
Nearly three, Auntie—just a couple
of minutes," she said.
Just then there came the sound of
feet running madly down the hallway.
They jumped up, startled.
Kennedy, his coat flying and hat
jammed over his eyes, had almost
bowled over poor Jennings in his mad
race down the hall.
"Well," demanded Elaine haughtily,
Before she knew- what was going on
Craig hurried up to her and literally
ripped the watch oft her wrist, break
ing the beautiful bracelet.
He held it up, gingerly. Elaine was
speechless. Was this Kennedy? Was
he possessed by such an inordinate
jealousy of Bennett?
As he held the watch up, the second
haid ticked around and the minute
hand passed the meridian of the hour.
A viciously sharp needle gleamed
out—then sprang back Into the filigree
work again.
"Well," she gasped again, "what's
the meaning of this?"
Craig gazed at Elaine in silence.
Should he defend his rudeness, if
she did not understand? She stamped
her foot, and repeated the question a
third time.
"What do you mean, sir, by suca
Slowly he bowed.
"i just don't like the kind of birth
i"ay presents you receive," he said,
turning on his heel. "Good afternoon!"
Phone: Office 140, Res. 205
Answered Night or Day.
Leave Ail Orders a! Maldaner's
von liav 11 I'VI-ryl 'LIIIIR and a
•.,iiml LN'3lih. try I.Nnropravior F'PUUD
VT'L well. OIHcv iu SW v:
I!ML' huii lai -, Motivs, 10 1*J Ü. M. NIE
p. m.
Physician and Surgeon
Claire City. So. Dak.
(invltiah' Wtii'inai'ian
Calls Answered Hay or Night
Dr. C. Williams
Graduate Veterinarian
Chicago Vet. Coll. ISo!
HI «:u I'hoiioTi C-NI II II. I 'I IULV-7
Sis^cluli. s. I
.1. ,1. i^itIi-i'ton A. ). I',initio
"The deuce!" he cried. "He's
planned to get me anyhow!"
Clutching Hand rushed to the door—
then stopped short. Outside he could
Sisscton, S. l) ikota"
Sisscton, S. Dakota
Sisscton, S. Dakota
J. W.
Sisseton, 8. Dakota
State's Attorney tor Roberts County
Sisseton, S. I).
Sisseton, S. Dakota
Sisseton, S. Dakota
Sisseton, S. Dakota
ü)= Di. Ul-K
Lands, Loos and
SISSETON. 8. a».
Warrants no. 8(iü, 3G7 368, 370,
371. issued by Goodwill school
Dist. No. 1 are hereby callqd for
payment before July 1, 1915, and
interest ceasing from that date.
.Toll Helge mo,
(i*'l-l) Route 4. Sisseton.
Wanted—Dry Cleaning and
Laundry work. White Laundry
Co. Minneapolis. Otis Marvick
and Carroll Babcock agents.
We call for and deliver.
Phone 80 or 111). (51-2)
Notice—For'first class work in
furniture repairing, sewing ma
chine repairing and upholstering of
all kinds, phone No. 2 2
Legal blanks at this office.

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